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    Spoil the dead's version of the walking dead: Volume i: Newbie read

    Since the Very first thread that i made is a cluster fuck i have decide to make new threads just for the previous volumes so newbies will have an easier time reading them to catch up.

    This thread will be for Volume I, you can post in here and tell me how you think this Volume went and DON'T BE AFRIAD TO BE HONEST, let me have it, if you think i went wrong somewhere or i could of done something differently, i love getting criticism it only makes me get better and work harder



    Rick awakens covered in sweat. He starts looking around the room as he could have sworn he just saw Shane a couple minutes ago. He sees there is no one. He looks at the flowers that Shane had placed by his bed and touches them. As his hands rub the flower pelts they appear dead and crumble to the touch. He gets up and goes to get out of the bed but falls over. “Nurse! Nurse! Help!” he struggles to say as no one comes to his aid. He manages to get himself up he goes into the bathroom and sees that he now has a beard and gets a drink of water from the sink and then heads over to the door and opens it. At first glance out the hallway he pushes a cart out of his way that was blocking off the door. He looks down both ends and sees no one. Lights out everywhere. The ceiling tiles are gone and electrical cords are hanging down at eye level. Rick walks down the hallway and attempts to use a phone. There is no dial tone the phone doesn’t have any power going to it even. Rick thinks to himself “What the hell is going on?” He continues and then heads right to doors and looks through the window to see a women corpse eaten all the way up to the neck with no flesh whatsoever. Rick is horrified by this and heads the opposite way. He goes over to the counter and he sees a box of matches sitting there. He takes them. He heads down the corridor there is blood everywhere and comes to a door that says “DON’T OPEN, DEAD INSIDE” with chains closing it.

    As he goes to go past it he is confused why they would chain close a room full of dead bodies but the door starts to move and hands come out as whatever is inside tries to get out. Rick becomes scared and turns and heads towards the stairs. He opens the door to the stairs and it is very dark. He thinks to himself that he is glad he picked up the matches when he did. He lights one and heads down the stairs. He gets to the bottom floor and sees the exit sign. He opens the door and the light blinds him at first but once his eyes start to adjust he sees the rows of dead bodies. He sees tanks, helicopters and more dead people. He looks around in disbelief at what he is seeing. He heads down the stairs and starts walking past the bodies, keeping himself from vomiting over the smell. He thinks to himself “What the hell happened?” He heads out of the hospital parking lot and continues up a hill and over past a school. He sees dead soldiers and more and more destruction as he heads along. He figures out where he is and starts to head towards home. He gets to his neighborhood and continues walking down the street. He finds a bike. As he picks up the bike he looks over to see half a corpse that starts to try and grab for him. He picks up the bike and starts riding it down the street until he comes to his house. He heads inside to look for Carl and Lori. Calling out their names, they are nowhere to be found. He lays on the floor crying. He starts to question whether everything around him is real. He sees that all the family photos are gone and their clothes are missing. They seem to have packed up and left. They might have head towards Atlanta or something. Rick starts to think that maybe a disease has wiped people out and Lori and Carl have headed maybe towards Atlanta.


    Rick decides to head back outside and look for people. Maybe it’s just some false hope that he might just spot Lori or Carl right out the door. He heads back down the stairs and sittings on the steps leading to the sidewalk to take a breather. He checks on his bullet wound which has been bothering him since he got out of that hospital. He looks over and shields his eyes from the sun beaming down on him as he sees a figure coming towards him. The man keeps staggering towards him. He then hears a whistle behind him. As soon as he turns his head he gets hit in the head with a shovel. Laying on the ground he looks up at a kid. Dark Skin. Orange shirt. Rick in the confusion of getting hit in the head starts to mutter “Carl…..Carl…..i found you.” The kid yells out “DADDY! Daddy! I got the sum bitch I’m gonna smack him dead.” Rick looks over to see another man approaching. The man shoots the other person that was staggering towards him originally and runs over. The man says “I thought I heard him say something! Did he say something?” The kid implies “He called me Carl.” The man says “Come on now son you know they don’t talk. Hey mister, what’s the bandage for?”

    Rick looks at him with confusion. The man points his gun at Rick and asks “Mister, I’m gonna ask you again, what’s the bandage for? If you don’t answer I’m gonna shoot ya.” Rick becomes unconscious. Next thing Rick knows he is in a bed his hands bounded to the frame. He looks over and sees the man standing there. “You’re awake. I got that bandage clean. That’s a nasty wound you had. What was it?” Rick tells him “Shot.” The man leans over in Rick’s face and asks “Did you get bit. Scratch? Anything like that?” Rick says “No, just shot, as far as I know.” The man pulls out a knife and puts it in Rick’s face “You see this? Take a good look at how sharp it is. You try anything, and you’re gonna regret, got me?” he cuts Rick’s hand’s free “Come on out when you’re able.” The man walks out of the room. Rick lays there rubbing is hands. Thinking about Lori and Carl. He finally gets up and comes out. He goes to peek out the window but the Man who is setting the table looks over and stops him “Hey, don’t do that, the light we’ll attract them. There’s more out there than usual. I shouldn't have fired that gun today. Stupid.” Rick walks over “You shot that man today.” The kid says “It wasn’t no damn man.” The man says “What was that out your damn mouth?” The kid says “Well he wasn't.” Rick then starts to get louder “That man out front, you shot him, a man.” The man says “A man? Brother you need to get your eyes checked that was a walker. Sit down.” Rick sits down confused as ever. The man looks at him for a couple seconds then the kid asks if they are going to pray before they eat. They pray. Then they start to eat. The man looks at Rick again then asks “Hey mister do you even know what’s going on?” Rick looks at him “I woke up this morning in the hospital, I came home, that’s all I know.” The man asks him “But you know about the dead people right?” Rick assures him “Yeah I saw a lot of that, on the loading docks piled up.” The man says “Not the ones they put down. The ones they didn't, the walkers, because that one I shot today he would have took a chunk out of you some flesh at least. You get bit, and then the fever it burns you out. Then after a while……you come back as one of them. When we saw that bandage that’s what we feared, that you had gotten bit.” The kid says “I've seen it happen.” The man then reveals his name to be Morgan and his son Duane Rick tells them his name is Rick. They are sitting in the living room on mattresses. Morgan asks Rick about Carl, Rick reveals him to be his son and tells him he hopes Carl is with his wife Lori. Morgan asks him what he did before the apocalypse that would cause him to get shot. Rick reveals to them that he was a Sheriff Deputy. A car alarm goes off outside, Duane becomes startle but Morgan calms him down. Morgan says one of them probably just bumped a car. They turn off the lights and Rick peers out the window along with Morgan. “Yeah, one at the end of the street.” Morgan says. “Is there anything we can do?” Rick asks.” Nothing we can do now. As long as we stay quiet they should leave us alone.” Duane looks out the window and sees his mom as a walker. He gasps and says “She’s here.” He goes back to the bed and puts his head in the pillows and starts crying. Morgan goes and comforts him. They sit down and Morgan tells Rick the story about his wife dying in the other room and how they just stayed put afterwards. Morgan tells him he couldn’t do it, he couldn't put his wife down. Rick borrows clothes that were left at the house and then goes to sleep.

    The next day the 3 head outside and Rick gets practice killing walkers. The 3 then head towards Rick’s house. Rick is sure that his wife and son are still alive when he tells Morgan that they took all the clothes, pictures, family albums. In which Morgan responds with saying his wife did the same thing. While he was packing survival gear she was packing photo albums. Duane then says they are probably in Atlanta. Morgan then explains “Yeah, the Government set up some type of Refugee Center in Atlanta with food and military protection before the broadcasts stopped. They said the CDC was working on a cure.” Rick grabs his keys and they heads to the Sheriff’s Department. Rick shows them the showers in which they all take one. Afterwards Rick unlocks the gun storage and they take guns. Rick gives Morgan a rifle and a couple pistols. Duane asks if he can learn how to shoot. To which Morgan says “Hell yes you’re gonna learn how to shoot.” Rick then informs Duane that guns aren’t toys and he should respect the weapon. Rick says “When you go to pull the trigger ya gotta mean it, always remember that Duane.” Duane nods yes. After getting the guns ready they all go out and start packing the cars. Rick then asks Morgan if he wants to go to Atlanta with him. Morgan thinks for a minute.


    Morgan decides he’ll go to Atlanta with Rick. Rick hands him and walkie talkie and they get in their cars and start heading down the road towards Atlanta. An hour later they both start running on fumes and have to pull over. They walk up the road to a farm. Morgan tells Duane to stay in the driveway. Rick yells out “Hello!? I’m a police officer! My friends and I need gas!” No one answers. “They’re probably long gone Rick.” Morgan says. Rick looks over and sees the truck “The truck is still here, they’re home.” Morgan offers “Or worse.” Rick heads up onto the porch and starts peering in windows. He looks into one window and sees 2 people dead. Having shot themselves. Bugs flying everywhere in the room. He cringes. Morgan asks “What is it?” Rick says “You don’t want to know.” Morgan goes to look and Rick holds him back. Morgan says “Like I said Rick.” Morgan goes over and attempts to siphon gas from the Truck. Rick goes to go behind the house to check it out. Duane asks “Can I go with Rick?” Morgan agrees “Okay but stay close to him.” Duane follows Rick to the back of the house. Rick goes around the corner and sees a fence with a horse behind it eating Hay. Rick walks up to the fence. Rick out of curiosity asks Duane “You thinking what I’m thinking?” Duane looks confused “You wanna ride the horse?” Morgan comes around the house. “The truck doesn’t have any gas. Someone else must have come through and took the gas.” Morgan then looks at the horse he then looks back at Rick “You really thinking all 3 of us can sit on that?” Rick then says “We could have it carry our supplies as we walk, won’t have as much on our backs. Or we could take shifts.” Morgan says “It can just carry our supplies, besides Duane here could use the exercise.” Morgan laughs as he rubs Duane on the head. Rick then attempts to rustle the horse. It takes him a little while. Morgan and Duane sit and laugh as he attempts to get the horse and reasons with it. Rick finally gets the Horse. They take it back to the cars and start to put their bags on the horse. Rick gets back in his cop car and attempts the CB. “This is officer Rick Grimes approaching Atlanta on Highway 85. If you can hear me please respond. Hello? Anybody? This is officer Rick Grimes approaching Atlanta on Highway…..”

    There is a group of people living outside Atlanta in a camp that has a CB also. Rick’s voice comes over the CB on their side. Amy is sitting nearby and tries to reach Rick. His voice goes to static on their side. Lori, Carl, and a couple others start gathering too after hearing that somebody was over the CB. Amy fails to get in contact with Rick. Dale insists Shane try. Shane throws down his ax and attempts to use the CB. “Hello, Hello, Hello, this is Officer Shane Walsh trying to reach person unknown please respond.” Shane says over the CB. He waits a few minutes for a response but doesn’t get one. Lori then looks at him and says “There are others out there.” Shane then retorts with “Well we knew there would be others that’s why we left the CB on.” Lori then says “That’s why I’ve been saying we need to put signs up on 85 warning people away from the city.” Amy then says “Folks have no idea what they are getting into.” Shane then says that don’t have no time to be putting signs on the highway and that they have to think about the group. Lori suggests she’ll do it but Shane refuses to let her. Lori then storms off in a rage.

    Shane tells Carl to stay put and he goes after her. Shane tells Lori she needs to stop being foolish and think about Carl before anything. Lori and Shane then kiss but stop when Carl approaches the tent. Lori tells Carl that she isn’t going anywhere.

    Rick is still trying the CB. Morgan asks “Reaching anybody?” Rick says “Nope, no one is responding, let’s go.” They get all their bags on the horse and start walking down the road. About an hour later they come to another gas station. The sign reads “No Gas”. Morgan says “Damn was hoping to get some gas in case we came across a drivable car.” Rick says “I guess our luck is running out every step of the way.” They go to go back to the horse but Rick hears a scuffle. He turns around and sees a little girl walker, holding a bunny in her hand. Morgan covers Duane’s eyes and leads him back to the horse. Rick pulls out his gun in disbelief.

