We would like to thank you all for being so responsive to the new Relationship boards. I love seeing the new threads, as well as the activity. Together with all the other boards of the site, they combine to give a visitor here a little of everything they could hope to discuss about The Walking Dead.

During this transitional period we're sure that there are questions about how things would work and what is allowed in your sub-board. To make that more clear I'll give an overview of what we'll be expecting from here on. These guidelines are in place to prevent duplicate content from being posted on several places of our site.

So let's go through the overview of your Guidelines.

Threads/Topics that are allowed to be posted in the Relationship sub-boards:

  • Ship-related predictions
  • Ship-related speculations
  • Ship-related news/media titbits (question and answers/hints from cast members/producers about ships via published interviews or video interviews)
  • Ship-related pics/gifs/fan art/memes
  • Ship-related fan videos
  • Threads which link to ship-related fan-fiction
  • Threads for music/lyrics that reminds shippers of their ship
  • Polls of any kind that are about their ships
  • Random compilation threads about ships (such as "Best-Of" topics)
  • Board announcements
  • Why I ship this/ ship introductions
  • Favorite ship-related Moments
  • Old blog posts/full articles about the ship if one can find articles and blogs that are solely about shipping
  • Ship-specific games
  • Ship-related literature/poems
  • Shipper contests
  • Photo threads (pics/gifs/memes) with the actors
  • Off-topic/Hang out threads between shippers
  • Other random creative ship-related threads I haven't listed but that I'm sure will be thought of :)

Threads/Topics that are not to be posted in the Relationship sub-boards:

  • Spoilers - aka confirmed facts that spoil things. Those belong in the Spoiler Discussion board. Maybe during the TV season we'll allow you to discuss ship-related spoilers in your sub-boards, but only when we have confirmed spoilers that are ship-related.
  • Filming info/Pictures/Video - these also should only be posted on the Spoiler Discussion board. However you are allowed to post reactions/speculations about what has been posted on the Spoilers board in your Speculation threads IF you feel that a certain piece of filming news that's come out on the Spoilers board affects your ship.
  • Discussion threads implying that the actors are an item - most of the actors are involved romantically or married to others and it would be disrespectful to their significant others.
  • News about the show that is not spoilery in nature - those go to General Show Discussion board.
  • Videos/Interviews with a cast member that isn't related to ships at all, such as Award shows and Convention events - those belong on the Cast and Crew board.
  • Hate threads about your ship or opposing ships - those belong on the general Relationship board area. Your sub-boards are for the enjoyment of those who love your ship, not hate it.
  • Debate threads about your ship or other ships - these can turn into hate threads by accident. They also belong in the general Relationship board.
  • Discussion of favorite episodes that are not ship-related - those go to the Episode Discussion sub-boards.
  • General speculation about episodes and not ships - those go on the Speculation board.
  • Drama from other twd fansites or twd blogs - these don't belong anywhere on our site. Let them deal with their own drama.
  • And of course in keeping with the Relationship board's overall policy, threads devoted solely to gossiping about opposing shippers should not happen.

It is important visually and organizationally to have content where it most belongs on the forum, and these guidelines go a long way towards ensuring that your boards remain unique as they should . I will be merging/renaming threads/posts to reflect the guidelines throughout the next few days. Thank you again and keep up the great work.