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After narrowly escaping from the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta, Rick Grimes and the rest of the group decide to leave the metropolis for good. Atlanta is firmly in the hands of the walkers, and they decide to give Shane's idea of finding refuge at the army base at Fort Benning a try. As the group prepares for their journey, Shane Walsh stares longingly at Rick's family. The group abandons some of the vehicles in their convoy, bringing just the RV, Carol Peletier's Cherokee, Morales’ Car, and Merle's motorcycle. The RV containing Dale, Glenn, Andrea, Amy, T-Dog, and Shane. Cherokee containing Rick and Lori in the front seats and Carol, Morgan, Carl, and Duane squeezed in the backseat. Daryl sitting on the back of the motorcycle with Merle driving. Morales and his family in their own car

With Carol, Morgan, Duane and Carl in the backseat of the Cherokee, the drive brings back fond memories for Lori and Rick of a trip to the Grand Canyon when Carl was a baby. They never made it, Lori explains, since Carl got sick and they turned around and drove home. "I never knew a baby could throw up so much," Rick laughs, while Carl and Duane ask to be taken to see the Grand Canyon. Dale Horvath drives the RV, while Glenn studies a road map. Andrea and Amy watch curiously as Shane takes apart his gun to clean it with ease. As he begins to show the sisters how to clean Andrea’s own gun, she explains that it was a gift from her father before she and Amy took off on their road trip, so that they could protect themselves. "Smart man," Shane says about their father, Amy says “Never thought we’d have to use it.” Andrea nods saying “that’s the understatement of the year.” as Dale curses from the front seat. The convoy has come upon a traffic snarl, with hundreds of derelict vehicles, abandoned or littered with corpses, impeding their route.

Daryl gets off Merle’s motorcycle and scouts ahead. Merle does as well but on his motorcycle, leading the convoy through spots already carved out by other survivors. Glenn nervously points out a highway overpass a few miles back, but Dale dismisses it. "We can't spare the fuel," he tells him. The group nervously drives through the wreckage, with no way to know what sort of dangers lurk within. The situation worsens when the RV's radiator hose breaks down again, forcing them to stop altogether - their cars trapped within the traffic jam.

"If you can't find a radiator hose here..." Shane points out, and the group surveys the potential supplies they could gather from the abandoned cars along the highway. "We could siphon more fuel from these cars, for a start," says T-Dog; "Maybe some water?" Carol asks. Lori is quick to point out that this traffic jam is a graveyard. "I don't know how I feel about this," she says slowly, as the group looks to one another for a sign. Silently, they agree the supplies are most important, and Shane announces, "Gather what you can, y'all." Dale enlists Glenn with fixing the radiator hose. "Sometimes the points get corroded," he says, handing him the proper screwdriver. "Radiator hose clamp is always a flat-head," he tells him. Rick takes watch with a rifle behind the RV, while Dale climbs to his post on the roof. Andrea looks half-interested into a few cars with Amy before she heads back inside the RV to try to put together Shane's gun. Amy keeps looking through cars. Morgan and Carl, Duane are also looking through cars. Morgan says “Man I think if we were squeezed in that car any longer I thought I was gonna to pop like toothpaste.” Carl and Duane laugh at this. Carl heads to where Lori, Carol, and Amy are searching cars and starts helping Amy look through an SUV.

Looking through cars further up, Carol holds some clean clothes up to her chest and smiles at a still-unnerved Lori, "Ed never let me wear nice things like this." T-Dog, Merle, Morales and Daryl work together to siphon fuel. Morgan joins in on Siphoning fuel. Shane finds a delivery van with several canisters of fresh water still inside, and an excited Glenn hollers joyfully. Daryl and Morales run over popping some of the water canisters as well. Merle, Morgan and T-Dog laugh at this then get back to siphoning fuel. Duane heads back to the RV to show Rick that he found an action figure of a police officer. Rick smiles at this but tells Duane just put it in the RV. Dale and Rick catch sight of a walker heading towards them through the traffic snarl at the same time. Rick raises his gun to shoot, but his focus shifts to a second walker coming up behind the first. By the time he has both square in his sights, there's a third but he quickly realizes there are a lot more than that. He runs forward, in a forced whisper telling Lori, Carl, Amy and Carol to get under the cars. Lori watches helplessly as Amy and Carl wait out the sudden danger by themselves. Miranda, Eliza, and Louis get under a car nearby.

Dale lies flat on the roof of the RV as a mass collection of walkers passes through the wreckage. Shane spots the horde and grabs Glenn, Daryl and gets Morales's and Morgan's attention telling them about the incoming horde, throwing them beneath a nearby truck. Merle and T-Dog head down and T-Dog sits behind a car door thinking about where to go. Merle gets under a car nearby.

Duane is in the RV with Andrea and asks her what she is doing. Andrea says “Cleaning her gun. Duane gasps and Andrea looks to see walkers all around the RV walking past. Andrea grabs her gun and Duane and they both squeeze into the bathroom a stray walker wanders through the open door of the RV. They sit silently, and he tries to follow her scent but comes up empty, turning back and heading for the road. But a piece of the gun falls to the tiled bathroom floor, the loud clanging noise alerting the walker to their location. Andrea and Duane both press their feet to the door in desperation, but the walker presses in violently. They scream, and Dale looks through the screened sunroof. She glares at him, this was exactly the sort of end she was hoping to avoid at the CDC, and he grabs a screwdriver from his pocket. He slices open the screen and throws the weapon down to her waiting hand.

The walker charges at them inside the bathroom, and Andrea leans forward, stabbing the walker repeatedly through the eye with the tool until it stops moving. She sobs, covered in the walker's blood, catching her breath. Duane hugs her and they both sit silently on the floor.

T-Dog cuts his arm on a broken car frame, an artery spilling huge amounts of blood and rendering him almost completely helpless. Walkers approach him and he runs behind a car, but more are coming for him. Underneath a car further up the road, Rick is calmly keeping Carl, Amy, Lori, and Carol in his sights as the herd passes. T-Dog is losing blood at an alarming rate, his entire shirt, white just minutes earlier, is now a deep shade of red. As walkers descend on him, Merle emerges from behind a car killing the walker and grabbing corpses from the abandoned cars and covering him and T-Dog, dousing their smell. The group is almost safe when a few stragglers find Amy and Carl hiding underneath the car. Amy orders Carl to go out the opposite way underneath the crash barrier and Amy and Carl go into the woods. 5 walkers notice them follow them down the hill into the woods. Rick gets out from under the car as Carol holds Lori back. Rick jumps over the barrier and heads into the woods as well.

Rick finds Amy and Carl before the dead do near a creek. Carl goes for Rick’s gun to kill the 5 walkers. Rick stops him. Amy says “I think you may need to kill them with the gun, we have no weapons!” Rick looks over and sees a creek bed.


Rick tells Amy and Carl to run keep running. They all past the creek and keep going as 2 of the walkers walk past the creek bed.

The Group on the highway get out from under the cars as they look over the barrier. Shane not seeing what happened asks Lori. Lori who is almost in tears says “Couple walkers saw Amy and Carl then they ran into the woods to get away from the walkers and Rick went in after them.” Carol holds Lori. Andrea runs up asking what happened as Morgan hugs Duane. Shane gets in front of Andrea saying “Andrea just look at me for a second.” Andrea says “Where’s Amy?!” T-Dog and Merle come up on the group. They all step back thinking T-Dog is bitten, T-Dog says “It’s alright, cut my arm on a car door.” Dale walks up saying “Jesus.” Miranda approaches with Morales and their 2 kids. Miranda and Dale sit T-Dog down and start trying to work on T-Dog’s wound trying to temporarily patch it up.

Rick, Amy, and Carl are running through the woods. They come across 2 walkers eating something. Rick picks up a rock and hands another to Amy. Amy asks “What are we doing?” Rick says “Amy we have maybe 5 walkers behind us and there is a path ahead of us but we gotta get past these walkers. That means we have to take care of them.” Rick looks back at Carl “Carl look out for the ones following behind us, tell us if they are coming.” Rick and Amy sneak towards the 2 eating something. Rick starts continuously smacking one of the walkers with a rock while Amy starts hitting the other. Carl keeps looking behind them for the other walkers.

Amy sits there having just killed her first walker ever. Rick asks “You alright?” Amy while shaking nods yes. Rick looks at what the walkers were eating, it was a dog. He looks away a little disgusted by the sight. Carl whispers “Dad, I see them.” Rick waves them to keep going. Carl asks “Why didn’t you just shoot them dad?” Rick says “Don’t want that herd hearing the sound and coming our way. That’s the last thing we need right now.” Rick walks ahead looking around. Amy walks up saying “I think we lost them.” Rick says “there smell is better than you think, just because they don’t see us doesn’t mean they don’t know where we are.” Rick points ahead saying “I see a building up there let’s head for it. Once the coast looks clear we make our way back to the highway.”

Back at the highway Shane and Daryl are getting ready to head out and look for Rick, Amy, and Carl as the 3 of them have not returned. Dale and Miranda are helping T-Dog with his cut outside the RV where the others are debating on what to do. Andrea walks back up to Shane and Daryl saying “That’s my sister out there I’m going with you.” Shane says “Andrea, stay here and help the others with moving the cars so we can continue to Fort Benning.” Daryl adds “You don’t see Lori heading out for her husband or kid do ya?” Andrea says “No! I’m going!” Merle approaches saying “If Daryl is going then I am too.” Shane says “I don’t know if so many people should go, we’re trying to be quiet out there.” Merle walks up closer saying “Well Shane, if it was your blood out there risking his ass you’d feel different about not letting us go.” Shane glares at Merle after making the family comment. Andrea nods saying “As hard as it is to say, yes, I agree with Merle.”


Shane says “Andrea, I know you want to go find your sister, but I can’t let you go out there halfcocked. Me, Daryl, and Merle will go and find them. I promise. Merle and Daryl are better trackers.” Andrea storms off into the RV. Dale goes into the RV asking “You okay?” Shane, Daryl and Merle prepare to leave. They head off into the woods.

Rick, Amy, and Carl are running towards the building they saw. They get to it. It is a church. Amy says “There’s no one here.” Rick says “Should be happy there aren’t any walkers. Still got those ones on our tail I bet. Let’s check out the inside.” The 3 of them head up to the door. Rick peeks in seeing people sitting in the church. Rick calls out “Hello?” Amy says “Shhh, why are you doing that?” Rick says “They are just sitting there, they may be alive.” Amy says “Highly doubt it.”

Back at the highway. Dale is talking to Andrea in the RV. Andrea says “I’m not alright Dale, my sister is out god knows where, and we almost got killed by that herd, or whatever you’d call it?” Dale says “Yeah herd sounds about right, Andrea don’t worry I’m sure they’ll find them. Just gotta hope.” Andrea says “Hope hasn’t exactly been on our side these days.” Dale says “Have I ever told you how my wife died?” Andrea looks at the table but says “Cancer right?” Dale nods saying “I dragged her to every doctor I could, but she just gave up, she accepted her faith, but I never could and after she……” Dale stops himself about to burst into tears himself “you girls are the first people I have truly cared about since then and, I just want you to know I won’t ever abandoned you girls, we’re all in this together. I’m sure Rick and Shane will bring back your sister.”

Outside the RV on the highway Lori sits impatiently with Carol. Morales, Morgan, and Glenn are moving cars. Lori says “We all should have went looking for them, who knows what’s happened to them.” Carol puts her arm around her shoulder saying “It’s alright, Shane will find them.” Glenn stands there saying “Jesus, I’d rather be searching for the others then this.” Duane stands over to the side holding the police action figure up her showed Rick a little bit ago and jokingly saying “Put your backs into maggots.” Louis and Eliza stand back laughing. Morgan laughs while he looks at him saying “You do realize that’s the army you’re talking about right? The police don’t say that.” Duane says “Well still, don’t stop.” Morales looks at Duane saying “Hey Sargent, think you can come here and help us?” Dale walks out of the RV to see Miranda has finished patching up T-Dog. Dale asks “How you feeling?” T-dog says “I’ve felt better.” T-Dog looks at Miranda and says “thank you.” Miranda nods and heads over to her children. Dale looks at Glenn saying “You finished with that hose?” Glenn says “Oh wait.” And he heads back to the front of the RV. Dale goes back to the top of the RV saying “Come on when they get back we need to get moving Glenn.”

Shane, Daryl, and Merle pass a creek bed. Daryl looks at the ground. Daryl says “Looks like the 3 of them went through this way, they had company.” The 3 head down a path as they follow Daryl. Shane looks at Merle saying “So you this good at tracking?” Merle says “We both learned from our dad before….” Merle stops talking. Shane looks confused as Merle walks ahead to Daryl. Merle says “What’s the chances we find all 3 of the alive and not bitten?” Daryl says “Shouldn’t just give up, plus Rick knows what he’s doing, if anything they could be back at the highway by now.” Merle says “Yeah well I don’t have that same feeling.” They hear movement off in the distance. Daryl shushes both of them and they walk forward to see a walker.

They sneak up on the walker and kill it. They turn it over. Daryl checks the teeth saying “This fella just had a lunch not too long ago. Gotta cut the sum bitch open and be sure.” Shane looks on worried as Daryl pulls out his knife as Merle looks on smugly saying “Mine’s bigger.” Daryl snickers while Shane looks away not knowing how to respond. Daryl cuts open the belly and pulls out the stomach out. He cuts open the stomach to see the walker has eaten a woodpecker. Shane sighs with relief. Merle says “Well at there’s a little chance they aren’t eaten already.” Shane says “Hey, have a little faith.” Shane and Daryl walk on ahead. Merle says “People coming back to life and eating other people, yet Officer Widow Fiddler wants me to have faith.” Shane faces becomes shocked and turns around. Daryl looks back saying “Merle…..” Shane gets in Merle’s face saying “What did you just say?” Merle says “You just don’t want to face facts, the kid is probably dead and you still wanna be giving it to his mother, hell I wouldn’t be surprised if you kill Officer Friendly on sight.” Shane punches Merle in the face and Merle punches him back, Shane hits Merle again and Merle falls to the ground. Shane loses it pointing his shotgun at Merle but Daryl pushes the gun into the air, Shane fires his shotgun accidently.

