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Yeah, I totally agree. What totally fucking stupid plotline! Let's get dumb Rick to go to the Heapsters / GPK / Scavengers camp and show them some damn pictures, so that maybe they will feel that they picked the wrong side in the war and change over to Rick's side. Hmmm. How is that fucking going to work out? Seeing how Jadis sold them out before, shot Rick point blank (how he survived that wound in the apocalypse without medical intervention / treatment and antibiotics, I have no idea), and began mowing down Alexandrians before making a stealthy exit. I just don't know? I sit here perplexed? REALLY? The writers must feel that the fans are just mindless idiots to buy this shit. I mean, come on. That is nowhere near logical. They are enemies through and through. They are aligned with the Saviors and most likely will sell Rick out to Negan if he is captured. Pretty stupid in my book. I am with Daryl! Use the damn explosives! My wrath before my mercy! The hell with them, this is WAR! "To crush your enemies, to see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their women." I would have Jadis and Co. "assuming room temperature."

I agree with you that is a stupid plotline. There is absolutely no reason for Rick to visit the GPK alone after they had already proven themselves to be untrustworthy. By going to them Rick is putting himself and his people in great danger. Therefore making Negan's observation of Rick (Rick gets people killed by making bad decisions) on point.

Rick had made a lot of bad decisions, but this has to be the worst simply because the character ( nor the writers) haven't put any thought into it. Which make Rick look like a inept leader.