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    A Fun Night (Five Nights at Freddy's)

    Same day, different thread.

    Good morning Spoil the Dead! Resident me Tobie here with a grand tale to tell. Obviously you cannot see me right now, but imagine that I am sitting in an easy chair, sipping brandy in front of a fireplace in a grand library. Something like this actually:

    I would like to present you with a story I have been writing about a certain popular game series. This story will follow teenage versions of myself and my friends as we attempt to survive a single night in the notorious Freddy Fazbear's Pizza c. 1993. Keep in mind that I am currently continuing to write the story so there will be more chapters coming.

    So without further ado, here is "A Fun Night"

    .................................................. .................................................. .................................................. .................................................. ................

    Chapter One: The Plan Unfolds

    “Okay well now that we’re all here, what did you want to talk to us about?” A shorthaired brunet kid of average height asked a significantly shorter blond youth. The teen’s white T-shirt was tucked into his dark blue jeans; one hand in his pocket and the other placing a cigarette into his mouth before extracting a silver Zippo lighter.

    “Hold on, we’re still waiting on April and M.” The blond says, sitting down in an office chair and tapping his hands on the dark, oak desk. “What did I tell you about smoking in my room? My dad is gonna freak out when he gets home; he’s got the nose of a bloodhound, at least wait until we head out.”

    “Yeah yeah, whatever.” The brunet says, slipping the cig back into its pack and rolling it into his sleeve like a 60’s greaser. He looks around the other boy’s room, its walls littered with posters for Dragonball, Ghost in the Shell, Nirvana, The Ramones, and The Sex Pistols, underneath the rather large TV in the corner sits a brown VCR that is next to a brand new Super Nintendo Entertainment System that the blond received as a gift for his 14th birthday. His gaze fixes on the other two boys sitting on the blond boy’s bed. One of the boys is dressed in a black T-shirt with a very direct and to the point “fuck you” printed in bold red letters across the front; a rather large pirate hat mostly covering his died jet black hair. Beside him sits a huskier kid with longer, shaggy brown hair, a small white Gameboy in his hands. “Who are these guys anyway?” He asks, leaning against the desk.

    “You know, you could introduce yourself.” The boy in the pirate hat says in a loud, demeaning tone that is followed by an even louder cough.” Fucking bronchitis.” He mutters to himself, wiping his face with a cloth.

    “Danny, be nice.” The blond sternly remarks to the kid in the pirate hat, throwing a crumpled paper at his head. “James.” He continues, looking at the brunet with the cigarettes. “I’ve told you about Danny and Hunter before; it was actually Hunter’s idea that we go out and do this tonight.”

    “Still would be nice to know what we’re doing.” Danny says, annoyed.

    “Like Tobie said, I will explain everything when the girls get here.” Hunter explains, turning the Gameboy off and slipping it into its carrying case, and into his bag.

    Just as Hunter sets his bag aside, the doorbell rings. Tobie walks to his bedroom window, looking down and seeing two more teenagers standing at the front door, speaking to one-another. He opens the window, sticking his head out and snapping his fingers.

    “April, M, up here!”

    A tan-skinned girl with wavy black hair looks up at the window, waving up at Tobie and giving a nod.

    “One second!” She declares, turning to the boy standing beside her. “I guess we’re supposed to climb up.”

    “Um, Hell no! I am not going to ruin this top!” The boy says, dramatically accentuating his bright pink, skin-tight v-neck shirt. “It was like $40; I’m just gonna wait down here, you go up and get them girl.” He finishes, giving her a playful push.

    “Okay.” She replies, turning around and climbing up the trellis, reaching her hands through the window before being pulled in by James and Tobie.

    “Hey April, M on his way up?” James asks, looking out the window and spotting the boy looking into a pocket mirror and checking his bouffant. He looks up at the smoker, blowing him a kiss. “Hey Jay Jay, y’all just get started without me!”

    “Alright…” James says, turning around awkwardly. “Let’s get started; he’s doing his make-up.”

    “Okay, well I bet you’re all wondering why we summoned you here.” Tobie says, his voice projecting throughout the room like a true showman.

    “All right! Getting theatrical!” Danny says with a chuckle, “Gonna finally tell us the results of your HIV test? It’s critical isn’t it?”

    “Fuck off Danny.” The blond responds, face-palming. “Hunter, just get on with it.”

    “Gotcha, well Danny, Tobie and I were talking about shows we used to watch a few years ago after Shop class a couple of days back, you know, Thundercats, He-Man, Loony Toons, etc…”

    “Reading too much into kids shows again eh Tobie?” James asks, interrupting Hunter with a smirk, putting a toothpick in his mouth.

    “Anyway.” Hunter continues, extremely annoyed. “We got on the topic of ‘The Real Ghostbusters” you know, that cartoon continuation of Ghostbusters 2?”