Rick, Amy, and Carl are about to go into the church but hear a gun shot. Rick looks into the door of the church and the people are actually walkers and have gotten up and start heading towards the church door. Rick, Amy, and Carl turn around and 3 of the 5 walkers that were chasing them are now approaching them.

On the highway they hear the gun shot. Glenn, Morgan, and Morales approach the RV looking up at Dale asking what happened. Dale looks into his binoculars at the herd that passed that is up the road a ways, he sees that they have heard the gun shot and are heading into the woods towards the sound. Dale whispers to himself silently “Oh no….” Lori starts freaking out after hearing just one gun shot, Carol tries to calm her down. Andrea heard the sound gun shot and looks over at the gun bag. She takes a pistol out and runs out of the RV and over the crash barrier. Dale and the others try to stop her but Andrea is too quick. Andrea goes into the woods thinking Amy is in trouble.


Rick orders Amy and Carl into the church. The 3 go in and close the door and Amy and Carl put stuff in front of the door. Rick breaks the leg of a table nearby and starts beating one of the walkers over the head with the leg of the table. After one walker is down. Rick goes to kill another but that walker falls on top of Rick, Rick’s gun falls out of the holster when he reaches it, Amy picks up the gun and aims it at the walker. Rick says “Don’t shoot it Amy! Don’t wanna make loud noises!” Amy picks up the table leg and smacks the walker in the head, the walker falls over dead. 2 more walkers are left in the church coming towards them. Rick breaks off another table leg and him and Amy start smacking the walkers in the head. After killing the walkers the 3 of them sit against furniture blocking the door as the 3 walkers trying to get through the church door are joined by the other 2 walkers.

Andrea having just ran into the forest Carol yells for someone to go after her. Morales looks at his wife, then picks up a crowbar off the hood of one of the cars and he jumps the barrier. Glenn looks up at Dale. Dale nods to him. T-dog tosses Glenn a machete that is leaning against the RV and Glenn jumps the barrier following Morales. Morgan and the others watch as they head into the woods chasing Andrea.

Morales and Glenn spot Andrea and are able to catch up to her. Morales says “Andrea! You need to let Shane and them handle this!” Andrea says “I should be out there looking for my sister, not whatever dream team they got going on.” Glenn adds “this is exactly why Shane didn’t want you going right here, we can’t let our emotions get the best of us, emotion gets you killed.” Andrea shrugs it off and keeps walking forward. Morales says “That group of walkers is coming back we gotta get back to the RV they are on a collision course for Shane, Rick and the others out here!” Andrea says “then we need to warn them.” Morales says “no, we need to go back to the highway. Rick and Shane can handle themselves!” Andrea starts to tear up. Andrea says “Amy is all I got left. The rest of our family is god knows where, and now Amy is nowhere to be found. I gotta find her, she’s what’s keeping me going. Rick and Shane wouldn’t waste a just one gunshot on one walker, something is wrong.” Andrea starts running again, Glenn and Morales follow her.

Dale sits on the top of the RV looking at the forest. Carol is sitting by the crash barrier with Lori trying to convince her going into the woods is suicide. Lori says “I gotta get Carl and Rick before those walkers get them.” Carol says “Calk down Lori, don’t you’ll get yourself killed.” Lori says “No! I don’t want Carl and Rick ending up like Ed and Sophia!” Carol is shocked by this. Lori realizes what she said and says “Oh my god! Carol I’m sorry.” Carol just walks away saying nothing. Morgan realizes he can’t move the cars. T-Dog sits nearby. Dale gets down off the RV and sits beside T-Dog. Dale says “We should check some of these vehicles, you in?” T-Dog says “Why not.” Dale and T-Dog are trying to salvage what they can to survive when Dale asks “T, How are you doing?” looking at the cut that is covered with a gauze bandage and some gaffer tape.

T-Dog dodges the question, and Dale keeps pressing him. Lifting T-Dog's makeshift bandage, Dale notices that he's developing a blood infection. Lightheaded, T-Dog laughs saying. "Wouldn't that be the way? World's gone to hell. Dead people risen up to eat the living, and ol' Theodore Douglas gets done in by a cut on his arm?" Dale looks over at Merle’s bike and spots a bag sticking out of the saddle bag, he opens it up and sees medication in a bag. Most likely Merle’s secret drug stash, not so secret when it’s sticking out of the bag. Dale thinks to himself that T-dog needs that medicine until they get him proper care, but does he really wanna piss Merle off?

In the woods, Merle is laying on the ground saying “Nice going dumbass.” Shane is still angry with Merle. Shane and Daryl start hearing the moans of walkers getting louder. Daryl says “That huge group of walkers are coming back this way!” Merle gets up and the 3 of them look at the herd coming through the woods towards them. Daryl says “What are we doing now?” Merle says “We need to get back to the highway and cut our losses.” Daryl says “We shouldn’t give up, I see a building through the tree line. They may be there. Why not hide in the bushes?” Merle says “And how will that work? I’m sure they’d still be able to smell us.”


Dale takes the bag of drugs from Merle’s bag. Dale says “T come here.” Dale gives him some of the stuff in the bag.” T-dog goes and sits down. Morgan is checking a car. He finds cigarettes and lighter in the glove box. He thinks back to when he use to smoke like a monster and his wife Jenny would always tell him to go outside and smoke them and not in front of her and Duane. He becomes sad while looking at the cigarettes. Duane looks in and before Duane can see the pack Morgan puts them in his shirt pocket. Duane says “What did you find?” Morgan wiping tears from his eyes says “Nothing.” Morgan looks in the backseat and sees a baby car seat with blood all over it, Morgan becomes unnerved and pushes Duane out and closes the door and walks away from the car. Duane says “What’s wrong?” Morgan says “Don’t go near that car again.”

Shane says “Daryl we head for that building, if Carl, Amy, and Rick are there we can at least be together.” Merle says “This day keeps getting better and better.” The 3 of them head for the church as night starts to fall.

Glenn, Morales, and Andrea come across a walker, with its belly ripped open and the stomach opened as well.” Andrea and Morales hold their noses. Glenn jokingly says “Yeah when you’ve been covered to toe with the stuff you…..okay never mind it still gets to ya.” Glenn holds his nose. They see Shane, Daryl, and Merle in the distance running for a church. They call out, Shane and the others turn around. Shane walks back cursing at himself. Shane says “Andrea I thought I told you stay at the camp!?” Andrea approaches angry and scared for her sister asking what that gun shot was all about. Shane, Daryl and Merle brush off the question. Rick and Amy hear they chatter and look out a window and see Shane and the others. They start pounding on the window. Shane sees them. Andrea sees Amy and starts running around to the front of the church. Andrea stops and becomes scared when the 5 walkers stop pounding the door and go after her. She runs back to Shane and the others. Rick and Amy quickly move the furniture and go outside and start killing the walkers.

Shane and the others join in and they kill the 5 walkers. Andrea hugs Amy saying “I was so worried!” Amy tearing up from happiness says “Touché.” They all get reacquainted and Rick says “What the hell was that gun shot for?!” Shane says “It was Merle’s fault.” Merle says “Hey you were the one trying to kill me.” Glenn looks back saying “Guys!” The herd is almost out of the forest and heading for them and the church. Rick ushers everyone inside and they block the door with furniture. They hear the herd going against the church trying to get in, but most stop. They look out the windows as it is almost pitch black now. Shane says “I can’t see anything.” Daryl says “Don’t need to have eyes to hear those sum bitches, looks like we gotta wait them out, wait for them to wander off.” Rick says “They’ll keep coming if they can see the lights, we gotta board up these windows or get something to cover them.” Glenn opens a door to find a closet full of blankets and other things. Glenn says “Why does a church have so many blankets? Let’s put these on the windows.” They take the blankets and sheets and put them on the windows and turn off most of the lights.

Back at the highway it is dark and Dale is sitting at the top of the RV. Morgan climbs to the top of the RV and sits by Dale. Morgan takes out the pack of cigarettes. Morgan says “Want one?” Dale says “Haven’t smoked in 30 years.” Morgan says “Never a bad time to start.” Laughing to himself. Dale says “Ah what the hell.” Morgan hands him one. They both are sitting smoking. Morgan says “What do you think they are all doing out there, in the woods?” Dale says “Breathing. Hopefully.” Morgan laughs but stops when he realizes Dale isn’t joking. Lori starts climbing the ladder. Dale panics and throws his cigarette.

Lori walks to the 2 of them. Lori asks “Seen any movement?” Dale says “Nope. Haven’t heard any more gunshots, I don’t know whether to be glad or concerned.” Lori says “Don’t worry I’m concerned as well. Think I’m concerned about Carol too.” Dale says “She knows you didn’t mean what you said she probably understands what you’re going through. How’s T-dog doing?” Lori says “Good since you gave him those Meds, still need to find someone who can fix his arm up.” Dale agrees. Morgan asks “Is Duane asleep?” Lori nods. Morgan says “Good, I promise him and his mom I’d quit, but with everything going on I just can’t…..” Lori says “Let’s not get back on those altogether hmmm? Don’t want you running off to look for more.” Morgan says “No promises.” They both Laugh as Dale looks on in concern for the others.

Back at the church, Carl stares ahead and Rick sits next to him. Rick asks “You alright Carl?” Carl looks at Rick and says “Shane came to save us.” Rick puts his arm around Carl and says “Yes……he did, he has a habit of doing that.” Shane is all the way up near the altar sitting there. Thinking that if Merle knows about him and Lori it’s only a matter of time before Rick finds out. He starts considering that he may need to leave the group, as there is nothing for him in the group anymore since Rick is back. They all head to sleep for the night.

They all awaken to the sound of church bells. Shane is confused as there is no steeple on the church. Rick looks out a window and sees that the herd is still wandering around the church and hears the sound and start coming towards it. Daryl yells “Why the hell didn’t they wander off?!” Merle says “Hell, All of us cooped up in this little church? They can probably still smell us. Just keep going in circles looking for their prey, that’s why we didn’t hide in the bushes like you suggested little brother.” Glenn looks out another window and looks up to see a speaker. Glenn says “There is a speaker out there probably on a set timer. The power box is right underneath it” Glenn backs up as Walkers start pounding their hands on the window. Andrea says “And who’s the dumbass that is gonna go out there and try and turn it off with a monsoon of walkers right on their ass?” Rick looks over at the walkers that they killed yesterday, they have yet to take them outside. Rick gets an idea.


Back right after leaving the police station with Morgan and Duane right behind him, Rick stops his car near where he first saw the legless walker in the park close to his house. He gets out of the car. Morgan tells Duane to stay in the car and he gets out. Morgan says “Rick, what are you doing?” Rick says “Something I gotta do, stay with Duane I’ll be right back.” Morgan gets back in the car telling Duane “It’s alright, we’ll be in Atlanta in no time.”

Rick keeps following the dragging marks through a park. He keeps going, he finally gets to the walker. The walker can barely stick its arm out at him as he kneels down beside it. Rick says “I’m sorry this happened to you.” He puts the revolver to her head and pulls the trigger, putting her out of her misery. He walks back towards the cars in silence.

Back to present day an overweight man is walking through the woods hunting a buck he’s been tracking for about 3 hours. His name is Otis. He is going towards the graveyard he sees all the time when out hunting. Not expecting to see much but hopefully get a good shot if the buck goes there. He sees the buck about to go through some bushes, he shoots, he goes through the bushes and sees that he successfully shot the buck but he looks up and sees a herd of walkers is attacking the church. He is glad the church bell is on or all those walkers would be after him. He aims his gun at the church and looks through the scope but can’t see into the church as the windows are covered. He figures out pretty quickly that there are people trapped inside.

Back at the highway Dale sits on top of the RV, no one has come back, not even Glenn, Morales, or Andrea. Dale climbs down and sits down next to T-Dog. Morgan continues to search cars. Carol and Lori are also looking in cars, along with Duane.

T-dog is starting to become delirious and starts talking about the group thinking that they all up on the highway are considered weak links. T-Dog says “The 8 of us let’s just take the RV and go.” Dale gets up and feels T-Dog’s head. Dale says “Dear god you’re burning up.” Dale insists that T-dog take more antibiotics as T-Dog’s infection is getting worse. Dale looks out towards the woods saying “Where are you guys?”

In the Church Shane says “I’ll do it.” Rick walks up saying “Brother, you sure about this?” Shane says “Yes.” Rick walks over and cuts open a walker. They all look in disgust as Rick starts smearing guts on Shane’s shirt. Shane says “You owe me a new shirt after this just letting you know.” Rick laughs. Shane holds in the urge to want to puke and they open the church door. Shane runs out and down the steps. He smacks a walker in the head with the butt of his shotgun. He goes around the corner seeing a man standing there aiming his rifle at the church. Shane smashes the power box which stops the church bell. Walkers start to take notice of Shane.


Shane decides to get the guys attention yelling “Hey you!” Otis sees him, walkers start to approach both of them. Shane starts shooting walkers. Otis does as well.

Dale on the road can hear gunshots in the distance saying “Well I think they’re still alive.” Lori says “We should be out trying to find them.” Dale says “There is a big group of walkers in the woods, I don’t think that’s a good idea.” Carol says “What if something’s happened? We can’t just leave them out there to die.” Dale says “It’s not safe in there.” Lori says “That’s exactly my point. We need to get them and bring them back here.” Morgan says “So you wanna do what Andrea did, go on then. You need to have faith in your husband Lori, trust me, he’s the kind of person that doesn’t die, no matter what you throw at him.” T-dog says “Hell, waking up in that hospital and still finding his way back to you and Carl, nothing has killed him yet, somebody upstairs must be looking out for him or something.”

Rick comes out with Merle, Daryl, Glenn, Andrea and Morales and they start killing walkers as well. The herd is pretty big so Rick waves Amy and Carl out of the church and the group heads into the woods with Otis. Rick says “We gotta get back to the highway, the others are still up there.” Otis says “There is a farm not too far away from here that I live at we can go there, there aren’t any walkers and Hershel is good people.” Shane says “this farm sounds too good to be true.”

Rick says “Maybe a couple people should go to this farm with him while some of us head back to get the others.” Shane says “You and Carl need to get back to Lori she is worried sick about you, you need to think about your family Rick.” Rick says “I need to find a safe place for my family.” Shane says “Like I said Fort Benning is the best option.” Rick says “We should go to this farm and at least see what it’s like before we make a final decision.” Otis tells them he’ll give those going back to the highway the address to his farm.