    The little girl walker starts walking faster towards him and Rick aims his gun and shoots her in the head. Morgan is sitting back at the horse, Duane is sitting over by some rocks. Rick comes back and asks “He alright?” Morgan says “He’s alright, I guess I’m gonna have to teach him to be able to do something like that someday.” Rick says “He’s got you to keep him safe until that time comes.” Rick looks over at Duane and starts thinking about Carl. Morgan looks at him and says “Don’t worry Rick, I’m sure we’ll find you wife and son. If this refugee camp is as safe as it sounds then I’m sure they’ll be there.” Rick looks over and sees walkers coming out of the bushes. Duane gets up and yells “Walkers! Daddy! Rick! Walkers!” Duane goes back to them. Morgan exclaims “We gotta go, the sound must have attracted them.” They get the horse and start heading down the road. The walkers start following them. 2 Hours go by and they are outside of Atlanta. They stop to take a break from walking. Rick says “You think we’re good now?” Morgan assures him “Yeah I haven’t seen a walker in a while. We should be good now.” They sit for a few more minutes then get up and continue into the city. They go down block after block. They come across a burnt bus with 2 walkers inside. Rick and Morgan take care of them silently. They continue down the street to a tank. Duane exclaims “Wow dad! Can I check out the tank?” Morgan says “No son, stay close, it isn’t safe here.” They continue down the street. They hear a helicopter in the sky. Rick stops them a second “Hey, do you hear that?” Morgan stops for a second “Yeah I do hear it, is that a helicopter?!” Rick starts running forward. He goes to run around the corner but is stopped by a herd of walkers sitting there. Rick looks in horror and then runs back. Rick “Back that way!” Morgan is confused but the walkers come around the corner. Morgan keeps pulling the horse and telling Duane to stay close. As they come back to the intersection with the tank they see walkers coming from everyway after hearing the sound of the helicopter. Rick exclaims “The Tank!” Morgan “Don’t be stupid Rick! We should head down one of these alleyways! If we get in the tank we’ll be trapped!”


    Morgan yells “Come on Rick!” Rick decides that Morgan is right and follows Morgan, Duane and the horse down the alleyway.

    Glenn is sitting on a roof in Atlanta looking down with binoculars at Rick, Morgan and Duane being chased by walkers. Someone comes over Glenn’s walkie. “Hey Glenn where are you?” Glenn gets out his radio and says “On an opposite roof. There’s more people in Atlanta and they look like they need help.” The man over the radio says “Forget them Glenn get back here! We gotta go there’s geeks crawling all over the place they’re on their own!” Glenn thinks for a second but decides to try and help them anyways. He heads down a ladder on the side of the building. He goes to head out onto the street but the walkers start coming from everywhere. Glenn then decides they are gonna have to go it alone as he heads back up the ladder to head back to his group.

    Rick, Morgan, and Duane get down the alleyway but it’s a dead end. Rick attempts to open a door but it won’t budge. He starts trying to kick it down. Morgan joins in but it still won’t open. Duane yells “Dad!” The walkers grab the horse and it falls on its side as their supplies fall off. The walkers start devouring the horse as Duane starts to cry. Rick exclaims “Fuck this!” he pulls out his python and shoots the door and kicks it again and it swings open. Morgan grabs the supplies that fell off the horse as the 3 look in horror as the walkers devour the horse. Rick grabs Duane and they head into the building and start heading up the stairs. Some of the walkers start following Rick, Morgan, and Duane into the building. They get to the roof and see a guy running across on an opposite one. Rick yells to him. Glenn turns back around and sees that the 3 people are safe. Glenn yells over for them to head down and look for a way over to his building. Rick yells to him asking what his name is but Glenn tells them to hurry up.

    Back at the Rock quarry Amy walks up to Lori with a bucket full of mushrooms and asks Lori if they are safe to eat. Lori tells her to ask Shane when he gets back. Lori then takes the bucket dumping the mushrooms into a bowl. She then takes the bucket and tells Carl to stay where Dale can see him. Dale says “Don’t wander too far, stay in shouting distance and if you see anything holler out. I’ll come running.” Lori heads into the woods.

    After wandering for a while she hears a noise behind her. Next thing she knows her mouth is covered and she’s on the ground. It is Shane. After a couple seconds Shane starts laughing and let’s go of her mouth. “You scared the hell out of me.” Lori exclaims. Shane tells her that’s what she gets for keeping him waiting. Lori says “I’d been out here earlier but the mushroom queen took forever to get back.” Shane asks “How much time do we got?” Lori then says “Enough.” Lori starts unzipping Shane’s pants. The two see Rick’s wedding ring hanging around Lori’s neck. They both look at it with a flash of guilt before she takes it off and they start to have sex.

    Rick, Duane, and Morgan head down the stairs and attempt to kick open another door. Walkers start coming into the room they are in. Rick starts shooting the walkers as Morgan attempts to get the door open. Duane grabs a pistol from one of the bags and starts trying to shoot the walkers but keeps missing. Rick takes the gun from Duane and starts shooting the walkers as his python is now empty. Duane attempts to grab another gun but Morgan grabs the bag as he now has the door open. Morgan yells “Let’s go Rick!” Rick says “Keep going and find that kid I’ll be right behind you!” Rick continues shooting the walkers until his pistol runs out of ammo. Rick then heads out the door and follows Morgan and Duane to the other side of the street. Glenn looks down the ladder and yells for them to hurry. They split the bags amongst the 3 of them and start heading up the ladder, narrowly escaping the walkers. They get to the top in which they are met by the Asian guy. Rick, Morgan, and Duane are out of breath. Rick looks at Glenn and says “Thanks for not leaving us, the name’s Rick, this is Morgan and his son Duane.” Glenn says “Nice going dumbasses, I didn’t really do much I stayed up here because I didn’t think anyone could make it through that many walkers. Let’s go I can take you back to the others.” Morgan then says “The refugee center?” Glenn laugh and says “I have a group I came into Atlanta with to scavenge we have a bigger group outside of Atlanta. The name’s Glenn.” They all head down into a building and go across a walkway. They head down the building’s stairs and come out a door into another alleyway. Glenn gets on his walkie “4 geeks in the alley, and I have 3 guests.” 2 men come out in riot gear and baseball bats and start beating the walkers. Rick, Morgan, Duane, and Glenn head inside. One of the men shouts “Morales let’s go!” the 2 men head back inside as well. A women with a gun points it at Rick and Morgan. Morales says “Just calm down Andrea they have a kid.”

    Andrea lowers her weapon when Duane pops out from behind Rick and Morgan. Andrea starts to get tears in her eyes “We’re dead, all of us, because of you stupid assholes, what the hell were you doing out there!?” Rick says “Trying to flag down the helicopter.” The black man who reveals his name as T-Dog says “Man that’s wack ain’t no damn helicopter.” The black women who reveals herself as Jacqui says “You were just seeing things it happens in this heat.” Rick exclaims “I saw it” Morgan then says “I heard it, but we originally came here for the Refugee Camp we heard about.” Jacqui says “The refugee camp? Yeah they got biscuits waiting in the oven for us.” Morales pushes Rick and Morgan into the front of the store while saying “you know what the point of scavenging is? To get in and out no problem without drawing any attention, but you’re out there popping off rounds like it’s the O.K. Corral!” They get to the front and see walkers trying to break down the front door. “You just rang the dinner bell.” Andrea adds. T-Dog tries to reach their group outside Atlanta but fails he then suggests “Might get a better signal on the roof!” A gunshot is heard. Andrea proclaims “Oh god is that Merle?” They all head up to the roof. Merle is sitting at the edge shooting walkers on the street. Morales yells “What the hell are you doing Dixon?!” Merle stops and turns around and says “Oh hey, you know you should be nicer to a man with a gun in his hand.” Merle jumps down and T-Dog runs down and confronts him saying “Hey man you’re wasting bullets we ain’t even got, bringing these walkers down on us! Just chill!” Merle then walks up and says “Wow man, I got this taco bender on my ass now I’m gonna take orders from you? That’ll be the day.”

    Morales tells T-Dog to drop it but T-Dog doesn’t saying “No hold up! You got something you want to say to me?” Merle says “Yes I do Mr. YO, it’s the day I take orders from a nigger.” T-Dog tries to punch Merle but Merle dodges the punch and hits T-Dog in the face with the butt of his rifle. T-Dog falls over hitting his head on a pipe and falling over. Rick goes to stop Merle but is punched in the face. Morgan then shoots his gun in the air. Merle stops. Morgan says “Don’t test me.” Merle glares at him and then sees Duane standing behind Morgan scared. Rick says “hey” Merle turns and Rick punches him in the face knocking him over. Merle lays on the ground looking up at Rick. Rick looks down at his handcuffs and then sees he could handcuff Merle to the pipe so he isn’t a danger to others. Morgan then says “I think he’s learned a little something.” Morgan gets in Merle’s face “If you do anything to endanger my son or anyone up here, you’re gonna wish you hadn’t.”


    Rick takes out his hands cuffs and cuffs Merle’s hand to the pipe. Merle continues to look up in disbelief that he got bested “Who the hell are you?!” Rick gets in his face and says “Officer Friendly.” Rick lifts Merle up off his back and then starts to tell him that things are different now. “There are no niggers anymore, and no white trash fools neither.” Rick adds. Merle retorts with “Screw you buddy.” Rick then says “I see you have a habit of missing the point.” Merle then says "Yeah? Well screw you twice." Rick then checks Merle’s pockets and finds cocaine. Rick flicks Merle’s nose saying “You got a little bit on your nose still.” Merle laughs saying “What are you gonna do? Arrest me? Ha!” Rick tosses the drugs over the building. Merle yells “HEY MAN THAT’S MY STUFF MAN!” Merle continues to badger on as Rick walks over to the edge of the roof. Holding onto his fist he punched Merle in the face with. He hasn’t had to punch someone in the face for a while. Morales walks up next to him and says “You’re not Atlanta PD, where are you from Officer Friendly?” Rick says “Up the road-a-ways.” Morales retorts with “Well Officer Friendly from up the road-a-ways, welcome to the big city.” Morgan asks “So the refugee camp is gone?” Morales assure them the refugee camp was just a pipe dream. T-Dog attempts to reach their group outside the city but with no luck. Rick then says “Looks like we’re on our own.” Morgan asks “How the hell are we gonna get out of here then?” Jacqui then says “Maybe we can go underground, I worked in the city’s zoning office, and older buildings like this would have a flood tunnel leading to the sewers.” Morales says “Sounds like a plan.” Rick, Morales, Morgan, Andrea, Jacqui, Duane and Glenn head down to the basement. T-Dog stays on the roof watching Merle and keeps trying to contact their group outside Atlanta. In the basement they are looking down the tunnel. They all look to Glenn who they expect to go first. Glenn says he’ll only go if they do it his way.

    Glenn asks only Morales to go down with him. Jacqui will sit at the top and warn Glenn and Morales if the walkers start breaking the front door and Rick, Andrea, Morgan, and Duane will watch the front doors. Glenn and Morales head down. Jacqui sits by the ladder waiting for Glenn and Morales to get back as Rick and the rest watch the front doors. Andrea stands looking at a necklace. Rick asks “See something you like?” Andrea replies “No, but I know someone who would like it.” She picks the dolphin necklace. Andrea then says “My sister, she’s still a kid in so many ways, Dragons, Fairies, Mermaids, but Dolphins…Dolphins rule.” Rick says “why not take it?” Andrea then snickers and says “I got a cop staring right at me.” She stares at Rick then asks “Would it be considered looting?” Morgan then says “I don’t think those rules apply anymore.” Rick laughs a little then says “Take it I ain’t gonna stop ya.” Duane then says “Wow Dad can I take these shirts they looks awesome!” Morgan laughs and says “Boy………alright fine only take a couple things though, don’t need to slow ourselves down!” Andrea laughs as well and then asks “What happened to his mother?” Morgan goes to answer but stops himself. Andrea then gets wide eyes and says “Oh god no, sorry! I’m sorry if you don’t want to you don’t have to say.” They hear the glass on the door start to crack. A Walker breaks down the first set of glass doors with a rock. Glenn, Morales and Jacqui come running back. Rick says “You find a way out?” Morales says “No. We need a new plan fast!” They all head back to the roof. Morales asks “T-Dog how’s the signal?” T-Dog responds with “Like Dixon’s brain…..weak.” Merle flips T-Dog off. Morales uses the binoculars and starts looking up and down the street. Morales spots a van behind a gate at the end of the street. Morales says “there’s a van at the end of the street we could all fit in. The only problem is getting there in one piece to get it.” Merle then says “Yeah I heard these streets ain’t safe from what I hear.”