    “Pfft right, The Real Ghostbusters; Ha!” Danny chuckles.

    “What? It’s a solid show.” Tobie says, defensively.

    “You’re joking right? Dude the animation was shit, the writing was awful, and since when is Slimer a good guy?” Danny continues, berating the cartoon.

    “He’s right, it’s a pretty shit show.” James agrees, twitching the toothpick.

    “Would you guys stop interrupting and just let them finish?” April places her hands on her hips. “Continue Hunter.”

    “Thanks.” Hunter says, clearing his throat, “So anyway, we were discussing the idea behind a group of professional paranormal investigators and how fun it would be to be a part of one.”

    “As well as how financially unstable they are, I mean think about it; there is nobody in their right mind who would actually pay a group of assholes to look for ghosts. Even if there are a lot of religious nutjobs who think ghosts are serious business; there is no way anyone who hunts ghosts could afford to live in that big a building or be allowed to use that siren on their car.”

    “You want to tell the story Danny?” Tobie asks sharply.

    “No, no I’m good.”

    “Good, I’ll take it from here Hunter. We thought it would be fun if we gathered a few friends and made our own paranormal team!” Tobie cheers, raising his fist in the air to get everyone pumped.

    “Paranormal team eh? Sounds pretty lame.” James remarks, honestly.

    “It could be fun I suppose…but how are you going to do this Tobie? You’re barely allowed to hang out sometimes, much less go out at night to hunt for ghosts.” April inquires.

    “Well, as long as I keep my grades up I’m sure my dad will allow me to hang out with friends, go to “football games”, etc. I’ll find ways.”

    “Right, or you could just be your dad’s bitch forever.” Danny teases, smirking.

    “You know, has anyone ever told you you’re an asshole?” James asks the pirate hat-wearing boy.

    “All the time! Splendid feeling is it not?”

    “I like you already.” James laughs, looking at Hunter. “So anyway, the team is going to be the six of us then? If we include M that is; right?”

    “Don’t forget Rose!” Danny says, standing up.

    “Right, right, we can’t forget Rose.” Tobie says, looking at James. “Our friends Rose and Keanu are also going to be joining us; they’re going to be meeting us there actually.”

    “Wait, meeting us where?” April asks.

    The sound of gravel crackling and crunching beneath about a dozen pair of warn out bicycle tires as a gang of mountain bikes pulled into the parking lot of Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria. The rider of the head bike pulled off his helmet and turned to face his compatriots.

    “Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza! An enchanted wonderland of fun and excitement!” Tobie says, raising his arms in the air like PT Barnum.

    “Seriously?” James asks, sitting on the edge of his bike seat and rolling his eyes, reaching into his shirtsleeve and popping out a cigarette; placing it between his lips and lighting it. “Wasn’t this place condemned or something?”

    “No, but the health department apparently gave them one more warning to shape up or they’ll have to close down.”

    “Isn’t this the place those kids went missing at?” April asks, taking off her helmet.

    “Well, technically those were those other locations ten years ago…from what I know the only people to go missing from here were those two guards.” Hunter walks up to the brick wall outside of the building, placing his palm on the cool mortar and getting a little shiver. “M, what time is it?”

    “You know, you should really get a watch honey; I can’t be with you all the time.” He responds, looking down at the hot pink “Barbie Girl” watch on his wrist. “10:30 exactly.”

    “You guys sure we should do this? I mean never mind the ghost thing, but this is breaking and entering…it’s illegal.” April says, having second thoughts.

    “Of course it’s illegal, anything fun always is!” Says Danny, cheerily as he walks to the door. “Just waiting on Rose and Theodore Logan.”

    “I told you to stop calling me that dude, just because Keanu Reeves starred in a movie, doesn’t mean that I’m one of his characters!” Says a boy about Danny’s height, running his hand through his combed-back black hair. Behind him is a rather short girl with even shorter, bleach-blonde hair.

    “Sup Losers?” Asks the girl, pulling on the bottom of her Astro Boy T-shirt to stretch it for all to see. “Check out my shirt Danny!”

    “Ah, very nice! So how’s the job hunt going?”

    “My Aunt’s still trying to make me get one, she keeps insisting that people will hire me at 15. I even suggested working at this place, but she won’t even let me apply here. She wants me to get a job, yet won’t let me put in an application. She’d totally freak if she knew I was here right now.”

    “Wait, why? I remember you, Danny, and I used to go to that old restaurant all the time. Remember how we used to build things out of Foxy? Come to think of it, was it even supposed to come apart like that? Seems weird that a company would allow kids to touch the insides of such expensive machinery.” Tobie says, stroking his non-existent beard. “Oh Rose, this is James; James, Rose.”

    “Nice to meet you Rose.”

    “Same here, you know smoking is bad for you though right?” She informs, pointing at his cigarette.

    “So is breaking into crappy restaurants to search for ‘ghosts’.” He responds with a smirk.


