I skipped out on doing this the past two months because of how busy my life has been.
I have time to put up this brief Top 5 List which narrows down my top five favorite signatures from the past two months.
So without further ado?

5. Rae Gray as Gretchen Trembol.
I actually really loved Rae's performance as Gretchen in 3A of "Fear the Walking Dead."
Despite her limited screen-time? She was a pleasant red-shirt.
Plus? This return only two two weeks.

4. Mimi Kirkland as Rachel of Oceanside.
Trying to get Mimi's signature through-the-mail took me at least four different attempts via three different agencies.
After half a year of waiting? I finally received one of my letters back.
Rachel the character is annoying, yes, but at least she helps gives Oceanside some personality.

3. Kenny Wormald as Derek.

I love the Travis subplot in 2A of "Fear the Walking Dead."
When Travis beats Derek and Brandon to death? It's such a viscerally rewarding sequence.
This success took only 13 days to get back to me because I sent it to Kenny's personal dance studio in California.
Great success!

2. Erik Jenson as Doctor Steven Edwards.
Look. We all hate the Grady storyline. You do and I do.
But I'm a collecting purist so I needed Edwards.
Erik Jensen was doing an Off-Broadway show when I sent him a fan letter and a couple of 4x6 photos.
One month later?
I get this amazing package with my original 4x6 photos, three brand new 8x10 photos, and Erik's personal comic book he writes.
Everything was signed and personalized.

1. Emma Bell as Amy Harrison.
Pretty simple Number One spot. Amy is from the original golden season and Emma played the role perfectly.
I never read the comics at that point so Amy's death was actually....shocking!

I had a ton of successes the past two months but these five were my favorites.
Until the end of September?
I'll keep you guessing as to which Five are next in my mailbox!