Shane says “If we’re doing this we’re getting everybody else first, no splitting up again.” Rick nods. Otis gives them the address and he starts heading back to the farm and Rick’s head back towards the highway. Carl walks up and tries to talk to Shane but Shane keeps walking ahead ignoring him, Carl walks up to Rick and Rick asks “You alright?” Carl says “I think Shane is mad at me.” Rick looks at Shane who is a little ahead of the group. Rick looks back at Carl and says “He’s probably just a little shaken from that situation we were in back there he probably just wants some rest.” Carl says “I guess, that was pretty scary.” Rick says “Yeah, you did good.”

They arrive back at the highway. Eliza and Louis run down the hill and hug Morales. Miranda comes down as well and hugs him. Miranda says “Don’t you do that again.” Morales smiles and they kiss. Morgan and Duane smile as Rick comes up the hill with Carl and the others. Dale is sitting on top of the RV saying “It’s about time.” Lori comes out of the RV as Rick and Carl come past the crash barrier. Lori runs into Rick’s arms and the 3 of them hug. Shane walks past trying to ignore them.

Rick says “If it wasn’t for Shane we might not have made it, he helped us get past the herd.” Lori yells “Shane.” Shane turns and looks at her and Rick and says “Let’s get these cars moved people” and he walks to cars ignoring Lori and Rick trying to give him gratitude. Rick says “There’s this farm we are gonna head there and check it out.” Rick explains to the others that were left on the highway they met a guy that helped them and he told them about a farm off the next highway exit.

Lori says “Rick, you know I am with you but, do you think this a good idea? What about Fort Benning?” Rick says “If this farm doesn’t work out then we head for Fort Benning, just don’t wanna leave no stone unturned. If the farm is safe, we can rest up and get our strength back and then head for Fort Benning.” Everybody pitches in as they move Cars to make room on the highway.

At the Farm, Otis is talking to Hershel and his two daughters, Maggie and Beth. Otis’s wife Patricia is standing beside Otis. Otis says “They seemed like good people, they had women and children with them Hershel they looked in bad shape.” Hershel says “Otis, I know your judgment is usually good but we don’t know anything about these people and I don’t need people around here that may threaten the sick in the barn.” Otis says “I got 2 more in the barn this morning. The barn should be secured and I doubt they are gonna go near it.” Hershel just shakes his head and says “If I don’t like the look of them when they get here they are gone.” Otis sighs and goes out onto the front porch. A young man comes out of the house, his name is Jimmy, and he looks at Otis and says “While you were gone we spotted 2 more in the creek in the woods next to the barn you in?” Otis nods and they both get their equipment and head into the woods.

Back at the highway the cars are all almost moved enough to get the RV and other vehicles through. Shane is working on a car nearby. Lori walks up and says “What are you doing?” Shane says “What do you think?” Lori says “How do you think Rick will feel?” Shane says “Rick won’t know what happened, I’ll be long gone before he realizes it, but you think I want this? It’ not gonna work Lori, I got so angry at Merle in the woods I almost….” He stops himself and goes back to working on the Car. Lori says “Shane you are more welcomed in the group then you like to believe.” Lori says “At least think about it.” Lori walks away and Shane looks at the ground.


Shane stands there thinking “I’m leaving the first chance I get.” They continue moving the rest of the cars on the highway while Shane works on his car he plans to leave the group in. Rick stands there after pushing a car. Lori stands next to Carl watching them push the cars. Rick glances over and sees Shane working on the car. Rick starts wondering what he’s doing. Rick goes to ask Shane what he’s doing but Morgan calls for his help with a truck. Shane finally gets the engine fixed. They get the last of the cars moved and everyone starts packing into the RV and the cars. Rick walks up to Shane and says “Got yourself a car.” Shane says “Yeah the RV is a little too crowded” Shane refuses to give Rick a sign that he is not going to the farm with him.

They all get into the vehicles. Shane let’s all the other cars go past before he starts driving. All the cars go to the exit that’ll take them down towards Hershel’s farm. Shane continues driving down the highway towards Fort Benning. Rick and the rest of the group arrive at the farm. Hershel walks outside along with his family and Otis, Patricia, and Jimmy.

Rick gets out and looks at the rest of the group. He notices Shane’s car isn’t there. He ignores it for a second and walks up to Hershel. He shakes his hand. Rick says “The name is Rick Grimes, you must be Hershel, your man Otis told us about you.” Hershel looks at the rest of the group and sees T-dog with a bandage on and asks “He bit?” T-dog says “No, cut my arm on a car door. It’s not doing too well.” He starts losing his footing but Dale and Carol help him stay up. Rick says “We’re in a bad way.” Patricia walks down and says “I can help you with that.” Patricia takes T-dog inside. Hershel asks Maggie to help Patricia. Otis asks “Where’s the other cop at?” Rick says “He should be…” He looks back and sees Shane’s car is still not there. Rick says “Where did Shane go?” Lori looks at the ground and Rick notices and walks up and asks “Where’s Shane at?” Lori says “Please Rick don’t be mad but……Shane left…” the group is shocked but Rick still can’t process it.

In the house Patricia and Maggie are stitching up T-Dog’s arm. Patricia says “Good thing you found us you wouldn’t have lasted too long with this infection.” She picks up the bottle of medicine. “Merle Dixon, this your friend that gave you these pills?” T-dog while in pain says “I wouldn’t call him a friend, more an acquaintance.” Patricia says “Well Merle Dixon’s pills just saved your life.” T-dog while still in pain says “I’m really trying not to think about him right now.”

Merle takes his bag of drugs out while standing with Daryl and sees that some of his stuff seems to be missing. Merle asks “Daryl did you take anything out of this?” Daryl says “Nah man keep track of your stuff.” Dale is standing nearby and wonders if he should tell Merle he took some medicine for T-dog. Merle yells “Did anyone touch my stuff or what?” Rick is standing there shocked. The group is split between looking at Rick and Merle. Rick is bent over with his hands on his knees still not able to accept that Shane left while Merle is trying to interrogate everyone over who took his drugs. Rick says “I gotta go get him…” Lori says “Rick! No! It’s too late he’s long gone by now.” Rick says “Why would he just leave like that?” Was it me not wanting to go to Fort Benning just yet?” Lori says “Rick, just don’t go after him he made his decision. It was his own fault if anything don’t blame yourself. We are safe here now.” Morgan says “Yeah, but for how long….”


In the early days of the Wildfire outbreak Shane is at the hospital going to get Rick. He comes back out of Rick’s room trying to ask a nurse for help but she ignores him and keeps running. He goes down to the end of the hallway. He looks and sees Army is evacuating people. He looks down the corridor and sees Army is also shooting people who they think are infected. As they do this walkers come through the door behind them. Biting in one of the soldier who accidentally fires his gun killing 2 of the other soldiers. The army men fall to the floor being devoured as Shane looks in horror and runs back into Rick’s room looking at the life support system in a panic suddenly he hears footsteps and crouches down as a military man in containment suit looks in and only sees rick who is in a coma. He leaves and Shane gets back up and continues to look at the system. He then looks at Rick and goes “Rick if you’re gonna wake up you need to right now.”

The building shakes and the power goes out and the monitor goes off. Rick does not respond still in his coma state. Shane puts his head to Rick’s chest and doesn’t hear a heartbeat. Rick is still alive but Shane does not hear the heartbeat because of people screaming, soldiers shooting, and helicopters flying past. Shane almost in tears goes out the door and closes it and puts a hospital gurney in front of the door and leaves the hospital.

In present day driving down the road towards Fort Benning, Shane keeps replaying that day he left Rick in the hospital, and all he can think about is Lori and Carl, they are always on his mind. He starts regretting leaving them with Rick.

Back at the Farm, Merle is still asking if anyone touched his stash. Dale steps forward saying “I did Merle.” Merle laughs saying “Nice try Dale, taking the blame for someone else is noble on all but…” Dale says “I did, T-dog was gonna possibly die and I saw the bag, so I took someone, and guess what? T-dog lived long enough for us to get him here.” Merle’s face fills with Rage. Merle starts walking towards Dale but Andrea and Morales get in his way. Andrea says “You sure you want to try this?” Merle laughs saying “Sugar tits, if there’s something I’m sure of, it is this.” Daryl says “Merle, drop it, T-dog was on the verge of dying didn’t you see him? Pretty sure you can let this one go for a noble cause” Merle has his hand on his knife but stops himself. Merle smirks saying “Noble cause….my brother calls it a noble cause, didn’t even know you knew that word or what it meant little brother.” He goes back to his bike, angry still.

Back to Shane who pulls up to another traffic jam, he can see smoke in the distance. He gets out of the car. He starts walking through the traffic jam. He surprisingly sees no walkers. He keeps going. Coming across a sign that says “Fort Benning”, this would be a good sign of hope for Shane but the half of the sign that shows how many miles away it is has been blown off. He decides to continue anyways as he doesn’t have any desire to go back to Rick’s group. His only desire was lost long ago when Rick got out of that van.

Back at the farm Rick says “I have to go back for him Lori he can’t stay on his own.” Lori says “No, you need to stay here with the group. With your family. Shane has made his decision!” Rick says “I can’t! He can’t be out there alone! No one can!”

Hershel says he is willing to let them stay on his land, for a few days. Hershel walks back into the house along with Beth and Jimmy. Rick walks up to Otis saying “What the hell?” Otis says “I don’t know what’s gotten over him. Just give him some time, this is a little new to him.” Rick starts walking back to a car to go up to the highway. Morgan says “I’m going with you Rick.” Rick says “I should do this alone Morgan, stay and take care of your son.” Morgan says “This place looks safe. He’ll be safe here I’m sure the others.” Amy walks by saying “We’ll keep an eye on him Morgan.” Andrea asks if she can come but Rick says “Two people is enough Andrea, stay and help set up the camp out here by the house.” The group starts setting up their camp tents outside underneath some nearby trees as Rick and Morgan get ready to head out and look for Shane on the highway. Dale gets the RV in place. The group starts making a makeshift fire as night starts to fall.

Before Rick leaves with Morgan Lori approaches him. Lori says “If he’s not on the highway, get your ass back here.” Rick nods his head and kisses her. Dale walks up and gives Rick’s his binoculars Dale says “You lose these there is gonna be hell to pay.” Rick laughs and pats Dale on the back thanking him. Rick and Morgan head towards the highway.

They get up to the highway going back to the traffic jam they were at. They get out of the car. Rick walks up to where Shane’s car was. Morgan says “Long gone, just like Lori said. Maybe she knows something none of us do?” Rick says “Yeah” They hear cars approaching. Morgan says “Get under a car Rick!” Morgan gets under a car. Rick looks at the cars approaching. Rick pulls out Dale’s Binoculars. They seem to be a big group. One of the cars has “Maryland” on the front license plate.


Rick gets under the car with Morgan. The cars pull up but have to stop as Rick’s car is in the way. The man in the front car yells “Randall! Dave! Tony! Move that car!” The 3 get out of their cars and head over to Rick’s car. Randall looks in and sees the keys are in the ignition. Rick checks his pockets and forgets he left the keys in the car. Randall says “Hey this car feels warm, I think someone was using it not too long ago.” The man from the front car whose name is Nate gets out and says “Spread out, look for whoever was using it.”

The men spread out. Morgan whispers to Rick “They got some serious fire power.” Rick says “Just stay quiet we should be good.” Randall gets in Rick’s car and moves it out of the way. They search a little longer then Dave says “Whoever was driving the car is probably long gone now. So we heading for Florida?” Nate says “Well after that Grunt said Fort Benning is burnt to the ground looks like Florida is the best option now.” Rick and Morgan are shocked by this news about Fort Benning. The group gets back in their cars and continues down the highway. Rick and Morgan get out from under the car. Morgan says “Fort Benning is gone?” Rick says “God damn it Shane.”

Shane is continuing down the highway on foot as the traffic jam goes on for miles. He finally comes to a highway exit that says Fort Benning. He still sees smoke in the distance. He goes down the highway exit. It is pretty dark at this point and Shane needs to find shelter soon. He continues down the road. He comes past some trees and sees that Fort Benning is burning and in flames. Shane walks up and drops to his knees. His last beacon of hope is now gone. He starts to tear u a little bit. He now can’t stop thinking about Carl and Lori.

Back at the farm, most of the group is sitting around the fire except Lori who is looking at the road for Rick and Morgan to come back. She sees a car approaching. Rick and Morgan pull up and get out. Lori walks up and hugs Rick. Morgan walks past and goes to camp fire asking “Where’s Duane?” Amy says “He’s sleeping in that tent over there.”

Morgan walks into the tent and sits down next to Duane quietly se he doesn’t wake him. Morgan whispers “Fort Benning is gone……I thought it’d be a safe place for you Duane, but it’s like everywhere else, I know we can find someplace, I just don’t know where.” He starts to tear up “I just want you to be safe Duane, I guess that’s too much to ask of God in these times but, Jesus please let me keep him safe. Let there be someplace.” Duane doesn’t budge so Morgan just figures he’s asleep. Morgan gets up and heads out the tent. It turns out Duane is still awake he now sitting there quietly crying after hearing what Morgan said.

Merle sits outside the camp working on his motorcycle. Daryl walks up asking “Merle what are you doing sitting out here?” Merle says “What do you think?” Daryl says “You can’t be mad at Dale forever, yeah he took you drugs but T-dog needed them or he would have died. Don’t forget T-dog went back for your ass on that roof.” Merle says “It’s not that, it’s the fact that you are always defending them. You got a hard on for these people little brother?” Daryl says “They’re good people. Better than those fuckers that shot at us at that tank in Atlanta.” Merle says “People like that are who inherited this world. People like this group of misfits right here don’t last that long. You’re gonna find that out sooner or later Daryl, and when you do I either won’t be here or worse.” Daryl walks off away from Merle and the camp. Merle says “Where are you going?” Daryl says “Walking towards my problems and not away from them.” Merle frowns as he continues working on his bike.