    “So what exactly are we trying to accomplish tonight guys? I’m missing out on some serious sleep because of this; you’re lucky it’s a Friday.” Keanu asks, walking to the door. “And how do we intend on getting inside?”

    “Well, from what I saw last time I was here scouting, this place doesn’t seem to have any sort of security system. I don’t think they’ve hired a new guard since the last one disappeared so I don’t see any problem with us just breaking the lock.” Hunter walks up to the door and gives it a firm tug, falling on his back, as the door swings open.

    “Wait, it was unlocked? That’s weird…” April thinks aloud.

    “Yeah, someone is definitely getting fired.” Tobie responds, hesitating for a moment before slowly setting his foot on the floor. A cool rush of air sends a chill down his spine as he takes a second step in, his foot sinking into the thick, red entrance mat. “Looks like the coast is clear.”

    The rest of the teens follow the blond inside the dark restaurant, barely illuminated by the few lights left operating in the main showroom. To their left lie two hallways, both with signs that read the words “HALT! STAGEHANDS ONLY BACK HERE, SORRY KIDS!” To the right is a doorway with another unique sign: “PIZZA IN THE MAKING, CATERERS ONLY!” Directly in front of them lies a set of three columns of tables, six rows each that lead up to the show stage.

    “Wow, this is actually a little spooky at night…” M says solemnly.

    “Sure is; so what do we do first? I mean we have the arcade to ourselves, pizza in the kitchen over there; hell we can even see what’s so special about the “Stagehand-only” area.” Hunter grins, excitedly.

    “Dude, you do realize it’s probably just a security office and a broom closet…right?” Keanu gives the brunet a disapproving look for being so excited at something so mundane.

    “Oh yeah…”

    “I never thought about it, but how exactly do we ghost hunt? I mean it’s not like we have any equipment or positron packs.” Rose thinks aloud, sitting down at one of he tables.

    “I don’t know, but we really do have a lot of people here don’t we?” April remarks.

    “Well let’s split into groups then, shall we? Let’s see: me, Hunter, and Keanu will take the security hallways, Danny and Rose can explore this main area and the arcade, James, April, and M will take the kitchen and bathrooms.” Tobie says, looking at the restaurant map on the wall. Everyone got it? Good; break!”

    “Wait, why are you in charge?” James asks, folding his arms.

    “It was all of our plan.” Hunter weighs in.

    “Well I am the one who organized it and navigated us here.”

    “Whatever, who cares.” James says, walking outside and tossing his cigarette butt on the floor. “Let’s just get going; I’m hungry and that cardboard pizza’s surprisingly sounding good right now. April, M, after you.” He finishes, following the two to the kitchen.

    The blond, Keanu, and Hunter take a left, going down the first hallway and disappearing into the darkness. Rose looks over at Danny, a little annoyed.

    “Why didn’t we get partners?”

    “Who cares? We got partnered up together; we’re just too cool for that.”

    “Ha, yeah, well speaking of cool…Pirate Cove is right over there.” She says, pointing to the purple curtains in front of her.

    “Oh right! I almost forgot about Foxy; Yargh!”

    “Well let’s go check him out then!”

    The two best friends make their way to the purple curtains, each taking one and trying to move it aside.

    “Looks like it’s stuck…” Rose says, disappointed.

    “It’s probably operated mechanically with a switch or whatever turns him on for a show.”

    “Right.” She sighs

    “Oh well, guess we can’t; but the arcade is still here and I believe I’m still beating your high score at Mrs. PacMan.” Danny teases, “Race you there!”

    “Oh you’re so on!” She says, chasing him back to the arcade and letting the curtains billow till they come to a still, dead rest.

    “That has got to be the loudest fucking fan in the world.” Keanu states; obviously annoyed and pacing back and forth the dingy 10-foot wide room.

    “Just shut it off then. It’s not like it’ll kill you or anything.” Remarks Tobie, looking at the monitors on the desk.

    “I’d rather not risk forgetting to turn it back on when we leave. I’d rather they didn’t know we broke in during the night.”

    “Well the door was open, it’s not like we broke it down or even picked the lock or anything.”

    “You know what I mean though.” Keanu finishes, patting Tobie’s back “My turn.” The blond nods in agreement.

    “This is a really small security office; it doesn’t seem like it’s fit for more than three people.” Hunter says aloud, examining the broom closet of a security room.

    “Probably because they only ever hire one night guard. It’s a small pizza place; there’s no need to even have one person here; much less a team of them. I wonder what’s keeping the pizza so long though…it’s been an hour already.” Tobie says, getting out of the office chair.

    “James is probably busy making out with April.” Keanu teases, putting his hand on Tobie’s shoulder and taking the seat from him.. “You have failed for the last time.”

    “Oh shut up Reeves, you’re just jealous that I got a girl to even come on this trip.”

