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    Spoil The Dead's Version of The Walking Dead; Volume 3; NEWBIE READ

    With the release of the final chapter in Volume 3, here is all the chapters of the Volume put together for newbies to catch up.


    CHAPTER 41

    8 Months go by as Rick and his group scavenge around Georgia and moving from house to house while trying to avoid the herd that attacked the farm. Lori’s pregnancy starts becoming more apparent. Rick struggles with himself to figure out where they could go so she can have the baby safely. Carl and Duane have become very good with firearms.

    Elsewhere, Michonne and Shane approach a department store. Michonne walks in first. She kills 3 walkers. Shane walks in afterwards. He nods to Michonne who stays silent like she has been. Shane says “You ever gonna talk to me?” Michonne doesn’t say anything as she grabs some supplies and walks back out to her 2 walkers. The 2 of them walk off into the woods again.

    Rick and the group come up to a big house. Rick, Carl, Daryl, Merle, and T-Dog breach the house clearing it of walkers. They all move their stuff in, not planning to stay long but the house may have supplies. Carl finds a can of dog food. He tries to open it. Rick, who is still mad at Lori refuses to let his son eat dog food, grabs the can and chucks it against the wall. After a little while T-Dog looks out the window and notices walkers. They all pack up again really quickly and get to their vehicles. They head down the highway again.

    They stop on the highway and start discussing where they can head to next. T-Dog takes Dale, Carol, Amy, Andrea and Duane to gather water. Rick takes Daryl and Merle with him hunting. Rick walks ahead as Merle makes small talk with Daryl. Merle says “I’ll admit Officer Friendly has gotten us farther than I thought he would.” Daryl says “And you were doubting this group on the farm.” Merle says “Well that was when Officer Friendly Fire was murdering everybody. Rick has got to feel something over that. Best friend turns into a murderer. He seems more on edge than usual.” Daryl says “Lori is about to pop, I could see why he’s frustrated.”

    As they say this they move past some trees. They see a prison. Inmate walkers all over the yard. Merle says “Well look at that, poor bastards. Didn’t have a chance inside there.” Rick looks at the prison, he doesn’t see a death trap he sees a home. If they were to go in and clear out the walkers that place could have potential. Merle looks at Rick and realizes he’s considering going in there. Merle says “Now I knew you were crazy but this is just insane, half of us would be dead before we even made it to that gate to the yard.” Daryl looks at Rick and nods. Merle looks at Daryl jokingly saying “Who are you?”

    CHAPTER 42

    Rick says “We’re going in there.” Merle shakes his head as the 3 head back to get the others. They come back to the prison with everybody and Rick starts to cut the fence so the group can get within the prison exterior. Glenn and Daryl then tie back the fence so no walkers can enter behind them. They start to run, stopping at the prison gates. Rick says someone has to get past the prison yard full of walkers to close the gate on the other side, Glenn offers, but Rick says he will do it. Rick tells Glenn, Hershel, Morgan, Amy, Beth, T-Dog, and Maggie to distract and kill the walkers through the fence. He tells Andrea, Otis, Duane, Carol, Merle, Daryl and Carl to shoot walkers from the towers.

    Rick straps a rifle to his back and is handed some chains, Lori mans the fence. Rick heads towards the gate. He kills a few walkers on his way there and then secures the gates. He then enters a tower and with help from the rest of the group, shoots the remaining walkers in the yard to secure it.

    Later on the group sits around campfire enjoying a meal. Hershel looks at Beth and requests a song. Beth starts singing as Maggie joins in. Otis and Hershel sit enjoying their singing along with Glenn. Amy, Andrea, and Dale sit together as well. Andrea eyeballs Merle who is sitting there. Amy says “Oh god. Don’t tell me.” Dale whispers “Better off with a walker.” to Andrea who laughs, Dale then looks around at the fences and says “I think this is the safest we’ve been since the farm.” Amy nods at this and Morgan says “I hear that.” Morgan looks to his son and pats him on the head saying “Nice shooting today.” T-Dog says “Looking like the black Texas ranger up there.” Morgan chuckles at this. Lori looks at Rick who is walking around the fence to the inner part of prison.

    At the gate out of the prison Daryl stands on top of a bus, Carol walks over and gets on the bus with Daryl. Carol says “Rick’s gotten us farther than I thought he would.” Daryl says “Rick’s done alright by me.” Carol says “Even when he hand cuffed your brother to that roof?” Daryl plays off her comment. Daryl starts to give Carol a massage, as she stated her shoulder hurt from the assault rifles recoil, then they head back to the fire.

    Rick comes back to the fire as Beth and Maggie are still singing. It is the first of peace they’ve all had for 8 months.

    Rick kneels down and says “Now I know you’re all tired, but we gotta push just a little further. By the looks of it all the walkers here are prisoners and guards, which means it may be secure and no one has touched it. There could be food, weapons, medicine, this place could be a gold mine!” Rick looks to Carl and Duane and says “These assholes don’t stand a chance.” Rick gets back up before anyone can say anything.

    Lori gets up and follows him saying “Rick, we all appreciate what you’ve done for us but I think we need to let everyone rest for a couple days before we go in there.” Rick says “I’m doing stuff Lori, things. We need to get in there so you can have your baby safer, and there is probably and infirmary in there we can use for that.” Lori says “Please consider it Rick.” Rick walks off towards the fences again as Lori begins to tear up as she feels Rick is starting to resent her.

    CHAPTER 43

    Rick decides to stick to heading into the prison tomorrow. They all go to sleep as the next day holds a lot of what ifs.

    The next morning Rick, Merle, Daryl, Morgan, and Glenn head into the gate. Dale, Amy, and Andrea manning the gate. They head into the yard in formation. They start killing walkers as they head for the bridge. Merle breaks formation and grabs a riot shield. Rick yells “Stay in formation!” Merle says “We’ll need this!” Merle bashes a walker with the shield. They continue toward the bridge.

    Riot Armored walkers come out of the prison. They can’t kill them until Morgan figures out to stab them underneath the helmet. They get to a gate where there is a huge group of walkers behind it. Rick kicks a huge walker back and Morgan closes the gate. Rick secures the gate with a clip. They are able to kill the rest of the walkers in the yard.

    Daryl points to a walker that is wearing civilian clothes. Rick says “We gotta push inward and find and seal off the breach. They open the door to the prison and head into cellblock C. They kill the few remaining walkers inside Cell Block C. The Rest of the group follows and they set up inside the Cell block.

    Carol asks “It’s secure?” Lori asks “What about the rest of the prison?” Rick says “I know it’s not the greatest place, but it is secure.” Lori nods. Merle says “I’m not setting a cell, already had to be in one before, I’m taking this perch.” Daryl says “Hey asshole I saw it first.” Merle says “You didn’t call it first.” Beth has set up inside a cell already. Carl walks in and looks at the top bunk. Hershel walks up and says “Having trouble finding a cell?” Carl says “I was just making sure Beth was safe.” Carl walks away awkwardly as Beth laughs. Hershel smiles while shaking his head. Otis jokes saying “This place is better than finding your ass in some walker teeth.” As Hershel leaves the cell to go talk to Lori Beth begins to sob quietly, she still hasn’t fully recovered from the barn massacre and the having to leave the farm.

    Amy and Andrea take a cell together. Dale walks by and walks in asking “Rick is gonna go deeper into the prison. I don’t think you two should go….” Andrea says “I’m going.” Amy says “Yeah, I’m going too, I trying to sit around here sitting on my ass.” Dale sighs as he finds himself a cell. Glenn and Maggie find a cell. Glenn jokingly says “Sorry we couldn’t put you in the master suite this evening Ms. Greene, but these ones are to die for.” Maggie giggles at hiss fake butler accent. Maggie says “It’s alright. In all seriousness, do you think this place is it?” Glenn says “I hope so. Rick wants to go further in.” Maggie sighs. Glenn comforts her saying “If you don’t want to, you can stay here with Lori and the others.” Maggie says “I’m doing it….gotta make sure this place is safe enough for Lori to have that baby.”

    Lori confides in Hershel that she fears the baby might be stillborn, and that it might be born a walker. She fears that Rick and Carl hate her, and that she sometimes wishes she had died on the farm. Hershel assures that it isn't true and that the baby will love Lori. Lori also says she is still afraid that Shane I still out there. Nonetheless she makes Hershel promise that if the baby is a stillborn or if she and the baby both die in childbirth not to hesitate, and put them both down. The group finds a plethora of weapons and suit up to further explore the prison. Amy is getting ready and Andrea walks up to her saying “Amy I think you should stay here with Dale and the others.” Amy says “You’re kidding me, right? I’m going end of discussion. I want to help the group.” Dales says “If those hallways are narrow they don’t need so many people going.” Andrea says “Exactly, Amy you are more than capable, stay here and keep Lori and the others safe.” Amy says “Yeah I heard Rick tell Carl the same thing you still treat me like a kid but I'm not! I can take care of myself.”

    CHAPTER 44

    Andrea says “We can’t have a million people going Amy, please just stay here and watch over everybody, including Carl.” Dale says “Please Amy….” Amy shrugs and says “Alright.”

    Rick, Morgan, Andrea, Merle, Daryl, T-Dog, Glenn, Otis and Maggie are suiting up as Hershel suddenly starts suiting up. Rick walks up saying “Hershel I think you should stay here too.” Hershel says “Fat chance, I’m doing this, no matter how many other people you have going.” Merle says “You got some big ones Hershel, I respect that.” Hershel awkwardly walks off towards the others. They head further into the interior. All seems quiet at first, but suddenly they run into several groups of walkers. In the darkness and confusion, Glenn and Maggie get separated from the group. The rest of them start to wonder if they should go back for them

    Meanwhile, Dale and others sit around. Lori still wondering if her baby is gonna make it. Carl is sitting on the far side of the cell block. Duane walks up and says “Hey, I’m going down this hallway to check out the other cell blocks, you in?” Carl says “My dad said to stay here and protect the others.” Duane says “Walkers might come from this way though, if we go check then we don’t have to worry about them no more. So you coming or not?”

    Rick’s group keeps pushing through the corridors. Maggie and Glenn come out of a closet they hid in. Maggie says “Dad?” Hershel is walking past a hallway with the others when he hears “Daddy” come from that hallway. He looks down it for a second then he looks ahead.

    CHAPTER 45

    Outside of the prison miles away, a military helicopter is flying through the air scouting ahead for the rest of their group. Turbulence starts to make the helicopter go haywire. The helicopter spins out of control. It drops to the ground. Michonne and Shane are walking along the highway when they look over the tree line to see smoke rising. Shane thinks it’s a campfire. They decide to check it out.

    Back at the prison Hershel decides to check out the noise. He starts creeping down the hallway he heard Maggie. As he is walking along a walker is still alive and grabs and bites his calf. Maggie and Glenn come around the corner. Rick and the rest come back hearing Hershel’s screams. Rick and the others grab Hershel and head through the corridor. They come to a door leading to the cafeteria. Having nowhere else to go they break the hand cuffs and go in. T-Dog, Daryl, Merle, and Otis close the door again. T-Dog finds a piece of piping on the floor and puts it in the door handles. Rick looks down at Hershel’s leg as blood squirts out of it. Maggie yells “Someone do something!” Rick looks at his axe and then at Hershel’s leg.

    Carl and Duane come back with loads of supplies for the group. Dale says “Where did you guys run off to?” Lori says “Don’t you do that again.” Carl says “I went with Duane and found all this stuff.” Lori says “I appreciate that but...” Carl says “Then get off my back mom! I killed a walker that almost got Duane.” Lori is shocked. Amy says “Carl, you can’t do that.” Beth says “She’s your mother.” Carl walks off angry. Duane says “I’m sorry.” Dale puts his hand on Duane’s shoulder and says “It’s alright, we appreciate what you guys did, please…..just tell us next time.”

    Meanwhile, Shane and Michonne approach the smoke rising to see a helicopter has crashed. Michonne approaches and finds all the men are dead. She is unable to check the pilot as cars approach the crash site. Michonne gets back to Shane behind the bushes with her walkers. The vehicles approach and men get out of them. The one that looks to be in charge tells the rest to pan out and look for survivors. A colored man has a bow and arrow and a Hispanic has a baseball bat as they kill walkers coming towards the scene of the crash.

    The one in charge (Philip) goes to the helicopter and rescues the pilot. The other 2 men that are walkers the Governor puts them both out of their misery. Shane looks at Michonne and says “I think we should show ourselves to them, better chance in numbers, they rescued that pilot after all so they don’t seem like homicidal maniacs.” Michonne looks at Shane and then back at the group.

    CHAPTER 46

    Rick decides he’s gonna cut off Hershel’s leg. He takes off his belt and uses it as a tourniquet and wraps it around Hershel’s leg to stop the infection from spreading and he picks up his ax and starts hacking Hershel’s bottom half of his leg off. Hershel passes out from blood lose as 5 shadowy figures pop up from the room next to them. Daryl and Merle raise their guns at them. Daryl shines his flashlight in one of their faces. The prisoner says “Holy shit”

    At the helicopter crash site, Michonne and Shane decide not to show themselves. Shane looks at Michonne then back at the group saying “You’re right, don’t wanna take a chance.” Just as they decide this Michonne’s walkers start making racket. The group checking the helicopter hear it. Martinez starts walking towards the sound. He sees walkers. Walkers are passing Michonne and Shane going towards the Governor’s group. Michonne gets up and decapitates her two walkers.

    The men start walking back towards the vehicles. Shane and Michonne hear rustling behind them and before they both turn around they hear “Ah, Ah, ah! I would put the sword and gun down you two.” It is a Latino and two more men holding their guns on the 2 of them. The Latino yells “Hey Gov.! I got 2 live ones over here.” The Governor says “Get them in the cars we gotta go, biters everywhere.” They take Michonne and Shane and put them in the back of the Governor’s car. They drive down the highway for some time. The Governor asks “So what’s your names?” Michonne sits silently, Shane does for a moment as well, not really liking the introduction with a gun in their face. The Governor says “Sorry about Guillermo. He is new to this whole saving people thing. First time having him come with me since the beginning of the winter.” Shane says “Where are you taking us?” The Governor looks back saying “To Sanctuary.”

    They come to gates that some men are guarding. They open them. As they roll in Shane and Michonne see people everywhere. The Governor has Shane and Michonne taken to the doctor to get checkup. Shane looks at the 2 men watching him. Guillermo walks in saying “How are you 2 doing?” Michonne says “We want our weapons.” Guillermo says “And the girl speaks.” Shane says “Calm down Michonne this is the best we’ve had for a long time.” Guillermo says “So where are you 2 from?” Shane says “Atlanta.” Guillermo says “That is where I’m from too. So it’s just been you 2?” Shane says “Yep…” Guillermo says “So you didn’t happen to be part of a bigger group?” He gets closer to Shane. Shane says “No….” Guillermo says “Never stumbled upon a Nursing Home in Atlanta? With a lot of Vatos?” Shane says “No, what’s your problem?” Guillermo gets closer to Shane. Men named Shumpert and Tim come up and hold Guillermo back as The Governor walks in.

    Michonne says “We want our weapons back.” The Governor says “You’ll get your weapons back on your way out the door, but you 2 need some rest before we let you go anywhere and we don’t open the gates after sundown so calm yourself, you’re safe here.” Shane says “With the way your boy here is treating us I’d say we are more than unwelcome here.”

    The Governor escorts Shane and Michonne outside to reveal a peaceful, torch-lit street, saying, "Welcome to Woodbury." He shows them the reason for his confidence in their safety; a sturdy, heavily guarded wall. Shane marvels as the guards, led by Martinez, take out three approaching walkers. Guillermo storms past Shane and the others and heads down the street. The Governor says “We’ll go out tomorrow and clear the bodies out. The smell upsets the people.” Shane looks around saying “Where’s your people this place looks like a ghost town?” The Governor says “There is a curfew, nobody out after dark.” The Governor shows them to their room, where fresh clothes are laid out. Michonne is visibly skeptical, especially when The Governor tells them one of his men will be stationed just outside. Shane also becomes skeptical because of this.

    The next day, Rowan, a Woodbury resident, takes Shane and Michonne on a tour. Children happily roam the street as people go about their business. The guide reveals that 73 people live in the town and that there have been no casualties since the winter, thanks in part to The Governor's strict curfew.

    Meanwhile, The Governor visits Welles, the badly-injured helicopter pilot. The Governor tells Dr. Stevens to leave the room as he talks to Welles. Welles reveals that he left ten men behind so he could scout ahead. "Tell me where they are," The Governor claims, "and I promise if they're still alive, I'll bring them here." The Governor goes to his adviser Milton's lab. Guillermo and Martinez are there as well. Guillermo is trying to say that he thinks Shane might have been part of the group that attacked and killed his group in the nursing home. The Governor says “Go learn more about him Guillermo and see if he is.” Guillermo leaves and Martinez says “Is he gonna become a problem?” The Governor says “As long as Tim, Crowley and Warren keep their mouths shut he won’t ever find out. He’s harmless. Although that cop and women with the sword could be of great use to us, so make sure he doesn’t try to kill them.” Martinez leaves the room.

    Alone, The Governor and Milton study the still-living heads from Michonne's pet walkers. Milton remarks that Michonne removed their arms and jaws, saying, "Take away their ability to eat, they lose interest in doing so." He explains that the mutilated walkers acted as a repellent. The Governor says “You walk with the biters, they think you are one, camouflage, now that’s smart.”