    Merle looks at Andrea “Ain’t that right sugar tits?” Andrea tries to ignore him. Merle then says “What do ya say? You get these cuffs off me and we can go someplace and bump uglies? Come on Blondie we could all die today.” Andrea then retorts with “I’d rather.” Merle adds "Rug muncher? I figured as much." Rick says “Okay what we do know about these walkers that could help us in getting past all those walkers to get to that van?” Morales says “Besides they hear you, they smell you, and if they catch you they eat you.” Rick says “They can smell us? Andrea says “you can’t? They smell dead we don’t there is a great distinction.” Rick then suggest “What if we covered ourselves in walker muck and smell like them, wouldn’t they just think we’re one of them? Glenn and I could walk right past them to the van.” Glenn stares at Rick for a second then says “Man why do I always have to the dirty work?” Merle says “You wouldn’t know dirty work if it sprung up and bit you on the ass.” the group thinks for a minute on if Rick’s plan would actually work.


    The group agrees to try it, they grab a corpse from the alleyway and before cutting it open Rick checks the man’s wallet, showing them that “Wayne Dunlap” was like all of them once, had a job, bills, and a car and probably a nice house. Right before Rick opens his chest with the fire ax Glenn includes “Guys, he was also an organ donor.” The rest loom in horror as Rick cuts open Wayne’s stomach. They start rubbing the walker guts all over them. Glenn states that he’s gonna hurl. Rick says “Think of anything else, puppies and kittens.” T-Dog adds “Dead puppies and kittens.” After hearing this statement Glenn throws up. Andrea says “This is sick what is wrong with you?!” Rick asks “Do we smell like them?” Andrea says “Yeah.” Rick and Glenn are now smeared in walker guts. They both head out the door and down the alleyway, and head underneath the bus. They start walking down the street towards the van. Morales, Jacqui, Morgan, and Andrea come back up to T-Dog, Duane, and Merle. Merle asks what is going on in which none of them respond. Morales says “T-Dog! Try the CB again.” T-Dog attempts to try the CB once again.

    Back at the rock quarry Amy standing near the RV walking back and forth proclaiming that the scavenge group should have been back by now. Dale is standing nearby working on the RV with Jim. Dale says “Worrying won’t make it better.” Shane is teaching Carl how to tie knots. Lori is sitting doing laundry. Suddenly T-Dog’s voice comes over their CB “Base camp this is T-Dog, can you hear me?!”

    Dale runs over and attempts to call T-Dog back. Dale “T-Dog! Come again I can barely hear you.” T-Dog says over the CB “We’re trapped in the department store, geeks have us surrounded…….” T-Dog’s voice starts to crackle and then fades off. The rest of the people have gathered around. Lori “They say they’re trapped in the department store?” Dale says “Sounds like it.” Amy insists they have to go save them. Shane says “We don’t risk the rest of the group you know that.” Amy exclaims “That’s my sister my son of a bitch! She volunteered to go!” Shane says “She knew the risks Amy, if they’re trapped she’s gone, there’s nothing you can do ya gotta deal with it.” Lori “Couldn’t 1 or 2 people go? At least try to save them?” Shane refuses to endanger the rest of the group for those that are trapped. Amy storms off and Lori follows, not happy with Shane’s decision.

    Back in Atlanta Rick’s plan is working as Rick and Glenn are very close to the gate. Morales and the rest can’t believe the plan is working as Morales watches through binoculars. He starts to feel drops of water on his head. Morales says “Oh no. Wait it’s a cloudburst we get them all the time it’ll pass real quick.” AS the rain hits Rick and Glenn the smell seems to start wearing off as walkers become curious of Rick and Glenn. a nearby zombie detects Rick and Glenn as humans, and roars at Rick, who in turn, dispatches it with his axe.

    All nearby zombies attack, and Rick and Glenn fight for their lives as they run to the construction site as the group on the rooftop cheers them on. The pair narrowly make it over a fence unscathed. Rick shoots at walkers as they haphazardly try to climb over the fence, while Glenn locates the keys. The keys are found, and the men make their way to the van as a zombie shambles after Glenn, having just scaled the fence. The crowd of walkers knocks down the fence and charges at them, but they speed away in the van just in time. Rick tells Glenn to radio the others to get ready to leave and mentions that they will need a way to lure the walkers away from the department store, eyeing a red Dodge Challenger sports car. Rick smashes the driver's side window to gain entry, causing the car's alarm to blare loudly. Morales, Jacqui, Andrea, Morgan, Duane, and T-dog gather everything and head down to leave, completely forgetting about Merle. T-Dog eventually turns around and decides to un-cuff him. As T-Dog heads down the steps he slips and the keys go down a drain pipe. Merle yells “YOU DID THAT ON PURPOSE!” T-Dog yells “NO I DIDN’T!” Merle yells “HELP ME T-DOG! YOU CAN’T LEAVE ME HERE MAN IT’S NOT HUMAN MAN!”


    T-Dog yells “Chill! Wait a second!” T-Dog runs over with the tool box and starts trying to pick the hand cuffs. Merle says “Yes! T-Dog hurry we gotta catch up to the others!” T-Dog continues to try and unlock the handcuffs.

    Rick drives up backs up against the shutters. Morales looks back expecting to see T-dog. Morales yells “T-dog!?” Morales goes back and sees that the front doors have been broken open.

    Walkers are pouring in. Morales runs back to the van as Andrea, Morgan, Duane, and Jacqui are getting in. Morales jumps in and walkers start to pour out of the door they came from. Morales yells “Damn it!”

    On the rooftop T-Dog finally gets Merle out of the hand cuffs. T-Dog yells “Come on we gotta go Merle!” Merle and T-dog go to head down the stairs but hear moans coming up. They head back up and use the chain T-Dog has and close the door. Walkers start pushing up against it. Merle asks “Where do we go now?” T-Dog looks over and sees another way to jump over to the opposite building. Merle and T-Dog jump across and head down into the building next door.

    As Rick is driving the van he looks back. Rick asks “Where’s T-dog and Merle?” Morales says “I thought that T-Dog was un-cuffing him I didn’t see them at all. I doubt they made it out of that building geeks were all over it.” Andrea asks, "Where's Glenn?" A loud engine roars over the sound of a car alarm as a red Dodge Challenger speeds out of Atlanta with Glenn inside, screaming in celebration.

    While almost to Morale’s and their camp Rick becomes guilty for just leaving Merle and T-Dog like that. Morales says “Yeah, T was a good guy. Merle, now I doubt anyone is going to sad he didn’t come back, except maybe Daryl.” Rick asks “Daryl?” Morales says “Merle’s brother.”

    At the Rock quarry Lori is giving Carl a haircut while Shane talks about eating frog legs Cajun-style. Shane smiles, telling Carl, "We'll be heroes, son. Shane and Carl, spoken of in song and legend." The quiet is interrupted by the approach of Glenn's Challenger. The car's alarm still blaring as he drives into camp. Amy rushes Glenn, demanding to know if her sister, Andrea, is okay. Dale tells Glenn to turn off the car alarm but Glenn responds, "I don't know how!" Jim disconnects the alarm while Amy continues to ask questions about Andrea. "Is she okay? Why isn't she with you?" "She's okay!" Glenn shouts over her. "Everybody is. Well, Merle and T-Dog not so much." Shane yells at Glenn for drawing attention to their location. The van arrives, and Morales tells Rick, Morgan, and Duane to come meet everybody, though Rick looks tired, and far more interested in continuing on to find his wife and son. Morgan says “Don’t worry Rick we’ll keep looking, let’s just get some rest first.” They follow. Andrea and Amy tearfully reunite, as does Morales with his wife, son and daughter. This reunion causes Carl to cry because it makes him miss his Dad, so Lori pulls him away from the crowd to comfort him. Glenn explains to the group that they made it out of Atlanta thanks to the "new guys," and Morales adds that one of them is a police officer like Shane and that he had 2 others with him. Rick, Morgan, and Duane emerge from the van. The first person Rick recognizes is Shane, and the pair trade stunned glances as Carl tearfully lifts his head and Lori's eyes follow. He spots Rick, shouting "DAD!" as he runs into Rick's open arms.

    Lori races after him and embraces her husband and son. The rest of the group, and Shane, watch on, dumbfounded. Lori meets Shane's gaze and stares at him, wide-eyed, as she tearfully reunites with her husband. Morgan holds onto Duane and smiles as he witnesses Rick reuniting with his family. Which causes Morgan to think about his wife, and how he never put her down, she is still a walker out there somewhere.

    Later that night at the campfire Rick retells his tale of waking up in the hospital and Morgan and Duane finding him and saving his life. Lori thanks Morgan. Shane tells Rick how he barely got Lori and Carl out. Rick says he is grateful for everything Shane has done. Nearby, Ed Peletier adds another log to his family's fire. Shane intervenes, telling Ed to pull the log so they can't be seen from a distance. Ed tells him to mind his own business, "for once," but gives in under Shane's command, instructing his wife Carol to pull the log from the fire. Ed glares as Shane bids Carol and their daughter Sophia good evening, asking if they're doing okay. "Just fine," Carol says, hiding from her husband's glare. Shane returns to their fire and Dale asks “So what how are we gonna tell Daryl about Merle?” Andrea reasons that Merle was out of control, and the only person to blame for getting left behind was Merle. Andrea also states “If it wasn’t for Merle T-Dog wouldn’t have gotten left behind too.” Morales adds “T went back to save him I bet. It’s possible they got out but not likely.” Rick adds “Wasn’t there another door up there?” Glenn adds “they could have jumped to an opposite building, there was one right next to the one we were on.” Dale says “Well Daryl is gonna wanna go find him. There’s no way we can talk him out of it.” Morales adds “From the way they were fighting before I wouldn’t be surprised if they killed each other.” Lori says “Let’s just deal with Daryl tomorrow after he comes back from his hunt. I think we can reason with him that looking for Merle is a lost cause.”

    Later on in their tent, Rick tucks Carl in and then crawls into bed with Lori. He tells her he knew she and Carl were alive because their photo albums were gone when he returned to their house. Lori smiles and pulls one open. "I told you so," says Rick, and Lori jokingly accuses him of getting cocky as he grabs for the family photo in his jacket pocket. "Belongs in here," he says, placing the photo inside the book. They reflect on past mistakes and the second chance they've been given. "Not many people get that," Rick says. Lori returns Rick's wedding ring, which had been removed when he was in the hospital, and the two discretely have sex. Carl is sound asleep on the other side of the tent and Shane, keeping watch on top of the RV, stares melancholic at Rick and Lori's tent as the night rolls by.

    The next morning, Rick wakes to find a fresh pair of clothes laid out for him inside the tent. He can hear children playing outside. He gets up, bidding the other survivors good morning as he steps outside. He finds Carol ironing his freshly laundered uniform, Rick thanks her for her kindness. Nearby, Morgan stands and watches as Glenn mourns as Morales, Dale, and Jim strip the Challenger down for parts, taking gas for the camp's generators. Rick walks up as Morgan pats Glenn on the back saying “Maybe you can steal another one someday.” Lori sees Rick is awake and heads over to him. She asks if he slept okay he tells her, "Better than in a long time," and she grins, saying she didn't want to wake him before she catches a look in his eye. "God, what?" she asks, and he admits he keeps thinking about leaving Merle and T-dog behind. Shane arrives back at camp with more water, and Rick tells Lori he plans to return to Atlanta. Lori is shocked, but their discussion is interrupted by screams. Carl, Sophia, Duane and Jacqui, who had been out walking, run into camp deeply shaken. Sophia calls out for her mother and the men grab various weapons from the campsite. Finding Carl, Duane, Sophia, and Jacqui unscathed, Rick, Shane, Jim, Morales, Morgan and Glenn run past him to a clearing where a walker is devouring a deer with crossbow bolts sticking out of it. Amy and Andrea follow.

