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    What makes TWD a stand out in the sci-fi genre?

    Since discovering Greek mythology in the third grade, I have been a huge sci-fi and fantasy fan. Recent years have given folks like me a lot more choices on television (I can remember watching Space: 1999 and thinking it was the greatest thing ever), but thinking back over all that has been offered over the years, TWD really stands out for three reasons.

    The first thing that I find exceptional and that other recent shows miss out on is that the characters are simply trying to survive. There is no great push to figure out why it happened or find a cure. We follow along with the ups and downs of existing day to day and I find that very easy to relate to.

    The second is that the characters are powerful. No other show has had me crying over a character's death or obsessing endlessly during the week about why someone made the decision they did or what will happen if this or that happens. Fiction is suspending our disbelief to get into the story. This is remarkably easy with this show. During that hour, nothing else in this world exists for me but what is happening to these (fictional) people.

    The third thing I really like is that the plot involves (we assume) the whole world. There is no one to come in and save them, really no truly safe harbor, no one area to fight your way out of. This is it. Deal with it. No push for the coast to find an island or hidden underground bunker. The destruction of the CDC, while not in the GN, and the losses of the farm and prison, show that there is no safe place in the world.

    What does bother me is the shift from zombies to other humans as the greatest threat. This is probably realistic to a certain point, but somehow more depressing as the human race might eventually Kill most, if not all, of the zombies in the far future, but the existence of the human race grows more fragile with the more people you kill given the enormous losses sustained so far.

    What characteristics do you think make TWD the greatest sci-fi type show ever?
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