    Back at the prison, after the traumatic event of Hershel losing his leg after he was bitten, the prisoners that have been hiding out in the broom closet of the cafeteria come out, noticeably uneducated about the apocalypse. They mention that they had been locked in the broom closet when 'riots' broke out by one of the guards, Tomas being given a pistol to protect the five. Rick and company initially leave the prisoners be, taking Hershel back to Cell Block C. Merle, Daryl, and T-Dog sit back waiting as they know the prisoners are coming. The 5 prisoners walk out. Merle says “That’s far enough boys.”

    Tomas, the one who seems to be the leader says “Hey Gringo, that’s my cellblock, I still have personal items in there.” Merle says “Trust me if anything worthy shit was left in there I would have snooped it out by now so let’s take it down a notch.” Merle, Daryl, and T-Dog shout remarks back and forth with the prisoners as Rick and the others get Hershel back into the Cell Block. Carol, Otis, Lori, Dale, Amy, and Andrea help stop Hershel’s leg from bleeding. Since Carl and Duane went for bandages and other medical supplies they are able to patch up Hershel’s leg faster. Rick and Morgan go to walk back out. Glenn follows but Rick stops him saying “Stay with Maggie, if he dies, you need to be there for that.” Rick and Morgan walk back out to Merle, T-Dog, and Daryl yelling at the prisoners.

    Rick says “Hey let’s calm down here.” Daryl says “Congratulations boys you’ve been pardoned by the state of Georgia you’re free to go.” Tomas says “I don’t think the police are gonna be too happy with a bunch of civilians breaking into a prison, you feel me?” Rick says “How long have you been locked in that cafeteria?” Tomas tells them that they’ve been in the cafeteria since this all started. Rick tells them what has happened saying “As far as we can tell at least half the world’s population has been wiped out.” Oscar says “Hey you got cellphones so that we can call our families?” Daryl says “You don’t get it do ya?” Rick says “No phones, no computers…..” Tomas says “No way.” Rick says “Go see for yourself.”
    They walk into the yard. Big tiny pokes a dead walker with a stick asking what they are or what it is. Rick informs them that it is a disease and that they are all infected. Daryl tells them if they die anyway and their brain is in tacked they will come back as a walker. Tomas refuses to believe they killed the 50 so bodies out there. Tomas begins demanding that the prisoners be let back into cell block C, due to them having been in the prison longer. Rick instead demands that Tomas' group abstain. Axel begins to propose a compromise of moving into a different cell block.

    CHAPTER 47

    Rick says “Alright, we’ll help you clear out your own cell block. But you have to give us half your food supply.” Tomas at first is hesitant and Andrew says “No way.” Tomas says “Alright, deal.” Andrew is surprised he decides to give them half their food supply.

    Meanwhile, Maggie, Andrea, Amy, Dale, Lori, Carol, Beth and Glenn are busy trying to assist Hershel. Glenn had been put to the task of making sure Hershel doesn't come back if he doesn't make it. Glenn frequently tries to convince Maggie to be prepared. Maggie walks into the cell block where Beth is. Beth says “His pants are gonna need fixed up for when he wakes up.” Maggie says “There’s a good chance he won’t.” Beth sits there and says “Why are you so eager to give up on him?” Maggie says “I’m not, I just don’t want you to get your hopes up.”

    Rick, Merle, T-Dog, Daryl, and Morgan bring back half the supplies from the prisoner’s storage area. Morgan stays back with the others as Rick, Merle, Daryl, and T-Dog go to assist the prisoners in clearing out their own cell block. The group of 9 then begins to go over what they have to fight with. In the beginning of the clearing, Rick uses a signal to attack but the prisoners attacked at once yet the prisoners have poor fighting technique against the walkers, focusing more on the stomach than on the head. However, they eventually get in the habit of striking the brain. In the middle of fighting, however, Big Tiny tries to retreat but ends up being scratched in the back of his shoulder, a part that couldn't be amputated. A short argument ensues over what to do with him, only to be interrupted abruptly when Tomas savagely kills Big Tiny.

    In Woodbury, Milton joins The Governor for breakfast with Shane and Michonne. Milton explains his theory that walkers retain a trace of the person they once were, asking Michonne about her walker pets: "You did know them, didn't you?" Michonne stays quiet, speaking only to demand the return of their weapons. The Governor urges them to rest a while longer. Shane says “Those things don’t feel no remorse, they can take shots to the chest and keep standing, they’re dead, end of discussion.” The Governor glares at Shane.

    After breakfast, Michonne declares her mistrust for The Governor. Shane says “I ain’t leaving. It's safer here than out there. This is the best we've had in months.” Picking up on Milton's query, Shane asks Michonne about her pets. "Those walkers were with us all winter long, protecting us," he says, "and you took them out without any hesitation." Michonne says "It was easier than you think," She leaves Shane, visibly upset.

    Meanwhile, The Governor tracks down Welles' squad and drives up alone, waving a white flag. He tells the squad leader that he found their pilot and offers to escort them to Woodbury. As the men relax in relief, The Governor draws a gun and opens fire. Tim, Crowley, Warren, and Shumpert and 2 unnamed Woodbury soldiers emerge from the perimeter and gun down the rest of the soldiers. The Governor orders them to collect all of their weapons.

    The Governor and his men return to town with the military trucks, along with weaponry, medicine, and other desperately needed supplies. The townspeople gather as The Governor deceives them into thinking that the soldiers had already fallen to biters leaving behind their trucks, medicine, food, and weapons.

    Michonne doesn’t buy it. Shane doesn’t either. As the crowd disperses Shane walks up to the Governor. Shane says “So the walkers just got them huh?” The Governor says “Yep, it’s a damn shame we couldn’t get there in time.” Shane says “Hey what’s your real name?” The Governor smiles saying “I never tell. I actually never caught your name.” Shane says “Tell me what your name is, I’ll tell you mine.” The Governor says “Maybe one day.” The Governor walks away as Shane stands there staring at him as he walks away.

    In the prison, arriving near the designated Cell Block, Rick tells Tomas to open only one of the double doors. However, Tomas doesn't listen, instead opening both doors at once, resulting with the walkers pouring into the room. During the fighting, Tomas takes a swing at a walker, killing it but in the process takes another swing at Rick. Tomas then pushes a walker into Rick, attempting to get him killed. Daryl, fortunately, steps in and kills it. Within moments, the walkers are all killed.

    Rick gets back up as Tomas says “Sorry man, he was coming at me. Shit happens.” Rick says “Yeah……”

    CHAPTER 48

    Rick says “Shit Happens....” Rick starts walking back towards his cell block saying “You can clear it yourselves.” Tomas says “What the hell man?” Rick says “Most of the walkers should be gone.” He walks closer to Tomas and says “But if you harm or touch any of our people………I’ll kill you.” Rick starts walking back to his group. Merle, Daryl, and T-Dog follow suit.

    Carol requests that Glenn and Amy come with her outside. She reveals that she wishes to select a female walker to practice a C-Section on, knowing that if Hershel even survives, he won't be able to help Lori deliver the baby, and that she'll probably have to perform a C-Section on Lori due to Carl having been born that way. Glenn and Amy distracts the rest of the walkers, giving Carol time to drag the female walker in. Amy says “Okay I’m gonna go I don’t wanna see this.” Maggie sits with Hershel to watch him as he sleeps, after a few minutes she finds that he's stopped breathing. Lori then performs a successful CPR on him.

    Upon returning to their group, Rick, T-Dog, Merle and Daryl find a now-unresponsive Hershel inside the crowd. Sitting alongside Hershel, they eagerly await the man's fate. Hershel's eyes open, to which Maggie and Beth begin to cry tears of relief. Merle says “That old man does have balls of steel.” Hershel weakly says “I guess that’s the best compliment I’m gonna get from you” Laughing. Lori and Rick begin to talk in one of the catwalks outside. Rick says they'll begin to clean out the bodies the next day, which Lori responds by saying it'll give Carl space to do "whatever he does these days." Lori says that today was a good day. Rick tells her he doesn't think she's a bad mother, to which Lori replies, "Wife is a different story." Rick touches her on the shoulder, which almost brings her to tears. Rick tells Lori that the group is grateful for her saving Hershel, then he walks away.

    That evening in Woodbury, The Governor looks over Woodbury from his apartment window as he sips from a glass of whiskey. He walks past Rowan (Shane and Michonne’s guide), who is lying naked in his bed, and gazes at a framed photo of his wife and daughter before entering an adjoining, private room. Inside, he settles into a chair and stares numbly ahead, where three rows of aquariums are filled with live walker heads. Among them are the heads of Michonne's pet zombies and the head of the newly-decapitated Welles.

    The next day at the prison, Rick and the others discuss how they are gonna clear out the prison yard of all the bodies. Tomas and Andrew approach. Rick walks up saying “We had an agreement” Tomas says “I know but we’ve been thinking about it, there’s all those bodies in that cell block, of guys we knew, and we don’t know what to do with them.” T-dog says “take em outside and burn ’em” Tomas says “Well, there’s a lot of them, could some of your people at least come and help us?” Rick says “Hell no, I don’t know if you remember yesterday but I was about to dig this machete into your skull when you pulled that stunt throwing the walker at me so fuck off and do it yourself.” Tomas and Andrew storm off angry.

    In Woodbury, Michonne inspects the salvaged National Guard trucks, noticing bullet holes and traces of blood. She questions The Governor about the circumstances of the soldiers' deaths. He dodges her suspicions and attempts convincing her to stay in Woodbury saying “Seems your friend is already having second thoughts about leaving.” Michonne storms off.

    Back at the prison, Rick and the others watch as Tomas and Andrew walk to their cell block angry. Merle says “They gonna be a problem?” Rick says “Most certainly” T-Dog says “Those other 2 inmates don’t seem bad but those 2, I don’t like the look in their eyes.” Daryl says “What, you gonna get superstitious on us?” Dale says “I wouldn’t trust them, hell I barely trust Merle.” Merle says “And you’re right to do so…” Merle walks away. Andrea says “Why not kill them before they try something?” Dale says “They are probably all in for murder anyways.” T-Dog says “I say we keep our distance, see what happens.” Amy says “Yeah, then they slit our throats in our sleep.” They all look at Amy surprised. Amy says “What? I can be a realist too.”

    Back in Woodbury, Guillermo approaches Shane saying “Look I wanna say I’m sorry for the way I acted earlier.” Shane says “Alright.” Just then Shane looks at Guillermo and asks “Do you think the Governor is a good man?” Guillermo says “I’ll tell ya, it was just me and 2 others in bad shape when the Governor came upon us. I would say his the best man I‘ve met since this started.” Guillermo walks away.

    In their room, Michonne and Shane discuss plans to head for the coast after leaving Woodbury. "I'd rather take my chances out there than stay here," Michonne declares. "Because your gut tells you there's something off about this place, about The Governor? Michonne look around you, yeah the Governor is full of shit but we’re safer inside these walls than outside of them. Think it through.” Michonne says “So you know I’m right but you wanna stay here still?” Shane says “If the Governor tries anything……he’ll regret it…..he doesn’t know who he’s dealing with.” Michonne says “Yeah I don’t know who he’s dealing with either.” Stating she doesn’t truly know what Shane is.

    As Rick and the others clear the yard, Lori, Carl, and Beth escort Hershel outside. The group rejoices at Hershel's recovery, and Rick and Lori share warm looks from a distance, causing Lori to blush.

    Back at Woodbury, Martinez takes Shane to the Governor who has requested him. The Governor says “So heard you guys are leaving today.” Shane says “I’m not 100% sure what I’m doing yet. It’s much safer behind these walls than outside of them I’ll tell ya hat much.” The Governor says “If you decide to leave I respect your decision, but you’ll always be welcome here.” Shane already knowing The Governor’s mouth is full of shit says “Maybe I will.” The Governor says “So are you gonna tell me your name now or what, you guys have been here for a good amount of time, perhaps a proper introduction is in order?” They sit there for a second and then The Governor says “My name is Philip…..” He holds out his hand to shake hands with Shane.

    CHAPTER 49

    In Woodbury, Shane sits there as The Governor puts out his hand to shake. He has just asked Shane what his name is. Shane sits there for a second and then puts his hand out and says “Rick……my name is Rick.” They shake hands. The Governor says “Nice to meet you Rick.”

    Inside the prison, The 4 prisoners sit in their cell block. Oscar says “Man you guys are crazy.” Andrew says “Why? Because we want back what was ours in the first place?” Tomas says “That is OUR cell block. They need to go, one way or the other.” Oscar says “Give them some distance and maybe that dude will forget that you tried to kill him yesterday.” Tomas says “We need them out of there today. This is OUR prison and they came in here and stole it from us, I ain’t gonna roll on my back to this asshole.” Axel says “Be reasonable guys, that guy looked like he really would kill you Tomas. Looked like he was going to when you threw that walker at him.” Andrew says “We can’t sit here with our dicks in our hands we gotta do something. Oscar says “Should have been grateful he was even helping us clear another cell block, then you go and try to kill him now you’ve screwed things up for everybody.” Tomas says “Me and Andrew are doing something, we’ve been talking about it. Gonna make these bastards pay for stepping inside these fences. Are you 2 pussies in or not? If not then stay here.”

    After the heart full moment, the group disperses again. Beth heads back into the prison. Maggie follows her. Maggie walks up to Beth’s cell and says “Alright, you were right.” Beth says “Wouldn’t kill ya to have a little faith every once in a while.” Maggie says “After everything that’s happened, I’d say I have the right to have no faith.” Maggie laughs a little but Beth doesn’t. Beth says “So you think this is it? Our new home?” Maggie says “I sure hope so.” Otis walks past saying hi to the 2 of them. Beth says “It still has some reminders of the farm.” Outside Morgan discusses the prisoners again. Morgan says “We need to do something Rick, I gotta feeling they are gonna try something, we need to be ready.” Rick says “In time, there’s too many of us they wouldn’t try anything.” Andrea says “We should have at least have someone covering all the ways they can get from their cellblock to ours.” Rick says “I’ll think about it, just get back to me.

    Lori sits next to Hershel, Carl, and Duane outside. Lori says “I felt it kicking, it’s getting more and more restless.” Hershel says “Couple more days and it’ll be coming out. Just don’t get stressed out or it’ll come earlier than you want it too, gotta let it come natural. The girls have been anticipating this moment for a while now.” Lori says “Feels like everyone has.” Dale sits next to them. Dale says “So how you doing Hershel, with…..ya know.” Hershel says “I can still feel my leg there, right now I’m wiggling my toes.” They laugh.

    Daryl and Merle stand together watching the others. Daryl says “You think this is the place? We can start over here?” Merle says “Until some lunatic or those crazed prisoners come and take it from us, yeah we can pretend it’s a new home. I’ll admit, that fence is very useful, there’s probably bigger holes in the front, and we’ll have to check that out sooner or later.” Daryl says “What happened to this group breaking?” Merle says “Officer friendly happened, but don't be fooled, there is still room for someone to fuck up and ruin it all."

    Back in Woodbury, Michonne is packing up to leave and heads outside. Shane manages to catch up saying “You’re leaving?” Michonne says “You coming or not Shane?” Shane says “Michonne, think about this. We are safe here.” Michonne glares at him for a second. Shane says “Don’t do this, at least wait a few more days.”

    CHAPTER 50

    In Woodbury, Michonne looks at Shane. The Governor walks outside and says “So you two are leaving today?” Michonne stares at Shane then shrugs. Shane says “We’ll stay a couple more days, rest up, before we decide what to do.” The Governor says “Alright Rick…good that you decided to stay here for the time being” Michonne stares at Shane as The Governor walks back into his house. Michonne says “Unbelievable…..” Michonne starts storming back towards the house they were staying in. Shane says “What?” “Nothing…..RICK.” says Michonne who can’t believe that Shane lied to the Governor about his name but still wants to stay.

    At the prison, Maggie is standing at the cell with Beth. Beth says “I just hope this place can last, ya know?” Maggie hears footsteps and turns and sees no one. Maggie says “Wait here.” Beth creeps towards the cell door as Maggie pulls her machete out and heads towards where she heard footsteps. She calls out “Dad? Glenn? Rick?” She looks down the corridor and sees nothing. She lets out a sigh and turns around to see Tomas holding Beth at knife point. Tomas says “I’d drop the machete if I was you.” Maggie drops her weapon.

    Outside in the prison yard. Rick, Morgan, Merle, Daryl, T-Dog and Glenn are down in the fences after just having threw the last of the walker bodies outside the prison. They look over to see Hershel, Carl, Duane, Amy, Andrea, Dale, Lori, Carol and Otis standing in the prison yard looking down at them with smiles on their faces. Carl hears moans and turns to see walkers are invading the prison yard. Carl yells “Walkers!” They turn. Rick seeing that Lori and Carl are in immediate danger starts running to get back to the prison yard as Morgan, Merle, Daryl, T-dog, and Glenn follow also. Rick yells “Lori!!!” Lori, Dale, Andrea, Amy, Otis, Carl, Carol and Duane open fire, but the walkers keep coming because the gate that they closed when they stormed the prison has been broken open.