    The six men beat on the walker until Dale arrives and decapitates it. "This is the first one we've had up here. They never come this far up the mountain," he remarks. Morgan says “they must be running out of food in the city.” Morgan turns around and goes to Duane and asks if he’s okay. The group hears the bushes rustling and Shane raises his gun protectively. Daryl emerges from the woods carrying a crossbow and hauling over a dozen dead squirrels. He's upset that the walker ate the deer he'd been tracking for miles, and the food's been wasted. He cusses out the walker, kicking at its corpse, while Dale tries to tell him he's not solving anything by lashing out — which causes him to lash out at Dale. The walker's decapitated head starts grinding its teeth, growling, and Amy and Andrea take off, disgusted. Daryl fires his crossbow into its skull.

    "Come on people, what the hell? It's gotta be the brain — don't y'all known nothing'?" he rebukes, before heading into camp looking for Merle. But Shane follows, and tells Daryl that Merle didn't make it back — Rick chimes in, confessing he left Merle handcuffed to the roof as the group surrounds them. He introduces himself to Daryl, who doesn't want to hear it. Enraged, Daryl throws the dead squirrels at Rick, who ducks as Shane throws Daryl backwards. Morgan sees Daryl pull a knife and warns Rick and Shane, running towards them and joining scuffle Rick is able to disarm Daryl, and Shane locks him in a sleeper hold. "Choke holdin's illegal!" Daryl argues breathlessly, to which Shane responds with a shrug, "Yeah, well, you can file a complaint." Rick tells Daryl he wants to have a calm discussion about Merle, explaining that what he did wasn't on a whim as Shane releases his hold. "Your brother does not work and play well with others, and also just letting you know T-Dog was left behind also, so there’s a chance they both got away alive together and might be hold up in Atlanta somewhere." Rick tells him, which Daryl seems to understand. “Let’s just go look for them." Daryl orders. Lori cuts in from the door of the RV, "He will" Staring her husband down, she challenges him, "Isn't that right?" Morgan steps up “Rick if you’re going back to save them I am too.” Daryl nods to Morgan. Duane tells Morgan he doesn't wanna stay here without him. Jacqui says she'll look after Duane while Morgan goes and helps Rick and Daryl.


    Rick nods to Lori. "I'm going back," Rick pledges. A little bit later when Rick, Daryl and Morgan are getting ready to leave Shane questions why Rick he wants to save a douchebag like Merle Dixon. Daryl says “Hey choose your words more carefully.” Shane looks back at Daryl and says “No douchebag is what I meant.” Rick says “We left Merle like an animal caught in a trap and T-dog probably went back for him when he didn’t have to. Those 2 are trapped in the city and it’s my fault I put the cuffs on Merle which caused T-Dog to have to go and try to un-cuff him and waste more time which got them split up from us, which means I’m responsible.” Shane says “No you’re not Rick, it isn’t your fault like Andrea said man it’s Merle’s own fault. Morales even said the place is crawling with walkers there’s no way they made it out alive.” Rick then says “What if they did? Then they’re out there on their own with walkers at every corner, I can’t live with that, no matter what kind of person Merle is, T-Dog surely doesn’t deserve it. Plus looking around here, we need all the guys we can get. I brought plenty of guns and ammo, shouldn’t have no problem now keeping this place safe.” Shane then says “Yeah we got twice the amount of guns and not enough people fit to handle them, and remember that walker that was just here? We need everyone here defending the camp.” Rick holsters his python “It’s done Shane, I’m going. Daryl is going whether I do or not and if he goes by himself he’s as good as dead. If we can’t find them we’ll come right back.”

    Lori wonders if his big plan is him, Morgan and Daryl alone in Atlanta, Rick admits he wants Glenn to come along because of his experience getting in and out of the city. Shane then exclaims “Great now you’re gonna risk 4 men!” Shane walks off in a rage. Daryl is in the back of the van telling Rick and the others to hurry up. Glenn overheard the conversation and reluctantly agrees to go. Shane comes back and says “you’re putting us all at risk here Rick, just want you to know that. Doesn’t matter how many guns we have we need people here to use them.” Shane starts to soften up a bit and pulls out 4 rounds that Rick can load into his python. Shane says “4 men, 4 rounds.” Rick says “Let’s just hope it doesn’t come to that.” Shane adds “It will if it is as bad as Morales says.” Rick walks off getting ready to leave.

    Merle and T-Dog have been holed up inside a building for the night. Merle wakes up T-Dog by throwing a can at him. T-Dog asks “What the hell?” Merle looks out the window and says “Seems those freaks have wandered off or something the coast looks clear we can get back to the group and my brother.” T-Dog looks at Merle and says “Look man, I don’t want to have another problem alright?” Merle looks at him and says “You aren’t the one I have a problem with T, you came back for me, instead of leaving just me stranded we both ended up stranded. Let bygones be bygones, but I would like an apology from the asshole that hand cuffed me up there in the first place. Officer Friendly, what’s his name.” T-Dog says “Rick his name is Rick.” Merle nods and says “Yeah, him.” The 2 of them head down the stairs and head outside. They go to come out the alleyway but they hear a car screeching. They see a car crash into the side of a building. Merle goes to check it out but 2 more cars approach. Merle and T-Dog hide. Men get out of both cars the driver of one is a middle aged man, hair slicked back, wearing a vest in the Georgia heat. 2 Latinos get out of the car that crashed and attempt to attack with weapons but they are easily disarmed. The man with the vest seems to be the leader as Merle and T-Dog can hear him ordering them to get the 2 Latinos on their knees. The man says “Hey, Now we didn’t want no trouble but you forced our hands here what was your name again? Felipe was it?” Felipe spits in the guy’s face. Merle whispers “Damn, That taco bender got some balls I’ll give him that.” T-Dog tells Merle to keep his voice down. The man in the vest tells Felipe his name is Philip and he only wants to help Felipe and his group wherever they are.

    Merle says “Let’s go nothing we can do for these border jumpers now. I need to get back and find Daryl.” T-Dog says “Maybe we should reveal ourselves, those guys look capable. It looks like they are trying to help that guy maybe he doesn’t speak English?” Merle starts laughing and says “the only way I’d hang with a guy like that is if I was bleeding to death and had nowhere else to go, let’s go. The guy is only being nice because he wants that idiot to take him back to his people probably so they can take all their supplies. You gotta think it through T. No one is strolling the streets with good intentions in this world anymore remember that. You gotta have the balls to make the tough calls.” T-Dog adds “Like Rick hand cuffing you to the roof?” Merle says “Don’t push your luck Mr. Pryor I’m being very nice right now because of what you did on that roof don’t make me change my mind.”


    T-Dog calls to Merle “Let’s at least see what these guys do with those 2 Mexicans.” Merle says “Alright, but I’m pretty sure I already know what they are gonna do.” Philip asks Felipe again “Please, all we wanna do is help you, we have a town we’re building not that far away that we could use hard working men such as yourselves. So tell me, where is the rest of your group at? By the looks of it you guys seem pretty set up.” Felipe says nothing so Philip walks over to the other guy. Philip asks “What’s your name?” The man kid can’t be older than 21-22, he’s wearing a white tank top. The kid says “Miguel.” Philip says “Alright Miguel, well your friend here doesn’t seem very cooperative and I hope you can be where are you guys hold up, we’ll take you back to your people and get this all sorted out.” Miguel looks at Felipe and looks back at them “Nursing Home……we’re hold in a nursing home….” Philip kneels down beside him and says “Thank you.” Philip stands up and shoots Miguel in the head, he then shoots Felipe in the head. T-Dog cringes in horror, Merle just puts his head down and says “Now you believe me? Let’s get out of here.” They get up and start heading down the alleyway. A walker gets up from behind two trash cans and tries to get T-Dog but isn’t fast enough so it falls over knocking over the 2 trash cans. Philip and the others hear the sound of the trash cans and start looking around. Philip says “Find what made that noise but fast because we gotta go the biters will be here soon. We have a Nursing Home to visit.” T-dog and Merle sprint down the alleyway. Philips men walk down the alleyway and dispatch the walker. They look around some more then head back. Philip and his men get back in their cars as Walkers start coming out of alleyways from the noise.

    Rick, Daryl, Morgan, and Glenn are driving back to Atlanta in the van. They stop outside the fences to a train station. The 4 of them get out and head into Atlanta. First they head back to the building they were held up in. They head up to the roof, unable to get back to the roof because the door is chained. Rick says “They have to be alive still. They chained the door closed so walkers could get up there.” Daryl starts kicking the door trying to open it. Morgan says “Son, you ain’t gonna open it that way. We’d need bolt-cutters to get through that.” Glenn says “Dale has bolt cutters.” Rick opens the door as far as it can go and looks out. Rick doesn’t see Merle handcuffed or T-Dog. Rick says “I don’t think they’re on the roof anymore.” Rick tells Daryl to stop kicking the door but he doesn’t listen. Rick, Glenn, and Morgan head down the stairs. Rick says “Where could they have gone? Didn’t you say there was a building opposite that they could jump over to?” Glenn says yes. Rick yells up to Daryl that he knows where they might be. Daryl out of breath from kicking the door heads down the steps and follows them. They head down an alleyway. Seeing trash cans knocked over Daryl checks a walker laying on the ground. Daryl says “It’s got a bullet in its brain.” Rick says “I’m pretty sure no guns got left behind.” Morgan says “Yeah T-Dog said he was going to grab Dale’s toolbox, which might have been how he got Merle out of the handcuffs?” Rick says “Possibly.” They head down onto the street and see a car crashed with 2 men lying dead. They check them as well. Rick looks in horror and walks away. Morgan walks up to Rick and says “Those 2 were never walkers, they died like that, and people shot them. We need to get back to the others.” Glenn walks up and says “Are we gonna check this building?” Rick says “We check this building, if they aren’t there.” He stops talking. Morgan asks Rick if he’s alright. Rick says “How could someone do something like that?” Pointing at the 2 men lying dead. Morgan says “We need to head back to the others, if there are people out here like that we need to stay together everybody.” Daryl butts in “Hell no! We keep looking for my brother, that’s end of discussion.” Daryl heads into the building the other 3 follow him.

    T-Dog and Merle are heading down the street. They come to an intersection. They head left and come to a tank. They see walkers still following behind them. They see walkers coming from ahead of them as well. Merle yells “Not that many ahead of us!” he looks at the tank “Well hello baby how you doing today?” T-Dog says “You want to get in the tank? Really?” Merle says “Strong structure. We could get back out when they wander off or stop paying attention to us.” T-Dog says “Man we should just take our chances going forward and kill those walkers, we need to get back to the group!”

    Back at the Rock quarry Lori is looking for Carl, she asks Dale, Dale says “Down at the rock quarry with Shane, there was some pretty bold talk of catching frogs.” Shane and Carl try to catch frogs with a bucket and net. Shane falls in the water trying to drive them to Carl. Carl sticks the net in the water but fails to catch any.

    Andrea, Amy, Carol and Jacqui do laundry nearby, discussing the division of labor. "How did we get stuck doing all the work?" Jacqui mumbles, and Amy replies, "The world ended. Didn't you get the memo?" The discussion turns to talk of the modern things they miss, like Carol's washing machine, Jacqui's coffee maker, and Amy's cell phone. "I miss my vibrator," Andrea admits. "Me too," Carol whispers. The women break into laughter. Carol's husband, Ed, has been standing watch nearby, smoking a cigarette, and their laughter draws his attention. He looms over them, and Andrea scoffs, "Problem, Ed?" He shakes his head and tells his wife to focus on her work. Carol rubs clothes against the washboard subserviently.

    Lori arrives at the quarry, ordering Carl to return to camp. After he leaves, Shane tells her not to take it out on him, and Lori warns him to stay away from her family. "I think we should talk," Shane says, but Lori snaps, "You can tell that to the frogs." Shane asks Lori if she thinks he's not happy about Rick's return. "Why would you be?" Lori responds. "You are the one that told me that he died." She storms off.

    Ed continues to loom over the women doing laundry. Andrea finally confronts him. "Don't think I won't knock you on your ass," Ed warns her, demanding that Carol come with him. "So she can show up with fresh bruises later, Ed?" Jacqui asks. Carol tearfully attempts to calm him while the others try to intervene. Ed slaps Carol across the face. Shane is still fuming with anger he looks over at the moment Ed slaps Carol.