Rick has just told the group what the men on the highway said about Fort Benning. Rick says “I guess we have no choice, unless I can get Hershel to see us being here is a benefit to him and not a liability we could stay.” Morales says “what about Fort Benning?” Rick says “We’re not even sure if Fort Benning is standing still, and Shane left so that’s probably where he is going, if he comes back I will assume Fort Benning is gone, this place seems like a very good location to set up for now, no walkers around.” “T-dog says “Yeah, we can see a walker coming from miles away out here.” Andrea says “You’re gonna believe what those people that you hid from on the highway said? How do you know they were telling the truth?” Rick says “I don’t know what to think, but if there is talk of this place being burnt to the ground then we shouldn’t just jump to wanna go there now. Maybe sooner or later me and a couple others can go scout it out to see if it’s legit, for now we’ll stay here.” Rick says “I’ll get Hershel to change his mind, no matter what it takes. He’s got to. We need a place like this.” Glenn asks “Are you gonna talk to him tonight or tomorrow?”


Rick says “Let’s go talk to him now.” Glenn and Morgan go with him and they approach Hershel’s house. Rick walks up and knocks on the door. Maggie answers the door. Rick asks if he can talk to Hershel. Maggie lets the 3 of them in. Maggie and Glenn lock eyes but Glenn quickly looks away. Hershel is sitting eating “How’s your man doing since Patricia patched him up?” Rick says “He’s doing well thank you for the hospitality.” Hershel says “You’re welcome, we need to help each other in these times. So I’m guessing you didn’t find your man on the highway?” Rick says “I wanted to talk to you about what you said earlier. About us having to leave in a few days.” Hershel says “I assume you’d want to head for Fort Benning, or find your own farm, we are filled up as is.” Rick says “We can stay outside and not be in your hair.”

Hershel says “You can’t, I’m sorry Rick.” Morgan pleads saying “Please Hershel, this is the first safe place we’ve been since all this started, my son can’t keep traveling like this.” Rick says “We’ve heard that Fort Benning might not be there anymore, there’s nowhere for us to go. Those things are all over the place.” Hershel says “You mean the sick?” Morgan says “Brother, those things are sick…..they’re dead”

Glenn walks out on the porch and sits down. He starts praying. “Hey” Maggie says to him. Glenn jumps saying “Geez, you know you shouldn’t sneak up on someone like that.” Maggie says “Sorry didn’t mean to interrupt, you pray a lot?” Glenn says “Actually this is my first time.” Maggie says “Well better to start somewhere. What you praying for?” Glenn says “For my friends’ safety, and praying your dad lets us stay here, it is not safe beyond those fences.” Maggie says “You believe in god?” Glenn says “Never had a reason not to but….” Maggie says “Yeah sometimes it can be hard to believe in god these days, considering a lot of prayers went unanswered.”

Maggie stands up and says "Feel free to believe in God, but you gotta make it okay somehow, no matter what happens." She walks back into the house leaving him alone. Hershel a little offended by what Morgan said glares at him. Rick says “Morgan, maybe it’d be best if Hershel and I talk one on one?” Morgan a little frustrated walks past Maggie and goes outside. Glenn asks “So?” Morgan says “Hershel doesn’t want us here. Pretty much sending my boy out there to die.” He starts to tear up as he walks down towards the fire.

Rick starts telling Hershel what happened to him. Waking up in the hospital and such. Outside Carol is sitting by the fire by herself. Lori sits beside her. Lori asks “Carol how are you holding up.” Carol says “I think this is the first I’ve felt safe since the Rock Quarry.” Lori says “You can say that again……but I’m being serious Carol, how are YOU doing?” Carol says “I had a dream about her last night. Every morning i wake and I almost call for her then I remember…..” Lori holds Carol. Daryl comes back from hunting and sits down. T-dog asks “Didn’t catch anything?” Daryl just glares as T-Dog and then looks back at the fire.

Dale sits on top of the RV with Amy and Andrea. Amy says “this place is so beautiful, even at night.” Andrea agrees. Dale says “This place looks like it could be a real home for us.” Amy says “I need to get better at shooting.” Andrea says “I wouldn’t get comfortable, word is Hershel is not happy with the idea of us staying here.” Amy says “How can he just turn away people like that? He’d pretty much be sending us out there to our deaths.” Dale says “Hershel’s been cooped up on this farm since all this started, I’m betting my last bit of hair that he doesn’t know what it’s like out there. Need to find some way to convince him.” Andrea says “He seems pretty stubborn, I don’t think there is any way of getting through to him.” Dale says “Some of the most stubborn men in history have done great things, after having listened to others.” Amy says “Sounds like bullshit to me Dale.” Andrea laughs and Dale shakes his head smiling as well.

Up on the highway Shane is walking back still not 100% sure if he wants to walk onto that farm. Shane keeps walking back through the traffic jam. Shane sees lights ahead. He can see his car but a huge group of survivors seem to be moving cars to get through the traffic jam. Shane ducks down and starts sneaking closer. Randall says “Shit, why are we moving these cars? There was an exit not too far back we could go through there.” Nate says “You know what? Randall, Dave, Tony, Sean, you guys are with me we’ll check out this highway exit. Rest of you keep getting these cars moved.” The 5 of them get ready to head towards the highway exit.

Shane realizes they could get to the farm where Rick and the group are at. He starts walking further. He sees the group has a lot of men. There are women and children with them as well. A girl comes around a car and Shane hides underneath a nearby car. Nate looks over at the girl walking off and says “Ryan, control your daughter, being a newbie doesn’t mean you get to act dumb out here.” Randall says “Is that how they watch their kid’s down in Jacksonville?” Nate and the others laugh at Randall’s joke. Ryan goes over to the car “Lizzie. Don’t wander off like that.” He says grabbing her. Lizzie says “I thought I saw something.” Another girl appears saying “You didn’t see anything, stop being a liar.” Lizzie says “I’m not lying!” Ryan walks off back to the group with the two girls. Shane waits a few moments and comes out and continues looking at the group. If they have women and children maybe they are friendly? Shane wonders if maybe a new group like this could be a new start for him, or if he should go back to the farm, or just go it solo.


After telling Hershel his story about how he found his wife and son Rick gets up and walks outside without saying another word. Maggie walks into the diner room where they were talking. Maggie says “So?” Hershel just shrugs and says “I’m going to bed…..” He goes upstairs as Maggie goes to the door and watches as Rick and Glenn walk back to their group.

The group stares at Rick and Glenn as they return. Rick says “It’s not set in stone…..but we need to do our hardest to prove to them that we could stay here, at least until we know the fate of Fort Benning.” Morales says “Fort Benning is still the best option we have.” Daryl says “Not if it’s burnt to the ground.”

Morales says “How do we even know what those guys said was true? We can’t just give up on the word of some strangers we don’t even know.” T-Dog says “I say we stay here, this place is safe, nice open area, no way walkers could pin us down, this place is a like a dream.” Rick looks to Glenn and asks “What do you think Glenn?” Glenn is a little shocked that Rick has asked for his opinion, Glenn says “I think this farm is our best option.” T-Dog nods his head.

Andrea, Amy, and Dale approach the fire. Andrea says “Now what are you idiots arguing about?” Rick says “Hershel is still a wild card at the moment, I don’t know if we’ll be able to stay, Fort Benning just seems like a pipe dream to me but if people wanna go there still we can check it out. Not all of us, the rest can stay here where it’s safe.” Carol says “Honestly the farm is a better option we’re already here.” Rick looks at Lori. Lori says “Whatever you think is best Rick.” Rick says “If tomorrow Hershel decides we have to leave soon then 3 or 4 of can go and check out Fort Benning to see if it’s safe first then if it is then we come back for the others.” Dale says “We gotta convince Hershel it is too dangerous for us to go out there.” Morgan says “That is a lost cause, he thinks the walkers are just sick people. He doesn’t see them as that big of a threat.”

Merle approaches the campfire saying “We could always get Hershel to let us stay here through……..other means.” Rick says “Don’t even think about it Merle.” Morgan says “Sad part is that might be the only way.” Rick says “No, we do not threaten him no matter what, that’ll just make things worse.” Andrea says “what if Merle is right? Hershel may be nice but he is a fool and he might as well kill us himself if he is gonna kick us out.” Dale says “We barely have any fuel left and about no food, but you guys are going about this all wrong. We can’t become like those people in Atlanta.” Andrea says “I don’t want this either but if it’s the only way.” Rick says “Stop, no! We don’t. We have to prove we can stay here not force it. Go along with Hershel. We need this place.” Merle says “You’re a little too friendly Officer Friendly, he’s gonna kick us out of here and send us on our merry way to die a couple miles down the road. He doesn’t seem like too nice of a guy to me.”

Back on the highway Shane decides he is gonna try and join this group. He puts his hands up and says “Don’t shoot!” Nate and the others notice him and point their guns at him. Nate yells “Who are you?!” Shane says “Officer Shane Walsh!” Sean says “Nate the dude is a cop.” They put their guns down. Lizzie looks at him then looks over to her sister and says “See Mika I told you I saw something!” Ryan says “You weren’t lying.” Shane approaches them. Nate says “the name is Nate” Nate introduces the 4 guys with him, Dave, Tony, Randall, and Sean.

Shane looks at the rest of the group who are trying to move cars. Nate says “We could someone like you. Nice gun you got there.” He goes to touch it but Shane pulls the gun back. Shane says “Where you guys headed?” Nate says “Florida now since we heard Fort Benning is gone.” Shane says “that’s the understatement of the year. I just came from there the place is like a huge inferno.” Nate says “We were about to check out this highway exit back there.” Shane says “Oh you guys sure about that I mean why not keep moving these cars and keep heading south?” Nate says “We are, just going to check down there to see if there is another way south, just in case we don’t have to move all these cars.” Shane says “Oh...” The 6 of them get into Nate’s car and head back towards the highway exit leaving the others to move the cars.

They go to the highway exit and go down it. They are going down a country road. They come to the road goes off in 2 directions. One way has a mailbox that says “Greene” on it. The other seems to go down towards what looks like a town in the distance. The 6 of them get out. Shane leaves his Shotgun in the car as he has no bullets anymore. Nate says “So what do you guys say?” Randall says “Down there is where the Greene family lives, nice people. Daughter was pretty cute too.” Tony says “I haven’t had a nice piece of ass in weeks.” Dave says “There goes Tony, only caring about ass and food. The farm sounds like a bust.” Sean says “You think they’re still there even?” Randall says “I don’t know.” Nate says “I doubt there is anything there. What do you think new guy? Can you get the map out of the car?” Shane realizes these guys are a bunch of dirt bags, he knows he doesn’t want them anywhere near Lori and Carl but what can he do? Shane sees the map. He also sees a pistol laying on the passenger seat. He looks up at the 5 of them who are trying to figure out if they are gonna head for the farm or the other road. They all have their backs turned to him and the keys are still in the ignition.


Shane realizes what he needs to do. He grabs the pistol and shoots all 5 of the men. They all drop to the ground bleeding out after being shot in the chest. He walks over and he looks to see if they are all dead. Randall is still alive and grabs Shane by the head and tries to pull out his knife. He rips out a piece of Shane’s hair and Shane shoots him again through the chest. Randall falls back over dead. Shane looks at them and then at the gun. He can’t believe what he just did. He starts constantly thinking about Lori and Carl making himself think it was for them. He knows he needs to go back now, as he has to protect them from people like this. He gets in the car and drives off towards the farm.

Dale is on top of the RV watching through his binoculars. He sees a light coming towards the farm. Dale yells for the others. Rick comes out of his and Lori’s tent. Rick says “What is it?” Dale says “A car.” Lori comes out as well. The group looks as the car drives up and Shane steps out. Rick approaches. Shane looks at Rick. Rick says “I’m glad you’re back.” The others look at Shane, then Shane says “it’s gone Rick……” he looks at the ground with sadness in his eyes. Rick says “What?” Shane says “Fort Benning, it’s gone…….nothing left…..i went there….” Rick says “I doesn’t matter Shane, we have this place now….” Morgan says “I wouldn’t be too sure about that. Hershel hasn’t exactly rolled out the red carpet.”

Shane looks at Rick saying “We gotta do something, Fort Benning isn’t there…..” Rick says “He isn’t kicking us off the farm, we’re gonna try and prove us being here is not gonna be a liability.” Shane says “Does he not know how bad it is out there?” Morgan says “He thinks those things are just sick people.” Shane says “They’re dead, Jenner told us they were Rick. We gotta convince him or something Rick we can’t go back out there.” Rick says “Don’t do anything rash now.” Merle says “I tried to say we need to do something that could be more convincing but of course none of you have the balls too.” Shane says “Rick, I think Merle is right, I know that can be hard to believe, Rick you can’t send Lori and Carl back out there man, we need this place. Let me talk to Hershel…..” Rick says “I’ll talk to him again tomorrow, he didn’t straight up say no.” Morgan says “You can keep telling yourself that Rick, but truth is he won’t say yes, he’s gonna send us out there, and we’re gonna die. I’m gonna die, my son is gonna die………..Lori and Carl are gonna die.” Rick says “Don’t you dare say that. This isn’t the way, we wait until tomorrow and I’ll talk to him again.”

Rick says “We wait until tomorrow, I don’t wanna force it, we’re not like that, and we can’t be like that. We gotta give him space, god forbid we force it and then things go sour.” Dale stands back nodding his head agreeing. Andrea and Amy stand there doing nothing. Merle looks at Daryl. Daryl looks back at him. Merle just laughs with a told ya so look on his face and walks back to his bike. Shane shakes his head as he walks over to the fire. Rick goes back into the tent. Lori walks up to Shane. Lori says “Glad you changed your mind, for Rick’s sake.” Shane says “Well my other plans went up in flames, literally….” Lori says “Rick was more worried about you then he let on, him and Morgan went back to the highway for you. Don’t separate yourself from him Shane.” Lori says “You should go and asked if you can use their shower you’re dirty as hell.” She laughs and Shane smirks. Otis is sitting on the porch. Shane walks up saying “Hello again.” Otis says “So you came back? What changed your mind?”