    “Whatever, doesn’t mean you’ll make it with her though; and what did I say about comparing me to him? Besides, didn’t you flirt with girls here when you were younger? Jeez you’re creepier than I am man.”

    “At least I didn’t spend my time thinking of Bonnie and Freddy as a couple, despite not having sentience and being, you know, fucking robots.”

    “Hey, you’ve got to admit the drawings I made of them were pretty adorable!”

    “Yeah, I guess I’ll give you that…weirdo”


    “Ladies, you’re both pretty. Let’s just go check on the pizza already; okay?” Hunter interjects, placing his hand on the doorframe.

    “You guys can go ahead, I’m just going to keep checking out these cameras.” Keanu says, waving them off.

    He flips through each screen till he arrives at the kitchen, only to find that the display’s feed is cut, allowing only audio to go through.

    “Damn, oh well, let’s see what other channels this thing has.” He continues to cycle through the different feeds before resting on the camera for Pirate’s Cove.

    .................................................. .................................................. .................................................. .................................................. ................

    Chapter 2: Four's a Crowd

    “I can’t see a goddamn thing in here!” Shouted the very audible voice of James as he walked into the Kitchen, the swinging door closing behind him.

    There has to be a switch somewhere in here…” April stammers, following the boy into the pitch-black, windowless room. She slowly reaches out, touching the tips of her fingers to the cold tiled wall and feeling her fingers run through a thick layer of grime. “Eew! Don’t the employees ever clean this place?” April wipes her fingers on her blue jeans, slipping the sleeves of her grey hoodie over her hands and continuing to move her hand along the wall.

    “Aha! Found it!” Pipes M as he flips a small light switch and illuminates the dark room. Upon even the laziest of inspections, it is very apparent that the kitchen hasn’t seen any modicum of thorough cleaning in quite some time. Clean dishes have been laid out to dry beside the restaurant-size sink, though the basins and drains themselves are stained with hard water and pepperoni; it is as though the staff left in a hurry. In the far corner of the room sits a white box, accented with a red bow beside the industrial-sized refrigerator. The flamboyant teen walked to the center counter, placing his palms on it and lifting his body up to sit atop. “This place is gross…they actually serve food out of here? No wonder they’re getting shut down!”

    “Whatever, let’s just see if we can get this oven tray going.” James says, motioning to the large pizza oven on the wall. He begins messing around with the buttons, before pulling back before noticing that the power cord has been unplugged. “Who the hell unplugs an oven at a pizza place? What cheapskates; it doesn’t even use up that much power.” He mutters to himself as he bends over to plug the oven back in

    “That boy has a nice ass.” M whispers to April, who in response bursts with laughter.

    “You’re such a slut M!”

    “What? I can’t help it if the guy’s got a nice ass; I could grab it all night long; and what did I say about my name girl?”

    “Sorry Ken, it’s hard to change when you call someone something for so long.” April looks around the kitchen once more, this time her eyes fixing on the dirty white box in the corner. “Is that a present?”

    “Present? Where?”

    “There in the corner.” April says, jumping from the counter and walking over to it. “This box.”

    “I don’t know about any boxes, but I know of a package I’d like to get ahold of.” M says with a snicker.

    April just rolls her eyes, before a slight sense of fear sets in. She isn’t sure why, but a deep, terrified feeling takes over. With a false sense of bravado, she cautiously places her hands on each side of the box’s lid, hesitating for a moment and slowly pulling up, flinching as she rips the lid from the container. After moments of sitting still, the girl lets out a sigh of relief upon recognizing a familiar face.

    “Oh my God it’s been forever since I’ve seen this thing!” she says, reaching into the box and pulling out a 6-foot figure. Its black body lay jumbled in her arms, white; tear-painted face looking up at her with hollow eyes. “It was always my favorite since it always gave me my favorite toys at the Prize Corner in that old location! That’s odd though…this location doesn’t even seem to have a prize area; why would this be here in the kitchen of all places?” She wonders aloud.

    “What the hell is that creepy ass thing?” James asks, walking up to April.

    “It’s the puppet who used to hand out toys back at the old location; I always liked the lines under its eyes. I asked the manager what they were once, and he said they were ‘tears of joy’. I just don’t understand why it would be in the kitchen though.”

    “Well it’s really creepy.”

    “It is not, how’s the pizza coming along anyway?”

    “Yeah James, how is the pizza coming along?” Ken says, standing up off of the counter and strutting his way to the other two teens. “You know, I always prefer mine with…sausage.” He finishes, turning to bend down and tie his shoe, perking his butt out toward the boy in a painfully obvious attempt at flirting, and making him look around in discomfort.

