What happened with Luciana? I could have missed it, but I didn't see her in the trailer. Did she just leave, never to be seen again? I hope that isn't the vase, because I like her character, although I don't really like that her and Nick are/were together. Nick is freshly sober. I would expect that his maturity/social development should be lagging behind for his age (18 or 19?), so the coupling never made sense to me, Luciana being a mature woman and all. I still like Luciana, and I think she would be great as a Sasha or Rosita type warrior.

Anyways, here's my list.

1. Travis

He was always well acted, even if his sense of morality could be annoying. My like for Travis was cemented when he beat those two kids to death. It cool to see the beast he could become, and seeing it again in the walker pit. That was when I started to hope Travis would start taking charge, but my hopes were shot down just as suddenly as he was.

2. Daniel

He's always been a loose cannon. He's hard to predict and highly capable. Ruben Blades plays Daniel with a real intensity, even in his quieter moments. I think Daniel would have fit perfectly into Breaking Bad.

3. Madison

She's always been a strong character. Her lack of emotions has never been a problem for me, as I figured it was part of her character. She's supposed to be cool and decisive. I would love to see her evolve into a more defacto leader type and see her show some more aggression.

4. Strand

He won me over at the "It's my goddamn boat" scene. Always entertaining to watch, his character is a bit over the top, but in a good way. He's dramatic in his actions, but it makes sense with his character. There was a cheesy shot in the MSF that zoomed in on his face with the burning yacht reflected in his glasses. He probably meant to look badass on purpose, and in the modern age, I could see him doing that exact same shot while taking a selfie of himself.

5. Nick

The ex drug addict character is one that feels fresh for the TWD universe. That plot seems nearly abandoned now, but I always enjoyed Nick as a tweaker. Still, he continues to surprise. He's getting really tough, like barely shedding a tear when Luciana ran away. He might be taking after his mother. I was pretty surprised by one thing he did in the MSF too. Not the shooting of Jeremiah, but the knife he took. He's been a pretty morally upright character, but then he was nearly killed by a native during the assault on Taka's camp before being saved. You see Nick later wielding the knife that almost killed him. It wasn't a huge detail, but it was enough to help me see Nick's adapting mind set.

6. Alicia

She comes across as bored a lot to me. Still, she can be pretty nuanced, and although she isn't the best fighter, she seems pretty fearless. She doesn't seem like she would even be bothered by dying. She watches as terrible things are done for good reasons, objecting but not always doing anything to stop it. She didn't try to stop her rescue during the attack on Taka's camp. She's smart, so maybe she knew she wouldn't be safe after the first blood was drawn, but I still see her as a somewhat passive observer. I think that is what is driving her fearlessness - she doesn't like the things that are happening around her so death doesn't seem like a bad option. People have pointed out she could be suicidal, and editing made it look that way when she dove off a cliff in the one episode. I think she'll either choose suicide, or more likely start to step up and do what she can to stop people from making inhumane decisions. That's why her coupling with Jake could mean a lot, as he is another character with a strong moral compass who she can be inspired by.

Also, Alicia's hotness might help her out in my books. I'm always waiting for the camera to pan to that booty shot!

7. Troy

I really like Troy, I just haven't seen as much of him as I have of other characters. He kills walkers with style. He brings action and chaos into the show. He's twisted. He's extremely violent and dangerous and yet a sweet child at the same time. I definitely see Troy as an 8 year old boy inside a grown man's body. If he dies this season it'll be a shame. The actor has done a great job with, and I just wanted to see more of his psychoticness. A redemption would be out of the question, but I want to keep until the end of season 4 at least. Please, mom!

8. Jeremiah

RIP. The character could have been just another redneck with racist dialogue, but Dayton Callie killed it. The character became a bit boring when he started drinking again, but it was nice to see him bonding with Nick. His stay was short but sweet, and his death was a necessity. There was no way for the plot to move forward without bloodshed unless Jeremiah was removed. His arc felt like it was coming to a natural end too. His friends died. His leadership weakened. He fell off the wagon. He gave up - he had to die.

9. Luciana

Like I said at the start of my post, she's an intense character who could pull off the badass role really well. She doesn't annoy me, so I wouldn't mind seeing her come back.

Good topic, your list is very detailed. Thank you!!!