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    Short story about the first human born on another planet:

    “This is happening a lot sooner than we expected, we thought it would take 18 years at least” the female spoke to a screen, showing a nervous looking male. She almost looked human except for the slight luminosity in her purple eyes. The Man spoke in a soft tone of sympathy, “What are you going to do, what if something goes wrong? Fighting to conceal the emotion in her voice she replied, “What I trained to do, it’s the only way now.” She pushes a button and the screen goes blank.

    It had been almost 30 years since they had encountered the people who called themselves humans. Something was wrong, people dying by the millions, no apparent symptoms or signs. She remembered the first transmission as if it were yesterday. The first contact was a fluke, her ship didn’t normally venture so far from home. It was simple enough for us to figure out, she thought to herself, if only we hadn’t been too late. A green tear trickled down her cheek. She sighed and started walking down a hallway. I would have never been Willow’s mother if things had gone differently, she considered silently. Smiling she thought of her daughter, one of the hundred or so newborns her people had evacuated as a last ditch effort to save the human race. They were the last born on planet Earth, miraculously unaffected by the sickness. Despite not birthing her she loved her daughter, very much.

    She returns to the room where her daughter naps on a bed. A small tube pumps pain reliving and various other medication into her veins makes a soft purring noise. She looks to Lishna with questioning eyes. “It won’t be long now, Kassami.” Lishna whispers quietly. What seems like minutes later Willow wakes, making a slight frown. Lishna and Kassami rush to her side, helping her in to the birthing position. “Push now Willow!” Lishna coaches. As she pushes downward Willow feels the head emerge. “Good! One more like that one.” Willow’s forehead wrinkles as pushes with all her strength.
    Silence fills the room for a moment, Lishna catches the baby as it slides out of the mother. The words “It’s a girl” can barely be herd over the lusty cry of a newborn. Lishna places the newborn on the new mother’s chest, comforted by the closeness the newborn’s cries cease. The purple hued sunrise filters in through the window as Willow sees her baby’s perfect face for the first time. A soft whisper can be herd, “Her name is Echo”…..

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    Is that it?

    I only ask because I thought that was really good and would make for an interesting story to tell. But regardless I thought it was quite good and had me hooked from the end of the first paragraph .

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