    Back inside the prison, Maggie, Tomas, and Beth hear the gun fire. Tomas says “Looks like things aren’t going good for your friends out there.” Maggie says “Please don’t hurt her.” Tomas mocks saying “What you two lovers or something?” Maggie says with tears in her eyes “she’s my sister.” She inches forward but Tomas says “Hey, hey, don’t come any closer or I cut her pretty little neck. I want your group gone, or she dies.”

    Outside in the court yard the walkers start coming from the other direction as well. Amy, Lori, Carl, and Duane are forced into the prison. Back outside Rick is having a hard time finding the right key to the gates as Carol helps Hershel get safely behind a fenced in entryway in the prison yard. Hershel yells “Where’s my girls?!” Otis yells “I don’t know Hershel, but we need to close that gate!” Otis, Andrea, and Dale push forward shooting walkers. They make it to the fence. A walker sneaks up and bites Otis on the shoulder as they are closing the gate. Andrea and Dale retreat into the prison while helping Otis stand up.

    Rick attempts to open the final lock on the last gate. Merle walks up and shoots it. Rick is angry with him but doesn’t have time to express it as they finally make it to the prison yard. Rick says “Where is everybody!?” Hershel says “they all went into the prison, I still don’t know where my girls are, they weren’t out here when this all happened.” Carol says “Otis got bit.” Rick says “Okay you 2 stay there we’re gonna find the others!”

    Inside Tomas is still holding Beth at knife point. Tomas says “Now we’re gonna slowly walk outside and…..” before he can get it out Axel and Oscar walk in behind Maggie. Maggie turns and is even more scared. Tomas says “So you guys finally grew a pair of nuts, grab her and let’s go outside!” Oscar says “No, Tomas put the knife down.” Tomas says “You fucking traitors, you’re gonna be these people’s bitches!? Andrew has more in the sack than the 2 of you put together! We’re are gonna take back this prison, then when we’ve finished killing all of them, we’re coming for you two.” Oscar says “Man stop this nonsense! There’s flesh eating corpses out there trying to kill all of us and you wanna kill other living people? Man do you know how fucking stupid that is!?” Maggie and Axel nod and so does Beth agreeing. Tomas pulls Beth’s hair saying “Don’t agree with him bitch!” Maggie becomes angry.

    CHAPTER 51
    Inside the prison, Lori, Carl, Duane, and Amy are wandering when suddenly the stress of the situation causes Lori to go into labor. Carl leads them into the boiler room seeing walkers approaching the corridor they are in.

    In Cell Block D, Tomas is still holding a knife to Beth’s throat. Suddenly an alarm starts blaring. Tomas smiles looking up at the speaker saying “Thank you Andrew, now the real show can begin.” While he is looking at the speaker Maggie takes the chance and runs at him and Beth. She is able to grab his hand, knocking the knife out of his hand. Beth runs over towards Oscar and Axel as Maggie grabs her machete and then turns to start chasing after Tomas. Maggie runs out of the cell block and sees that he is gone. Maggie runs back and hugs Beth crying. Maggie says “What is that?!” asking about the alarm. Oscar says “It’s an alarm system probably being powered by the backup generators, Andrew must have turned them on.” Beth says “That’s gonna attract more walkers.”

    At the same time this was happening elsewhere Rick, Merle, Daryl, Glenn, and Morgan come upon Andrea and Dale with Otis laying against the wall. Otis has just succumb to his bite. Dale says “There’s nothing we could have done…….we need to find who is doing this.” Rick says “I have a pretty good idea.” Daryl says “Should have killed those prisoners when we had the chance.” Andrea says “No way to know they would have done something like this.” Rick says “Yeah, but it’s still on me.” Morgan says “Don’t beat yourself up Rick, let’s find the others.” Otis reanimates. Rick shoots Otis in the head. They try to have a moment of silence but the prison riot alarm goes off so they continue down the hallway.

    In the boiler room, Amy assists Lori in removing her pants and gets her ready to deliver the baby naturally. Carl and Duane stare at them in confusion and horror. But as Lori pushes through her contractions, she begins to hemorrhage. Lori grows faint as the hemorrhaging continues. She realizes she will not survive natural childbirth. "I'm not losing my baby," she tells Amy. "You've got to cut me open." Lori tearfully says goodbye to Carl, telling him and Duane that they are smart and strong, and that they have what it takes to survive the apocalyptic world. She says "Don't let the world spoil you," to both of them and then she says to Carl "You're the best thing I ever did."

    Amy reluctantly slices Lori's stomach open and scoops the baby out. The baby survives, but Lori lays motionless, blood pouring from her open wound. Amy starts to leave with the baby when Carl stops her. "We can't just leave her here," Carl says. "She'll turn." Amy with tears in her eyes says “We have to go Carl.” Duane scared out of his mind says “Come on Carl!” Carl says “She’s my mom”

    CHAPTER 52

    In the boiler room, Amy and Duane head for the door, they hear a single gunshot from behind them. They both stop and Carl then storms past both of them.

    Rick, Merle, Daryl, Glenn, Morgan, Andrea, Dale, and T-Dog head back outside reuniting with Hershel and Carol. Rick says “Alright we’re gonna…..” He then hears the sound of a baby. He turns around to see Amy, Carl, and Duane come out. Amy is holding a baby in her hands. Rick stutters asking “Whe…..wher….where is she?”

    Rick then drops his weapon walks over to Carl and then says “Oh nooooooooooo…..” Rick falls to the ground and begins to cry. Carl and the others all stand in silence.

    Back inside the prison Maggie, Beth, Axel, and Oscar are heading to the generator room. They get there. Maggie and Beth walk in first. Andrew pops out from behind a generator and swings his ax but misses Maggie and Beth both. Andrew says “What the hell are you 2 doing!? Helping them!?” Oscar says “Put the ax down man!” Axel agrees saying “This isn’t the way!” Andrew says “This is our prison!” Andrew swings his ax but misses and Oscar tackles him to the ground. Axel grabs the ax. Tomas comes out of the room further back and stabs Oscar in back, Oscar falls over. Andrew gets back up and the 5 of them have a standoff. Beth stands behind Maggie and Axel.

    Andrew and Tomas come at them. They both dodge. Beth runs into the corner. Tomas goes to come after Beth but Maggie digs her machete into his skull.

    Axel goes to chop at Andrew. Andrew falls back behind the generator. Maggie and Axel follow him behind the generator but he is gone. They turn off the generators. Maggie walks over and feels for a pulse on Oscar. He still has one. Oscar comes back to and the 3 of them help pick him up as they head back to cell block D.

    Outside in the prison yard, all Rick can hear are the echo sounds of a baby crying. He feels great grief over Lori’s death. Daryl and Morgan are kneeled looking at him asking “You alright Rick?” Rick gets up and grabs his axe and goes into the cell block slaughtering walkers. Maggie, Beth, and Axel are still helping Oscar down the hallway. They come across Rick who stares down Oscar and Axel. Maggie says “Rick, are you alright?” Rick comes toward. Maggie says “It’s alright they helped us! What happened Rick!?” Rick walks past them killing more walkers.

    Maggie, Beth, Oscar and Axel get outside. Maggie explains what happened. Hershel and Carol come out. Maggie and Beth hug Hershel crying as he informs them that Otis and Lori are dead.

    The residents of Woodbury enjoy a midday barbecue while Shane shares a cold drink with Milton. Shane asks him how long he’s known the Governor Milton says “Since this all started.”

    Meanwhile, The Governor brushes a young girl's hair in his living room. When he accidentally tears a chunk from her scalp, we see that she's The Governor's undead daughter Penny. "It's alright," he coos, gently stroking her head as she snarls. "Daddy still loves you." After restraining her and placing a cloth sack over her head, The Governor glances out his window, where he notices Michonne glaring up at his room from the sidewalk.

    The Governor comes out to the party. The Governor leads the townspeople in a toast. "We've built a place we can call home," he says. "Today, we celebrate how far we've come." Shane stands there glaring at the Governor. As the party continues, Michonne sneaks into The Governor's apartment to retrieve her katana. She rifles through his journal and discovers a list of names, the last of which, "Penny", is underlined.

    She hears thumping in an adjacent room, but before she can investigate, The Governor's return forces her to hide. She overhears Milton begging The Governor to hold off the evening's event so he can run an experiment, but The Governor refuses.

    Later, Michonne wanders into an industrial courtyard near Milton's lab, where she discovers a cage full of Walkers. She releases the Walkers and skillfully slaughters them. She's standing there smiling at the carnage when Tim, carrying a bucket of human appendages, catches her.

    Back at the distribution center, The Governor admonishes Michonne but also praises her fearlessness, inviting her to join his Research Team. She makes a guess and confronts him about Penny. "You know about Penny?" he says. "Then you know I loved her." "Bet you say that about all the girls," Michonne replies. She snatches her katana out of his hands and holds him at sword point, before slipping out the front door. Afterward, The Governor instructs Martinez to retrieve more "grist for the mill."

    Back at the prison, Hershel informs the group that the baby is healthy but requires formula in order to survive. Daryl says “No one else is dying today.” Daryl hops onto Merle’s bike. Merle goes to say something but decides against it.

    CHAPTER 53

    Rick has just ran into the prison after finding out his wife is dead. Morgan runs in after him others try to go. Morgan says “Let me do this myself! No one else comes!” Andrea says “I’m coming with you Daryl.” Daryl nods to her and she gets on the back of the bike with him and they head out of the prison to look for formula.

    Maggie says “One of them got away. He’s still out there.” Dale says “How did he get away?” Axel says “There’s plenty of ways out of here. I don’t think he’ll be coming back after what you did to Tomas and seeing that we are with you guys now.” Merle says “Still should have someone watching out, never know the guy may come back for payback.”

    On the road, Daryl and Andrea locate an abandoned daycare center, where they scavenge for bottles and formula. Andrea asks “So what do you think is going through Rick’s head right now? He just lost his wife.” Daryl says “Let’s try to keep our distance and see what happens, let him come back naturally.” Andrea says “I’m thinking we may have to do something, don’t need another Shane on our hands.” Daryl says “It won’t come to that. Rick just needs time.” Andrea says “Say what you want, I’m skeptical he’ll come back at all. You know you have become pretty buddy-buddy with Rick since we left the farm.” Daryl says “With Shane gone, Rick needs guys he can trust.” Andrea says “And you think he trusts you with Carl or the baby?” Daryl says “Someone needs to stand by him.” Andrea says “Wonder what your brother would think if you were beside Rick and not him.” Daryl says “Merle is with us too, ain’t nobody on a side, we’re all in this together.”

    In Woodbury, Shane walks into The Governor’s house again. Shane says “What now?” Governor says “Rick, we have a problem. Your friend just went into a private area and killed captive biters.” Shane says “Michonne did? Wait, why are you keeping captive walkers? Last time I was someplace with walkers locked up they…..” Shane stops himself for a second then says “Got out and killed my group……”

    Governor says “Well, I’m sorry to hear about that but they were locked up tight and Michonne. We use them for research. Milton still believes there is something left of who they once were and I wanna see what he comes up with.” Shane says “I’m telling you man it’s a lost cause those things are dead, they are a shell of what they once were.” The Governor says “When I confronted her about killing the biters she held her sword to my throat.” You can go now, but you have to talk to Michonne because people are being frightened by her and they want her gone but I don’t want that. Shane leaves.

    Back at the prison, Glenn and T-dog are digging graves. Axel and Oscar approach and offer to help. Glenn says "Axel you can, Oscar you need to rest." Oscar says "Nah man I can....." Glenn says "No, you don't have to prove yourself. You’ve already done enough." Glenn walks up to the fence where Hershel and Dale stand. Glenn says "2 of our people." Hershel says "Because of some asshole." Glenn says "Part of me wishes we would have killed all the prisoners on sight." Dale says "Axel and Oscar seem like good guys." Glenn says "I'd trade any number of people for one of ours any day." Dale says "We couldn't of known those other 2 were gonna try something, it isn't anybody's fault." Glenn walks away saying "Keep telling yourselves that."

    Elsewhere, Milton, Martinez, Guillermo, and the Research Team drive a tow-truck to an off-site pit, where they hoist out a netted trap full of Walkers. They hoist the walkers up and begin to take out the teeth with pliers.

    Shane walks out onto the street and sees Michonne walking toward the gate with bags in hand. Shane runs up saying “I thought you said you weren’t gonna leave for a couple days?!” Michonne says “I’m not staying here Shane, nobody that comes here leaves.” Shane says “Why would they Michonne? Walls, food, shelter? You’d have to be crazy to leave this place.” Michonne says “Yeah, that’s just what they show you. You even know but you still wanna stay.” Shane says “I’m not gonna let this guy get into my head.” Michonne walks towards the gate saying “He already has.”

    The Governor watches from his window as his men open the gate and Michonne walks out. Martinez returns with the others. Martinez walks into the Governor’s house. Martinez says “We got new biters locked up.” The Governor says “Good. Now bring me Michonne’s head and sword.”

    Back at the prison, Daryl and Maggie rush into the cell block with the baby supplies. Daryl cradles the baby and gives her a bottle. Carl suggests naming his sister after one of their group's deceased females, but can't decide from among all of the names. Daryl looks at the baby saying “I think we should name her Lil’ Ass-kicker…..huh? Do you like that? Lil’ Ass-kicker?” The group chuckles at the joke.

    Further inside the prison, Morgan is going through the hallways looking for Rick. Rick is walking through the hallways slaughtering walkers. Morgan turns the corner and sees Rick standing there. Morgan says “Rick?” Rick is not saying anything. Morgan approaches him slowly. Morgan says “Rick, you don’t need to clear this cell block, our cell block is already clear.” Rick stares at Morgan.

    CHAPTER 54

    Morgan stands there and says “Rick…..Rick listen to me, I know what you’re going through. I lost my wife, remember? Jenny? I told you about her when we first met. I use to dream about her every night after the day she died. I didn’t wanna admit it to Duane but I felt more grief than anyone could have known. That’s why I couldn’t kill her, I loved her too much. I told myself that I could save her but there are some things we can’t control, no matter how much we try. We can’t change the things that have happened, but we can still change for things to come, like Carl and this baby you still have them to protect. Rick, just come back to the group, coming out here and killing these walkers isn’t gonna change anything. It won’t bring Lori back, trust me, I did the same thing. My wife is still a walker out there, I may never see her again, but in some ways that may be for the best.” Rick looks up at Morgan slowly and falls to his knees and starts crying “She’s gone!!!!!” Morgan comforts him saying “It’s alright Rick……’s alright…”

    The next day out in the woods Martinez, Tim, Crowley, and Gargulio search for Michonne in the woods. They approach a corpse of a walker and arms in a weird symbol. Gargulio says “It says Go Back, see go and then a walker back.” Martinez says “Clever…….I’m thinking we should listen, she’s going to be very deep into the red zone soon.” Gargulio says “The Governor thinks she’s a threat to us then we need to find her.” Martinez says “You got some balls kid I’ll give ya that but….” Suddenly Michonne emerges from a tree and decapitates Crowley and stabs Tim in the stomach. She goes to slash Gargulio but Martinez pulls him back. Michonne disappears and Martinez and Gargulio go back to back. Martinez says “Do you see her?!” They don’t see her so Martinez and Gargulio prevent Tim and Crowley from coming back.

    Daryl, Carl, and Merle are searching the lower levels of the prison. Daryl tells Carl how his mother died. Daryl looks over to Merle who is tearing up. Daryl is surprised and says “Merle, did you not know?” Merle says “I just have something in my eyes let’s keep going.” Carl says “I shot my mom in the head, to prevent her from turning.” Merle says “Ain’t nobody criticizing you kid, you did the right thing.” Daryl says “I’m sorry Carl….” Carl says “I’m sorry about what happened to your guy’s mom.” Merle says “Ain’t nobody sorry for what happened to our dad. He was a real piece of work.” Daryl says “How would you know? You weren’t even there.” Merle looks at the ground in silence. He finds a pair of slippers. Merle says “Looks like I’m getting something out of today at least.” Merle starts walking back to the others. Daryl and Carl stand there silently for a second before following Merle back to the others.

    Morgan returns to the others in the Cell Block with Rick. Rick says “I’m alright.” Beth hands Rick the baby and lets him feed it as he sits there. Hearing baby cries not only in his ears but in his head as stares at the baby, realizing he is still not fully over Lori's death.

    Back at Woodbury, The Governor tells Shane he may have need for him on the wall. Shane says “Alright…” Shane goes to the wall watching for walkers. A girl named Haley is there as well with her bow. Shane says “I knew someone who had a weapon like that, it’s smart and stealthy. I was never the one for going in quietly.” They laugh. A walker approaches and Haley says “Watch this.” She attempts to shoot the walker in the head, missing twice.

    CHAPTER 55

    A little flustered Shane says “Let me try.” Haley glares at him for a second but then gives in and hands him her bow. Shane misses the first time. Haley snickers under her breath. Shane smiles and says “Hey you misses more than I have.” Shane holds the second shot as he aims for the walker’s head. He holds in his breath and exhales. “This is nothing like a gun” Shane says to himself. He lets go of the arrow and it drives straight through the walkers head. Haley claps saying “Alright, maybe you could teach me a few things.” Shane grins saying “I could teach you more than you know.” Haley smiles.