    “Anyway…” James stammers, reaching into his sleeve and pulling out his pack of cigarettes, grabbing two and offering one to April, then Ken, both of who deny. “I always thought that shit pizza places like this one used frozen pizzas, but it seems that, surprisingly, this Fazbear place uses actual dough and fresh ingredients. I don’t think it’d be a good idea to turn on the dough mixer, oven, and prep ingredients, nor do I want to, so it looks like we’ll be stuck eating plain pepperoni.

    “Don’t even think of smoking in the kitchen of a fucking kids pizza place dude.” Tobie says, walking through the swinging door with Hunter following him. “We need to leave as little evidence possible that we were here.”

    “Goddammit…fine!” James mutters, placing both cigarettes in his pocket with a groan.

    “So what’s with the pizza situation?” Asks Hunter, wiping his finger on the wall then onto his pants. “This shit would never pass at my dad’s Subway.”

    “Jesus this place is filthy; how in the hell have they managed to stay in business this long?”

    “I know right?” James asks, taking the puppet from April’s hands with a sigh. “As I just finished telling them, no pizzas tonight unless you want to learn how to make dough, prep ingredients, use a dough mixer and an oven.”

    “That sucks, wait, why is the Prize Corner Puppet here?”

    “Dunno, all I do know is that I need a smoke, I’m going outside.” James places his spare cigarette in the puppet’s mouth and tosses it towards its box; narrowly missing the five foot toss and letting it land halfway in, its limbs limply dangling on the edges, and its face towards James. “The thing looks like it could use one too; maybe it’ll stop crying.”

    April looks at the smoker with a pissed off expression, cursing under her breath as she walks back to the Puppet, curls it back up, and sets it in the box as her friends leave the kitchen.

    “Sorry about that asshole.” She says, closing the lid and following the others back to the lobby; the image of the pale, gaunt expression of the puppet and still lingering in her mind as she pushes the doors open. It was odd, almost as if it had been watching him before she went back to put it away. If only she had known sooner, if only any of them had known what a truly terrible decision they had all made that night…Hunter brought them in, and James had sealed their fate.

    A heavy breeze flows through the air outside the pizzeria, making the short, redhead standing in front of it shiver. To her right is a scrawny worm of a boy, his thick glasses accentuate his almond eyes and are the same color as his very short hair: black. He stretches his hand out at his hip, waving it side to side before closing it around the girl’s and looking at her with an uneasy smile. Beside the two teenagers stands a tall light brown-skinned kid about their age, if not a few years older, his sheer height dwarfs the dark-haired girl standing beside him; an ever-cheery expression painted on her face. The four teens stare at the formerly renowned Pizzeria; each with their own goals to accomplish for the night. The Asian boy takes the first step forward, walking further in the parking lot; his gaze fixing on the eight bicycles sitting in the parking lot.

    “Looks like someone else had the idea to come here…” He says, looking the red-haired girl timidly. “We should go…”

    “I don’t know, we did just bike all the way here, do you really want to go home after all of that?” She responds, disappointedly.

    “You guys biked, I had to walk.” The darker-skinned boy interjects, opening the door to the pizzeria. “Bro, you’ve got to man up some more. I don’t know about you all, but I’m going to get my game on. “Where all the white women at?” He shouts, walking inside.

    “Ha, Drew you crack me up.” Says the dark haired girl, looking at the redhead and the Asian boy. “ You guys did come all the way here, I’m sure if other people snuck inside they won’t have any problem with sharing. What are they going to do? Call the cops?”

    “This is true…come on Joey, let’s just go inside already; we can just go backstage for a bit.”

    “Fine…but only cuz you’re kind of forcing my hand here.” Joey remarks, passive aggressively as he follows the girls inside.

    As the four teens walk inside, memories of the pizza place’s operating hours flood Drew’s mind; he has spent many an hour in the restaurant’s arcade. They make their way into the showroom, finding it rather difficult to navigate the restaurant’s dark inside. Drew arrives first at the stage, placing his hand to his chin and taking in the strange ambiance in the air. Eyes locked on the eerily still big, brown bear in the center of the stage; Freddy Fazbear himself. The bear’s cold, dead eyes and slightly open mouth give off a very creepy vibe; tearing into his bravado and giving the boy a slight sense of fear. On each side of the illustrious Freddy Fazbear stand his two best friends in the world: Chica Chicken and Bonnie Bunny, each looking creepier than the last. Bonnie always had a weird way of being the only animatronic that ever really made Drew uneasy until tonight; despite being the most “cartoon”” of them all. In his awful stupor, he doesn’t notice as Tobie sneaks up behind him.”

    “What the hell are you doing here Drew?” The blond asks, folding his arms as Hunter and the crew from the kitchen follow en suit.

    “Ah!” Drew yelps, turning around. “Jesus you scared me Bro-bie. I’m just here to play some games in the arcade, what are you guys up to?”

    “We’re ghost hunting!” April chimes as she exits the kitchen. “I don’t think I met you before, are you a friend of Tobie’s?”

    “Well, Tobie you want to tell the story?”