Shane can see himself shooting those 5 men in his head, he believes it was for Lori and Carl but Shane says “Rick is my best friend, I realized I am needed here. Can I use your shower? I really need to clean myself.” Otis says “Sure it’s in there on the right. You need clothes?” Shane nods. Otis yells for Maggie. Maggie comes out saying “What?” Otis says “Can you get our friend Shane here some clothes of mine? I’m a little big but hey they’re better than nothing.” Shane says “Thanks.” Otis says “Also, Don’t worry about Hershel, I’m sure he’ll come around, even if I have to convince him myself.” Shane walks in and Maggie hands him some clothes. Shane gets in the shower, as he’s in the shower he goes to wash his hair and feels the spot where his hair is missing from Randall pulling his hair out. He gets out of the shower and looks in the drawers for scissors or clippers. He finds an electric razor and starts cutting his hair. He keeps thinking about shooting those guys as he shaves himself bald to hide his secret. After cutting his hair he then looks into the mirror at himself with no regret in his eyes.

The next morning Rick is about to walk up and talk to Hershel. Shane comes out of his tent. Shane says “Hey Rick, you going to talk to Hershel?” Rick says “Yeah Professor Xavier, what’s with the hair cut, don’t think I’ve seen you bald since middle school.” Shane says “Well thought I’d try out a new look plus walkers can’t grab me by the hair.” Rick says “Smart thinking. Well last night when I brought Morgan with me to talk to Hershel things didn’t turn out so good so I’m going to talk to him solo again, it seemed to work last night after Morgan walked out. I don’t wanna bug him but now that you said Fort Benning is gone we have no choice I gotta do whatever we’ll get him to let us stay.” Shane says “Well you’re not gonna introduce me? I didn’t get to meet him last night.” Rick says “Maybe later.” Shane replies with “What? You think I’m gonna make a bad impression or something?” Rick decides to take Shane with him and they head up to Hershel’s house.

Rick knocks on the door and Hershel tells him to come in as he is finishing breakfast. Rick says “Hershel, I got some news. Fort Benning, the place we were going to Shane here just came from there and told me it’s gone.” Hershel shrugs saying “Let’s talk outside.” Rick, Shane, and Hershel walk outside onto the porch. Hershel says “Rick……” Maggie walks up saying “Dad, medical supplies are running low I’m gonna make a run into town real quick.” Rick says “You see the kid over there in the hat? His name is Glenn, he’s our go to town guy. I’d ask him along just to be safe.” Maggie stares at Glenn for a second then starts walking over to him.

Hershel says “This farm has been in my family for 160 years now.” Rick says “Hershel, I’m asking you to give us a chance. To prove that we’d be a help around here.” Hershel says “Rick, Otis tells me I should give you a chance too.” Rick says “If you knew what it was like out there we wouldn’t be having this conversation it’d be set in stone. We have children. We are low on supplies we won’t survive out there much longer.” Hershel says “I have to think about it Rick, this is a big decision for not just you but me. It’s been just us since this all started. I’ll give your people the benefit of the doubt, but if you people oblige by my rules, then we may get somewhere. First thing is first, I don’t want people carrying guns on my property.” Rick nods agreeing.

Shane a little mad walks off back to the campsite. Hershel says “We’ve been sitting here riding it out until a cure is found.” Rick says “There won’t be one.” Hershel says “I don’t believe that. Mankind has been fighting plagues for centuries, we get knocked down but then we get up again. We’ll find a way to bounce back. We always say this one is difference.” Rick says “Well this one is. It’s very different.” Hershel says “When AIDs started spreading, one kid in town came down with it. Parents were pulling their kids out of school just so they wouldn’t have to sit in the same room as him.”

Shane walks past Lori and he stops and asks her “So what you said last night, you mean it?” Lori says “Yes, Shane.” Shane smirks a little as Lori walks off. Shane faces turns to mad again as he walks into the RV checking on the gun situation. Andrea looks in saying “So what did Hershel say?” Shane says “We gotta give up our guns.” Andrea says “And you’re gonna go along with this.” Amy walks in saying “What is with this dude?” Shane says “Rick is agreeing to it so we can stay here. We gotta follow Hershel’s rules.” Maggie approaches Glenn saying “I gotta make a run into town, you in?” Glenn looks at her unable to speak. Dale interrupts saying “Excuse me miss what’s the water situation here?” Maggie says “We have a couple wells on our land. Take what you need.” She looks back to Glenn saying “I’ll get our horses saddled up.” Glenn is still surprised as she walks off.

Maggie is coming back with the horses as Glenn looks at her through binoculars whispering “Hello, farmer’s daughter.” To himself. Lori appears in front of him and he jumps. Lori says “I have the list of stuff you need to get, also I written down something else for you to get separate please don’t tell anyone Glenn.” He looks at then says “Wait where would I find this?” Lori says “Check the feminine hygiene section.” Glenn nods.

Dale, Morales and T-Dog are getting water from the wells. T-Dog tells Dale to ignore what he said on the highway. “I wasn’t myself. I don’t know what that was” he assures Dale. Morales says “What are you talking about T?” Dale says “Yeah I don’t know what you’re talking about either I couldn’t get a word out of you all day.” Dale winks to T-Dog. T-dog smirks. Dale hears splashing as T-Dog and Morales continue to talk. Dale walks over to the well and looks in to see a bloated zombie. Before T-Dog or Morales can get some water he knocks the ladles out of their hands and says “I wouldn’t drink that if I were you.”

As Glenn, Maggie, Morales, Amy, Andrea, Lori, Morgan, Otis and Shane gather around the well, a bloated, wet zombie reaches helplessly for them from the bottom. They note that the walker has grown gills as Dale comments, "Looks like we've got ourselves a swimmer."

Rick stands there talking to Hershel still saying “I was wondering if we could move down closer to the barn and stay out of your hair.” Hershel says “No need for that, I’d prefer you stay closer to the house anyhow.” Daryl is walking off towards the woods. Merle says “Going hunting?” Daryl says “Yeah.” Merle says “I’m gonna go with you, the only reason I’m still here with these people is because of you little brother.” The two walk off into the woods. Hershel walks back into the house as Rick looks at Daryl and Merle walking into the woods.

Miranda sits with Louis, Elizabeth, Carl and Duane coloring. Miranda says “This place is so nice.” Duane says “Too bad we’ll have to leave soon.” Miranda says “Now why would you say that? Duane says “My dad said so, the farmer isn’t gonna let us stay here.” Carl says “It’s true, Shane said the same thing.” Miranda says “Carl, your Dad is gonna make sure that isn’t gonna happened.” Miranda hears a growl behind her. She turns around and Randall as a walker comes out from the trees and pounces on her. A walker Dave and Walker Tony grab Louis and Elizabeth. Carl and Duane get up and start screaming. Rick looks over and sees this and starts running towards them pulling out his gun. He screams for Shane and the others. Shane hears screaming and him in the others at the well start running towards Rick. Rick grabs Carl and Duane and pulls them back as he points his gun the walkers as they devour Morales wife and kids. He shoots Randall in the head along with Dave and Tony. It is too late as Miranda, Louis, and Elizabeth are dead. Morales approaches, Rick tries to hold him back but Morales pushes through him and falls to his knees in front of his dead family. Shane looks and sees that the dead are Randall, Dave, and Tony. Shane cannot believe what he is seeing as he thought they were dead and he knows that they weren’t bitten. Carol comes out of the RV. Daryl and Merle run out of the woods. Hershel, Beth, Jimmy, and Patricia run out of the house. Lori is holding Carl in her arms as he cries. Morgan is holding a crying Duane in his arms. Morales sits there in complete silence. Rick says “Morales?” Morales starts tearing up while saying “Should have went to Birmingham…..” to himself. Shane starts looking around for Nate and Sean as walkers as they can’t be too far away if Randall, Dave, and Tony came here. Miranda, Louis and Elizabeth reanimate. Louis and Elizabeth can barely move as a good bit of their bodies are gone. Morales starts crying as Miranda slowly crawls towards him.


Rick walks up past Morales. Morales keeps looking at the ground. Rick points his gun and shoots Miranda in the head before she can reach Morales. Rick goes to shoot Louis and Elizabeth. Morales sits there doing nothing in a frozen state. The others turn their heads as Rick shoots Louis and Elizabeth in the head. Hershel approaches with his family. Hershel says “What the hell is going on out here?!” Morgan just turns to Hershel and says “those things you think are sick just killed Morales’ whole family and almost got my boy.” Hershel is shocked. Shane says “Gotta check to see if there’s anymore.” He walks away not able to look at the bodies. T-Dog and Daryl follow Shane to check for more walkers.

Hershel continues to stand there looking at the dead bodies of Morales’ family in disbelief. Morgan says “You still think they’re sick people?” Beth walks away disgusted and Jimmy follows her. Rick starts backing everyone up saying “Let’s give Morales some space guys.” After almost 30 minutes they decide to move the bodies and prepare to bury them. Morales sits by the campfire in complete silence.

Shane, T-Dog, and Daryl come back having not found any other walkers. Rick, Shane, Daryl, Merle, and T-Dog gather not too far away from Morales who’s still sitting by the campfire having not said anything since the whole incident with his family. Daryl says “We have a problem, those walkers that attacked Morales family, they didn’t have no bites. Just gunshot wounds to the chest.” Rick looks at the ground. T-Dog says “Man, how is that possible?” He starts thinking back to what Jenner told him “We’re all infected” he thinks to himself. Rick still doesn’t completely believe it still.

Maggie approaches Glenn saying “I can’t believe you friend Rick just shot those people.” Glenn says “Those walkers you mean?” Maggie says “STOP IT! Why do you have to call them that?!” Glenn says “Well what do you call them?” Maggie dodges the question and says “Let’s go, we’re still going on that run.” Glenn says “Morales just lost his entire family, I think I should stay for the funeral……” Maggie says “If we’re back fast enough you won’t miss anything.” Glenn says “How do you know?” Maggie says “I just do. We need to, the medicine is running low.” Glenn says “We’ll go after the funeral Maggie we got plenty of time.” Glenn walks to the others who are preparing the funeral.

They are putting the bodies in the holes after having dug the 3 graves. They start putting the dirt over the bodies. Rick says “Morales………I didn’t know your wife or kids that much, probably not as much as anyone else here does. No one deserves what they got, no one. I guess we were fools to believe that this place could be safe. Even here those things are wandering, waiting for the next person they can devour. I don’t want our people sleeping with one eye open every night. Praying to god that the noise they just heard outside their tent is a squirrel and not a walker coming for them. It can’t be like that, I don’t want that. We gotta keep a more watchful eye. If we can’t, then this place is as bad as Fort Benning in my eyes.” Shane realizes it’s his fault and turns his head. He knows what Rick is saying and that Rick wants to leave now but Shane can tell this place is safe. Shane doesn’t want Lori and Carl out there again. Rick looks at the ground for a second not sure what to say next.


Rick looks up, knowing it is time to tell the others. He slowly looks upwards and says “We’re all infected” They all look up at him. Shane says “What?” Rick says “At the CDC, Jenner, he told me whatever this is, it’s in all our blood, we all carry it, you come back no matter how you die, if your brain is still intact you come back……” Glenn says “what the hell!?” Andrea says “why didn’t you tell us this earlier?” Rick says “You saw how crazy Jenner was, why would I take it seriously?” Shane walks off unable to process what Rick just said. Hershel walks off with his household not listening to what Rick’s saying. Morgan says “Rick, you still should of told us, even if you didn’t think it was true.” Rick says “I’m sorry, I didn’t believe it, I didn’t want to believe it, but those guys had no scratches or bites, so now I believe, even though I don’t want to.” Dale says “Now we have to watch those that aren’t even bit. Great……”

Merle stands off to the side with Daryl. Merle says “It’s happening.” Daryl says “What?” Merle says “Our fearless leader is lying to us about something like this? Not too long now until people start to take matters into their own hands.” Daryl says “Man you don’t know.” Merle says “Yes I do little brother, the sooner you learn this the sooner we can bolt it out of here. These people won’t last even somewhere like this.” Morales comes at Rick saying “So you were gonna wait until one of us died to tell us this, you son of a bitch?!” Morales in a rage still over his families’ death punches Rick in the face. Shane and T-Dog try to keep Morales back. Rick just lays on the ground holding his face. Lori runs up to Rick along with Carl. Morgan holds Duane back. Merle looks at Daryl again then shakes his head and walks away.

Rick gets up and the group starts splitting up, going back to tents and such. Rick starts walking back to his tent with Lori and Carl. Shane says “Rick, can I talk to you for a second.” Rick nods and tells Lori and Carl to go ahead. Shane looks at the ground and then says “It was my fault.” Rick is confused and asks “What is?” Shane says “When I was coming back on the highway, I came down the exit and at the 3 way road there some guys just started shooting at me man! I fired back, I got em, I walk up and they are dead, but I didn’t know what you just said so I left them…..” Shane’s version isn’t completely true, even Rick is having a hard time believing it.

Still Rick says “If you were defending yourself, I won’t hold it against you Shane, that isn’t on you. You didn’t know.” Shane nods his head. Rick walks back towards the camp. Shane stands there, feeling like he is relatively safe. Shane walks back over to the well where Glenn, Maggie, Dale, T-Dog, Andrea, Morgan and Amy are standing. T-Dog says “Maybe we should just shoot it in the head?” Andrea says “Hold on now, if it hasn’t infected the water yet, shooting it in the head will finish the job.” Shane says “She’s right, we gotta find another way to get it out.” Lori walks over as they decide. Concluding that they need to coax the walker out of the well, the group attempts to bait it with canned ham, which fails when they realize it will obviously not eat anything remotely fresh. "There's a reason the dead didn't come back and start raiding our cupboards," Lori says.

Dale says “Maybe have someone go down there and tie a rope around it and then we can pull it up?” Shane says “That sounds good.” Glenn says “Yeah who are you gonna get that’s stupid enough to go down there?” They all look at Glenn. Maggie hates the idea, but knows it's the only plan they can think of to get the Walker out alive and keep the well clean. She stands watch as the group slowly lowers Glenn down the well, using the water pump to provide leverage for the rope. Glenn almost succeeds in getting the creature harnessed without it noticing him or the ropes, but the water pump breaks under Glenn's weight, causing him to fall within reach of the now alert and frantic walker. Glenn screams at the group to pull him out, and they scramble to regain physical advantage, eventually able to pull Glenn, shaken and horrified, from the well.