    In the woods, Martinez says “We’re heading back, she is heading too deep into the red zone, no reason to get ourselves killed trying to kill her when we can just let the walkers do it” Gargulio says “Hell no, Tim and Crowley died for nothing then! I’m gonna keep going, with or without you.”

    In the prison, Glenn and Maggie are preparing to leave to find more formula. Hershel insists “Maggie…..Glenn, we have enough formula for at least a month you don’t need to go out to find more yet. Maggie says “Better to prepare.” Glenn says “Don’t worry Hershel.” He puts his hand on his shoulder “I won’t let anything happen to her.” Maggie says “I’m right here, why do you guys have to treat me like I’m 14? I can handle myself.” Hershel says “At least have someone else go with you guys. Daryl, Merle, and Carl return from checking some bottom levels. Hershel says “It’s not that I don’t think you guys can handle yourselves I just think that taking another person would be safer.”

    CHAPTER 56

    Martinez stares at Gargulio for a moment then says “Fine, you can go ahead, I’m not going to get myself killed chasing that crazy bitch.” Gargulio says “What will the Governor think when he finds out you went against his orders?” Martinez says “No use following the orders of someone who is sending you to your death kid, you’ll learn that someday.” Martinez starts walking back to Woodbury. Gargulio goes to walk ahead but then stops himself and decides he’ll die if he goes by himself so he turns around and starts following Martinez back to Woodbury. Gargulio asks “What do we tell The Governor?” Martinez says “What do you think we tell him? She’s taken care of, might as well be, she’s going into the red zone. She isn’t our problem anymore.”

    They continue walking, they hear something rustling in the bushes nearby. They both have weapons ready. A man in a prison jumpsuit stumbles out with blood all over what looks like a prison jumpsuit. Gargulio creeps forward asking “Is he dead?” Martinez checks him but doesn’t see any bites or scratches. Martinez says “Help me get him up, we’ll take him back to Woodbury.” They pick him up. As they are walking along Martinez asks the man going in and out of conscious “What’s your name?” The man responses with “Andrew”

    Back at the prison Glenn and Maggie give in to Hershel’s pleads. Merle overhears them and says “I’m up for a little va-cay from this place. Been enough blood and guts spilled around here to make Jeffrey Dahmer go Vegan.” Glenn, Maggie, and Merle get in the red truck and take off looking for more Formula.

    Andrea is sitting with Beth and Amy. Dale walks in. Andrea says “What happened to Otis, could have happened to any of us. After being careful all winter we lost 2 people just like that, and we could have been killed just as easily.” Dale says “Well we are still here, should be thankful for that at least. Rick’s gotten us far. With the way this world is now I didn’t think we’d make it.” Beth says “We’ll all end up the same way……dead.” Andrea, Amy, and Dale look at Beth surprised. Beth says “I saw what Maggie did to that guy, and seeing stuff like that gets to you. It just makes you think, this world isn’t getting any better.” Beth gets up and walks out of the cell. Amy says “I swear that’s the first time I’ve heard her talk.”

    Michonne is walking out of the woods. She comes to a building. She hears a vehicle and hides. Maggie, Glenn, and Merle get out of the car. Merle says “Take all the time you need, if you guys can’t get some alone time at the prion now would be a good time to let it out.” Glenn grins but shakes his head. Glenn and Maggie head inside looking for Formula as Merle watches the car.

    CHAPTER 57

    Michonne decides to show herself. “Even though the redneck doesn’t look too friendly” she says to herself. Merle notices her walking towards him. At first he thinks she’s a walker and points his gun at her. Merle says “Hello there….” Michonne says “I’m not dead….” Merle says “That blood all over you could have fooled me.” Glenn and Maggie walk back out. Glenn says “Who are you?” Michonne stares at Glenn and then at Maggie for a few seconds then she says “Michonne.” Merle says “Are you guys considering we take her with us? Look at her I wouldn’t trust anywhere near our people.” Glenn says “We barely trust you anywhere near our people Merle.” Merle smirks saying “True, but we don’t know this chick.” Michonne says “If you don’t take me then I’m gonna keep walking.” Maggie says “I’m not sure what we do, what do you think Glenn?”

    Shane sits on the wall with Hayley. Hayley says “So what happened to your family?” Shane says “I’m not really comfortable bringing them up. Haven’t seen any of them since this all started, and I didn’t visit them before all this.” Hayley says “This bow was my dad’s, had to kill him for it.” They sit silent for a moment. Hayley says “Does it ever get easy……to do that?” Shane says “I don’t think about it, even if I love someone, it’s either me or them in that moment, I just turn off the switch in my head.” Hayley says “I don’t know if I can do that, just forget everything I just went through with a person and put them down like nothing.” Shane puts his hand on Hayley’s shoulder and says “Don’t worry about that, it seems safe as ever in here and you probably won’t have to go through doing that to someone again.” Hayley says “You never know. We may have not had someone die on the inside since winter but that doesn’t mean there won’t be an accident.” Shane says “When the time comes you’ll know, until then just enjoy not having to do anything like that.”

    Suddenly they hear yelling coming from outside the perimeter. Martinez and Gargulio have a man with them holding him. A few walkers are behind them. Shane jumps off the wall and begins shooting walkers. Shane yells “Open the gate!” Some of the men open and Martinez and Gargulio bring Andrew inside. They take him to Dr. Stevens.

    The Governor is told a new man has arrived. The Governor and Guillermo walk in. The Governor says “Hello, welcome to Woodbury. You’re lucky my men found you when they did.” The Governor glares at Martinez not seeing Michonne’s head or sword with him. The Governor says “You look like you went through the ringer.” Martinez says “We found them out there while patrolling.” Shane walks in. The Governor asks Andrew “Where are you from? How did you survive out there for so long?” Andrew says “The prison.” The Governor is surprised but then realizes Andrew is wearing a prison jumpsuit. Andrew says “Me and 4 of my boys were holed up in the supply room since all this started. Then not too long ago some Sheriff and his people come in and kill all the freaks and take it over and try and kill me. They are crazy.”

    Shane’s first thought when he hears Sheriff is “Rick” Andrew says “They killed 2 of my boys and the other 2 joined them. Mother fuckers.” The Governor and Martinez walk outside. Martinez says “You think he is telling the truth?” The Governor says “Where is Michonne’s head and sword?” The Martinez says “Too many walkers, me and Gargulio barely made it out.” The Governor says “But she’s dead right?” Martinez says “Yes, yes she is.” The Governor nods. Guillermo walks out and says “You think this Sheriff and his group are who killed my boys? We’ve been to that prison before and that is a lot of walkers. This group must be huge.” The Governor says “Maybe, Guillermo, take Gargulio and Shumpert and scout out this prison and find out what we are dealing with I don’t wanna another big group in our area, we’ll have to deal with them.” Shane walks out saying “Can I come as well?”

    CHAPTER 58

    Carol stands outside near the fence looking out onto the field. Hershel walks up next to her. Carol says “That field could be used to farm in.” Hershel says “You got a keen eye Carol. I was thinking the exact same thing.” Carol asks “Beth and Maggie alright since…?” Hershel says “Maggie seems fine but I’m sickly worried about Beth. A man held a knife to her throat, I wouldn’t be in the best state of mind. Trust me if Maggie wasn’t in the best state I would of tied her to the bed instead of letting her go with Glenn on a run.”

    At Woodbury, The Governor says “Alright, Rick. Don’t attack these people yet. We don’t know what we’re up against.” Shane nods his head. Shane, Guillermo, Shumpert, Andrew and Gargulio get ready to head out. Hayley approaches Shane asking “Where are you going?” Shane says “I’m heading out.” Hayley says “But you’re supposed to teach me stuff.” Shane says “I will when I get back girl. Calm yourself. You’re gonna get taught right. How many times have you used a real gun?”

    Hayley says “I don’t use guns too often they tend to bring more biters down on us.” Shane says “Well I’ll teach you how to properly use a firearm when I get back. Wondering if you know how to handle it properly.” Hayley says “I know how to handle a lot of things properly.” Shane smiles and Guillermo interrupts them saying “Jesus, keep your dick in your pants and get in the car Rick.” Shane gets in the car and Hayley heads back to the wall where Martinez and Warren are at opening the gate.

    Back at the prison, Andrea and Amy walk outside. Andrea asks “Where did Beth go?” Hershel said “I thought she was with you guys?” Amy says “She stormed off. We thought she came out here.” Hershel says “Well we gotta find her. People can’t just wander off, not since what happened to….” Rick and Morgan walk outside and Hershel stops himself. Rick says “What’s going on?” Andrea says “Beth just stormed off and we can’t find her.” Rick says “Alright, Andrea, Amy, Morgan come with me. Carol get Daryl, T-dog and others and head to Cell Block D, we still haven’t completely cleared out the inner areas of the prison and walkers could be lying in wait anywhere.” Hershel says “I’m coming too.” Rick says “Hershel stay here. Please.”

    CHAPTER 59

    Hershel says “I’ll go with Carol and Daryl.” Rick sighs then says “Alright, I understand, watch yourself Hershel.” Rick, Morgan, Andrea, and Amy head into the Tombs. Hershel, Carol, and Daryl head into Cell Block and get T-Dog and get ready to head to Cell Block D. Dale says “What’s going on?” Carol says “Beth is missing we’re going down to Cell block D to look around for her. Rick wants Daryl and T-Dog to come with me. And Hershel.” Dale says “Hershel do you think that’s the best….” Hershel says “Yes it is Dale, I’m going.” Carl says “I’m coming to look for Beth too.” Hershel says “No Carl stay here where it’s safe.” Carl says “Hershel you have one leg and I’m a pretty good shot.” Dale says “Carl, I think it’d be best if you stay here. You should consider staying too Hershel.” Carl stands there mad. Dale goes to put his hand around Carl’s shoulder but Carl storms back into his cell. Carol, Hershel, Daryl, and T-Dog head down to Cell Block D to search for Beth.

    Rick, Morgan, Amy, and Andrea head through the corridors. Andrea spots the spot where Otis died and they were forced to shoot him which distracts her. Amy says “Keep up Andrea.” Andrea keeps walking.

    Glenn, Maggie, Merle, and Michonne are riding back to the prison on the road. Merle is watching Michonne constantly. Michonne asks “Is there a problem you have with me or something?” Merle says “No, just a stranger. Gotta watch you closely.” Michonne rolls her eyes and looks out the window. Glenn asks “So how is Beth doing do you think?” Maggie says “A guy held her at knife point, I’d be freaked out if I was her.” Glenn says “She seemed like it before we left. How are you doing?” Maggie says “I’ll be alright, how are YOU doing?” Glenn laughs but then frowns saying “Lost 2 of our own. That Andrew guy is still out there somewhere.” Merle says “If he was smart he left the country, if I ever find that mother……” suddenly Glenn looks back ahead and a car is coming towards them. Glenn swerves and flies into the woods hitting a tree.

    Back at the prison, Carol, Hershel, Daryl, and T-dog make it to Cell Block D. They start searching for Beth. They find almost nothing. They hear a loud bang coming from further into the prison. They follow the noise. They go down a hallway and see a door slowly opening and closing. Carol calls out “Beth?” They walk slowly towards the door. T-Dog says “You really think it’s a good idea to open that door? I doubt its Beth behind there.”

    CHAPTER 60

    Glenn awakens to smell of smoke. He looks up and sees the whole front of the car is pushed together. He looks to his right and sees Maggie is knocked out. He looks in the back and sees Merle is as well. Michonne is awake and opens the door and stumbles out. Michonne looks ahead and sees Guillermo, Andrew, Shane, Shumpert, and Gargulio approaching the car with guns at the ready.

    Glenn pushes open his door and falls out. He gets up and sees Guillermo and the others. He spots Shane. Glenn says out loud “Shane?” Shane doesn’t answer. Andrew says “That’s one of the fuckers who took over our prison!” Michonne is surprised Glenn knows Shane. Shumpert and Gargulio hold Michonne and Glenn at gun point as they pushed them into the car. Shumpert and Gargulio go to get Maggie and Merle but Guillermo says “Forget about the others, they’ll be biter food. Let’s go.” Shane, Guillermo, Shumpert, Gargulio, and Andrew get back in the car and start heading back to Woodbury.

    Merle gets out of the car as they are driving away. Maggie awakens and gets out through the driver side. Maggie says “Where’s Glenn?” Merle says “him and that chick got taken, I knew we couldn’t trust her.” Maggie says “Why would she plan for us to crash?” Merle stops himself and gets up. Maggie says “Which way did they go, we gotta get Glenn back!” Merle says “We need to get back to the prison and get the others.” Maggie says “Michonne told us she was running from these people. Maybe they took her?” Merle says “I don’t know, before we got in the car and she was talking I kind of ignored everything she said. I didn’t even know her name was Michonne until you just said it.”

    At the prison, Carol creeps towards the door. T-dog sighs with her decision. She opens the door slowly. 2 Walkers come from the door. One falls on Carol and she shoots it in the head. Hershel shoots the other walker in the head. Daryl helps Carol up. Daryl says “That’s gonna bring more down on us.” They look ahead and see more walkers coming. They run at them and start killing them. They make it past them. They arrive at the boiler room. They walk in and hear crying. Hershel says “Beth?” Beth says “Get out of here!” Hershel says “Beth, what are you doing?” Beth walks out. Blood running down her arms, she is holding a razor in her hand. Hershel says “Why are you doing this?” Beth has tears running down her face as she stands there. Hershel goes to walk towards her and she holds the razor to her neck. Beth says “Just go away!”

    T-Dog says “We got walkers coming! We gotta go!” Hershel says “Why are you doing this?” Beth says “There isn’t any point…..” Hershel says “So you kill yourself? We’ve made it this far! Don’t give up hope.” Beth says “Hope? Hope when out the door when that guy was gonna kill me! For no reason. You all kill people and those walkers like it’s nothing. I can’t. Lori didn't deserve what happened to her. My mom.........Shawn.....Arnold.....Otis.....Patricia ...” Carol starts thinking back to when Ed and Sophia died and she was gonna kill herself in the CDC. How Lori and the others manage to convince her to go with them.

    CHAPTER 61

    Merle says “Maggie, we have to go back for the others. That chick told us where that place was. We get some others and we head there. Me and you aren’t gonna be able to take them on.” Maggie becomes angered but reluctantly agrees with Merle. They start heading on foot back to the prison.

    Back at the prison, Carol, Hershel, Daryl and T-Dog stand before Beth who is holding a knife to her own throat. Carol says “Beth…..listen to me. You don’t want to do this. Someone once told me that Family never leaves each other behind, and me or Rick or Daryl or half of us may not be blood, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t family. Hershel….Maggie……they are still here and they wouldn’t want you to do this. It isn’t fair to them. You’re just plain selfish if you do this.” Beth drops the knife. Carol and the others sigh. Rick, Andrea, Morgan, and Amy arrive. Hershel walks over and hugs Beth. Hershel and Amy take a crying Beth back to the Cell Block.

    Maggie and Merle arrive back at the prison. They start honking to let the others know they ae there. Carl and Duane hear the noise and rush outside. They head down to the gate and open it up.

    Merle and Maggie drive the car into the field and get out quickly. Maggie asks “Where’s your dad?!” Carl says “Looking for Beth.” Maggie rushes up to the cell block. She walks in to see them all crowded around Beth. Maggie yells “They took Glenn!” Rick says “Who?” Maggie says “These people, we met this women who warned us about these people in this place called Woodbury. Then while coming back someone hit us and took her and Glenn.” Daryl says “We gotta go get Glenn back Rick.”

    Glenn awakens dizzy, he looks around. Not being able to see just yet he starts crying out for Maggie. He comes to and the first person he sees a Latino man. Guillermo says “Hello there” Glenn says nothing. The door behind Guillermo opens and Shane walks in. Glenn glares at Shane. Glenn says “Shane…..” Shane says “I bet you thought I wasn’t real when you saw me, probably were wishing I wasn’t” Glenn says “You tried to kill Rick….” Guillermo glares at Shane, he then leaves. Shane says “So, how has the group been.” Glenn says “Cut this tape off my hands and I’ll tell you all about them.”

    CHAPTER 62

    Shane looks at Glenn for a second and says “I think I’ll keep you at a safe distance for now, looks like you’ve been through hell through the winter, to be honest…..I’m surprised Rick got you guys this far, I didn’t think he had it in him.” Glenn says “He’s a different man now, better one than you ever were.” Shane gets in Glenn’s face and asks “You can think that all you want, but soon we’ll see if your right or not.” Glenn says “I’m not telling you where they are so you might as well kill me right now.” Shane says “We know about the prison, a friend of yours Andrew told us.” Glenn’s face drops. Shane says “Rick has what is mine, and I want it back.”

    Before Glenn can say anything else The Governor walks in with Guillermo. The Governor asks Glenn “How many people are in your group?” Glenn pauses for a second and then says “40….” Shane says “Ah come on man there ain’t no 40 people Glenn…..just tell us, there’s no use lying.” The Governor gets into Glenn’s face and asks “How many people are in your group? We’ll find out anyways you might as well give it up.” Glenn spits in The Governor’s face. Guillermo punches Glenn in the face. The Governor says “Get the pliers.”