    “Nah, you can do it Drew.”

    “Well, back in 7th grade we hated each other and I wanted to, and almost did, kick his butt so hard.” Drew says with a smile, “But we got stuck in quite a few detentions together this year and we’re on much better terms.”

    “That’s pretty much it.” Agrees he blond, high fiving Drew.

    “Nice to hear, I’m happy we have a bit of dark meat to spice things up.” Ken smirks at Drew and licks his lips. “So did you walk all the way here by yourself Drew?”

    “No, he walked with us.” Joey says, grabbing the redhead’s hand once more. “Hello Tobie.”

    A flash of anger crosses Tobie’s face for a moment before he begrudgingly pulls a false smile and waves. “Hi Joey, Allie, What brings you two and…sorry do I know you?” He asks, looking at the dark haired girl.

    “No, but I didn’t know these guys beforehand either; I just like to sneak out sometimes, and your friends here were the first group I saw and talked about going here; I decided to tag along. I’m Krystal.” The girl says, toying with her hair before holding her hand out to the group to shake.

    “Well it certainly is nice to meet you.” Hunter says, accepting her hand in a shake. “My name is Hunter, and this is James, April, M…”

    “It’s actually Ken now.”

    “Huh? Really? But I’ve been typing M in like every story ever for the past year and a half, including this one, and now it’s suddenly Ken?” Questions Tobie; exasperated.

    “What are you talking about? What stories?” Ken asks, confused.

    “And what do you mean by ‘this one’?” James joins, just as confused.

    “Nevermind, Ken it is I suppose.” Tobie groans, “And I am Tobie.”

    A loud crackling can be heard before the cool, collected voice of Keanu goes over the intercom.

    “I’m Keanu, you’re Krystal, now we met. Well, not really…but you know what I mean.” Keanu clears his throat, “Um Tobie, guys, you may want to check this out. I found something you may want to see.”

    The teens all look at one-another, shrugging their shoulders.

    “Well Allie and I are gonna leave you guys to your business.” Joey says, grabbing her hand and pulling her arm in the direction of the arcade.

    “Hey Joey, why don’t we ask Hunter to join us?” Allie asks, checking out hunter’s husky frame. “He looks like he’d be fun.” She whispers to him, dragging a finger along Joey’s chest.

    “What? Why? I thought this was just going to be you and me…I thought after we started dating you’d stop suggesting we bring more with us.”

    “Come on Joey, pwease? Just this one time?” Allie pouts.

    “As much as I want to say no…fine. He can join us.”

    “Yay! You’re coming with us hot stuff!” The redhead cheers, smacking his butt and grabbing his arm.

    The expression on Tobie’s face goes dull, he clears his throat and grabs Hunter’s other arm.

    “Hunter, if you do this I swear to god we won’t be friends anymore!”

    “Oh come on dude, you know I’d never do that to you.” Hunter says, pulling Tobie’s arm away from his. “But tell you what, why don’t I let them know that? In the arcade…bye.”

    The three teens leave the room, headed for the smaller arcade room; the only room in the building with any form of actual lighting apparently.


    “Sorry that happened Tobie, how about we go check out what Keanu wants?” James suggests, patting his friend on the back.”

    “Fine…” The blond says, disappointedly; walking with his friend through the hallway.

    “Well, I guess I’m going to join your guys’ ghost hunt or whatever since those controls in the arcade are probably going to be a little sticky after their little nasty dance.” Drew says, following April and Ken to the security office.

    Krystal looks around, thinking for a bit before heading down the hallway opposite of the other five teens. She takes a quick look around her as she walks, using the mini flashlight she brought with her to at least illuminate the few feet in front of her. She flashes it along the walls, making note of the grimy posters along the walls. She stops dead in her tracks, in front of a purple poster showcasing the illustrious Freddy Fazbear holding his signature microphone; the words “LET’S PARTY” at the top. The girl slides the sleeves of her hoodie up to reveal her baby blue watch and shines her light along it.

    “Damn, it’s really only 11:50? I could have sworn it was much later than that.” She thinks aloud, looking back up at the poster of Freddy Fazbear, only to find something very, very wrong that causes her heart to skip a beat. Freddy is no longer holding his microphone, but instead has reached both of his hands up to his face and appears to be tearing his head apart. “Ah!” She yelps, her flashlight going dead upon hitting the ground. Quickly the girl drops to the floor, scrambling to try and find the small, black flashlight; she spends what feels like an eternity looking before feeling a hand on her shoulder. Once again she screams, turning around in a flash and punching the figure directly in the groin with all of her strength.

    “Ah! Goddammit!” Keanu yells, falling to the floor in a curl.

    “Oh my god I am so sorry!” Krystal exclaims, covering her mouth. “What were you doing sneaking up on me?”

    “We heard you yell out here so I came to see what was up *Cough* Gave up a really nice chair to do it too. Why would you do something like this?”

