Congratulations everybody, the amount of shippers and posts have become so great that we decided to give you your own spot on our forum . But with it comes your own policy which I'll go over with you.

As you see, the ships who are posted about the most have their own sub-boards. The love threads for them have moved to their board and locked. Why are they locked? Well because you no longer need them. Your board is one big love board, and you now have the ability to create many threads about your ship to discuss any aspect of them that you want. You can make threads for speculation, you can make prediction threads and polls, you can make threads for ship gifs, threads for media, and you can make threads for off topic discussion.

Currently we only have four sub-boards set up, but should another ship become popular we'll move that to it's own as well. Until then, each of the other ships will maintain in it's singular thread format. Because the Hate and Debate threads are not just frequented and posted in by one fanbase, they will stay here in the main Relationship board where fans can continue to give their opposition in them.

With your own space we do ask a request which I'm sure that we all will agree needs to be nipped in the bud, and that is the comments that are not about ships but rather about the shippers themselves. Whether you are speaking of shippers directly (quoting the person or saying a username) or indirectly (not mentioning names but generalizing all shippers of a particular ship) this leads to a great deal of fighting. To prevent a great deal of this negativity, we ask that you no longer quote another shipper on another sub-board back on your own. Quote only people who post on the board you are posting on. This way the person can respond to your quote without fear of trolling another sub-board of a ship.

Indirect or direct comments about shippers, whether it's in other boards or in the General chat (which other shippers see) should cease. Let the general chat be a place where all shippers can chat without being called out. You may talk about ships in the General chat, but not shippers. Celebrate your ship on your sub-board and let the chips fall where they may with other ships. Let's break the cycle.

The place where you can quote a shipper however are the debate threads, where things said may be used to back up what you believe. But only quote someone in the debate thread when they are participating with you. If they no longer want any part of the debate, or never wanted any to begin with, there's no need to quote them since there is nothing to prove. Sounds reasonable enough yes?

We feel that this new change will curb the hostility between some of the fandom and are confident that each sub-board will thrive with active discussion and positivity for members and guests of the site. Visitors to your sub-board will know that they are to be respectful to the ship so as to not troll there. And those of you who have made friends and feel most comfortable with each other now have a larger space and new ways to interact.

I will be addressing questions in chat, but until then enjoy your new boards and we thank you again for being active participants on our site and we hope you enjoy your boards. Now go out and make some threads about your ships.