    Back at the prison, Rick says “Alright Daryl, Maggie, and Merle will go with me the rest of you stay here, if we’re not back by nightfall well…….” Hershel says “We understand, but Maggie please don’t go, it’s too dangerous.” Maggie says “I’m going Daddy, those people have Glenn and god knows what they’re doing to him." Merle says “Time to kick ass and take names little brother…..” Daryl says “Try and be serious for once Merle…” The 4 of them get their weapons and get into the Hyundai and head out of the prison while the others watch as they drive away. Maggie shows them to the car crash and shows them the way they went. Maggie tells them where Michonne told her the town is.

    They continue until they see walls. They drive up behind a train cart on railroads nearby. They 4 of them get out and spot the lookouts. Merle says “Damn these people are set up.” Rick says “Yeah, well we got the element of surprise. Get ready.” Daryl says “We should look for a back entrance or something there’s too many guys out front.”

    CHAPTER 63

    At the prison, the group is sitting around outside the Cell Block. T-Dog says “We should be helping Rick and the others get Glenn.” Amy says “Yeah, we should, only 4 people versus what sounds like a whole town?” Beth says “T-Dog is right.” Hershel says “Trust me T-Dog, we are all worried about Rick, Maggie, Glenn, and the others but that doesn’t mean we should do something we’ll regret.” T-Dog says “Did you not hear Amy Hershel? 4 people is not enough to rescue Glenn, there’s just no way.” Dale says “T, we shouldn’t do anything rash.” T-Dog says “Rick taking only 3 other people with him, now that was rash.” Andrea says “It makes sense more of us should have went, this place seems pretty secure, a lot more of us could of went.”

    Dale says “Do you people not understand? If too many of us go and they fail, then what? The rest here would be defenseless, and by now Rick and them are probably already inside this place. No reason to risk more people.” Carol says “Either way it is risky, if we don’t go Rick and them may not be able to save Glenn themselves, but Rick, Maggie, Merle and Daryl can handle themselves.” T-dog says “Doesn’t matter how they handle walkers, other people is a whole different game.”

    Morgan walks into the prison after standing outside on watch. Morgan walks up to T-Dog and says “If you’re going, I’m in.” Duane looks shocked with his dad’s decision. Carl says “My dad can handle himself, they’ll be back guys, with Glenn.” Axel and Oscar sitting in the background get up. Oscar says “I’m going if you guys are.” Axel seems to be against going.

    Outside Woodbury, Rick says “Good point Daryl, we’ll look for a back entrance into this place, no reason to act reckless.” Merle says “Good to know I’m not following an insane person.” They go around and find a door that could lead into a building inside the town. They try to open it but I won’t budge. Rick says “Guess we have to find a……” before he can finish his sentence Maggie kicks the door in. Maggie runs inside. Rick says “Maggie!” Merle snickers. Daryl says “It’s not funny Merle.” Merle says “Girls got a fire in her I’ll give her that.”

    Inside Woodbury, Guillermo brings in pliers. The Governor says “Alright now….” He looks at Shane for a second to get the man’s name. Shane says “Glenn.” The Governor says “Glenn, you have one more chance to tell me… many people are in your group.” Glenn once again spits in The Governor’s face. The Governor laughs then grabs Glenn’s finger, he grabs one of Glenn’s finger nails and rips it off with pliers. Glenn screams in agony. Michonne, is laying in the room next door and can hear Glenn’s screams through the walls, she can barely stand hearing it, and she feels like this is her fault Glenn is in the position. Glenn passes out from the pain. The Governor says “We’ll wait for him to wake up and see if he wants to be more cooperative.” The Governor looks at Shane and says “I’d like to have a word with you outside……...…Shane.”

    CHAPTER 64

    A women is running through the woods with a Shovel. She sees walkers through the trees. She hears shuffling nearby coming from behind a tree. She leans against the tree.

    The Governor and Shane walk outside. Shane says “I’m sorry I….” the Governor says “Don’t…….I don’t care about that right now… seems you know these people in the prison.” Shane says “Yes I was with them for a while…..they are bad people.” The Governor says “So you don’t care what happens to these people.” Shane says “There is 2 that I don’t want harmed. One is a women named Lori…and a little boy named Carl…you bring them to me.” The Governor says “Well alright…..could I ask what your relation is to these people?” Shane says “Lori is my…..” Shane sees a grenade go by their feet, before he can do anything it goes off and smoke comes out.

    Shane and The Governor are able to high tail it out before Rick, Maggie, Merle, and Daryl come in. Rick and the others run into the interrogating room. Guillermo is shocked. Rick shoots at Guillermo. Guillermo ducks behind furniture. Rick shoots and kills Warren. Maggie wakes Glenn up, and starts tearing up seeing one of his finger nails are missing and bleeding. Maggie says “What did they do to you!?” Glenn says “they know about the prison…..and Sh…” Glenn is going in and out of consciousness. Maggie and Rick help Glenn up as Merle and Daryl shoot at Guillermo to keep him pinned down behind the furniture. They go out. Michonne is pounding on the door from the room next to where they just got Glenn. Maggie says “That’s Michonne!” Merle says “We gotta go guys before more people are on us.” Maggie says "She's actually been here before she could help us get out!"

    CHAPTER 65

    Sasha decides she’s gonna come out swinging. She swings her Shovel out, and connects with something. A Hand. It’s her brother Tyreese. Sasha says “Oh thank god.” Tyreese says “Watch where you’re swinging that. Where’s Allen and the others?” Sasha says “Geeks got us spread out.” They hear screaming, they run towards it. Donna, Allen, and Ben fight walkers. They have almost all of them killed when one gets the jump on Donna, biting her on the arm. Tyreese and Sasha come to the rescue. They kill all the walkers but more are coming after hearing Donna scream in pain. The 5 of them continue running through the woods. Tyreese says “This way I saw some towers earlier in that direction!” The 5 of them continue running.

    They come to a clearing. They spot a building that has collapsed and there is an entrance in the rubble. The place looks huge. Tyreese and Sasha are about to go through the fence but Sasha turns and says “She can’t come with us Allen.” Allen shakes his head but Donna says “no, she’s right you gotta leave me. I’ll only slow you guys down.” Allen says “No, if she’s not going in there then we aren’t I’m not leaving her out here to turn into one of these things. Please.” Tyreese pulls Sasha aside and says “Sasha come on now….” Sasha says “She’s bit, she’s gonna die and turn soon.” Tyreese says “When the time comes we’ll deal with it then. We’ll worry about it once we’re safe.” He looks towards the building waving Allen, Ben, and Donna to follow them. As the 5 head into what looks like the prison Rick’s group has occupied.

    Inside the prison, T-Dog has decided against going after pleads from Hershel and Dale. Morgan and Oscar look a little disappointed. The others seem to breathe a sigh of relief aside from Amy and Andrea. Carl and Duane head off from Cell Block C. Dale says “Where are you two going?” Carl says “Anywhere but here.” They head into the tombs with a flashlight and pistol. Dale heads back to the others and says “I don’t know if you guys should worry but Carl and Duane have run off into the tombs.” Morgan says “Damn it, let’s go get them.” Morgan, T-Dog, Oscar head into the tombs.

    Amy follows as well. Andrea says “Wait, Amy...” Andrea follows as well. Dale seems nervous as they head off. Carol says “Don’t worry Dale, Rick and the others cleared out those Tombs good, I doubt there’s any trouble back there. Carol looks over to Beth who is sitting with baby Judith. Carol walks up and sits down beside her. Carol asks “So?” Beth says “She is eating good, healthy as can be to me anyways.” Carol says “I’m talking about you.” Beth says “I’m fine…” Beth glances quickly as the slice marks on her wrists then back to Carol.

    Carol says “It’s nothing to be ashamed of Beth, I was like that once too. After my daughter and husband died. To be honest I was more shaken up by my daughter…..Ed on the other hand…..he was a real piece of work, but back then it was both of them, because I was weak. You know why you’re still here Beth? Because you are strong……you may not be out there killing walkers, but to be truly strong, it isn’t just physical, everybody is strong in their own way. If you have that figured out then there is no reason to be doubting yourself or your livelihood.”

    Carl and Duane are walking down the hallway. They start hearing moaning and the sound of something hitting flesh. They open the door to the boiler room and see 5 people with walkers attacking them. Tyreese kills a walker then sees Carl and Duane. Carl yells “Follow us!” Tyreese waves Allen, Donna, Sasha, and Ben ahead as he kills one more walker. More pop out from behind the boilers and follow Tyreese and the others. Morgan, T-Dog, and Oscar hear the walkers and pick up the pace. They see Carl, Duane, and Tyreese’s group coming down the hallway. Carl, Duane, and Tyreese’s group passes as Morgan, T-dog and Oscar kill the walkers following them. More start pouring into the hallway. T-dog starts backing up along with Morgan.

    T-Dog yells “Let’s go Oscar!” Oscar says “Just go! I’ll hold them you make sure those people and the kids get back to the Cell Block.” Morgan says “I’ll make sure they get to the cell block you wanna give Oscar a hand?” Amy and Andrea rush up to them and start shooting the walkers along with Oscar. Morgan and T-Dog rush to the Cell Block as Oscar, Amy, and Andrea take care of the walkers. They have laid Donna down who is close to death. Carl points his gun at her. Tyreese says “Wow, kid.” Carl says “She’s gonna turn.” Dale, Carol, Hershel, Beth, Axel, and Duane stand there silent in shock by what’ happening right now. Sasha says “Seriously, is the kid the leader here or something?”

    CHAPTER 66

    Donna breaths her last breathe. Tyreese looks at Allen and says “She’s gone” Tyreese goes to hand Allen the hammer. You gotta do it man.” Allen who is now in tears looks at Ben and says “Look away Ben.” Ben turns around. Carol says “Here” Carol hands Allen her knife. Carol says “In case you don’t wanna mess up her face. I don’t think the last thing you’ll wanna remember about her is her brains all over the floor.” Allen says “Thank you.” Allen slides the knife into Donna’s skull gently. Carol says “You guys can bury her tomorrow.”

    In Woodbury, Rick says “Alright, Daryl, get Michonne.” Daryl heads to the door and says “Watch out in there!” Daryl kicks the door open. Michonne walks out. Rick says “Let’s go!” Michonne then goes to run off. Rick says “Hey! Where do you think you’re going!?” Michonne says “I gotta get my sword, and I gotta score to settle.” Rick looks confused but Michonne still takes off. Maggie says “She probably means that sword of hers.” Daryl says “Sword? What is she a samurai or something?” Rick says “Let’s get out of here. We helped her out she’s on her own.”

    The Governor and Shane are inside Milton’s lab grabbing weapons. Milton asks “what the hell is going on out there?!” The Governor says “Bandits who wanna take what we have.” Shane says “We’ll take care of them Milton.” Martinez walks in with Guillermo. Guillermo walks up and punches Shane in the face. Guillermo says “YOU WERE A PART OF THEIR GROUP!?” Shane is about to attack Guillermo but The Governor gets between them. Martinez says “Those mother fuckers got Warren, and this guy knows them, I bet they sent him in here on purpose.” Shane says “You guys pretty much captured me that doesn’t even make sense.” Martinez and Guillermo point their guns at Shane. Shumpert and Milton sit back shocked.

    Gargulio walks in. Gargulio says “Governor, that samurai chick is gone too, they must have helped her escape. Guillermo says “Your fucking friends almost killed me SHANE. You’ve been lying to us from the beginning.” The Governor says “This is enough, Shane is with us now.” Martinez says “Yeah, but for how long? Until his friends come back with more people.” Andrew says “Those bastards killed my friend Tomas like a dog. They all deserve to die.” The Governor says “Let’s go deal with these people instead of trying to kill each other. GO!” The Governor points them to the door. Martinez, Guillermo, Shumpert, Gargulio and Andrew head outside. The Governor says “Shane you know this group’s leader right?” Shane says “Yes.” The Governor says “then you must know his strategy, you get out there and kill this guy.” Shane heads outside.

    Michonne is inside the Governor’s home. She goes to the glass cabinet where her sword is. She then hears rustling in the next room over. The door she was going to check last time she was there.

    She breaks open the lock and heads inside. At first she sees the fish tanks filled with heads. She sees the pilot from the helicopter crash. She is horrified. She then sees a smaller door fit for a child to walk through. She hears chains behind it and growling.

    She opens the gate and what looks like a little girl with a bag over head walks forward. Michonne says “Oh my god.” She grabs the little girl and asks “Are you alright?” She removes the bag to see the little girl is a walker. Suddenly behind her she hears “NO!” Michonne turns around and the Governor is standing there. He says “Please……don’t hurt her.” The Governor says “Please…..don’t hurt my little girl.” Michonne is shocked. The Governor starts taking off his gun belt as a way to negotiate for his undead daughter’s life which Michonne finds disturbing.

    CHAPTER 67

    Michonne stands there for a second. She starts slowly walking towards the Governor with her sword at the back of Penny’s head. Michonne continues out the door. The Governor backs up as to not cause Michonne to stab Penny. Michonne starts backing out the door. She then pushes Penny at the Governor who takes Penny back into the little room as Michonne attempts to get back to Rick and the others. The Governor puts her back in chains and puts a bag over her head. He starts to tear up as he puts her back in the little room and closes the door. His face then turns to anger. He grabs his gun belt and heads back out the door.

    Rick, Merle, Daryl, Maggie, and Glenn are heading down the street after throwing a couple smoke grenades. Glenn is still not all there as they head down the street as he keeps attempting to tell Rick about Shane. Rick says “Rest Glenn don’t talk, we need to get out of here.” Merle and Daryl are shooting at unknown figures as they keep heading down the street. They spot a wall with a bus up against it. Maggie says “Rick, we gonna go over the bus?” Merle says “That is a stupid idea, we should go out the way we came in, and heading up the bus gives them a way better shot at us.”

    CHAPTER 68

    Rick says “Merle is right, they’re trying to box us in. We gotta go back the way we came.” Daryl and Merle nod. Maggie continues helping Glenn along as the 5 of them head towards the building they got in through. Before they get there more Woodbury men get the jump on them and Rick, Maggie, and Glenn leap into the building. Merle and Daryl are forced back. Rick looks outside to wave them but starts getting shot at.

    Rick, Maggie, and Glenn are forced to leave Merle and Daryl behind and are able to get outside the building. Gargulio, Martinez and Andrew start approaching Merle and Daryl. Martinez orders Gargulio and Andrew to head after the others out the building. Shumpert and Guillermo arrive with more men. Merle and Daryl are surrounded. Martinez, Guillermo and Shumpert are at the front of the group. They hear footsteps behind them. It is Shane and the Governor.

    Daryl and Merle are shocked as they see Shane come out of the crowd. Shane points his gun at them and says “Drop your weapons.” Merle says “Son of a bitch…..” Daryl says “You mother fucker…..” Shane says “We have a lot to catch up on.” Merle and Daryl drop their guns. Some Woodbury men tie Merle and Daryl’s hands and take them away.

    Rick, Maggie, and Glenn are almost to the car. They hear shots ringing past their heads. They turn to see Gargulio and Andrew chasing them. They jump behind some trees. Rick tells Maggie to get Glenn to the car. Gargulio and Andrew are still chasing the 3. Gargulio and Andrew order Rick to come out from the tree. Rick comes out and throws his gun at their feet. Andrew says “Now, where’s the Asian and the white bitch?”

    Suddenly a sword goes through Andrew’s head. Gargulio turns in shock. Michonne pulls her sword out of Andrew’s skull and attempts to slice at Gargulio. Gargulio dodges falling to the ground. Rick walks up and picks up his gun pointing it at Gargulio. Gargulio says “Please! Don’t shoot me!”

    CHAPTER 69

    Rick points his gun at Gargulio for a few seconds then says “Get up.” Michonne is surprised. Rick says “We’re getting Daryl and Merle back.” Maggie pulls up with the car with Glenn inside. Maggie says “Where are you going with him?” Rick says “I’m getting Daryl and Merle back.” Michonne says “You know He’s probably killed them by now.” Rick says “Who?” Michonne says “The Governor.” Rick says “You with me or not Michonne? Maggie, take Glenn back to the prison.” Maggie says “Do you want me to come back with others?”

    Merle and Daryl sit tied in a room. Shane walks in with Martinez. Daryl says “Why don’t you just kill us already asshole.” Shane says “The Governor has bigger plans for you 2.” Merle says “They’re gonna use us to get the rest of our group.” Shane says “You’ve gotten smarter than when I last saw you Merle.” Merle says “Yeah, well screw you too.” Shane says “I’m good, I’m saving myself.” Merle snickers. Merle says “I saw that Andrew guy with you, I’m guessing you know about the prison?” Shane says “Something like that.”

    Shane leans forward “how many of you are even left now? Only 4 people for a rescue mission? Seems unlike Rick, he always liked to risk the entire group. So who’s left now even? Morgan, Andrea, Amy, T-Dog, Carl, Lori? Is Dale eating some dead guy’s balls somewhere?” Merle starts laughing. Shane says “What’s so funny?” Daryl says “You have no idea.” Shane gets in Daryl’s face. “What don’t have an idea of?”

    CHAPTER 70

    Rick says “Maggie, just take Glenn back to the prison to Hershel, don’t come back for us.” Maggie drives off with Glenn. Rick points his gun at Gargulio and says “We’re gonna go have a talk with this Governor. Rick having Gargulio at gun point they start walking back to the building. Michonne says “We gotta go, your friends are as good as dead.” Rick corrects her “Family…….my family is as good as dead……” Rick keeps walking with Gargulio at gun point and Michonne follows him.