    “Well you scared me…you going to be okay?”

    “Yeah, I’ll be fine.” Keanu says, staggering to his feet and trying to keep his legs apart. “Why did you yell anyway?”

    “Oh right, well I was looking at that poster up there, the one of that bear with the microphone, when I glanced down at my watch for just a second and I swear to god it changed!”

    “Huh? Really?” Keanu asks, flipping his own flashlight on and shining it on the poster, which has reverted to its normal state. “How so?”

    “That’s…that’s not what it was like before; when it switched I mean.” Krystal says, looking down and picking up her flashlight. “Well thank you for coming to check on me; sorry for hitting you again.”

    “Yeah, don’t mention it…ever.”

    “So you’re the guy who was on the intercom? What did you find?”

    “Huh? Oh yeah, come inside, you should probably check it out.”

    ‘The two black haired youths head into the very cramped security office where they are greeted with James’ smirking face sitting in the office chair.

    “Saw Krystal here give you a hard cup check man; you okay?”

    “Yeah, I’ll be fine. Up out of my chair, now. I need to rest.”

    “Fine, fine. But you owe us a game of…kickball after this.” James says, standing up and squeezing past April, Ken, and Tobie to allow the naturally tan boy to sit down.

    “A game of what? Oh ha, she used her fist smarty.” Keanu takes his seat and turns to face the monitors, opening the top drawer of the desk and pulling out a heavy, purple brick cell phone.

    “Jesus I didn’t think this place made enough money to afford one of those!” April stammers in disbelief.

    “Looks pretty old, think it would fetch any kind of price?” Drew wonders. “Nah, probably not in that color.”

    “What’s wrong with purple? Purple’s cool!” Tobie states, defensively.

    “No one wants a bright purple phone dude, not even The Joker.”

    “Can I just show you assholes what I found? Or are you going to continue arguing petty bullshit?”

    “Petty bullshit.” Tobie says with a smirk. “Alright, fine continue.”

    “Thanks, yeah thank you for that.” He groans in response, pressing a few buttons on the phone. An audio file begins to play from the speaker.

    Hello, hello? Hey! Hey, wow, day 4. I knew you could do it.
    Uh, hey, listen, I may not be around to send you a message tomorrow. *banging sound* It's-It's been a bad night here for me. Um, I-I'm kinda glad that I recorded my messages for you *clears throat* uh, when I did.
    Uh, hey, do me a favor. *bang bang* Maybe sometime, uh, you could check inside those suits in the back room? *bang bang* I'm gonna to try to hold out until someone checks. Maybe it won’t be so bad. *bang bang* Uh, I-I-I-I always wondered what was in all those empty heads back there. *chime plays*.
    You know...*moan* oh, no - *noises followed by an animatronic screech and static*
    All of the kids look at one another, all clearly uncomfortable and a bit disturbed by what they have just heard. Minutes pass by before anyone is able to even say a word.

    “Um…what was that?” Drew asks, clearing his throat.

    “I don’t know…but maybe we should leave; we can’t eat pizza tonight anyway; let’s just all go home and find something to do…” James replies, looking to his left and seeing that Ken has latched onto his arm.

    “You’re going to be protecting me; I’m not letting go.”

    “Hold on guys, let’s not be hasty; we made it this far already. I’m not leaving until we absolutely have to. Keanu, dude, how many times in your life can you say that you’ve done something as exciting as this?” Tobie asks, looking around at his cohorts. “What about you, April, James, Drew, any of you?”

    “Well I’ve been shot before.” Drew suggests.

    “Shut up Drew, come on guys; we can pull through and last the night…play games, hang out, it’s what we planned to do, and it’s what we’re going to do. We can and will make this work.” Tobie cheers. His lazy, spur of the moment speech surprisingly being enough to motivate most of his comrades.

    “Fine…but maybe someone should at least go grab Danny and Rose; let them hear the message too.” Keanu interjects, setting the phone down and spinning the chair to face them.

    “Yeah, I’ll go tell them.” Drew says, walking out of the room and down the hallway, followed by Ken and James.

    “I really hope you’re right about this Tobie.” Keanu says, turning back to face the monitor and closing the office doors.

    “I am, I know I am…this will work.” Tobie looks down at his watch; the time reading 12:00 AM exactly.

    .................................................. .................................................. .................................................. .................................................. ................

    Chapter 3: Let the Games Begin

    [11:51 AM]

    Lights flash on the walls of the arcade as the Hunter, Joey, and Allie make their approach. The small Asian boy glares at Hunter, turning away as he looks over in his direction and changing his expression to one deserving of pity.

    “So Hunter, where do you know these jerks from?”

    “I’ve known Tobie and Danny for a few years now, James, April, and M a little longer.” Hunter says, blatantly staring at the redhead’s tits.

    “Hehehehe, see something you like?” Allie asks, examining Hunter’s bulge.