    CHAPTER 10

    Shane, still fuming from his own confrontation moments ago with Lori, grabs Ed off Carol, throws him to the ground and pummels his face. "You put your hands on your wife, your little girl, or anybody else in this camp one more time, I will not stop next time. I'll beat you to death, Ed," Shane warns. He kicks Ed in the side. The women all stand there stunned by what Shane just did. Shane looks over and sees Duane standing there staring at him. Jacqui stares at Duane. Shane’s face shows guilt as Duane runs back towards the camp scared.

    Rick, Morgan, Daryl and Glenn head into the building, they look around the first floor killing a couple walkers then head up to the second. They look around and see what look like two makeshift beds. Rick says “They might have stayed here the night.” Glenn asks “You think they were the ones that did that to those 2 guys.” Daryl yells “What are you trying to imply? My brother ain’t no murderer!” Glenn says “I was just asking I didn’t.” Rick steps in between them and says “Don’t blame Glenn, if you want to blame anyone blame me. This obviously proves they are still alive, and might be on their way back to the camp.” Morgan says “This doesn’t prove anything, those are just a couple makeshift beds anyone could have been here.” Daryl says “What do you know?” Morgan brushes off the question and looks out the window. Rick says “I don’t know where else to look Daryl, unless they made it back to camp I don’t know where they could be.”

    Back in Atlanta, T-Dog says “Forget about the Tank man! We gotta go!” Merle says “It’s gonna be kind of hard to kill those walkers with our bare hands! Let’s get in here and see if our brave men and women in green left us a goodbye present.” T-Dog gets up on the tank and the 2 get inside. They see a dead soldier. Merle checks him for weapons. Merle pulls out a pistol and a grenade. T-Dog spots a fire ax and a radio. T-Dog attempts to use the radio. T-Dog attempts to get a signal but can’t find one so he gives up. The dead soldier is a walker and goes to attack Merle but Merle shoots him. Merle and T-Dog are stunted by the gunshot. T-Dog says “what the hell man!?” Merle says “Hey T, check this out.” He shows T-Dog the grenade. T-Dog asks “You gonna use it on those walkers out there?” They hear moans outside the tank but none pounding on the tank. Merle says “No, but if we meet someone like that Mr. Jim Jones type they’re in for a surprise.” T-dog nods.

    Morgan laughs saying “Maybe they are held up in that tank.” Glenn says “That tank in the middle of Atlanta? How could they be there? Why would they, they would of went the opposite way going back to camp.” Rick says “Unless they witnessed those 2 men getting shot and couldn’t head towards the camp. They would have headed the opposite way.” Glenn and Morgan agree it’s a long shot and they are wasting time. Daryl says “We gotta try people come on! If you pussies aren’t going then I’m going myself.” Rick says “No Daryl we don’t split up!” Daryl says “Fuck yawl, I’m looking for my brother. You can’t stop me, you guys were the ones that hand cuffed him to that roof to being with. I’m gonna check out this tank with or without you.” Daryl walks down the steps. Glenn runs down the steps saying “Daryl do you even know where this tank is?” Daryl says “Come to think about it no.” Glenn says “I’ll go with you but only if we stay low and don’t draw any attention.” Daryl says “You got some balls for a Chinaman.” Glenn says “I’m Korean.” Daryl walks ahead saying “Whatever.” Glenn looks back to Rick and Morgan. Rick looks to Morgan. Morgan says “We need to go back to camp Rick, this is too dangerous and your cop friend Shane was right.” Glenn says “You don’t have to come, just wait at the van for me and Daryl in case we find Merle and T.”

    Back at the Rock Quarry Camp Andrea and Amy sit in a canoe on the quarry lake, fishing. Amy holds an umbrella to protect herself from the sun. Amy talks to Andrea about what Shane did earlier beating up Ed like he did. Andrea says “Ed deserved it, he was hurting his wife.” Amy then says “Yeah but was it really Shane’s business to begin with?” An argument starts over the type of fishing knot their father used, and they realize that their father taught them different fishing knots based on Andrea's need to catch the fish, and Amy's need to throw them back. Both women are on the verge of tears before Andrea evokes their father's rule, "Remember what dad says, no crying in the boat. Scares the fish." Amy asks Andrea if she thinks that their mom and dad are alright, suggesting that "maybe Florida wasn't hit so badly." Andrea gives her a sorrowful look as they break the rule anyway. "I think it was more for Dad than the fish," reasons Andrea, sniffling. Nearby, on top of his RV, Dale is keeping watch. He looks through his binoculars and in a field above the campsite, he sees Jim furiously digging holes into the ground.

    CHAPTER 11

    Philip and his crew of 2 cars are heading towards the nursing home. On the way there they hear a gunshot come from back the way they came. Philip stops the cars over their walkie-talkies. T-Dog starts attempting to try the radio in the tank again. Philip gets out of the car along with Tim, Warren, and Crowley to try and locate where the gunshot came from. “Seems there are others in the city still besides those Mexicans.” Says Tim. Philip says “Maybe, that was one gunshot, might not be anyone anymore.” Philip and his men go to get back in the cars. All of sudden T-Dog’s voice comes over their walkie-talkies. “Hello! Is anyone out there!? Can anyone hear me?! Shane! Dale! Anyone? We’re trapped in a tank in the middle of Atlanta! We’re surrounded by Walkers on all sides!” Philip is shocked. Philip responds back “Who is this?” T-Dog gets anxious “Who is this?” Philip says “the name is Philip. Where are you? We can help you.” T-Dog remembers the guy that shot those 2 men was named Philip. T-Dog immediately turns off the radio. Philip says “Hello? Hello? Damn it.” Crowley says “Sounds like that gun shot came from the center of Atlanta.” Tim says “That area is a total red zone no way anyone could survive there.” Philip says “Well they said they’re in a tank. Perhaps they’re military? All I know is it seems they have a tank and we need some good military weapons to take back to Woodbury. There may be some good weapons in the center of Atlanta. Plus if this Nursing home has a lot of men we’ll need some good weapons.” Philip and his men head back towards the center of Atlanta.
    Back at the campsite, Dale approaches Jim, who refuses to respond as he digs what appear to be graves. Dale's concern mounts quickly when Jim won't take a drink of water, despite the intense late summer heat. Amy and Andrea present the group with their lines of fish a huge catch. Morales thanks the women, expressing gratitude that his children would have food to eat. Jacqui is sitting with Duane as Duane still seems a little spooked by what Shane did to Ed earlier. Carl asks Andrea and Amy if they could teach him how to fish like that, and Lori says she wouldn't argue with that, impressed by the girls' efforts. Andrea walks over to Duane and Jacqui. Andrea says “He’s still a little spooked?” Jacqui says “I’m not saying what Shane did was wrong by any means, but his presentation could have been a little better.” Andrea nods to what Jacqui says. Shane walks up to Andrea, Jacqui, and Duane. Shane attempts to say he’s sorry that Duane saw what he did but Duane just looks at him with fear in his eyes. Andrea says “Maybe it’s best if you didn’t go near Duane Shane he seems a little scared.” Shane says “I’m just gonna say I’m not sorry what I did to Ed. The bastard had it coming for a long time now. He can sit crying like a baby in his tent all night or for the rest of the year I don’t care.” Dale interrupts the excitement to express concern over Jim, and points him out still furiously digging on the hilltop.

    Back in Atlanta, Rick says “Morgan I’m going and you should too, we don’t have any walkies. Plus if there are a good number of walkers we may need your help.” Morgan stands there for a second not happy with the decision. Morgan says “Fine let’s go, but if we don’t find them at the tank we head back to the camp, alright?” Rick nods. The 4 head down outside the building then head down the alleyway next to the building towards the center of Atlanta.

    Back at the Atlanta Camp, Shane and the others approach Jim, who still won't explain why he's digging. Lori tells Jim he's scaring Sophia, Duane and Carl, and Shane orders Jim to take a break. "If I don't...then what?" Jim challenges him. "Then you're gonna beat my face in like Ed Peletier, aren't'cha. I’ve bet everybody has seen his face. So that’s what happens when someone crosses you?” Andrea says “That was different Ed was hurting his wife.” Jim yells “That’s their marriage not his!” Shane attempts to grab the shovel but Jim swings it at Shane, who tackles him. Jim yells “You have no right!” Shane says “Jim just calm down it’s gonna be alright!” Jim says “It’s gonna be alright? Yeah that’s what I told my Wife and two boys. I told them everything was gonna be fine, didn’t matter the dead still got them, I turned my back for one second then they were gone.” Jim starts to tear up “The only reason I got away was because the dead were too busy eating my family." The group stands around sad as they hear what happened to Jim’s family.

    Back in the Tank, after having turned off the tank radio T-Dog says “Merle we have a problem.” Merle says “What now?” T-dog says “I tried to get a hold of the camp outside of Atlanta with this radio, and I may have accidently told that guy with the vest where we are.” Merle’s face goes blank. T-Dog locates a Utility spade on the wall of the inside of the tank as well. The spade plus the ax could produce a lot of guts.

    CHAPTER 12

    T-Dog looks at the spade and then at the dead walker. Merle asks “what are you thinking T?” T-Dog says “Rick and Glenn…” Merle says “Enough I don’t wanna hear about them we got a big problem at the moment!” T-Dog exclaims “No! Rick and Glenn they cut open a walker and put its guts on their bodies and those things think you’re one of them, we could walk past them without swinging anything, as long as it doesn’t ran again.” Merle mocks with a sad face “Shit, where’s the fun now.” T-Dog laughs saying “Very funny.” T-Dog takes the spade and stabs it into the walker’s guts. Even though it was T-Dog’s idea, he didn’t seem too thrilled when he looks like he’s about to vomit. Merle asks “Do you want me to?” T-Dog nods saying “Yeah.” Merle continues to stab the walker with the spade, the guts start pouring out. T-Dog says “Try not to get any on your skin, if you can, we don’t have the luxury of coats.” Merle says “And ruin this nice vest? Huh. I’d rather put it on my skin.” They start putting the blood on their clothes. They get enough on them. Merle says “Do you think we’re good?” T-Dog says almost vomiting again “Oh yeah we’re good.” They hop out to the top of the tank. The walkers don’t notice them. Merle says “You got heart AND brains T, just don’t let the walkers get em though.” Merle and T-Dog hop down off the tank and head towards the camp. Successfully getting through the huge group of walkers surrounding the tank.

    At camp, Shane has tied Jim to a tree and is offering him water. Unlike earlier when Dale offered him a drink, this time Jim accepts it easily. Lori and Carol are doing schoolwork at a table nearby with Carl and Sophia, Duane sits by with Jacqui. Shane tells Jim he's going to keep him tied to the tree until he no longer thinks Jim's a danger to himself or others. Jim apologizes for scaring the children, and Lori forgives him on account of sunstroke. Dale asks why he was digging. "I had a reason, don't remember," Jim says. "Something I dreamt." He tells Carl that the boy was in his dream, and that his dad was there, too. "You were worried about him," Jim tells Carl. "Can't remember the rest." He asks Carl if he's worried about his dad Carl is, saying, "He's not back yet." Lori tries to end the conversation but Jim continues. "That man, he's tough as nails. Ain't nothin' gonna stop him gettin' back here to you and your momma, I promise you that." Shane agrees with Jim before distracting Carl, and Sophia. "Who wants to help me clean some fish?" he asks, and they run off behind him with Carol and Dale. Duane goes back to his and Morgan’s tent. Jacqui gets up and goes to follow Duane but heads back up towards the RV instead. Lori approaches Jim once everyone leaves, and he ominously tells her not to let Carl out of her sight.