    Inside Woodbury, Daryl looks up at Shane and says “After the farm……..Lori told us…..she was pregnant.” Shane’s heart drops. Daryl says “We got to the prison not too long ago. Got inside and we found these prisoners. Things got bad between us. They released walkers on us trying to take the prison back. Lori started having her baby. Amy had to………cut her open. Lori died. The Baby survived. It’s a girl. They haven’t named her yet.” Shane sits in a chair behind him. Shane gets up and enraged starts punching Daryl in the face. He stops then turns and says “Where’s Andrew?!” Martinez says “He’s after the ones that escaped with Gargulio.”

    The Governor says “Well go get them then!” Martinez and Guillermo head outside to see Rick standing holding Gargulio at gun point. Martinez says “Governor!” The Governor says "Keep an eye on those two" he then walks out while Shane and Shumpert sit with Daryl and Merle. Rick says “You the Governor?” Governor says “Yes. You must be Rick.” Rick says “You have 2 of mine and I have 1 of yours.” The Governor says “Let me guess you have Andrew too?” Rick says “Actually a friend of mine put a sword through his skull.”

    Inside the building, Shumpert says “Shane?” Shane sits in the corner, “I have a daughter” he thinks to himself. Shumpert hears footsteps and heads to the door. Michonne pops out and grabs Shumpert and holds her sword to his throat. Michonne says “Let them go.” Shane says “Michonne……” Merle says “You know this chick?” Shane has his gun pointed at Michonne then he points it at Daryl’s head. Michonne says “You kill him I kill your man.”

    CHAPTER 71

    Shane sighs, he then pulls out his knife and cuts Daryl and Merle loose. Daryl and Merle run out. Michonne throws Shumpert to the ground. Shane helps Shumpert up. Shumpert says “What do we tell the Governor?” Shane says “Tell him they got the jump on us. Nothing else.”

    Outside, Rick still has Gargulio at gun point. Rick says “I have one of your men, now give me ours.” The Governor says “Rick, let Gargulio go and we can talk about this, no need for anyone to die.” Rick says “That’s funny coming from someone like you.” The Governor says “I don’t know what to say to get you to see this is ridiculous what you are doing.” Rick says “It’s simple, give me my men and I don’t kill yours.” The Governor sighs he looks around. It seems that all the civilians are back inside of their houses hiding. The Governor says to Guillermo “Can you go check on our prisoners?”

    Guillermo heads inside. The Governor says “Well it seems you don’t have any of my men anymore.” Rick is confused. The Governor pulls out his gun and shoots Gargulio in the head. Rick keeps Gargulio up as a shield as he doesn’t seem too shocked by what The Governor did. Guillermo runs back out saying “The 2 guys are gone!” The Governor turns as Guillermo is saying this. Michonne is right there and she slices at the Governor getting his right eye. The Governor falls down the steps.

    Martinez starts shooting at Rick. Rick books it down the street. Merle and Daryl pop out from behind a wall that Rick is running towards. Daryl is having trouble standing after the beating he took. Michonne tries to hit Guillermo but Guillermo dives behind some bushes. Michonne then runs after Rick and the others. Rick, Merle, and Daryl get to the building to leave again.

    Shane pops out of the building with his gun. Rick is completely shocked. Shane says “Hello, Rick.” Rick glares at him. Shane says “Guessing you are wondering why you are seeing me right now? I want my baby……” Rick says “I’m not ever letting you near that kid.” Shane says “That’s where you are wrong.” Rick points his gun at Shane saying “Doesn’t look like it to me.” Shane attacks Rick. They go to the ground where Shane begins to punch Rick. Rick rolls Shane over and starts punching him. Merle says “We gotta go!” Merle with Daryl in hand he helps Daryl out the building as Daryl is still trying to recover from the beating Shane gave him.

    Rick continues punching Shane. Shane is unconscious at this point. Michonne gets to him she is shocked at what she is seeing pulling Rick off Shane. Michonne says “We gotta go!” Rick says “I have to finish this!” Gunshots start hitting the building. They see Shumpert and some men approaching. Michonne keeps Rick going out the door, leaving Shane beaten to a pulp but Alive. Inside, Dr. Stevens is patching the Governor’s eye, which is pretty much useless now after being opened up from the sword. Dr. Stevens says “You’re lucky, you could have lost more than just an eye from what I heard.” The Governor says “Well whatever you heard is not true.” Milton walks in saying “What happened?” They all see Shumpert and some men bringing in Shane who has been almost beaten to death. The Governor says “Rick Grimes happened.”

    Back at the prison, Hershel is outside by the fence watching the entrance. Dale walks out. Dale says “Waiting for them to come back?” Hershel says “That’s all we can do.” Dale says “Are you starting to think we should have let T-Dog go and help them?” Hershel says “Only 4 people versus a whole town, just seems a little….” Dale says “Stupid?” Hershel says “Something like that.” Dale says “Did I ever tell you about my wife?” Hershel says “Cancer right?” Dale says “Took every possible hospital I could, all types of doctors. She just……gave up. What I want to say is, don’t give up on Rick.” Hershel says “It’s not Rick I’ve given up on.” Dale nods about to walk back when they see lights approaching the prison entrance.

    Morgan and Carl are at the prison entrance and they open the gate. The car rolls in. Maggie jumps out of the car yelling “Where’s my dad?!” Morgan says “Up there.” Pointing to the next gate. Maggie opens the door bringing Glenn out. Morgan says “Where’s Rick and the others?” Maggie says “He went back for Merle and Daryl.” Morgan says “What!?” Morgan opens the next gate then sprints up to Dale and Hershel saying “Glenn needs you Hershel! Is T-Dog still in the cell Block?” Dale says “Yes what is this about?” Morgan heads back inside. T-Dog says “Are they back?” Morgan says “Rick, Merle, and Daryl are still at the town.” T-dog says “We gotta get them.” Dale walks in saying “Guys please don’t risk anyone else.” T-dog says “You guys stopped me once, we should have went to help them when we had the chance now that Governor guy has them now.” Maggie and Carl help Glenn into the cell block. T-Dog says “Jesus Christ…..Glenn you alright?!” Oscar comes over helping Maggie and Carl get Glenn into a bed.

    Beth and Carol walk in. Carol says “Oh my god…..” Hershel says “We are gonna need a lot of towels.” Maggie tearing up as Glenn lays. Finger nail gone, and face beat in. Hershel says “We gotta rap that finger.” Carol asks “Who did this?” The others don’t know. Maggie knows the Governor did it, but another name came to Glenn while they were driving to the prison. Maggie knows Shane is with the Governor too.

    T-Dog says “You see Glenn in there Dale? Rick and the others are gonna get worse than that unless we go to save them.” Morgan and Oscar are willing to go. Dale says “Think this through guys! I’m all for saving them but you are risking more of the group with this T-Dog!” Axel says “This is crazy.” Dale looks at Andrea and Amy and says “What are you going too!?”

    CHAPTER 72

    Andrea looks at Dale and says “We’re staying here. T-Dog you can go without us.” T-Dog looks around and says “A’ight, let’s go guys.” Duane says “Dad where are you going?” Morgan puts his head against Duane’s and says “We’re gonna go get Rick, we’ll be back before you know it.” He kneels down and looks at Duane for a second and says “I’m proud of you, you know that right?” Duane nods. Morgan says “If your mom were……” Morgan stops himself then says “She would be proud of you too.” Morgan kisses Duane on the forehead and heads outside along with Oscar. T-dog stands there for a second.

    As they leave Carl says “You’re making a mistake, my dad will be back before you know it.” Dale says “Carl, can you go open the front gate for them?” Carl says “Why? Why do they need to go out there? My dad can save them. Just because my dad couldn’t save my mom doesn’t mean he can’t save anybody.” Hershel says “Carl……stop it.” Carl says “You’re not my dad Hershel.” Carl walks off.

    Tyreese says “We can help you guys, go with you and save your leader.” Hershel says “We can’t ask you to do that. This is our fight.” Tyreese says “From the sound of this town, and the way your people are acting, doesn’t seem like you aren’t gonna win that fight, you need man power. We can provide that. The least we can do since you’ve pretty much saved us.” T-Dog says “We could use the people Hershel.” Hershel looks at T-Dog and then back at Tyreese.

    Outside the prison Rick, Merle, Daryl, and Michonne are running down the road. Daryl is now able to walk but barely. Daryl says “You think they’ll chase after us?” Merle says “Officer Friendly Fire knows that kid is his Rick, Him and that Governor guy will be coming full throttle at us, why didn’t you let Rick kill Shane Afro Samurai?” Michonne says “I was with that guy all winter, I didn’t know what he was.” Rick says “He was my best friend and partner, he slept with my wife and tried to kill me. Next time I see him he is dead, and you aren’t stopping me Michonne.”

    They continue down the road. They see a car at the end of the road, it has crashed into a tree. Rick looks inside. Seeing nothing. Rick says “Nothing good inside, and there is no way this thing is drivable.” Merle says “Because you know more about cars than any of us right?” Rick says “Because the front is crushed from hitting the tree dumb ass.” Daryl laughs. Merle says “Would have hated to be in front of that tree when this car lost control, I’d be telling you guys to swing away.”

    Back in the prison Maggie and Beth are with Glenn who is awake. Maggie says “Glenn, keep still my dad still hasn’t patched you all the way. Glenn says “What is he doing that’s so much more important than this?” Beth says “T-Dog wants to go save Rick and the others.” Glenn says “Didn’t Rick tells us not to go back?” Maggie says “Yeah.” Glenn says “We shouldn’t we should listen to Rick and not go back for him. He did that so no one else would die.” Maggie says “It seems T-Dog is going whether we want him to or not.”

    Back outside, Rick and the others are about to keep heading up the road. They see a car coming down the road. Daryl says “Is that the Governor?” Rick says “This car is coming from the direction of the prison.” Merle says “Are they coming back for us?” Rick says “I told Maggie not to come back for us.” Merle says “Oh, nice Rick you wasted all that time digging our graves and left them empty.”

    CHAPTER 73

    Rick decides to flag down the car. He comes out on the road. The car stops. Rick looks inside to see Morgan, T-Dog, Oscar and a guy he doesn’t know. He points his gun at Tyreese and says “Who’s that?” Morgan says “His name Tyreese, he has people at back at the prison.” Rick sighs but tells Merle and Michonne to fit in the back with Daryl. They squeeze into the car. Morgan says “You guys actually made it, I’m surprised.” Rick says “We got some stuff to tell the group, we gotta get back.”

    They arrive at the prison where Carl opens the gate. They get Daryl inside. Hershel says “Rick we have….” Rick says “Yeah I know.” Rick sees the body lying on the floor. Rick asks “Who is that?” Allen says “My wife, she didn’t make it.” Rick says “I’m sorry to hear about that.” Tyreese says “Your name is Rick right?” Rick nods. Tyreese says “We wanna become a part of your group man, whatever it takes, I went with them to save you guys in good faith.” Rick looks at T-Dog and then says “I told them not to come back for me. And of course they didn’t listen. We have problems with other people. I can’t be responsible.” Hershel says “Rick.”

    Hershel pulls Rick aside. Hershel says “Rick we all appreciate everything you’ve done for us here. You saved us all and there is no way we could ever repay that debt, but I have to tell you, you’re making a big mistake if you push these people out.” Rick sits for a minute thinking. Rick looks at Hershel and starts smiling and starts to nod. He looks up to see Lori standing on the catwalk staring down at him. Rick starts shaking in fear, he starts realizing there is still something wrong with him.

    In Woodbury, Shane awakens after his beaten from Rick. The first face he sees is Hayley. Hayley says “You’re awake.” Shane looks around to see himself in his own bed. Shane says “What happened?” Hayley says “Those people got away, they left you beaten to a pulp.” Shane sits there in silence for a minute then says “Can I have a few minutes to myself Hayley?” Hayley nods and walks outside. Shane sits there for a second then starts to cry. Shane himself isn’t sure if he is crying about Lori, or the fact that he has a daughter.

    Shane wipes the tears and then tells Hayley she can come back in. Instead the Governor comes in. The Governor has his right eye wrapped. Shane says “Holy shit, what happened to you?” The Governor says “Michonne tried to kill me, she was able to get my eye in the process. Martinez and the others saved me. Get some sleep, tomorrow we talk about how we’re gonna get your daughter.” Shane nods. Hayley walks in and The Governor leaves.

    Hayley asks “Did you see his eye?” Shane laughs saying “Guess we should be calling him The Captain now.” Hayley says “So I was thinking….” She starts sliding her hand along Shane’s leg. Shane says “Hold on no….” Hayley says “I’m old enough, and we’re surviving possibly the end of the world, I ain’t taking any chances. Also those walls aren’t that thick, I could hear you.” Shane can’t even think about that right now but Hayley starts kissing him.

    CHAPTER 74

    Shane and Hayley start to make out. Shane begins to remove her shirt. Outside the room Martinez and The Governor are talking. Martinez says “What are we gonna do?” The Governor says “We’re gonna take care of these people in that prison Martinez.” Martinez says “The same way you took care of those people in the nursing home?” The Governor says “Just get ready because tomorrow we head for that prison to do a little retaliation.” Martinez sighs as the Governor walks away. Martinez follows him. At the end of the hallway Guillermo comes out, it seems he was eavesdropping and knows the Governor killed his people.

    Back in the prison, Rick sees Lori on the catwalk but ignores her for a moment. He looks back at Tyreese to see Lori standing right behind him. Rick puts his hand on his pistol holster as he starts quietly saying “No…no...No…no”

    Carl says “Dad?” Hershel says “Rick?” Tyreese and his group are confused. Rick look to Cell Block C and sees Lori standing in the doorway. He looks towards the door to the tombs and starts sprinting through them. Hershel says “Rick!?” Morgan and Daryl go after him.

    Morgan yells “Rick!” as they chase him down the hallway. Rick continues down the hallway. He comes to a hallway that splits into two he looks behind him to see Lori. Rick yells “I can’t help you get out!” He pulls out his pistol shooting it at her. Morgan and Daryl are almost shot and back up. Rick heads down the hallway towards the cafeteria. Morgan and Daryl follow slowly behind. Rick makes it to the cafeteria and falls to his knees out of breath. He looks up to see Lori. Rick starts backing up “Please just leave, I can’t help you!” He starts to cry. Morgan and Daryl walk in to see him crying. A couple minutes later Carl appears through the doorway as well. Carl says “Dad?” Carl hugs Rick as Rick cries.

    Allen takes Tyreese aside. Allen says “What the hell is up with that guy? He almost drew his gun on us.” Hershel says “He lost his wife a couple days ago.” Sasha says “Jesus.” Hershel says “He hasn’t been the same since.” Tyreese says “Despite him being in morning he didn’t seem to say no.” Hershel says “Pretty sue he was about to kick you guys out but me talking to him may have changed his mind. I’m still not 100% sure he’s on board with it. We’ve lost a lot of people.”

    Tyreese says “Would you let us stay here until your leader isn’t going bat shit?” Hershel says “I guess so.” Tyreese shakes Hershel’s hand “Thank you.” Hershel says “Shouldn’t thank me yet. You guys can set up in Cell Block D Oscar or Axel can take you there.” Axel and Oscar both show the 4 of them to Cell Block D. Morgan and Daryl help Rick up to his feet after he has stopped crying. They help him to Cell Block C. He lays down in his cell. The rest of the group go to sleep as well. Wondering what tomorrow will bring.

    The next morning, Rick is watching in the tower. Carol, Axel, Amy, and Andrea are setting up wooden pallets against the fences around the prison to help in case The Governor decides to attack. Axel stands there trying to talk to Andrea and Amy who are a little creeped out by him so they head down to the gate. Carol is the only one left.

    Axel says “So……what’s your story.” Carol says “My husband was an asshole, that enough for you?” Axel says “You are straight?” Carol says “What? Yes I am! Why do you think I’m gay?” Axel says “The hair….” Carol says “No, I’m not a lesbian.” Axel says “Really? Well this is interesting.” Carol laughs saying “No it’s not.” Carol walks away as well. Axel says “So I guess I’m stuck doing this myself?” Oscar walks up and says “You are so smooth with the ladies man.” Axel says “Funny, tell me something I don’t know.”

    Rick continues to stay on watch. He looks through the scope at the bridge outside the prison he spots a figure standing in a white dress. It’s Lori.”

    Inside the prison Hershel and Maggie are helping Glenn to his feet. He is still a little woozy from the beating. Hershel says “You think you can walk 4 feet by yourself?” Glenn says “I’m good, let’s head outside.” Glenn starts walking fine. He looks down at his hand. The Band-Aid wrapped around his trigger finger with no fingernail. Glenn says “Looks like I’m not shooting a gun with this hand for a while.” Hershel says “Gotta give it time to heal.” Maggie says “You can probably be taught to aim with your left hand?” Glenn says “Who’s gonna do that?” Maggie says “Merle could teach you, since Shane is…..” she stops herself then Hershel says “Is gone?”

