In a total of like 12 months we'll have lost Coral Grimes, Nick Clark, Madison Clark, Maggie Grheene and Rick Grimes (the most important pillars of each show story wise) And now there is a big shitstorm surrounding Hardwick who has a very good chance of getting #MeToo'd. All 3 AMC Walking Dead shows are about to collapse. Holy fuck.

I never expected a bright future for the franchise after a certain point but I didn't think it would get this bad in just 1 year. I've never seen anything like this before. It's insane.

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Yes of course I'm obviously talking about the show's longer future. I don't see Danai staying past season 9. I would be very surprised if she does. Michonne will probably lead ASZ for a moment right after Rick's death before she leaves.
I think she'll stick around till S10 just so the show can properly phase her out and doesn't lose too much at once (because she wouldn't want to feel like the last 7 years were wasted) unless they make her co-lead with Daryl and give her a raise. That would be the only way I think she'd stay on. It's hard to turn down a leading role in anything especially with something as popular at TWD (even if the ratings are going down)

It's just weird thinking of her on the show without Rick and Coral because she's spent 90% of her time with only those 2 characters and doesn't really have much of a relationship with anyone else. We've barely seen her with Daryl, Carol, Eugene, Tara, Dwight, Jesus, Negan, Aaron and Ezekiel. We saw her a little bit with Rosita I guess but that's about it.