    Rick, Glenn, Daryl, and Morgan slowly come to the center of Atlanta. They see the huge group of walkers is starting to thin out. They start creeping towards the street. They look around the corner and see the top hatch to the tank is opened. Daryl says “Looks like they are trying to get some sun, or they aren’t in the tank.” Daryl looks back at them and says “Someone gonna check it out or am I gonna have to?” They all look at Daryl in a blank stare. Morgan says “You insisted to check it out Daryl, you look.” Daryl says “You guys shouldn’t have brought it up, but Fine I’ll do.” Daryl starts sneaking towards the tank. He gets up on top and looks into the tank. He sees a soldier cut open. Daryl has a look of disgust but goes to head back down. Before he can head down a gunshot zips past him. He falls over the tank, a walker almost gets him but he stabs it in the head. On the other side of the tank Philip and his men are shooting their guns. Walkers start heading towards them. Tim yells “There’s more here than we thought! I don’t think this is worth it Gov!” Rick, Glenn, and Morgan wave Daryl back. Daryl says “There’s a walker cut open in that tank!” Rick says “They must of used our tactic, smearing themselves in walker guts, let’s go! They may be heading back to the camp!” they start heading down the street, killing walkers. Philip and his crew are still shooting. Crowley says “There are too many biters Gov! We gotta go!” Philip realizes Crowley is right and proclaims “Damn it!” They get back in the cars. Philip says “Don’t think we’re changing plans, we are still hitting that Nursing home, and we hit it hard, go get more people from Woodbury! Kill everyone and everything in that nursing home!”

    T-Dog and Merle make it out of the train station, and look around to see nothing they can use to get back to camp faster (The van Rick, Glenn, Morgan, and Daryl had is also gone meaning someone stole it). They decide to just head on foot.

    Back at camp, Andrea roots through Dale's RV looking for wrapping paper. "It's Amy's birthday tomorrow. I've been marking days on the calendar to make sure," she tells Dale, showing him the dolphin necklace she took from the department store. "You don't give a gift unwrapped." Dale assures her that he'll find something. The group is preparing for a fish cookout, and Morales proudly shows off the upgraded campfire, with higher rocks to protect higher flames. Carl walks to the tree with Shane, who frees Jim and invites him to the fish fry. Ed, his face bruised and swollen, lays in his tent, declining Carol's invite to join the group for the fish fry. He grabs Sophia's arms and tells her to stay with him, but Carol says forcefully, "She wants to join the others around the fire Ed," and they leave. Ed’s injuries from Shane's beating are severe as he lays back down saying “Ah, to hell with all of ya, I don’t need any of ya!”

    As night starts to fall Rick, Daryl, Glenn, and Morgan make it back to the train station. They find that the van is gone. Glenn says “Who the hell could have taken the van?” Rick whispers to himself “Merle and T-Dog.” Morgan says “Told you we should have just came back to the van instead of wasting our time with that tank, and look what happened! Daryl almost got his head blown off by some psychos and the van is gone! Now we gotta travel on foot which may take us god knows how long!” They start heading back towards the camp on foot.

    The members of the Atlanta camp sit around a campfire after dark, Morales asks Dale why he still winds his wristwatch every day. Jacqui agrees that it's pointless, ever since the world ended. "It's important to keep track," Dale explains, paraphrasing a Faulkner parable about a father giving his son a watch "the mausoleum of all hope and desire." Duane, who is sitting beside Jacqui, gets up and starts heading back to his tent. Jacqui, Andrea, Dale, Carl, Sophia, and Shane watch as he walks away. They all look to Shane who just looks at the ground, Sophia gets up and follows Duane and Carol asks “Sweetie where are you going? Sophia looks back and says “I’m gonna go see if Duane is alright, he seems sad.” Carol smiles as Sophia walks down towards Duane’s tent. Amy gets up and Andrea asks “Where are you going?” Amy says “I have to pee, geez trying to be discreet around here.” They all laugh. Andrea takes another drink of her beer, Andrea then takes out the dolphin necklace and looks at a second. She looks up to see Dale staring at her. Dale says “You know she’ll appreciate it whether it’s wrapped up or not, I’m sure she understands there is a shortage of wrapping paper in the apocalypse.” Andrea smirks and looks down at the necklace. Dale says “Why not surprised her with it right now? I’m sure she’ll be happy you got it for her regardless when you give it to her. It’s the thought that counts.”

    CHAPTER 13

    Earlier in the day at the nursing home, Guillermo, the leader of the Vatos gang that inhabits the nursing home keeping the senior citizens there safe, is looking out a boarded up window through a crack. A man walks in “G, I’m sure they will be back soon, they went to the other side of the city looking at this gas station.” Guillermo stands up and says “I know, it’s just, you never know Jorge.” Jorge says back “One of the seniors needs help and Felipe usually handles that stuff.” Guillermo says “Fine, You are in charge until I get back Jorge, I’m gonna take a couple guys and head out.” Guillermo heads down to the garage and takes 2 other Vatos with him as they head out of the garage and towards the city. About 30 minutes later, Jorge is sitting in the garage with more of the Vatos. One of his men yells that an unknown vehicle is approaching. Jorge opens the garage door as a truck pulls up with a guy waving his hand around. The man gets out of his car and announces his name as Philip. He tells Jorge that his men Felipe and Miguel are badly hurt but alright he says that a couple of his people can come back and bring them back to the nursing home. Jorge turns to announce to the others inside that Felipe and Miguel are alright. Philip pulls out his gun and shoots Jorge in the chest twice. The other men are shocked and gun fire comes out of the bushes as more of the Vatos fall. Philip walks up to Jorge who is bleeding out chocking on his own blood and putting his hand up in an attempt at begging for mercy of some kind, Philip with a blank face shoots him in the head. A man on top of the nursing home roof is shot and falls off and drops right in front of Philip who shoots him in the head as well. Tim, Crowley, Warren and 9 other guys emerge from the bushes. Philip hands Tim a knife and says “Make sure they are all dead, permanently. Don’t need any unwanted surprises while we’re in here.” Philip and the rest of his men head into the nursing home. Philip says “Kill everyone and everything, grab as much as you can, go for medical supplies and weapons first those are what keeps the world going around now a days.” They head down the halls shooting the Vatos as they emerge. They come to an auditorium of sorts where all the seniors are grouped together. Philip and his men kill the remaining men. An old women comes forward saying her name is Abuela. Abuela while crying and looking at all the dead Vatos she screams “WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS?!” Philip holds up his gun as Crowley and Warren look in shock. Philip says “Kill ’em all.” Philip shoots Abuela in the head.

    Half way to the rock quarry T-Dog and Merle hear rustling behind them. They turn and ready their weapons. Rick, Morgan, Daryl, and Glenn emerge. Merle completely forgets about Rick and goes to Daryl. Daryl explains they went back to look for them. Rick says “We thought you stole van it was sitting outside the train station.” T-Dog says “No it was gone when we got there.” Merle mockingly says “I want a formal apology from you when we get back to camp Officer Friendly.” Rick says “Yeah take it up with my superiors.” Rick, Glenn and Morgan walk ahead as T-Dog says “His superiors are probably dead.” Daryl, Merle, and T-Dog follow them as well as they head back to the camp.

    The camp is having the fish fry and Amy has just gotten up to use the bathroom. Ed, meanwhile, hears rustling outside his tent. He thinks its Carol bugging him to join the group, and unzips the flap to yell at her, but instead he finds a walker. It topples him, biting his neck as more walkers swarm in. Andrea looks down at the necklace. She decides to give it to Amy now, she heads up to the RV. Sophia comes out of Duane’s tent and goes and heads over to their tent to see walkers inside eating Ed. She screams. Hearing Sophia screaming, Andrea looks over and a walker is almost to her but she pushes it back to the ground. Walkers attack from all directions, grabbing and devouring people all over the campsite. Shane orders Lori to get Carl and everyone else into the RV as he fires his shotgun. Amy comes out of the RV shocked and asks Andrea what’s going on as Jim and Morales beat down walkers with baseball bats. Dale bashes the walker that almost got Andrea with a branch off the ground. Rick and the others, running toward camp, hear gunshots in the distance and quicken their pace. Shane sees Carol yelling for Sophia as they all group towards the RV. Shane yells “Andrea! The gun bags are in the RV, you get them and you get them now you hear me!?” Shane sees Sophia getting surrounding by walkers. He looks over and sees Duane getting out of his tent and walkers start surrounding him. Shane refuses to leave Lori and Carl’s side. Shane yells for one of them to grab Sophia or Duane but Jim, Morales, and Dale are busy killing walkers. Jacqui starts yelling for Duane. Shane orders Lori and Carl to get into the RV as Andrea and Amy get the gun bags. Shane looks at Duane and Sophia as he cocks his shotgun ready to charge. He knows he can only save one of them.

    CHAPTER 14

    Guillermo and his 2 men arrive at the crashed car. Guillermo gets out and walks up to see Felipe and Miguel lying dead with bullets in their heads. Guillermo looks at them a second and starts to get tears in his eyes as he was very close to Felipe. One of the men says “G, what are we gonna tell Abuela about her grandsons?” Guillermo says “I don’t know.” One of the man says “Felipe and Miguel don’t look like they were one of those things.” Guillermo says “I know, other people got them.” The man says “What if they told them where we are.” Guillermo realizes this and orders them to get back in the car. They start speeding back to the nursing home. They get to the nursing home. They see people lying dead everywhere and walkers eating people. They kill the walkers and G and the 2 Vatos search for survivors. As they head into the nursing home they look down every hallway. Seeing people dead everywhere. They get to the auditorium and see the seniors all lying dead. G runs up to Abuela who lays dead on the ground. The men say “what do we do now?” G says with anger in his eyes “We find who did this.”

    At the camp the walkers are attacking and Shane has a decision whether to go for Sophia or Duane. Duane is closer so Shane decides to save Duane first, hoping to go back for Sophia in case she can avoid the walkers. He kills the walkers surrounding Duane. He grabs Duane and brings him back to the RV. He turns around to go for Sophia. As this is happening Rick, Glenn, Daryl, Merle, T-Dog, and Morgan arrive and start killing the walkers. Shane kills the walkers around Sophia as she runs towards the group where Carol grabs her. Carol hugs her, then she looks down and sees that Sophia has a bite on her hand. Rick yells for Carl and Lori and Carl comes running out of the RV and embraces Rick. Jim announces “I remember what my dream was about, why I dug the graves.”

    The next morning Amy and Andrea are sitting by the RV. Dale walks over to them and asks “How are you girls doing?” Andrea says “Well besides the fact that I almost got killed last night no I’m fine.” Dale gets on his knees and says “Hey, don’t talk like that, you both are still here.” Amy looks around at all the dead people Glenn, Morales and the others are dragging and putting in rows. Amy says “All those people.” Amy starts to cry. Dale looks over to Carol who is sitting next to Sophia who has succumb to the bite. Lori walks up to Carol and sits beside her. Lori says “Carol……” Carol doesn’t look up and just keeps staring at Sophia who has yet to turn. Lori says “Carol… need to let them take Sophia, we’ll be gentle.” Carol doesn’t respond. Lori goes over to Rick and Shane. Shane sits silently. Lori asks “Shane?” Shane says “I could have saved her. Duane and Sophia were both in Trouble, I went for Duane first, I wanted to save both of them, and I swear if I would have been seconds faster.” Lori says “Shane don’t blame yourself you couldn’t of known.” Shane says “Either way it doesn’t matter, Rick took half the man power with him, which could have stopped anyone from dying.” Rick looks at the ground knowing Shane is right. Morgan walks up with Duane and says “Shane, either way, thank you for saving my boy. Duane?” Morgan looks at Duane who looks up at Shane and says “Thank you.” Shane smiles a little saying “You’re welcome.” Morgan and Duane walk away as Shane looks back at the ground, still questioning his decision. Lori says “Look on the bright side Shane, looks like Duane isn’t scared of you anymore.” T-Dog walks by saying “There ain’t nothing on the bright side today.”

    Merle and Daryl are sitting nearby looking at the group. Merle says “Well little brother, this group is not gonna last a month.” Daryl says “Why do you say that?” Merle says “Well after we’ve robbed them blind they won’t last that long.” Daryl says “Why not stay with them? I don’t think we’ll last that long on our own either.” Merle says “Well soon these guys are gonna be killing each other I can see it.” Daryl says “And why do you say that?” Merle says “Well you said that Rick is Lori’s husband? Well I gotta say I don’t think Shane is too happy he’s back, come on now I’ve seen Shane and Lori sneaking off to have their little fun in the woods before. How long you think they are gonna last when the 2 people everybody else are looking up to are gonna be at each other’s throats?” Daryl says “Rick is a good man, he went back for your sorry ass. Also don’t forget T saved you on that roof.” Daryl walks away looking back saying “These are good people. It’s your fault you got hand cuffed on that roof, and after last night if we steal their stuff now we might as well kill them ourselves.” Merle looks at the ground.