    CHAPTER 75

    Maggie stops walking and turns to Hershel. Maggie says “Shane is with the Governor.” Hershel stands speechless. Glenn says “Maggie!” Maggie says “No stop Glenn, it doesn’t matter anymore.” Hershel says “Who all knows this?” Maggie says “Besides Glenn I would guess maybe Rick, Merle, Daryl and Michonne.” Hershel says “We gotta tell the others.” Maggie says “Should we really do that?” Hershel says “The others need to know.” Glenn says “Maggie I gotta agree with Hershel we should tell the others.”

    Rick decides to stay on the watch tower. He keeps looking along the tree line. He spots her once again near the gate. Dale, Amy, and Andrea are sitting near the fence as Carol walks up to them. Dale says “It’s so peaceful behind these fences. Sometimes you forget there’s an apocalypse on the other side.” Carol says “I think we should always live like there could be a walker anywhere. That’s what kept us safe throughout the winter. If we give up what we’ve used to survive it could be a disaster.” Amy says “I don’t think any of us are gonna forget what we learned over the winter.”

    Andrea says “Yeah, but I think we all know the one person that deserves the credit for getting us this far.” Rick has come down out of the tower and walks over to Andrea and the others. Andrea asks “How are you doing Rick?” Rick stands there is silence.

    Rick asks “Do you think letting these people in is a good decision.” He points to Tyreese, Sasha, Allen, and Ben who are burying Donna in the prison yard. Dale says “I think it was the right thing to do Rick.” Beth walks out with the baby in hand and gives her to Rick. Carl asks “What should we name her?” Dale says “You still haven’t named her?” Rick says “We’ve been so busy with everything…..i just.” Dale says “It’s alright Rick.”

    T-Dog, Daryl, Morgan and Merle are working on the cars. T-Dog looks at Tyreese and the others burying Donna. Merle says “What you wanna go say a prayer for the dead chick?” T-Dog says “I use to be religious believe it or not.” Merle says “Were you one of those guys in church that would sing in what was it?” T-dog says “Choir, and no my singing voice is terrible, I sound like a duck choking on a rock when I sing.” T-Dog asks “Morgan, you a church goer?” Morgan looks at the ground “My wife was.” They go silent. Morgan says “I’m sorry I...” T-Dog says “No sorry my bad man. I shouldn’t have brought it up.”

    Hershel and Maggie walk out along with Glenn who is walking by himself. Everybody sees this and starts clapping. Glenn says “Thank you, I’m here all week.” Rick walks up and says “You alright? You good?” Glenn says “Yes guys I’m fine I lost a fingernail not a foot.” Hershel walks up to Rick and says “We gotta talk Rick.” Merle says “Looks like you may have lost some brain cells going by your face.” Glenn walks up and asks “Merle, I was wondering, since I can’t use my right hand for now think you help me learn to shoot with my other hand.”

    CHAPTER 76

    Merle nods saying “What else do I have to do?” Daryl says “Help me with this engine?” Merle says “You know how to get it brother. I’ll help Jackie Chan with his aim.” Maggie says “There he is.” Merle says “Let’s go to the other side of the prison.” Glenn says “I don’t like where this is going.” Merle says “I’m not gonna kill you if that’s what you’re thinking.” Merle and Glenn head for the other side of the prison with guns in hand. Rick asks “Where are they going?” Maggie says “Merle is gonna teach Glenn to shoot with his other hand.” Rick says “Not that hard, why he need someone to teach him?” Maggie says “It’ll be good for him.” Rick says “Whatever you say.” Rick starts walking towards the prison with baby in hand.

    Axel and Oscar walk down to Tyreese and the others who are helping bury Donna. Axel asks “You guys need any help?” Tyreese says “We’re good.” Oscar says “Well if you need anything, you let us…” Oscar is stopped short as a bullet flies through his skull. Oscar falls. Tyreese and the others turn. Rick turns around with baby in hand and sees Oscar drop dead. Outside the prisoner fences The Governor has his gun pointed, smoke rising from the barrel having just taken Oscars life he looks to take more as he fires continuously.

    Tyreese, Sasha, Allen, Donna, and Axel head for the gate but The Governor fires in front of them. They head back down to the graves and hide in the tall grass. Rick gives the baby to Beth and waves her inside. Rick grabs his gun and begins shooting at The Governor. Martinez and Guillermo shoot as well. Hershel heads inside along with Beth. Tyreese and Sasha start hearing the roar of an engine. Suddenly an armored van bursts through the front prison gates. The Governor smiles as he shoots his gun in the air. A Women in all armor jumps out of the van and opens the back of the van releasing walkers into the prison yard.

    Tyreese and Sasha tell Axel, Allen and Ben to stay down. The Governor stops shooting as walkers pour out of the van and start to take up the whole prison yard as more walkers enter through the destroyed gates. Merle and Glenn are walking through the prison, they then begin to hear gunshots. Glenn says “What was that?! MAGGIE!” Glenn continues to yell. The gunfire then stops. Merle says “It was probably one of us shooting at a walker.

    CHAPTER 77

    Glenn says “We gotta go back.” Merle says “Wow, now okay.” Glenn sprints back towards Cell Block C, Merle follows. They run into Beth and Hershel. Glenn says “Where’s Maggie!?” Hershel says “She’s out there, please don’t go out there Glenn there’s gunfire coming from everywhere!” Glenn burst outside and sees everybody has taken cover. He sees the prison yard is completely filled with walkers. Rick sees Glenn and yells “Get inside Glenn! You shouldn’t be out here!” Glenn spots Maggie and starts running to her. The Governor spots Glenn and begins firing at him.

    Guillermo sits there staring at The Governor as he is shooting at the prison group. He can see the Governor enjoys it. Guillermo and Martinez stops shooting and just watch as The Governor continues shooting in the air. Merle walks out and begins shooting. He hits The Governor in the shoulder. Martinez and Guillermo get The Governor in the car and they pick up the armored women and they drive off. Rick and the others come out and open the gate waving Tyreese and the others inside. They close the gate and then stare at the dozens of walkers now inside the prison yard.

    Dale says “We have a major problem! They just came here! Shooting at us! They bust through our gates and sick walkers on us! Who the hell is this guy!?” T-Dog says “The bastard killed Oscar!” Andrea says “We either got to leave or strike back, I don’t think this’ll be the last time he’ll attack.” Daryl says “He wanted to show us what he can do.” Merle says “Honestly I ain’t that impressed.” Glenn hugs Maggie. Maggie says “Why did you come back?” Glenn says “You were in danger!” Maggie says “You’re in no condition to save me or anybody!” Glenn walks off. Maggie says “Glenn wait I’m sorry.” She throws her gun to the ground and follows him.

    Morgan says “We gotta go! This guy just came to where my son is and shot at us. Duane and Carl were both out here! What if had hit them Rick?” Rick says “Guys this is still the safest place for us to be!” Merle says “Prison cells and crazy gun wielding lunatics, definitely speaks safe to me.” Rick says “Where else could we get fences like this? They still can’t get us.” Morgan says “Yeah, well what if this Governor guy comes back with another van and runs down this other gate! Then we definitely wouldn’t be safe!” Andrea says “Morgan is right we need to go before this guy comes back.”

    Rick says “We don’t go anywhere! We need to think this through. We can fix the other gate. Also I have a plan to get rid of the walkers in the yard. We’ll take care of them like we did when we first got here.” Amy says “If we are staying then we gotta hit them back, we can’t just be sitting ducks.” Merle says “Gotta agree with Amy, if we’re staying then we gotta hit them back, they won’t see it coming since they just attacked us.”

    CHAPTER 78

    Rick sighs then says “Okay, we’ll gather some guns and head to Woodbury and try and end this.” Dale says “Last time you guys tried and took them by surprised Daryl and Merle got captured and Daryl got pretty much tortured. We should be leaving. Carol and Hershel nod. Carol says “They have a whole town, what you gonna go and kill them all?” Morgan says “If that’s what it’s gonna take. We gotta end this.” Dale says “Instead of trying to get petty retaliation we should play it smart and safe and get out of here! Get as far away from this Governor guy as possible.” Merle says “Who wants to play it smart and safe? I am more into the long, hard, and gritty plan.” Morgan says “What if this guy wants to follow us Dale? Shane is with him and knows that Lori had a baby. And he thinks it’s his so he won’t ever stop chasing us!” Rick says “Morgan is right, Merle, Daryl, Michonne, you’re coming with me.” Amy says “I’m going to.” Andrea is surprised. Amy says “I’m a pretty good shot now.” T-Dog says “It’s true, she saved our asses while we were saving Tyreese’s group when they came into the prison.” Andrea says “If you’re going then I am too.”

    Rick says “So it’s settle, Morgan, Daryl, Merle, Michonne, Andrea, and Amy. The rest of you stay here and try clearing the prison yard.” Rick and the others going out grab their weapons. Merle looks at RV. Dale says “I’m surprised she’s lasted this long.” Merle says “Can I ram her through Woodbury’s front gates?” Dale’s eyes widen. Dale says “Now why would you want to do something that stupid?” Merle says “We can’t go through any back way now, they’ll be watching them. They wouldn’t expect us to just go in through the front.” Rick says “I don’t know about that Merle.” Merle says “Well someone has to come up with some plan if we’re going today.” Rick looks at the RV.

    Glenn sits inside a cell in Cell Block C. Maggie walks in and asks “You okay?” Glenn says “You yelled at me for trying to save your life, I don’t know what okay is.” Maggie sits beside him and says “everything is gonna be alright.” Glenn says “You sound just like Hershel when you talk you know that?” Maggie says “They are gonna attack Woodbury again.” Glenn says “I’m guessing me going is off the table?” Maggie laughs. Duane walks past the cell. Maggie says “Duane how are you?” Duane remains silence and walks to the next cell. Laying in the bed.

    Carl walks in with anger in his face. Maggie says “Carl?” Carl says “They are going to attack Woodbury. I asked my dad if I could go and he said no.” Maggie says “I don’t think you should be going to begin with. We need you here to help protect your little sister and the others.” Carl sighs and walks to Duane’s cell. Carl says “You mad too?” Duane says “My dad is always going off doing god knows what. We barely ever talk anymore. He’s always on watch.” Carl says “Yeah my dad gives me the occasional good job and stuff but he doesn’t talk to me either.”

    In Woodbury, Shane walks outside and sees The Governor, Guillermo, and Martinez arriving through the gates. Guillermo gets out as The Governor heads to Doctor Steven to get his bullet wound checked out. Shane walks in asking “where were you?” The Governor says “Your friends at the prison, are great shots I’ll give them that.” Shane says “You went without me?” the Governor says “I just went to scared them a little, who knows when we go back again maybe they’ll surrender?”

    Shane says “Rick’s son is in there, he isn’t gonna surrender to you. Trust me I’ve known Rick almost my entire life! You should have told me you were going already.” The Governor says “You going wouldn’t have been such a good idea. You were in bad shape from that beating you took.” Shane says “I got a score to settle and my…” The Governor points to his eye and says “I GOT A SCORE TO SETTLE TOO.” Shane goes silent. Martinez walks. Shane storms outside. Hayley is there and she asks “What’s going…” Shane says “Just…leave me alone Hayley, please.” Hayley frowns as Shane walks towards the gate. He glances over to Guillermo who is staring at the building Shane just came from. Guillermo has a gun in his hand.

    Shane walks up to the top of the wall and sits in a chair up there. He sits there for a couple hours until darkness consumes the sky. He is about to doze off when he sees lights coming towards the gate. There is only one other person up on the wall with Shane.

    CHAPTER 79

    At the prison, Andrea sits with Amy. Andrea says “You know you don’t have to go if you don’t want to?” Amy says “I learnt how to shoot might as well make use of it.” Andrea says “T or anyone else can take your spot if you don’t think you’re up for it. You haven’t had to shoot at actual people, it changes you.” Amy says “I’m fine Andrea, Jesus.” Andrea looks at the dolphin necklace Amy is wearing, the same one Andrea got her. If Andrea hadn’t given her the necklace that night god only knows what might have happened, Andrea keeps picturing in her head what might have happened and it scares her to death. Amy walks away getting ready for the trip to Woodbury.

    Shane decides to call out for the vehicle to stop. The car doesn’t look to be stopping. The Governor is inside his house brushing Penny’s hair. He accidentally rips out some of her hair and she becomes restless. BANG. The Governor hears outside. The Governor puts Penny back in the cage and looks out the window to see the front gates are gone. A Truck is driving rampantly around Woodbury shooting in the air.

    Martinez walks outside with his gun and his head is almost shot off as he barrels back into his house taking cover. Merle, Daryl, Rick, Morgan, Andrea, Amy, and Michonne are in the truck. Rick jumps out first. Rick asks “Where’s The Governor’s house?” Shane sees who it is and hides behind the building next to the Woodbury gate. He looks at Rick and the group as they head for The Governor’s house. Martinez and the Woodbury soldiers finally are able to assess the situation and begin firing at Rick and his group. Rick says “Take cover!” Michonne says “We gotta get to The Governor’s house!” Merle says “Go! We’ll cover you guys.” Merle, Daryl, Andrea, and Amy begin shooting back. Rick, Morgan, and Michonne head for the Governor’s house. Guillermo comes out of his house seeing the gun fight taking place. He just stands there not reacting. He then grabs his gun and heads out the door.

    Merle and Daryl push forward trying to flank Martinez and Shumpert and the Woodbury men. Merle and Daryl are split up Daryl jumps behind some bushes in front of the main city hall. Daryl shoots his crossbow hitting a soldier in the chest. Merle is forced back to Andrea and Amy. “Daryl!” Merle yells.

    The Governor walks into Milton’s lab. Milton says “What the hell is going on?” The Governor says “It’s the Day of reckoning Milton. These people wanna play, then let’s play.” He grabs the 50 Cal. Rounds off the ground as Martinez sprints in. Martinez says “Gov! What the hell are you doing?” The Governor turns around, “Get the jeep.” he says. Milton is shocked and Martinez smirks.

    Guillermo is attempting to see through the smoke from the smoke grenades Rick's group has been throwing. He comes upon Daryl and Shumpert fighting. Daryl has Shumpert against the ground attempting to stab him with an arrow but Shumpert is able to hold him back. Shumpert sees Guillermo and yells “Shoot him G!”

    Guillermo hears this and thinks back to Felipe, Miguel and Jorge saying the same thing the first time people attacked the nursing home. They had captured the leader of another group who just killed some of their Vatos including a couple innocent seniors from the nursing home. Guillermo was forced to shoot that leader but never wanted to do anything like that or even lead when this all started, all he wanted to do was help defenseless people and survive without the risk of having to make decisions for everybody. He knew what kind of man The Governor and his “men” are after finding out what The Governor did to his people in the nursing home. Guillermo thought the prison people were bad but he knew better now.

    CHAPTER 80

    In the prison, Beth is holding Judith feeding her. Hershel walks up and sits beside her. Hershel says “You’re good with her.” Beth nods saying “She is beautiful.” Hershel puts his arm around Beth and says “But she isn’t as beautiful as you, you know that right. Every time I go to sleep at night, I dream about that day your mother…” he stops himself he then continues saying “I just wish things could have went differently.” Beth says “Something’s you can’t change, sometimes just the littlest of moments make that wrong decision worth it. Sometimes…..” Hershel says “Sometimes you tend to talk that kids ears off.” They laugh. Hershel says “When you’re holding that baby though, you just remind me so much of your mother.” Beth says “Really? No I don’t think…” Maggie stands in the doorway of the cell they are in. Maggie says “You do though Beth.” Hershel says “You girls are the best thing that ever happened to me. I just wish things were different for all of us. Every time I wake up I’m expecting everything to go back to normal. Then I look at you two and I realize this is normal. All of this is normal now.”

    Dale sits outside looking down at the front gate. T-Dog walks up beside him and says “You do realize they left not even an hour ago right?” Dale says “I know.” He continues to stare. T-dog says “then what are you staring at?” Dale says “I don’t know.” T-dog chuckles “You better watch out Dale that Alzheimer’s will sneak up on you like a cheetah.” Dale says “My mind is like a cheetah trust me.” T-Dog says “What?” Dale says “Nothing…” T-dog says “Man I get it, those girls are like daughters to you. Hey I’m worried about them all too but they can hold their own.” Dale still keeps looking at the gates, worried about those 2 girls he felt so responsible for, he then says "I hope you're right."

    Back at Woodbury, Rick, Morgan, and Michonne are creeping through the hallways, almost to The Governor’s place. They hear gunshots outside still. Michonne says “Hope your friends can hold them back.” Morgan says “Merle was military, if they are getting to us, he won’t make it easy.” Rick says “You should put more emphasis on was. He sure doesn’t act like it.” Michonne says “Could have fooled me.” They arrive at the door outside The Governor's place. They see the door isn’t closed all the way. They open it slowly. Once they see there is no one there they head inside.

    Amy, Merle, and Andrea are still shooting at Woodbury soldiers. Amy aims and shoots one in the chest. She looks shocked, not actually expecting to hit anybody. Merle says “I gotta get Daryl, remember to write!"

    Guillermo looks at Daryl and Shumpert, Shumpert yells “Shoot him G!” Guillermo shoots Shumpert in the head. Daryl is shocked, he puts his hands up. Guillermo puts his gun down. Daryl just stares at him confused. Guillermo says “Go!” Daryl says “You really staying here with them after that?” Guillermo says “There’s so much smoke nobody saw me do that.” Daryl says “You really wanna bet your life on that?”