Dale says “Well, Back to the drawing board.” Glenn looks up laughing saying “Says you.” Dale pulls his end of the rope to reveal that Glenn did in fact get the rope around the walker. Back at the farm, the group is pulling the walker to the top of the well, but in its water-bloated state, it gets stuck on the lip. As they pull harder, the walker splits in half, with the bottom part of its body, and most of its innards, falling back into the well. Clearly disappointed at the wasted effort, T-Dog lets out his frustration, destroying the walker's brain with a pickaxe. "Good thing we didn't do anything stupid, like shoot it" he mumbles, walking off as the group decides to seal off the well.

As Glenn is trying to catch his breath Maggie approaches saying “Let’s go, we still got a supply run to do.” Glenn a little shocked by the anger he’s receiving. Glenn tries to awkwardly make conversation with Maggie on their ride to town. Glenn says “Never seen a walker killed up close before today?” Maggie continues to say nothing. They get to the pharmacy. Glenn hands her a big list of stuff to grab. Glenn then takes out Lori’s list and looks for the box. Finding the 'feminine hygiene' section, he shuffles through a few random boxes on the floor, finding a True Blue pregnancy test. As he reads the box and realizes why Lori needs it, his face falls.

Maggie walks back to Glenn who has the pregnancy test in his hands. He stuffs the pregnancy test in his bag before she can see it, grabbing a random box from the floor to cover his tracks. He's grabbed a box of condoms. Maggie says “You got a girlfriend I don’t know about?” Glenn unable to spring together words just awkwardly stands there. Maggie says “Well you must be a very confident guy.” Glenn mutters “Neither……I didn’t…….i don’t……..i mean you…..I’m lost.”

At the farm, Rick walks up to Hershel who is standing on the porch. Rick says “I’d like to thank you Hershel, for giving us a chance…..I’m trying to look out for my son, he’s what keeps me going.” Hershel says “As long as you respect my rules we shouldn’t have a problem. I can see you’re a good father Rick. Mine was a loveless drunk. He’s what caused me to leave this farm many years ago. When he was on his deathbed I wasn’t there. I wouldn’t allow him that. I came back afterwards and I’ve been here ever since.”

Merle sits next to his bike as Daryl approaches. Merle says “You still wanna keep playing house with these folks little brother, or do you wanna survive?” Daryl says “You may think this group is falling apart, doesn’t mean I have to. Not everyone is gonna play nice, there is gonna be ups and downs.” Merle says “When the hell did you get like this? Was it officer friendly? Did he give you a nice reach around or something?” Daryl shakes his head. Merle says “You see what happened at the funeral? It’s only gonna get worse, I’ve been telling you this since the Rock Quarry little brother. Sooner or later these people will throw you and me aside like trash. Ain’t no one gonna look out for you but me, little brother.” Merle walks off as Daryl sits there. Daryl starts punching the ground in anger.

Rick walks into the tent where Carl is sitting read a comic book. Rick says “How are you doing Carl?” Carl says “Good dad, hey look! This guy here got shot! Just like you.” Rick smirks saying “So now we’re gonna make fun of me getting shot?” Rick brushes his hand on top of Carl’s head then takes off his Sheriff hat and puts it on Carl’s head. Rick says “there ya go, a new Sheriff in Town.” Laughing.

Shane sticks his head into the tent and asks for Rick to come out. Shane says “Rick, about the guns.” Rick says “Hershel said…” Shane says “I know what Hershel said but I’m thinking we need to at least teach our people how to shoot properly. Take em off the farm and let them practice somewhere.” Rick says “You have a place we could go?” Shane says “Not yet I was thinking about going out and scouting for a place.” Rick says “I should at least tell Hershel about it.” Shane says “If we aren’t doing it here then it’s none of Hershel’s business.” Rick says “Take someone with you when you go to scout for a place. I’m gonna inform Hershel, it’s the right thing to do, he’ll figure it out anyways if we don’t tell him.” Shane face fills with anger as Rick walks towards Hershel. Shane lets it go then heads to the camp to recruit someone to go with him.


Inside the Pharmacy, Maggie is staring at Glenn. Maggie says “I’ll have sex with you.” Glenn becomes shocked and says “Really?” Maggie starts taking off her shirt while saying “Yeah, it’s not like our options are vast these days.” Maggie gets her shirt and bra off and kissing Glenn. Glenn follows suit, dumbfounded, and they have sex.

Shane approaches the camp and says “Going to find a place to have target practice, who’s coming?” Carl raises his hand but Shane laughs saying “Sorry buddy, once we find a place maybe I can teach you how to shoot.” Amy says “I’ll go.” Dale a little surprised says “You sure?” Amy says “Yeah.” Andrea says “I’m in too.” Shane smirks saying “Good. Meet me at the car in about 10 minutes.” Shane walks off to the RV and grabs the gun bag. Amy and Andrea get to the car. Shane, Amy, and Andrea drive off to find a place for target practice.

Shane says “How many times have you two even shot a gun?” Amy says “Not that many.” Andrea says “We hadn’t had to use it much before we got to the Rock quarry.” Shane says “When shooting a gun you have to trust your instincts when it comes to protecting your life, sometimes saving yourself is for the greater good.” Amy says “How do you do that?” Shane says “"Turn off a switch. The one that makes you scared. Odds are there's always somebody else counting on you. There's nothin' easy about taking a man's life, but when you get it done, you have to forget it. I haven’t quite reached that last stage yet.” Andrea says comfortingly, "But you're getting there," though she has no idea he's talking about Randall, Nate, Sean, Dave, and Tony.

As they make their way back to the farm, Maggie refers what they did in the pharmacy as one-time deal, which immediately disappoints Glenn. Hershel right away seems to sense that something went on between them, giving his daughter a questioning look when she returns and tells him quickly, "Nothing happened." Lori greets Glenn by the RV, and he hands her the pregnancy test, which she quickly hides in the waistband of her jeans. Glenn wants to say something, but he can't even look her in the eye as he walks away without a word.

Later that night Rick and Carl are asleep in their tent. Lori gets up and walks outside the tent finding a secluded place on the farm, she pulls the pregnancy test from the back of her jeans. Peeing on the stick, she bursts into devastated tears when she sees the plus sign. She knows she's pregnant.

The next morning, Lori wakes up late inside her tent, instantly feeling guilty about it. Carol has already started the chores and suggests she must have needed the sleep, but Lori says nothing when Carol asks if she's feeling alright. Carol asks Lori if she'd help her prepare the evening meal for Hershel and his family to thank them for taking in the survivors. It's something else to keep her mind off thinking about Sophia and Ed, she admits, before asking if Lori could be the one to ask for permission to cook the family dinner. "You're Rick's wife. Sorta makes you our unofficial First Lady," she reasons, and Lori looks back at her, speechless.

Glenn and Maggie discuss what happened at the pharmacy. Maggie admits “I’m not even sure that I likes you” and Glenn says back "But you're thinking about it? You should." Maggie laughs and walks off.

Rick walks up to Shane, Amy, Morgan, T-Dog, and Daryl who are talking about the potential gun range Shane found. Shane says “We can start taking people over soon.” Rick says “I told Hershel about it, he’s questioning it a little but as long as we go off the farm shouldn’t be a problem.” Shane nods saying “Me, Andrea, and Amy found this place could work.” He points to it in the map they have.

Lori, Carol, Beth, and Patricia work to cook dinner in the farmhouse kitchen. Carol says she never thought she'd be so happy to see a potato peeler, while Lori notes she's just thrilled not to be roasting squirrels over a fire again tonight. But their presence in the kitchen irritates Hershel.

He tells Maggie, who's setting the table, that he thinks they need to set clear boundaries with Rick's people, and she says she doesn’t understand why it’s a problem. "It's just dinner," she shrugs. Disconcerted, Hershel asks “What’s going on between you and that Asian boy?” Maggie tells him “Glenn's a friend, don’t try and chase me and him around like you chase Beth and Jimmy. I’m not 16, and you don’t need to chase me around.” He tells her not to get close to him, reminding her that the survivors won't be around forever.

Andrea's taking perch above the RV, brandishing a rifle and watching over the farm. Dale teases her about her "Annie Oakley routine" but she blows him off. "I don't want to wash clothes anymore, Dale. I want to help keep the camp safe. Is that alright with you?"

Disappointed by another misjudged moment with Andrea, Dale heads inside the RV, where he finds Glenn returning one of his books. Glenn asks if Dale thinks Andrea's on her period, as Dale tries to make him keep his voice down. Glenn tells him that all the women are acting weird around camp, and that he read somewhere once that when women spend a lot of time together, their cycles line up. Dale gets him off the subject, forcing him to back up. "Who else is acting weird?" Dale asks. "Maggie," Glenn replies, adding, "And I don't even want to know what's going on with Lori." When Dale asks about Lori, Glenn backtracks, but opens up to Dale that he and Maggie had sex, but now she doesn't even want to talk to him. Dale gives him a hard time for not thinking it through because Maggie's father is their host, but Glenn says he did it because he thought he could be dead tomorrow, and Dale backs off. But a disappointed Glenn leaves the RV, and Andrea spots a lone walker emerging from the woods. She peers through a pair of binoculars, the sun's reflection beaming off the glass, and announces, "I bet I can nail him from here!"

Rick orders her to put the gun down, and Shane tells Andrea, "You best let us handle this." Rick tells the group that Hershel wants to deal with walkers on his land but Shane, Daryl, T-Dog, and Glenn grab weapons and run towards the woods. Rick follows, brandishing his gun. They come up to the walker. Shane sees that it’s Sean as a walker. A bullet hole straight through his chest. Rick looks to Shane knowing it’s another one of the people Shane shot. T-Dog says “See another one without bites or scratches, you should have told us what Jenner said earlier Rick.” Glenn looks at Rick and then walks back to the camp as Daryl says “I can handle this.” Daryl starts walking towards the walker with an ax as a bullet sips past his head nailing the walker in between the eyes. Andrea smiles as the walk drops. Daryl turns around pissed screaming across the field. “Watch it! You almost took my head off!” Merle approaches the RV yelling “What are you doing Blondie you almost took Daryl’s head off!?”

Lori, Carol, and Hershel's family run screaming from the farmhouse and the sound of the gunshot, demanding to know what's going on. Dale says “It was a walker. They took care of it.” Hershel face falls as he walks back into the house in a rage. Lori and the others head back into the house. Everyone is gathered around the fireplace, aside from Morales who is sitting nearby next to a tree.

Morgan says “Seems there is starting to be more walkers. Andrea shooting that one today could bring more, we need to keep a closer eye on the woods in any direction. I think we need more people walking around with guns.” Rick says “We have to respect Hershel’s rules or he’ll kick us out of here.” Shane says “It don’t have to be like that.” Merle nods his head. Morgan does as well. Rick says “For the last time we are not threating Hershel or his family, we don’t need everyone walking around with guns anyway.” Morgan says “Put it off as much as you want Rick, but I ain’t gonna stay unarmed with my son here much longer if those things keep showing up out of the woods. Plus add the fact that if one of us happens to die in our sleep or something we’ll come back and things we’ll completely go to hell.” Rick says “Soon Shane will be taking some of you out to practice shooting as an extra precaution, but we’re not turning this into an armed camp” Rick walks off and the rest go back to their tents, Carol heads back up to continue cooking dinner, Lori says she’ll be right there.

Shane defends himself to Lori. "I'm not out to be a hard case. Just being realistic. He's gotta start making the tough calls." Lori says she may not agree with all of Rick's choices, but she respects his choices more than she does either of theirs. Shane says that all he cares about now are her and Carl, so he doesn't care if he's not thinking about the needs of others, even if it means being threatening towards Hershel. Disgusted, Lori stalks off after telling him, "My son and I are not your problem anymore. Or your excuse." Lori walks off to finish up the dinner

The two groups sit down to a silent, awkward dinner, and Glenn tries to cut the tension asking if anyone knows how to play guitar because of the one Dale found at the traffic snarl. Otis says “I can…..I’m not really in the mood to play it right now.” Patricia pats him on the back.

Glenn is sitting at the "kids'" table with Beth, Jimmy, and Maggie, and Maggie passes him a note under the table. "Tonight where?" it reads, and he looks up, smiling at her. He excitedly scrawls something on the paper, which can be heard throughout the dining room as no one says a word to one another. Hershel and Dale look on disapprovingly. Daryl sits off to the side with Merle eating, both Daryl and Merle see Glenn and Maggie passing notes to each other as well and start laughing. Merle whispers to Daryl “Hey can’t make too much of a fuss, the kid is getting some.” Daryl nods agreeing with a smirk on his face.

Beth and Maggie are cleaning dishes after dinner, and Maggie sneaks away to read Glenn's note. "Ever done it in a hayloft?" it says, and Maggie's eyes go wide. Glenn is at the barn with a flashlight and a sleeping bag, finding the barn door chained and padlocked. He walks around the barn and finds a ladder into the hayloft, while Maggie runs desperately towards the barn. Once inside the barn, Glenn catches a whiff of a rancid smell, and shines his flashlight towards the barn floor when he hears the familiar growls.

There are dozens of walkers below, reaching up for him hungrily. He runs fearfully for the door and right into Maggie, who says regretfully, "You weren't supposed to see this."

The morning after the discovery of the secret of the farm, the Atlanta survivors are busily doing chores around the farm. Carl and Lori talk about the chickens they are feeding, Patricia cripples live chickens to feed the Walkers that the family keep in the barn. Meanwhile, Glenn is watching the barn, with Maggie begging him to keep their secret. Glenn walks away to give food to Dale and T-Dog. Glenn confronts Lori about her pregnancy and whether she has told Rick about it yet; offering to go to town to get supplies for her. Beth Greene and Patricia both ask to be trained as Otis is the only member of the farm trained; though Rick will only do so if Hershel agrees.

Carl asks Shane to teach him and it is discovered that he has taken a gun from Dale's RV. This leads to a heated conversation between Lori and Rick where Carl argues that he only wants to help. Lori agrees to allow Carl to learn how to handle the weapon. Rick says “Now I know you don’t want to Shane, but I think having an extra person with gun experience to help train these guys would be a good idea.” Shane says “Who do you have in mind?” Daryl is nearby and says “Merle was in the army, probably can shoot and handle a gun better than all of you.” Rick nods to this and Shane says “Rick, You really think someone like Merle Dixon should be teaching people how to properly shoot guns? There ain’t nothing properly about Merle Dixon.” Daryl says “Merle don’t mess around when it comes to guns. He got trained by the army and he’s pretty good.” Rick says “What Shane, you think the moment Merle gets his hands on a gun he’s gonna shoot you?”