    Carol is sitting next to Sophia, Sophia starts to move. Carol says “Sophia?” Sophia opens her eyes and they are milky white. She is a walker. Sophia tries to bite Carol but Carol holds her down saying “I’m sorry Sophie…” Rick walks up and while crying Carol puts her hand out and says “She’s my daughter…..I’ll do it” Rick hands her a gun. Lori takes Carl away as Carol sits and stares at Sophia for a couple minutes saying “I’m sorry I couldn’t protect you.” Carol shoots Sophia in the head. Shane keeps looking at the ground. Rick says “Carol…..” Carol interrupts saying “Don’t……talk to me.”

    Morales looks down at Ed who has barely any of his body is left. He looks over at Carol who still sitting next to Sophia who she already shot in the head. He looks back and drives the pick axe through Ed’s head. Minutes later Morales and T-Dog drag the body of a dead camper toward the fire, but Glenn stops them. "We don't burn them!" Glenn yells. "We bury them!" Andrea is holding Amy and then takes out the Dolphin necklace but decides to wait as the timing is terrible.

    Jacqui and Jim are picking up a walker together nearby and Jacqui notices Jim’s clothes are ripped and there’s blood. Jacqui asks “Jim, is that blood?” Jim says “Got some walker blood on me.” Jacqui says “You got bit.” Jim says “Please don’t tell.” Jacqui immediately yells that Jim is bitten. Daryl walks up and says “Show us.” T-Dog runs up behind him and grabs his arms as Daryl lifts his shirt to see a bite on Jim's abdomen. Jim continues to say “I’m fine.”

    Jim sits by the RV as the group tries to figure out what to do with him. Daryl says “Should put a pick axe through his head. The line is pretty clear, zero tolerance for walkers.” Rick thinks for a second saying “I don’t know, maybe we should kill him.” Lori and the others are shocked by hearing this. Shane surprised as well by this. Rick says “When we were in Atlanta we got attacked at the tank, but not by walkers. There were other people, we found a car crashed with two people shot in the head. They weren’t walkers.” T-Dog says “Yeah, me and Merle saw who did that.” Morgan holds Duane and stands nearby in silent. Rick says “The living are just as big of a threat as the walkers. It looks like we aren’t gonna be able to avoid killing the living for too long. There are some bad people out there.” Dale walks up saying “You can’t be serious we can’t just kill him, we can’t stoop as low as those people that you guys ran into. We should ask Jim what he wants.” Daryl says “Forget this. He's a ticking time bomb and a threat to the rest of us.” He goes to attack Jim with the pick axe but Rick holds him at gun point as Shane gets in front of him.

    Rick says “Dale is right. We shouldn’t put Jim’s life in our own hands.” Daryl says "Funny you should say we shouldn't kill the living, after pointing a gun at my head." Merle walks up after seeing Rick pointing a gun at Daryl saying "I don' know what you think you are doing officer Friendly." Morgan steps up saying “Maybe we could go to the CDC, they may have a cure.” Rick thinks for a second. Shane says “I say we head for Fort Benning."

    CHAPTER 15

    Rick says “We take Jim to the CDC, and that’s final. Shane, let’s go get those graves started.” Rick and Shane start digging graves near the camp. Shane keeps looking up at Rick. Rick stops for a second and says “If you got something to say let it out, I guess I deserve it.” Shane says “So you’re telling me, that Merle and T-Dog were on their way back to the campsite? So you left for no reason.” Rick says “I get it Shane you were right but we shouldn’t give up on Jim. We gotta get him to the CDC.” Daryl approaches and says “I don’t know why we are burying them, we should be burning them all.” Lori is standing nearby and says “We need to time to mourn, and we need to bury our dead, that’s what people do.”

    Jim is hallucinating inside the RV, his bite bleeding as he sees terrifying visions of the dead. The survivors stage a funeral, Carol insists she can get Sophia into the grave herself as Andrea and Dale say that they can help. Carl looks at Rick and says “Are we safe again dad?” Rick knowing that he can’t promise him that so instead Rick says “I won’t leave you or your mother again.” Rick speaks to Lori privately saying “Do you blame me for not being here?” Lori says “I don’t blame you, not like Shane does at least.” Rick says “Do you support the decision to take Jim to the CDC.” Lori says “I don’t know if we can follow you on blind faith. Even if Morgan is sure of it too.”

    Rick heads to the RV where Jacqui is watching over Jim and tells Jim “We’re gonna take you to the CDC and get you help Jim.” Jim coughs into the bucket next to him. Jim starts to hallucinate and think he is telling Rick to watch the boat like he said he would. Rick starts to wonder if saving Jim is possible as he says yes that he will watch the boat.

    Outside the RV Shane tells Lori “You need to tell Rick the CDC is a bad idea. You need to stop choosing your marriage over people’s safety.” Lori replies with “I think folks around here can make up their minds without bringing my marriage into it. That’s a habit you need to break.” Shane mocks “Alright I’ll add it to my list of habits.” Rick emerges from the RV. Rick says “Shane, me you and Dale should check out the forest to make sure no more unwanted guests come our way. Shane, Rick, and Dale head into the woods to sweep the area for walkers.

    Morales is sitting with his wife as their kids sit nearby. Morales says “We should head to Birmingham, be with our people.” Miranda says “Maybe we should stay with these guys. I don’t think traveling all the way to Birmingham is gonna be anymore more safe then here Morales We should stay with a group. The odds of finding our family in all of this mess is just…..” Miranda starts to tear up a bit as Morales sits and thinks for a second as his children sit and talk to one another.

    CHAPTER 16

    Rick, Shane, and Dale are walking through the woods sweeping for walkers. Shane continues to try and convince Rick not to go to the CDC. Rick says “I gotta do what’s best for my family. If it was your family, you’d feel differently.” Shane looks at him somewhat offended saying "I kept them safe," he snaps at Rick. "Looked out for them like they were my own." Rick tries to calm him down. "You're hearing it wrong," he says, as they're interrupted by a sound in the bush and draw their guns. Rick walks forward, and from a distance, Shane's aim lands on Rick. He holds it there for just a few seconds, glaring, his breath heavy, but he hears a sound and his focus breaks.

    He drops the gun and then notices Dale's been watching him. "Jesus," whispers Dale. Shane shrugs it off “Huh, we should be wearing reflective vests out here.” Rick walks back saying it’s clear. Rick, Shane and Dale start heading back to camp.

    Morales sits beside his wife and finally makes up his mind saying “Let’s stay with them.” Miranda smiles as their kids come over. Lori is sitting nearby with Carl, Carl asks her “Where are we going mom?” Lori says “Someplace safe baby, someplace safe.” She hugs him but in her eye’s she isn’t sure if it is safe at the CDC or not. Shane, Rick, and Dale get back to the camp and before leaving Shane explains how to stay with the Caravan and everyone understands.

    Merle approaches Daryl and says “You better be right about these people.” As the group is getting ready to take off Merle gets on his bike and Daryl gets on with him. Glenn, Morales and Morgan laugh at this sight. Daryl says “Yeah, yeah laugh it up assholes.” Morales says “Oh we will.” Lori looks over to Carol and asks if she is gonna ride with them. Rick goes over to the car and looks at Carol and smiles but Carol face stays blank she looks over and see’s Shane, Shane looks at Carol but then looks at the ground and Carol gets into the RV. Rick face becomes sad. Lori says “It’s alright.”

    The group takes off for the CDC. Jacqui sits in the back of the RV keeping an eye on Jim as he starts to get worse. On route to the CDC Dale’s radiator hose bursts. They pull over. Rick says “What’s the matter?” Dale says “Faith just caught back up with us, I needed that hose from the van. I’ve been running on more and more duct tape every time.” Shane looks ahead and says “Rick, want me to drive ahead and check ahead, there’s a gas station up ahead or something.” T-Dog says “Yeah I’ll go with you.” Jacqui comes out of the RV saying “Guys it’s Jim, he’s not looking too good.” Rick goes into the RV to talk with Jim. Jim in pain says “My bones are like glass, every little bump…this ride is killing me. Just leave me.” Rick says “Jim, you’re just delirious that’s all.” Jim replies with “I ain’t delirious my head’s clear right now, I wanna be with my family.”

    Rick walks out and says “Jim says he wants us to leave him behind.” Dale says “Then we should do what he wants.” Lori and the others agree. They gently take Jim outside and put him by a tree. Jacqui gently kisses him on the forehead and as the group is walking away Dale says “Thanks for fighting for us.”

    Elsewhere, a video monitor crackles to life. An unshaven man, Dr. Jenner, speaks into the camera. "It is day 194 since Wildfire was declared," he says. "And 63 days since the disease abruptly went global. There is no clinical progress to report." He says he has figured out how to save power.

    In a bio-hazard suit and with classical music playing, Jenner passes through an airlock into a laboratory. He opens a tissue sample labeled TS-19 and begins an experiment. He takes a nap inside his safety suit while he waits for the sample to be ready for examination. Reaching for a beaker, he accidentally knocks fluid on the tissue sample inside a petri dish. An alarm sounds as a voice over a loudspeaker alerts Jenner to toxic quality air, and he runs to a decontamination chamber and takes off his suit and clothes. From the safety of the airlock, Jenner watches helplessly as the lab, and all of the remaining TS-19 samples, are engulfed in flames, an automatic safety protocol.

    Later, a drunken Jenner speaks into the monitor: "The TS-19 samples are gone. The tragedy of their loss cannot be overstated,” trying to amuse himself he starts stating how there is no one on the other end of the transmission. He then gets out of his chair and states out loud “I think I’m gonna blow my brains out tomorrow.” Rick's caravan approaches the CDC with the sun setting, where hundreds of bodies lay dead on the ground. Another U.S. Military cordon was overrun. The group quietly approaches the building, which is locked and shuttered. From inside, Jenner's proximity alarm sounds. Stunned, he watches the group's approach over a security monitor. Outside, walkers begin to take notice of the survivors. Shane says “Rick it’s not too late we can still head back and go to Fort Benning.” Morgan says “We have barely any fuel or food.” Lori says “What are we gonna do?!” Rick says “We’ll figure something!” Rick starts pounding on the shutters. Daryl walks up saying “This was the wrong damn call.” Shane approaches and pushes Daryl back saying “No! No! Shut up! Rick come on let’s got there’s no one here!” Merle walks up and says “Fucking dead things, let’s go!” Jenner watches and whispers to himself “Please go.” Rick looks up and sees the camera moving and starts yelling as Shane is pulling him away “If you turn us away you’re killing us!!! You’re killing us!”

    CHAPTER 17

    Rick is screaming “You’re killing us! You’re killing us!” As this is happening, the shutters open, drowning the group in light. Rick and the other survivors file into the CDC lobby. Dr. Edwin Jenner meets them at the door with an automatic. "Why are you here, and what do you want?" Jenner asks them. "A chance," Rick says simply. "That's asking an awful lot these days," Jenner replies, but he agrees to allow them in, provided they all submit to a blood test. "Grab your things," he tells them. "Once this door closes, it stays closed."

    Rick agrees, and they follow Jenner to the building's basement control center. Merle looks at the gun and asks “Do Doctors go around packing heat like that?” Jenner replies “There were a lot laying around and I familiarized myself, but you look harmless enough.” He looks down at Carl and Duane and jokingly says “Except you two, I’ll keep my eyes on you two.” Carl and Duane smile. He leads the group into the control room. "Vi, bring up the lights in the big room," he says, and the lights go up. "Welcome to Zone 5," he tells Rick and his group.

    Rick looks around and says “Where are all the other doctors?” Jenner says “Everybody else left when everything started.” Lori asks “Who were you just talking to?” Jenner says “Vi, we have guests, tell them welcome.” The computer introduces itself and Jenner says “I’m all that’s left.” They all look at him in shock and he simply says “I’m sorry.” As Jenner takes a blood sample from Andrea, she asks him what the point is. "If we were infected, we'd all be running a fever," she scoffs, but Jenner asks her to humor him. When she stands, she wobbles. "She hasn't eaten in days. None of us have," Jacqui explains to Jenner as she leans in to help Andrea.

