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I love the map! Would it be possible for characters from the books like Jeyne Poole, Aggo, Cohollo, Mandon Moore, who ended up in background roles on the show, to get more involved based on our decisions?
Yes, I have a list in the first post showing which major book characters can appear and which can't. As long as there is no evidence of the characters not existing in the TV Universe they could show up in this story or if they exist but weren't used fully in the show they could end up with bigger roles (or possibly their book roles like Jeyne).

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That's one hell of a job @AdamUpBxtch! The amount of time and effort you've put into this so far is obvious. I think having one core map showing where every house is located is gonna be helpful to people who don't know the story well. I don't think you have to do a map of this size every time though. Just to save you some time if anything. I think you should just update this main one as the story progresses and maybe make smaller maps showing, for example, who's in Pentos when you do a chapter on Daenerys. Or one for Kings Landing when you're focusing on Tyrion, etc. Not sure if that's what you originally meant. I know the places and people well enough not to need a map, so feel free not to feel like you need to make a bunch of them. I have a feeling anyone reading this will too. But they might help with more of the casual fans.
Yeah it took me a couple days to create this map which was a pain in the ass. If no characters move or are said to have moved by characters to different locations, I won't update the map. I may just take the characters off the map because they take up a lot of space and cover up a good bit of the map itself and I'll just have them listed below the map under labels of certain locations & update that because that wouldn't be as hard or time consuming. I already have a list below each chapter showing who appears in said chapter, has been mentioned in the thoughts of certain characters, & who has died.

Also I have left off a lot of characters by mistake but I will be creating a portrait for them as the story goes along and they get involved:
Grenn - I left off because I'm not 100% sure where he is before joining the Nightswatch.

Meryn Trant
Mandon Moore
Boros Blount
Arys Oakheart
Preston Greenfield

House Poole:
Jeyne Poole
Vayon Poole


Robar Royce

The Reach:
Emmon Cuy

and many others...