Glenn is asked if he wants to learn, but he excuses himself by saying he’s going to be helping Dale. Unbeknownst to Glenn, Dale was nearby and overheard. Dale goes along with it saying “He’s a good learner” to the others as they leave. Dale walks up after the others drive off saying “What was that all about?”


Glenn says “Just don’t feel comfortable shooting guns.” Glenn starts walking away. Dale says “Sounds like you’re hiding something, I’ll get it out of ya one of these days.” Glenn quickly walks away as he has a great urge to tell Dale about Lori and the Farm.

Before following the others Shane and Daryl walk up to Merle. Merle says “Well hello there again, I think your new name should be Officer Friendly Fire! You and officer Friendly can be two peas in a pod if you aren’t already.” Shane shakes the comment off and says “Merle it’s true you were in the military right?” Merle says “Who wants to know?” Shane says “I want you to come and help teach proper gun training, if you even know what that means.” Merle ignores the insult and says “Yeah, if this band of misfits has any chance it’s gonna be from what I teach them.”

Rick has already arrived at the firing range with most of the group. After waiting a little while for Shane Rick decides to let them practice until Shane arrives. As Jimmy is shooting he turns his gun sideways. T-dog remarks with “Nah, don’t give me that gangsta shit.” Jimmy turns his gun and starts shooting normally. Rick looks towards the road that leads to the farm. He thinks to himself “What’s taking Shane so long?”

Merle gets up and pats Shane on the head saying “Bald suits you.” Shane with an annoyed face says “Don’t ever do that again.” Shane remembers Morales, having lost his family not too long ago. Shane walks up to Morales sitting by the campsite chopping wood. Shane says “Hey Morales, you wanna go to gun training with the others? Morales comes down on a piece of wood, the wood goes flying. Morales says “No.” He continue to chop wood. Shane says “Morales I think you should, it wasn’t Rick’s fault those walkers got your family.” Morales says “Then who’s was it Shane?”


Rick continues to watch as some of the group practices. He looks at the road and sees Merle and Daryl approaching on Merle’s bike. They arrive and Rick says “Where’s Shane?” Daryl says “He was talking to Morales about coming up here with the others.” Rick keeps looking at the road.

Back at the farm, Morales says “Then whose fault is it Shane?” Shane says “Morales you shouldn’t be blaming Rick, if it’s anybody’s fault what happened to your family, it’s yours.” Morales becomes enraged and goes and swings his ax at Shane who dodges it. Shane pulls out his knife and sinks it into Morales back. He stabs Morales in the back 3 more times as he says “This is on you Morales!” Shane stands up and then realizes what he just did. Morales is lying dead.

In the RV Dale and Glenn sit. Dale says "Are you gonna tell me?" Glenn says "There's nothing to tell." Dale says "That is the biggest lie I've heard all day. Glenn you're not a natural born liar and thank god because if you became anything like Shane." Glenn says "What do you mean like Shane?" Dale says "Back at the Atlanta Camp, when me, Shane, and Rick were looking for walkers in the woods after the attack, Shane put his gun on Rick and held it there, that is a bad sign to me. Then he ups and leaves the group, but then he comes back, why did he come back?" Glenn says "Because Fort Benning was gone?" Dale says "You can keep telling yourselves that he came back because of Fort Benning, hell he can tell himself that, but I have a feeling I know why he truly did."

Back where the group is gun training, Merle is showing Amy how to properly hold the pistol. Amy hits the target. Merle and Amy hi-five. Rick stands back. Lori says “Merle is surprisingly a good teacher. Daryl stands beside him saying “Told ya.” Merle walks up to Andrea saying “You just missed.” Andrea says “Did I?” Merle looks through some binoculars and see that she didn’t even try to shoot the target and shoot into the “O” on a “No Trespassing” sign 4 times. Merle whistles saying “Damn Blondie you and your sister got some kind of gift I don’t know about?” Andrea just smirks and then shoots the bottle off the fence. Rick says “I think she’s ready for the advanced class.” Merle says “Alright.” Merle hands Andrea a rifle. Merle says “This baby has more of a kick, makes sure you keep your hands in the right spots to prevent it from coming back and hitting your pretty face.”

T-Dog laughs saying “Come on now Merle no hitting on the students, school rules.” Andrea mockingly says “Got any more tips Mr. Dixon?” Merle smirks saying “Yeah I got one more.” Amy says “Geez just kiss already will ya?” Rick and Lori laugh. Merle walks over to Carl. Merle hands Carl a gun as Lori becomes even more nervous. Merle shows Carl how to hold it and Carl aims and hits the bottle with ease. Rick becomes happy. Merle sets up another bottle. Carl hits this new bottle easily as well. Merle says “Damn, I think your seed is a better shot than you Officer Friendly.” Merle sets up another bottle and Carl hits that one as well. Rick’s smile slowly fades as he realizes the world is going to shit as he has to pretty much turn his son into a child soldier. Lori feels the same way but she doesn’t show it in her face. The only thing on Lori’s mind is the special surprised coming in 9 months. Glenn is still the only one that knows at this point, in the back of her mind the scariest thing is not knowing if it’s Rick’s………or Shane’s.

Back at the farm, Shane has just realized what he’s done, he looks around to see no one saw it. Shane is so confused at this point as he tries to figure out what he’s gonna do next.


Shane looks around and then looks at the barn, he notices no one is ever there, so he may be able to hide Morales body in there for now. Shane stabs Morales in the head to prevent him from coming back. He grabs Morales and starts dragging him towards the barn. In the RV, Glenn turns around and says “There’s walkers in the barn and Lori is pregnant.” Dale becomes speechless.

At the firing range the group is done for the day, Rick and the others get back in the cars and head back home.

Back at the farm Dale and Glenn sit in the RV. Dale still can’t believe what Glenn just told him. Dale says “We gotta tell Rick.” Glenn says “No, please don’t, I promised Maggie I wouldn’t say anything. She’ll already be mad at me for telling you. Don’t even wanna know what Lori is gonna do to me after telling you.” Dale says “I won’t mention you I’ll tell Rick I walked by the barn, Glenn you shouldn’t have gotten with Hershel’s daughter anyways, you’re playing with fire here. Lori being pregnant shouldn’t of been held back anyway that isn’t on you Glenn. I’ll tell Lori she needs to tell Rick.”

Shane drags Morale’s body to the door. He goes to open it but it is locked, so he goes around and finds a ladder leading up to the second floor. He grabs a crate from near the hay and gets on it and lifts Morales’ body up. He then climbs up and starts dragging the body into the barn. He starts hearing grows. He looks down to see walkers inside the barn.

Shane cannot believe what he’s seeing, he feels like he should shoot them all, but then he looks down at Morales’ body. This could be the perfect opportunity for him to get rid of Morales’ body. Shane takes the opportunity and throws Morales’ body into the barn with the walkers. They start devouring Morales’ body. Shane breathes a sigh of relief. He goes out of the barn and goes back down and looks down to see blood all over his shirt. He takes it off and heads over to one of the wells. He starts cleaning the blood off himself and his shirt.

Rick drives up and gets out of the car and starts looking for Shane. Rick walks past the RV as Glenn and Dale walk out. Dale says “Rick.” Rick says “Hold that thought Dale.” Dale and Glenn follow Rick as he walks over to Shane at the well. Rick says “What’s going on? Why didn’t you come to gun training?” Shane sits there not knowing what to tell Rick as Dale and Glenn gather around.


Shane sits there for a second after Rick asks him. Shane says “There’s walkers in the barn. They got Morales.” Dale and Glenn become shocked. Rick says “Wait…..what?” Shane says “Rick! There’s walkers in the barn and they got Morales!” Rick says “How do you know that?” Shane says “I came down here to talk to Morales. I heard screaming at the barn. I ran over and tried to open the door but it wouldn’t budge so I went around to the ladder and climbed up. I looked down and I saw him……..being eaten. Why the hell does Hershel have walkers in his barn?” Rick looks at Dale and Glenn and then looks back at Shane saying “Why didn’t you shoot them?” Shane says “What?” Rick says “When they were eating Morales…….why didn’t you shoot them all then?” Shane says “It was too late, Morales was gone, shooting them isn’t gonna change anything.”

Rick looks at Shane. Rick obviously doesn’t believe him, but Rick is afraid to know what really happened. Rick says “good thing you didn’t…….Hershel must have good reason for keeping them there.” Shane says “Rick, Hershel he thinks those things are sick people. Do sick people eat other people? Do sick people take shots to the chest, heart, and lungs and keep coming? No, they’re dead, end of story. Just like Jenner said. We gotta deal with it, with or without Hershel’s PERMISSON!” Rick says “Shane, don’t do anything drastic.” Shane walks back to the camp saying “Gotta tell the others.”

Rick stands there angry he kicks the dirt yelling “God damn it!” Dale looks at Rick and says “You gotta do something about him before he gets somebody killed.” Glenn adds “Or gets us kicked out of here.” Glenn storms off. Rick and Dale walk back to the camp as Shane has just told them about the walkers in the barn.

Andrea says “Well what are we waiting for? Those things are a threat we gotta get rid of the threat, right?” Amy nods agreeing. T-Dog says “Walkers in my backyard? No way man.” Morgan says “Hershel is keeping these people in a barn? What the hell is wrong with this guy? Keeping walkers close to where my son sleeps, what if one happened to get out? We could end up like….” Morgan stops himself. Shane says “Now Morales already died because of Hershel, nobody else, we’re gonna take care of this problem. Now Hershel? He’s just gotta understand, this needs to be done.” Rick and Dale approach.
Lori asks “Rick, did you know about that barn?” Rick says “Shane just informed me, we can’t do anything drastic.” Andrea says “Bullshit, the only thing that would be drastic is waiting and giving those things a chance to get out and attack us in our sleep.” Dale says “If you guys do this, Hershel is gonna kick us to the curb.” The group starts to change their attitude. Rick says “Let me talk to Hershel about it, I got him to let us stay. Maybe I can talk to him about it.” Shane storms off saying “Doing nothing but talking is why we are in this mess.” The group disbands as they go off to the do random tasks to keep themselves occupied.

Lori is folding clothes. Dale approaches her and says “My wife was pregnant once, it was a miscarriage. We never tried again after that, kind of gave up I guess.” Lori shocked says “Glenn told you?” Dale says “The boy can’t keep anything to himself, worst person you could have told.” Lori says “Me and Shane….” Dale says “Oh yeah, most of us knew what was going on, or at least had an idea.” Lori says “No matter what, its Rick’s.”

Dale says “Try telling Shane that, there is something disturbing going on in that man’s head. I’m sure your baby will have good memories with you, Rick, and Carl.” Lori says “Can you tell me, with a straight face, that my baby will live a long happy life, because this is a short brutal world we’re in now.” Dale looks on unable to answer that question.

Dale walks down to the stable where Hershel is. Dale says “This is a nice piece of land you have here Hershel.” Hershel says “Yes it is.” Dale says “So I took a walk, then I ended up down near the barn. I heard the moans.” Hershel says “I’m sorry you heard that.” Dale says “You know they aren’t sick people?” Hershel says “That is my wife, step son, and the rest of my family in there. I don’t believe you. You don’t kill sick people, you treat them, and you help them get better.” Dale says “Well, I could reinforce the barn. Keep both parties happy and safe.” Hershel says “If you truly wanna help, just forget about it.” Hershel starts walking up to the house as Dale says “It’s too late, Shane found out. Rick is gonna be coming to talk to you soon.” Hershel’s face drops as he heads back to the house.

10 Minutes later Glenn is chopping firewood and Lori walks past. Glenn says “Look, Lori I’m sorry I told Dale about…..” Lori says “No it’s alright, I should have never told you to keep something that big a secret. It’s not on you. Glenn do you think you and Maggie could make another run into town?”

Glenn approaches Maggie asking “Wanna make another run into town?” Maggie ignores him as she starts walking back to the house. Glenn says “Maggie, why won’t you talk to me.” Maggie says "Give me your hat." Glenn takes his hat off. Maggie outs an egg in it and smashes it on his head. Glenn says "Why would you waste an egg like that?"

Maggie says “Everybody knows about the barn now and my dad is pissed at me. Why the hell did you tell them?” Glenn says “I didn’t, that was Shane, Maggie those walkers killed Morales.” Maggie says “Why do you call them that?” Glenn says “Walkers? Why what do you call them?” Maggie says “Mom, Shawn,” she starts naming off more relatives that are inside the barn. Glenn grabs Maggie and kisses her. Glenn says “I didn’t say anything, please Maggie…..will you go on this run with me?” Maggie agrees to go.

Glenn and Maggie are heading to town again. Glenn looks down at the list. They arrive at the store. They go in and Glenn tells Maggie what they are looking for. It is a pill, Maggie realizes what the pills are for and her face drops. Maggie goes behind the counter and starts looking on the shelves. As she reaches her hand in a walker grabs her hand. She starts struggling. Glenn runs over and grabs the walker and throws it to the ground. It gets back up and Glenn goes to chop its head off but he only cuts halfway through the neck, to where the head is hanging on by a bit of flesh. Maggie is terrified. Glenn finally digs his machete into its head. He turns around and hugs Maggie. Maggie cries in his arms, truly realizing those things aren’t sick people.

Maggie and Glenn return. Maggie storms up to Lori. Maggie starts telling her they got everything, but in an angry tone. Maggie then yells “And here’s your baby killing pills! If you want something go and get it for yourself, we’re not your damn errand boys” Maggie storms off. Glenn says “I’m sorry a walker attacked her at the pharmacy, it was a close call.” Lori apologizes and says it's just hard with her current situation. Glenn hands her prenatal vitamins and says “Maybe you shouldn’t be the only one making the choice.”

