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Aaron, Amanda, and Lily to go down in the sewers with Abe.
B for Gabe, let's keep as many survivors with the group as possible.
C for Merle. It's in character, even if it may end in both Dixon boys biting the dust.

Damn good chapter, btw. Lovin' having these again :)

I know I'm thinking way ahead, but I have been curious how you'll handle the Lucille deaths. I wonder how much control we'll have over who gets smashed. I mean, I don't THINK we would just pick someone for Negan, but who knows?
Yeah I've been trying to think up of ways of how I'll handle the Lucille death(s) (if you guys make the right choices to get that path that is ) and I think I have a plan for if it does happen, not sure if it'll work though considering there's usually only 9-10 readers, a lot less than when Adam still wrote the story. I'll cross that bridge when I get to it, I guess.