    Later, the group feasts in the CDC cafeteria, jovially drinking wine and liquor from the fully stocked fridge, jubilant about finding a safe place and a good meal. Glenn is drunk, much to Daryl's and Merle’s satisfaction, and Carl tries his first sip of red wine. He hates it, to Lori's delight. Rick toasts Jenner for his hospitality, and the doctor quietly raises his glass. But Shane isn't interested in celebrating. "When are you gonna tell us what the hell happened here?" Shane asks. Jenner explains that most of the doctors fled. He says, "The rest couldn't face walking out the door. They...opted out." Jenner says that he stayed because he hoped to do some good.

    Jenner shows the group around the building, directing the children toward the rec room and imploring everyone not to waste electricity, but the survivors are thrilled to luxuriate in hot showers, Aside from Shane, who stands in it drinking from a bottle of whiskey, and Carol who sits quietly. Morgan says “The second hot shower I’ve had all week, feels amazing every time.”

    Lori is walking down the hallway and sees Carol going back into her room. Lori walks in and says “You okay Carol?” Carol says “There’s nothing left.” Lori says “Hey don’t talk like that!” Rick stumbles drunkenly into the control room, where Jenner is working on the group's blood samples. "How's the blood?" Rick asks, falling to the floor as he tries to prop himself up against a desk. "No surprises," Jenner shrugs. Rick makes a point of thanking Jenner again. He admits to Jenner that he never let on to the others what he really thought, but he knew they were running out of options before they got to the CDC. "We'd have died out there," Rick explains, his face awash with relief at their new surroundings. "It'll all be OK," Jenner replies softly.

    Lori sits with Carol. Jacqui walks in and asks what’s taking Lori so long. Jacqui walks over and sits next to Carol as well. Lori says “Carol, come with us, you don’t need to act like it’s the end of the world, and you still have all of us. We’re like a family now.” Carol looks up at both of them “Sophia is…..” she starts to cry again as Lori and Jacqui hold her. Carl and Duane peek in as this is happening. Lori says “Well you’re coming with us to that rec room and you are gonna forget all those things that happened out there.” Jacqui and Lori get her to her feet. Lori, Carol, and Jacqui come out and start heading towards the rec room as Amy and Andrea past them.

    Amy looks back at Carol and then looks at Andrea and says “Do you think Carol still blames Rick and Shane?” Andrea says “Well Rick left with half the group and Shane failed to save her daughter so I could see why she blames them, but it wasn’t their faults.” Amy says “That walker we had at the camp before they left could have been a hint that maybe they shouldn’t of left, Merle and T-Dog found their way back anyways.” Andrea says “I don’t know why those two do half the things they do.”

    Morales and his wife and kids sit in the rec room as Lori, Jacqui, Carol, Carl, and Duane come in. They all sit down as the Morales, Miranda, Carol, Lori, and Jacqui watch the kids play. Carol starts to smile.

    Merle and Daryl sit in their room. Merle sits drinking saying “Little brother, this is the best decision we’ve ever made.” Daryl says “What did I tell ya? You should be thanking me for saving your stupid ass from doing something stupid.” Merle says “I guess I have a lot of people to be thanking, T being one of them.” Daryl says “T went back for you.” Merle says “Yeah, I’m gonna go resupply.” Daryl laughs as Merle heads back out for some more wine. Shane walks past hitting Merle in the shoulder. Merle says “Watch it man.” Shane just stares at him, drunk and angry. Shane continues walking.

    Morales and his wife take their kids for bedtime. Jacqui also says she’ll walk Carol back to her room. Morgan comes in and, laughing from being drunk still, tells Duane “Boy go get yourself in bed.” Lori says “Morgan can you take Carl back to his room I’m gonna check out the book section.” Morgan nods and takes both Duane and Carl to bed. Shane looms in the doorway, whiskey in hand, watching her. He stumbles, drunk, and she whips around, startled. "I'm going to tell you a few things, and you're gonna listen," he says, closing the door. Lori tries to push past him. "How can you treat me like this? Lori I swear I thought Rick was dead in that hospital I put my head, to his chest and I did not feel a heartbeat, I don’t know if it was gun fire or helicopters or what, and I had y’all to think about.” He tells her he loves her, that he knew she never would have fled the chaos if she believed that Rick was alive, asserting that her and Carl's lives. Drunk and desperate, he tries to kiss her. He grabs for her, forcing himself on her until Lori scratches his face and throat. Horrified by his own behavior, Shane flees, and Lori sobs. Later, Rick stumbles into bed with Lori and sees that she's been crying, but he assumes wrong as to why. "We don't have to be afraid anymore," he assures her.

    The next morning, Rick shuffles into the cafeteria, as hung over as nearly everyone else in the group. T-Dog proudly dishes out powdered eggs for everyone saying “This’ll cure that right up”, and Glenn groans in agony with his head down saying “Remind me to never drink again.”. Lori hands Rick some aspirin, which she says came from Dr. Jenner. Shane enters the room and heads straight for the coffee, and Rick asks if Shane feels as bad as he does. "Worse," Shane answers, and T-Dog points out the scratches on his neck. Shane shrugs it off, claiming he must have scratched his neck in his sleep. "Never seen you do that before," Rick says. "Not like me at all," Shane agrees. He eyes Lori, who keeps her head down. When Jenner arrives in the kitchen, Dale starts asking questions. Andrea concurs, saying, "We didn't come here for the eggs." Jenner leads the group to the control center, where he asks Vi to display the brain scans from "Test Subject 19." The ultra-secret, though worthless, video shows someone who was infected and allowed the process to be recorded by the CDC, Jenner explains. Synapses are alight throughout the brain. "Experience, memories. Somewhere in all that organic wiring is you. The thing that makes you unique and human," Jenner explains. The display shows the virus attacking the brain - the "first event." The brain goes dark; the body dies. "Everything you were or ever will be…….gone," Jenner says.

    Duane asks “Is that what happened to Jim?” Morgan nods. Carol looks beaten down by watching the reanimation, thinking of Sophia, and Lori says “she lost someone two days ago, her daughter.” Jenner approaches Carol saying "I lost somebody, too. I know how devastating it is. Vi, fast forward to second event.” "It restarts the brain?" Lori asks. "Just the brain-stem," Jenner corrects. "The human part, the “you” part, that doesn't come back."

    A bullet flies through TS-19's head in the video playback. The others look horrified and ask what that was. Andrea says “Putting his patient down, you guys have no clue what this is do you?” Jenner says “It could be airborne or waterborne, but we don’t know, I’ve been in the dark for almost a month.” "There's nothing left anywhere. That's what you're really saying, right?" Andrea accuses him.

    Dale interrupts saying “Sorry to ask one more question Doctor, but that clock is counting down to something. What’s is counting down to?” Jenner says, "The basement generators, they run out of fuel." At zero, Vi explains, plant-wide decontamination will occur. Rick, Shane, T-Dog, and Glenn head to inspect the generators. Shane saying “I don’t like how Jenner clamped up back there.” While they're in the basement, the building's emergency lighting switches on, bathing the foursome in darkness. Upstairs, Lori and Carl are in their room when the building's air cuts off.

    In his office, Jenner stares at a photograph of a woman, asking her to understand that he did the best he could in the time that he had, and he says he hopes she'd be proud of him. Jenner says out loud to himself “We always think they’ll be more time” The lights in the big room start shutting down “Then it runs out.” With the lights now shutting themselves off inside the panicked survivors' rooms, they confront Jenner in the hallway, who explains that the building is shutting itself down. Rick, Shane, Glenn, and T-Dog return from the basement, and Jenner says the system is designed to keep the computers running until the last possible second.

    "It was the French," Jenner says. They stuck it out the longest before they too ran out of power, he says, but the building would decontaminate in thirty minutes, and it was too late to stop it without any fuel, he assures them. Jenner then says “the world runs on fossil fuels, how stupid is that?” Rick yells at the group to grab their things and run as the emergency alarms start blaring, but Jenner locks them inside the control center. There's no point in struggling, Jenner explains. Everything topside is automatically locked down. "When that door closes, it wouldn't open again you heard me say that," he points out as Rick tries to demand he open the door. Rick frantically asks “Jenner, what happens in 30 minutes?” Jenner starts yelling “DO YOU KNOW THAT THIS PLACE IS?! WEAPONIZED SMALL POXS! VIRUS STRAINS THAT COULD WIPE OUT HALF THE COUNTRY!” Jenner sits back down and says “To prevent strains of disease from getting out if the building's security was ever compromised, HIVs are deployed.” Rick asks what it does and VI explains as she does Jenner says “It sets the air on fire. No pain, an end to grieving, just like that. In the blink of an eye.”

    Jenner points out as he tries to convince Rick to accept his fate. "There's no hope. Last night you said you knew it was just a matter of time before everybody you loved was dead," Lori looks in horror at Rick after hearing what he said. Jenner argues. He calls the Outbreak humanity's "extinction event." Rick's family and friends look on fearfully. Daryl, Merle and Shane attempt to break through the door built to withstand a rocket launcher with axes and guns. Rick, T-Dog, and Dale throw Daryl, wielding an axe, off Jenner, then Rick talks down Shane as he points an automatic in Jenner's face.

    "If you kill him, we'll never get out of here," Rick reasons with his partner. Merle tries to get a hold of him as well but they throw Merle off as well.

    Rick demands to know why Jenner stayed if he didn't think there was any hope. "I made a promise," Jenner says, to his wife, Test Subject 19, to keep going as long as he could. She was one of the finest scientists in the world, he says, and if anyone could have done something about this, it was her. "Me?" he admits, "I'm just Edwin Jenner.” Rick and Lori tell Jenner they just want their chance to keep going as long as they can. Swayed, Jenner agrees to open the door, but maintains they still won't be able to get past the lockdown upstairs. The group rushes, panicked, to the open door.

    "I'm grateful," Rick says, but Jenner counters, "The day will come when you won't be." He shakes Rick's hand and pulls him close, whispering something into Rick's ear. "We've got four minutes left come on!" Glenn shouts, holding on to Carl. The group heads for the exit, but Jacqui stops. "I'm not ending up like Jim and Sophia," she tells T-Dog and the others, tearfully telling them to leave while they can. "I'm staying too," Carol says, sliding dejectedly to the floor. "Carol, no!" Lori responds, horrified. Rick looks back at Lori yelling “Lori!” Shane looks back as well as Glenn keeps dragging Carl towards the lobby where the rest of the group is almost to.

    "Carol, no!” Lori responds, horrified. She runs to her. "This isn't what Sophia would want for you!" Carol looks up at Lori and says “Sophia is dead and you guys have to go.” Rick runs back and says “Lori we got to go!” Lori looks at Carol and says “Carol, you may think your family is gone but it’s not, we’re here right now, we’re your family. Jacqui may have given up but I know you don’t believe that.” Rick says “Carol, come with us, you know you don’t want it to end like this, to be killed like this is not…..” Shane interrupts yelling “LORI! RICK! COME ON! Carol don’t end it like this Sophia wouldn’t want you to!” Carol yells “Sophia’s dead don’t you get it! I have nothing left to live for. You guys need to go!” Rick says “There’s always another reason, you just have to find it!” Carol looks over at the clock as it dwindles down. Lori says “Family never leaves each other behind.” Carol finally realizes she is wrong. Rick and Lori help her up. Merle, Daryl, and T-Dog are trying to get out as Shane, Lori, Rick, and Carol arrive at the top with the others. Shane tells everyone to step back as he fails to break the window by shooting it with the shotgun. Merle remembers he has a grenade in his vest. As Rick stands there hope running out.

    Merle says “Hey officer friendly, think this will work?” He hands Rick the grenade, Rick jokingly says “Merle, you're not as dumb as you look." Merle says back "Watch it now." Rick yells for everyone to get back as he pulls the pin on the grenade next the window. Rick runs back and the grenade explodes, successfully destroying the window. They all start getting out. Jenner is looking through a monitor with Jacqui. Jenner says surprised “They got out.” Him and Jacqui both smile at this and look at each other as the clock is almost to zero. Jenner and Jacqui hold hands as the countdown hits ten seconds.

    The survivors run to the cars, shooting at walkers as they go. They pile into their cars and are getting ready to drive away when, The CDC erupts in a fiery explosion, killing Jenner and Jacqui instantly, Shaken, Rick starts the engine, and the caravan drives away from the smoldering rubble, thick black smoke rising up behind them.


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