Merle and Daryl sit around the campfire. Amy says “You’re surprisingly a good teacher.” Merle says “Yeah, the army gave me something at least, besides a bad back.” They laugh. Rick stands there by the fire thinking over everything that is going on right now. Merle asks “What’s on your mind Officer Friendly?” Rick says “Shane….his story about Morales….” Daryl says “Man that story Shane gave us is bullshit. Morales wasn’t anywhere near that barn when me and Merle were leaving. Shane was walking over to him. Morales was cutting wood.” Merle says “Daryl’s right, I think Officer Friendly Fire is getting colder than you.” Rick says “Officer Friendly Fire?” Daryl says “Yeah, Shane tried shooting Merle in the woods when we were looking for you. It’s what brought down that herd of walkers on us.” Rick can’t believe he is just now hearing this. Merle says “Seems like everyone else knows your partner better than you, partner. He probably killed Morales himself, I’d put money on it.”


Maggie storms into her house. Hershel sits at the table with Otis and Patricia. Hershel says “Maggie? What happened?” Maggie walks up to Hershel and says “Glenn is a good guy. I can’t believe you’d call him that Asian boy. You need to open your eyes dad. Realize the world for what it is. Also one of those things that you think are sick tried to kill me today and Glenn saved me by killing it.” Maggie storms upstairs. Hershel sits there and looks at Otis and Patricia.

Lori walks into her tent. Carl isn’t there or Rick. She takes out the pills Glenn gave her. She takes a couple and then takes a drink of water. She stands there for a couple seconds and starts to cry. She feels really guilty so she runs out of the tent and into the field near a log and puts her fingers down her throat and pukes up the pills. She falls to her knees and starts crying. She quits crying and starts walking back towards camp. She looks over and sees Carl holding a knife showing it to Duane saying “Check it out I slipped it off my dad while he wasn’t looking.” Duane says “That is so cool.” Lori walks up, actually angrier at herself then she is at Carl, saying “Carl, what are you doing with your dad’s knife?” Carl looks at the ground guilty. Duane says “Mrs. Grimes I had nothing to do with this.” Lori says “Trying to be cool in front of your friend, really Carl?” Lori takes the knife from Carl and tells them both to go back to the campfire.

The sun starts to set as Rick decides he’s gonna confront Shane on his lies. Rick walks down towards the barn where Shane is leaning against it. Shane says “I’m keeping an eye on this barn. Don’t want what happened to Morales to happen to anyone else.” Rick says “Yeah, shame what happened to Morales.” Shane says “If Hershel would have told us about the barn then this wouldn’t be happening right now. Morales would probably be alive still.” Rick can’t believe he’s still keeping up the charade. Rick says “Morales, why do you think Morales was down by the barn?” Shane thinks for a second. Shane says “What is this?” Rick says “Nothing, I just want your opinion, why do you think Morales was in the barn? Why would he climb up if he could clearly hear the moans through the barn door?” Shane says “I can’t hear moans right now.”

Rick becomes increasingly irritated. Rick finally says “Shane, did you kill Morales?” Shane’s face drops. Shane walks up to Rick. Rick puts his hands on his gun holster ready to pull his gun out and Shane notices. Shane says “While you were laying in a hospital bed lying in your own shit, I saved Carl and Lori! That was me! That wasn’t you Rick!” The walkers inside the barn start pounding on the barn door from hearing Shane’s yelling, Shane then says “Just face it, I’m a better father than you Rick! I’m better for Carl! I’m better for Lori man!” Shane loses himself and pulls out his gun and points it at Rick. Rick stands there with his hands up. Rick says “Brother don’t do this! Just put the gun down!”

Rick starts slowly walking towards Shane saying “Just put the gun down Shane, we can go back to camp and everything we’ll be fine, back to Lori, and back to Carl.” Rick goes to slip his knife into his hand but it isn’t in his holster. Rick decides to get close enough to grab Shane’s gun. Rick goes for Shane’s gun and they wrestle with it for a second. Shane accidently pulls the trigger as the pistol is pointed at the lock on the barn door. The walkers start pounding even more. Shane falls backwards flipping Rick over him. Rick hits the barn door and the piece of wood holding the door completely closed breaks and the barn door opens. Shane points his gun at Rick again but the walkers start pouring out and Shane gets behind the barn as Rick backs up and is forced to start shooting the walkers as they come out of the barn. Shane aims his gun at Rick. Rick sees this and starts running back towards Hershel’s house. Shane shoots at Rick, nearly hitting him in the head. Glenn, Daryl, Morgan, Andrea, Amy, and Merle and the others hear the gun shots and notice the door to the barn is open and walkers are pouring out. They grab guns and head down towards Rick. Hershel storms out of his house and sees the barn door is open and starts running down towards it with Maggie, Otis, Patricia, Beth and Jimmy.

7 days earlier, Fort Benning is in flames as a herd walks away from it, down the highway. The Herd is seen walking through the town past the Pharmacy Maggie and Glenn went to twice. The herd is then seen walking through the woods. Then a gunshot stops them (gunshot from Shane shooting the lock on the barn and Rick shooting the walkers coming out of the barn), they start heading towards the gunshots. The herd is heading straight for Hershel’s farm.

Shane sits against the barn and looks to see he is running low on ammo. He comes back to and realizes what he’s just done. Shane quietly says “Damn it Rick……..Lori and Carl we’ll die because of you…..” He starts tearing up knowing he cannot stay with the group now having just let Rick live. Shane looks at the rest of the group coming towards the barn. He looks at the woods. He runs into the woods knowing going up against the entire group would be suicide.

Hershel, Beth, Jimmy, Otis, Patricia, and Maggie run down seeing Rick and the others killing their zombified family. Glenn runs up next to Maggie with a shotgun. Maggie nods to him knowing they have to be put down. Glenn runs up and starts shooting the walkers. Hershel falls to his knees. He sees the walkers taking shots to the chests and they keep coming. Carol, Carl, Dale, Lori and Duane stand back watching this. Merle, Daryl, Glenn, Andrea, Morgan, T-Dog and Amy are shooting walkers. Hershel starts realizing what an ass he has been.

After they have killed the last one. Beth walks up to her mother’s dead corpse. Pulling bodies off of it. The walker isn’t dead and it grabs her trying to bite her. They get it off her and Andrea grabs a scythe off the barn and stabs it through the walkers head. Beth starts crying as Maggie and Patricia hold her. Hershel sits there. Otis puts his hand on Hershel’s shoulder as Hershel remains on one knee.

Rick turns towards Hershel and says “Hershel, it was Shane, he threw me into the door and it opened and then he tried to kill me. He killed Morales.” The others are shocked by hearing this. Andrea says “What?” Morgan says “Where is he?” Rick looks towards the side of the barn where he was and sees that he is gone. Rick says “He left…..again.” Hershel gets up. He stands there silently. Beth, Patricia, Jimmy, and Otis start walking towards the house with Hershel. They all stop when they start hearing moans coming from the woods. They look over to see a herd is starting to emerge from the woods. They all start heading towards the house. More and more walkers come out of the woods walking towards the house. Rick says “We gotta gather everything and get out of here.” Hershel grabs one of the shotguns from the gun bag Rick’s group has with them.

Rick says “You sure you know how to shoot that?” Hershel says “I know how to shoot, just don’t like to. This is my farm. I’ll die here.” He pumps the shotgun. Rick says “Get all the cars and bring them towards the house. Lori, Carol, Duane, Carl, Dale, Amy, you guys gather the stuff from the campsite. The rest of you, it’s time to use our guns. Try to thin them out. Maybe we can kill them all. If we are forced to leave head back to the highway where we moved the cars.” Daryl looks at the herd and says “Yeah, I’m gonna say a definite no killing them all.”

Merle picks up his rifle and says “Where’s your sense of faith now baby brother?” He shoots a walker coming close in the head. Merle then says “This is the good part.” Andrea, Maggie, Otis, T-Dog, Daryl and Dale go for the vehicles as the others start shooting the walkers coming towards the house. Dale goes for his RV. Jimmy goes for the Hyundai. Glenn and Maggie go for Blue truck. Otis goes for the red truck. Lori, Carol, Beth, Patricia, Duane, and Carl grab the supplies and tents from the campsite as the walker herd gets closer. Daryl goes for Merle’s bike. T-Dog goes for Carol’s car. Morgan, Merle, Rick, Hershel, Andrea, and Amy are shooting walkers as the others gather supplies. Andrea says “There’s too many of them!” They start backing up, except Hershel who continues to shoot them. Rick yells “Hershel!”

Lori and the others gather the stuff from the campsite. Walkers get to them. Lori pulls out a pistol and shoots a walker about to grab Beth. Lori hands Carol her gun as she grabs Duane and Carl. A walker grabs Patricia and bites into her neck. Other walkers pounce her and start devouring her.

Beth screams. Lori and Carol push Beth back. Carl and Duane make their way for the house. T-Dog and the others arrive with the cars. Hershel is about to shoot a walker but realizes he’s out of ammo. Rick runs up and shoots it in the head. Rick says “Hershel!” Hershel says “It’s like a damn plague! They’re everywhere!” Rick says “The farm is lost! We have to go!”

Walkers start coming out of the woods in the opposite direction. They get closer and closer to the house. Dale starts running over walkers in the RV. He pulls up to Lori, Carol, and Beth as walkers start surrounding them. They hop in. Maggie and Glenn pull up in the Hyundai and Andrea, Morgan and Amy get in the back.

Daryl pulls up with Merle’s bike yelling “Hop on!” Merle says “I know I can always count on you baby brother!” Merle gets on the back. Those in the RV and the Hyundai are able to get off the farm along with Daryl and Merle on Merle’s bike as the number of walkers grows. Otis pulls up in the red truck but walkers start surrounding it. Jimmy pulls up in the blue truck and walkers start surrounding it. One of the window in the Hyundai is down a little so a walker sticks his hand in and starts trying to grab Jimmy. The windows on the red truck Otis is in begin to crack as walkers press against it. Rick, Carl, Duane and Hershel run up to the 2 cars.

As Daryl is driving Merle’s bike along with Merle on the back following the RV. Walkers start coming out of the woods and onto the road. Merle says “I told you it would happen.” Daryl says “Man shut up no time to be arguing.” Merle says “Should have killed Officer Friendly Fire when we had the chance. No one listens to me.” Daryl says “Maybe if you weren’t such an asshole maybe people would take you more seriously.” Merle says “I told you this group was falling apart. I saw it and I was right. Like I usually am. We should leave now before Officer Friendly starts killing his own.”


Daryl decides to stay following The RV and T-Dog. The Hyundai finally makes it off the farm and heads toward the highway. They all get to the highway. Lori gets out of the RV. Looking back for Rick and Carl. Lori says “Where are they? I thought they’d be with you.” Morgan gets out of the Hyundai yelling “Duane!? Where’s Duane!?” Lori says “We gotta go back for them!

On the farm, Rick and Hershel start killing the walkers on Otis’s car. Rick gets Duane and Carl inside the truck. Rick looks over and sees the walkers break through the blue trucks window and pull Jimmy out. Jimmy is devoured by walkers. Hershel, Rick, Carl, Duane, and Otis drive off the farm. Hershel looks back at the farm as they are driving off. He knows it’ll be the last time he’ll ever see it.

Lori and Morgan are pushing them all to go back looking for Rick and the others. As they are arguing Otis and the rest of them pull up in the red truck. Rick and Carl get out and hug Lori. Otis gets out and walks up to Maggie and Beth. Otis says “Where is….Patricia?” Beth starts tearing up “They got her……” Otis falls to his knees and starts crying. Beth says “Where’s Jimmy?” Rick says “They got him too.” Beth’s face falls. Dale walks out of the RV. Dale says “So……..about Shane…” Rick stares at Dale with anger in his eyes. Rick says “Forget about him…….he’s probably dead anyways……good riddance.” Rick walks back to the red truck as they all stand there. They know he has to be feeling something as his best friend just tried to kill him.

They ditch Carol’s car as T-Dog gets in the RV. They take off down the highway back towards Atlanta. They come to a bridge as Rick looks down to see he is running on fumes. They all stop. They all get out. They all start badgering Rick about where they are gonna go. Hershel says “Everyone just be quiet and listen to Rick.” Rick says “There’s gotta be somewhere, we can fortified and we can ride this out.” Daryl says “There ain’t no riding it out, this world is here to stay, just gotta find someplace where the walkers ain’t around every corner.”

Rick looks over and sees a pond with what looks like an old fort outpost of some kind. They make a campfire and they all sit around it. Rick stands there. Dale and Glen are sitting there staring at Lori. Lori knows they want her to tell Rick that she is pregnant. Lori looks over to Rick who is standing outside the range of the fire. Shane is all that’s on his mind right now. He’s wondering what caused Shane to go completely insane. Dale walks over and says “It’s time to tell him Lori.”

Elsewhere, Shane is running through the woods as the sun is rising. He is out of ammo and has accidently ran into some walkers from the herd that attacked the farm. He is becoming increasingly tried. Even with him being physically strong running through the fall weather at night takes its toll on you, but his will to live is greater as he pushes on. Lori and Carl are running through his mind at the moment. He knows if he goes back they’ll kill him. He falls against the tree tired as ever. He begins to cry.

His moment of tears is cut short when he hears a moan next to him. He gets up and a walker is standing right next to him. It’s Nate as a walker. Seems like Karma is starting to catch back up to Shane. Shane now tired falls over. Shane holds Nate back as he tries to pull out his knife. He cannot reach it. Suddenly the top half of Nate’s head is cut off. Shane throws the body aside, unable to stand back up. He looks up shocked as he sees a hooded figure with a Katana. She has two walkers with no arms or jaws in chains right next to her.

Lori approaches Rick who is standing away from the fire. Lori says “Rick…” Rick looks at her and says “If you’re here to tell me you were sleeping with Shane… don’t have to tell me, I’ve always known. Just answer this……you thought I was dead?” Lori starts to tear up while nodding. Rick says “Then it’s alright Lori, Shane is gone now, now I can’t say for good, but he mostly likely is dead.” Lori says “Rick I’m pregnant….” Rick stares at her as his face drops. Lori looks at the ground as Rick stands there in disbelief. Lori says “No matter what it’s yours.” Rick looks at her then looks out to the woods. If Shane would have found this out he’d be coming back. Lori heads back to tell the rest of the group that she is pregnant.