    CHAPTER 81

    Guillermo sighs then says “You’re right, I can’t stay with them.” Daryl nods and waves him along as they head down the street, suddenly Merle appears through the smoke holding his gun up and before either of them can say anything Merle shoots Guillermo in the head. Daryl says “STOP!” Daryl looks down at Guillermo and looks at Merle and says “He saved me you stupid son of a bitch, he wanted to join us.” Merle looks down then says “Well he had a gun and I saw him shooting up the prison, that prisoner got shot, he could have stopped the Governor then and he did nothing.” Daryl says “Aw shut up, you didn’t even know that con’s name, his name was Oscar and it wasn’t this guy’s fault you can blame the Governor for all of this!” Merle says “Or we can blame that Samurai bitch, if it wasn’t for her we wouldn’t be in this mess in the first place!” Daryl angry with Merle says “Let’s just get back to Andrea and Amy.”

    Rick, Morgan, and Michonne walk into the Governor’s house. Morgan says “He isn’t here, damn it.” Michonne looks around and looks at the door where The Governor has his fish tanks filled with heads and his zombified daughter. She kicks the door down. Morgan says “I guess we don’t need to find the key.” Michonne walks in up to the cage. Rick and Morgan walk in to see the fish tanks filled with heads. Morgan says “Good god…..” Rick remains silent. Morgan says “Now that’s all kind of crazy.”

    Michonne is able to break the little door open. She then claps her hands. A little girl with a bag over her head comes out. Morgan says “This guy…has a little girl in a cage?” Michonne removes the bag. The little girl is a walker. Morgan goes out of the room and grabs a picture off the dresser. Morgan says “That’s his daughter.” Michonne says “Last time I had her like this, he tried to bargain with me so I wouldn’t kill her. Like she was still alive!” Rick pulls out his gun and says “How could someone do this to their own child?” He points the gun at her head and pulls the trigger, putting the little girl out of her misery.

    Outside Andrea and Amy are still shooting at soldiers and distracting them. Suddenly they hear the roar of an engine. Suddenly from down the street comes a jeep. The Governor in the back of a jeep with a 50 cal. Gun mounted while Martinez is in the driver seat. He begins shooting at Andrea and Amy. Amy is hit twice in the stomach falling over. Merle and Daryl dive behind bushes in front of the city hall. Andrea yells “AMY!!!” She stops shooting and gets down behind the cover with Amy who is bleeding badly. Amy says softly “Andrea…..” Andrea says while sobbing “We’re gonna get you help! Just hang on please!” Amy says “Andrea…” she takes off the dolphin necklace Andrea gave her and puts it in Andrea’s hands. Andrea says “No Amy…”

    Andrea picks Amy up and starts heading towards the front gates. Merle and Daryl see them and follow. Rick, Morgan, and Michonne hearing the big gun fire head back outside. They see The Governor coming towards them with a jeep with a gun mounted on the back. They also see the others retreating and start following. The Governor shoots at them grazing Morgan’s side, Morgan is barely able to stay on his feet. The group makes it through the smoke to the front gate to see the truck they came in is gone and walkers are now coming through the destroyed gate. Rick having not seen Shane anywhere says “Oh no.”

    Back at the prison, Dale is still looking at the gate. Suddenly head lights appear. Dale is now more nervous as he yells for others to come help him with the gate. Duane is outside still so he goes with Dale down to the gate. They open the gates. The truck pulls up to the second gate. Dale and Duane rush to see the others but instead Shane comes out of the truck with a shotgun pointing it at Dale and Duane and says “Take me to her.” Dale says “I don’t know what you are talking abo…” Shane says “Don’t toy with me Dale! TAKE ME TO MY DAUGHTER!”

    CHAPTER 82

    Dale says “No Shane…” Shane laughs then grabs Duane and starts walking towards the prison with Duane at gun point. Dale points his gun at Shane and says “Stop!” Shane turns and says “You won’t shoot me.” Dale holds his gun on Shane. Shane smirks then shoots Dale in the foot. Dale falls over in pain. Shane says “Like I said before Dale, no balls.” Dale says “DON’T DO THIS SHANE!” Shane says “It’s already happening.” He then asks Duane where the baby is and Duane points him to the door up the steps to the left, Shane walks in with Duane.

    T-dog and all the others who were about to come outside from hearing the gun shots have their guns pointed at Shane who is holding Duane at gun point. Shane then says “Where is she.” T-Dog and all the others look at each then T-Dog says “I don’t know what you’re talking about Shane, Lori is dead. Where is Dale?!” Shane says “He had a little accident someone should go help him. Where……is……my daughter.” Carl walks out of Cell Block C and says “She’s not yours.” Shane says “Carl, stay out of this.” Carl walks up past the other survivors then says “Where is my dad?” Shane says “I don’t know what happened I got out of there the moment they attacked. Now like I said before where is my daughter.” Shane cocks his shotgun and points it at Duane’s head. Carol says “Hold on, she’s in there.” She points to Cell Block C. Shane says “Show me”.

    T-Dog and Tyreese go outside to find Dale sitting on the ground with his foot bleeding from being shot. T-Dog says “What the hell.” Dale says “You’re alive? I thought Shane would of...” T-Dog and Tyreese help Dale up to his feet. T-dog says “He wanted to see the baby don’t worry, he ain’t leaving with that baby.” Dale says “More like not leaving alive. Did he say what happened to the others?” T-Dog says “He said he left right as they started attacking so he doesn’t know. Now be quiet we gotta get you to Hershel. I’m sure the others are fine.”

    Carol and Carl walk to the cell block with Shane who has his gun pointed at Duane’s head. Beth is sitting on the steps with the baby in her hands, she stands up in fear upon seeing Shane holding a gun at Duane's head Beth says "What the...". Shane walks up and takes the baby out of Beth's hands, Beth then grabs Duane and they go to Carol and Carl. Shane walks up the steps to the second level of the cell block and sits down with the baby in his hands. Duane hugs Carol, for pretty much saving his life with what she just did. Shane looks at the baby. The baby grabs his nose and Shane starts to laugh and cry at the same time. Carl and Carol stare at Shane as he holds the baby. Carl says “My dad is gonna be pissed.” Carol says “Well, it was either that or he shoots Duane, what would you have done?” Carl says “I would have shot him the moment he set foot in here, instead of handing my baby sister over to him” Carol stares shocked at Carl as he walks away. Carol continues keeping her eye on Shane making sure he doesn't go anywhere but it doesn't seem like he's trying to escape.

    Back at Woodbury, Rick pulls out his machete and says “We go through, I’m not being trapped in this town to die.” Rick, Merle, Daryl, and Michonne begin hacking through the zombies. The Woodbury soldiers come out from smoke and see the amount of zombies coming through the gate and begin retreating. The Governor yells “Go after them! I want Rick alive!” the soldiers ignore him and start running away. Andrea says “Hang on Amy!” Amy is groaning as blood continues to perfuse from her wounds, unable to speak with how much pain she is in. Morgan begins helping them kill walkers to make it through the gate.

    Realizing they won’t be able to get through the gate as too many walkers are coming Rick decides to have them head up the steps and go over the gate. While the walkers are pouring into Woodbury they can escape over the walls of the front gate. They all head up the steps. Andrea struggles to get Amy up the steps, and Michonne helps her get Amy up the steps. Rick, Merle, and Daryl shoot at walkers coming up the steps as Michonne and Andrea get Amy down to the outside of the wall. Michonne and Andrea jump down as well. Michonne starts killing walkers as Rick, Merle, and Daryl jump down as well. The Governor sees the amount of walkers entering Woodbury, people continue to come outside and become scared from the amount of walkers entering the town. Hayley comes outside and starts yelling for Shane’s name, but he is nowhere to be found.

    Milton walks out to see all the walkers. He runs up to The Governor inside his jeep and says “We need to patch that gate or we need to start evacuating people!” The Governor says “Fuck the people.” Hayley runs up asking where Shane is. The Governor says “Do you two want to live? Then get in.” Milton immediately gets in. Hayley is hesitant at first but seeing all the walkers’ gets in the jeep as well. The Governor then says “Stay with the jeep a second!” The Governor jumps out and heads for his house. Martinez yells “Where the hell are you going?!” He comes up the steps to see the door wide open he walks in and sees his private room is open as well. The moment he walks in he sees Penny lying shot in the head. The Governor says “no…….no…no…” He grabs her body and begins sobbing uncontrollably. He sees the picture of him, his wife, and penny lying next to her body, the frame cracked. He also sees a shell casing on the ground, it belongs to Rick’s gun.

    Outside Woodbury Rick and the others are going down the road as fast as they can. Amy’s legs give out completely and she falls over. Andrea stands over her crying. Andrea says “Amy….come on you gotta keep going.” Amy says “Andrea, do you have that necklace still?” Andrea says “I refuse it you are wearing it and you are coming back with us and you’re gonna get better!” Amy says “I’m not…keep it.” Andrea says “No Am…” Amy says “TAKE IT.” She starts coughing up blood after using that much energy to yell at her sister. Amy says “Tell Dale he was right, like he always is, I should have stayed at the prison.” Rick is so confused starts tearing up as well. Amy is about to die and Shane could possibly be at the prison attacking them trying to get the baby, he starts pacing back and forth impatiently.

    Andrea says “You can tell Dale that yourself…” Amy says “You aren’t gonna die for me Andrea! Leave me! I’ll slow you guys down, if I’m gonna die I don’t want to get up and eat you afterwards, you probably taste like baked beans or something disgusting like that.” Andrea laughs. Amy laughs as well then says "Best...road trip eve..." suddenly her breathing stops, she is dead. Andrea starts sobbing uncontrollably yelling Amy’s name. Daryl says “Andrea…” as he goes to put his hand on her shoulder, Andrea reacts by pointing her gun at Daryl. Daryl backs up. Merle also stumped at this point not making any snarky comment, as there was nothing you could say, it is a speechless moment when someone like Amy’s life is taken from her. Merle pulls out his gun then Rick says “No, I’ll do it.”

    CHAPTER 83

    Andrea says “I’ll do it.” Rick says “Are you…” Andrea says “YES! She’s MY sister…” Rick goes hand her his gun but Andrea refuses she says “Keep walking…” Rick says “We’re not gonna leave you…” Andrea says “Just go, I’ll be right behind you, I wanna be alone with her.” Rick nods. Rick, Merle, Morgan and Daryl starts walking as Michonne stands there for a few seconds. Andrea glares at her. Michonne looks away and follows the others. Andrea sits there for a second. She sees Amy’s hand move. She looks up as Amy opens her eyes, they are milk white and staring straight at her. Andrea says “Amy…” She puts her head against Amy’s, she then says “I’m sorry…” She shoots Amy in the head. Rick and them hear the gunshot and look back. Andrea comes out from the brush and walks right past them. She looks down at her hand as she walks looking at the necklace she gave Amy outside Atlanta. She closes it in her fists as she keeps walking. They start to pick up the pace.

    Back at Woodbury, The Governor walks down the steps outside, the first walker he sees he shoots in the head. As he keeps walking. Martinez yells “GOVERNOR HURRY UP!” Walkers are almost to the jeep. People are running through the streets as walkers go in and out of houses attacking people. The Governor looks around at all the dead bodies and all the people running for their lives, he looks down at his hand at the shell casing from the house, and he then looks at the picture of him, his wife, and penny.

    Rick and the others are at the prison, going through the front gate that was devastated by the Governor and manage not to alert any of the walkers that are inside wandering around, there are even more now since Shane shot Dale in his foot. They see the truck they took to Woodbury. Rick sprints to the Cell Block Door as does the rest of them. They come in to see everybody is fine. Rick walks down the steps hugging Carl and the others. Rick walks up to Hershel and says “Where is he!?” Hershel points to the cell block. Morgan says “We’re right behind you Rick.” Rick says “Nah, I’ll do this myself.” Rick walks in to see Shane on the second level with the baby in his arms. Sitting against the wall. Shane sees Rick, stands up and says “You lived?” Rick stays silent then says “How’s your face?”

    Shane says “It feels like you punched me in it.” Rick says “You’re lucky I didn’t do more then, but I think your luck has run out.” Shane stands up with Judith in his arms and says “You gonna kill me right here? In front of my daughter?” Rick says “She’s not your daughter.” Shane laughs then says “Is that what you really think Rick?” Rick says “It’s what I know.” Shane walks down the steps. Rick says “You should have known you wouldn’t be leaving with her. Why did you come here?” Shane says “The moment you guys torn the gate open and all those walkers started pouring in, I knew that place was lost. Just like with the farm. Then I started realizing, I have nowhere to go.” Rick says “It was your fault what happened on the farm.” Shane says “Was it?” Rick says “You pop off rounds and walkers come, even you should understand that.” Shane says “So what are you gonna do Rick?”

    Rick pulls out his gun and says “Put her down.” Shane says “Have you name her yet? I think Lori would be a good name.” Rick says “put…her…down.” Shane says “You’ve changed Rick, let’s just say you are a little late don’t you think? I mean look what happened with Lori. So what are you gonna do, kill me right here?” Rick says “I want you to see something. Outside.” Shane is a little confused. Rick walks back out of the cell block, and Shane follows Rick tells them to stand aside. Morgan says “What are you doing Rick he held a gun to Duane’s head!!” Shane keeps a hold of Judith. Rick says “She stays here.” Shane sighs then hands her back to Beth. Rick grabs and ties Shane’s hands Shane says “Hey!” and Rick says “I’m not gonna give you an easy chance to kill me out there.” Rick takes Shane’s guns as well.

    Morgan is about to pull his gun out but T-Dog stops him. Rick and Shane walk outside. Rick opens the second gate and he and Shane go out into the prison yard. Carl closes the gate. Rick and Shane walk down to the graves. Shane says “Is this…..Lori’s grave?” Shane turns to the walkers wandering around then says “Do you have a point to this?” Rick says “Do you know…how she died?” Shane says “The moment Daryl said she was dead I didn’t hear anything else. All I could see was you not being strong enough to protect her, and I was right, how long until Carl dies, then my daughter?” Rick says “She didn’t die from walkers.” Shane says “What then…?” Rick says “She died giving birth to that baby. Had to have a C-section, the baby was safe, but Lori…she didn’t make it.” Shane says “No…” Shane becomes a little uneasy. Rick says “So you go on ahead, say that’s your daughter in there all you want, all it makes me think is you’re the one that killed her, and you’re gloating about it.” Shane looks down at the grave. He says “So that’s why you brought me out here?” Rick un-holsters his python. Shane looks back up seeing Rick taking out his gun and sighs saying “Do it quick...”

    CHAPTER 84

    The Governor looks down at the picture. He looks at Martinez yelling for him to hurry up. He folds the picture up and puts it in his pockets. He jumps into the jeep. He closes the door and he, Martinez, Milton, and Hayley look around at the walkers surrounding the jeep trying to get in at them. Martinez turns around says “Where are we gonna go?” Hayley and Milton look at The Governor. The Governor looks out past the walkers to see Dr. Stevens walking out of the city hall as a walker, walking towards them. He turns to Martinez…

    Back at the prison, Shane looks at Rick for a few seconds sadly in silence. Shane then says “I’m sorry brother…” Rick looks at the ground then says “Me too.” Rick shoots Shane between the eyes, he drops dead to the ground. Rick stands there for a few seconds and starts tear up. Carl watches from the gate as his father begins crying softly. Rick sucks it up and starts walking back towards the gate in silence. That is all that covered the prison yard after that gun shot. Even with the walkers it was dead quiet, ironic isn’t it?

    Rick gets to the gate and Carl opens it. As Rick walks in Carl says “You did the right thing.” Rick looks at Carl and says “Did I?” As Rick is walking towards the door to the prison Carl yells “Dad!” Rick turns, he sees a bus pulling up to the gate. Carl opens the gate as there look to be kids and other people in the bus. As the bus stops, and Carl closes the gate, 2 women come out of the bus. One reveals herself as Karen and the other’s name is Rowan. Rowan says “Where is…?” Rick looks at them weird and then says “Who are you?”

    Rowan says “We’re from a settlement not too far away that is….well was called Woodbury.” Rick then says “How do you know about us…” Rowan says “A man, he told me about this place and gave me a map he had right after the biters started coming through our gates, then he took off, We wanted to thank him, if it wasn’t for him I don’t know where we would have gone because Woodbury fell so fast and we thought there was nothing out here, he saved us. He said to take the older ones and children here, we got this bus before the biters got too far inside.” Rick says “What was his name?” Rowan says “Shane.” Rick stands there for a second in disbelief. Rowan says “Hello? Are you alright?” Carl looks at Rick confused. Rick starts tearing up and then says “We…….we have a group……..a family here in this prison.” He stops himself for a second then says “And you’re gonna be a part of it.”


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    As the people from Woodbury get off the bus and head into the prison, Carl takes Rick aside and says “I was thinking about names for the baby. Daryl’s been calling her Lil’ Ass-kicker.” Rick laughs saying “Ass-kicker? What’s wrong with that name?” Carl says “Seriously though she needs an actual name, I've been thinking, remember my 3rd grade teacher Mrs. Mueller?” Rick says “I…. think so…” Carl says “Her first name was Judith, I was thinking that’d be a good name.” Rick smiles at Carl.

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