    “Okay, could you guys please at least wait till we get to the arcade to start fucking?” Joey mutters passive aggressively. “It’s like you don’t even realize I’m here.”

    “Sorry man, I kind of forgot you were.” Hunter says, once again looking at Allie’s near-flat chest.

    “Yeah, whatever, it’s fine.” Huffs Joey. “We’re here anyway.”

    The three teens look at one another, a mixture of anxiety, sexual frustration, and just general fear from their environment in each other’s eyes. They clasp hands, Allie in the middle, and all take the first step into the arcade; feeling a small wave of relief wash over them as they do. Just as Allie takes off her shirt, however, the very audible voice of Danny booms.

    “Hey Allie, Hunter, Asshole; what are you guys doing here?”

    “Sup losers?” Rose asks, taking a few moments to piece the scene together with her Zenigata-esque deduction skills and giving a face palm upon realizing it. She looks down at her watch and sighs. “Couldn’t even wait ten minutes before having sex?”

    “Hehe yep.” Allie cheers.

    “Hi Rose.” Joey stammers, cleaning his glasses with his black T-shirt. “Danny, I would appreciate it if you didn’t call me ‘asshole’.”

    “My apologies, sorry Queef-shit.” Danny’s face contorts to a malicious smirk as Joey’s heart sinks; he redirects his attention to Allie. “Rose and I were just playing some of the games here. Did you know they have Polybius? I beat Rose so badly that I actually got the score MKULTRA!”

    “Only because I’m not feeling too well. So did you guys come alone?” Rose asks.

    “Well we intended to, but some guy named Drew from our school and a girl named Krystal started following us.” Joey places his glasses back on his head, muttering Danny’s name under his breath along with a few swears. He takes a look around the small arcade room, the dark purple wallpaper giving off a seemingly menacing vibe. “Well can you guys get out of here for a bit so we can do this?”

    “Or you could always join…” Allie says, checking Rose out. She always had a massive crush on the girl, but due to many factors ranging from timing and the fact that Rose was not insane kept them apart.

    “Yeah…no, I’m good.” Rose gags a little at the thought of Joey naked,

    “Hahaha, no.” Danny chuckles a bit, walking back to the arcade booths. “But you guys are not going to do that here in an arcade; have some respect Joey.” The boy in the pirate hat places another two quarters into the machine labeled POLYBIUS and is immediately captivated by the game; his eyes transfixed on the screen.

    Joey hangs his head with a sigh before storming out of the room in frustration. Rose looks to Danny, glaring at him.

    “Danny, apologize.”

    “I’m not apologizing.”

    “Dude, it might be best to just go out and say you’re sorry.” Hunter looks down at his watch, noticing that it is now 12:00. “Then again you and I could just start.” He says, winking at Allie who blushes, kicks her feet up, grabs his hand, and walks with him out of the room.

    “Okie doke.” The redhead responds, leaving Rose to roll her eyes and Danny to shudder.

    “You’re still going to go apologize to Joey.” Rose says, looking down at her watch. “Geez, I still can’t believe I’m out this late; even if it is a Friday.”

    “It is a bit odd, I still wish you hadn’t dragged me out here this late though. You know I usually crash around 9:00, and no I am not apologizing to that maniacal fuck. “

    “But aren’t you always going on about how you can respect an evil mastermind? At least be a little nicer to him because of that.”

    “Evil mastermind? Yes, I can and do respect that, whiny, manipulative bitch like Joey? Ha, no.” Danny retorts, turning away from the machine and looking at Rose. “I suppose you can talk to him if you want, and I will go with you, but I will not apologize to him and will mock him some more.”

    “Whatever, either way I’m going to go talk to him before he kills himself.”

    “Oh come on, it’s not like he’s going to do it anyway. Joey likes to sit and whine and bitch for pity, then when he has your sympathy he strikes. He did it to Tobie, Austin, and is going to do it to Alex. The only reason Allie sticks by him is because he’s such a pushover whenever someone is around. If anything it’d be better if he died.”

    “Let’s just go talk to him.” Rose says, practically dragging Danny behind her and out of the room.

    “Fine, let’s go.” He responds, following her through the arcade entrance, past the show stage, and in the direction of the Kitchen; however, Danny instead doubles towards the “Backstage” area with Rose in tow.

    “What makes you think he went back here?”

    “Joey’s a whiney attention whore who is throwing a tantrum like a 3-year-old; he will go to the most obvious place: somewhere with no people around where you can predictably be found when those who come to console you show up.” Danny says, adjusting his pirate hat. “I’m still not going to apologize.”

    “Loud and clear; I still think you should.” Rose says, pushing the door open and walking inside. Minutes later, on the stage, the big purple form of Bonnie Bunny’s eyes fade to small white dots; he shakes his burly fur arms and legs before slowly picking up his left foot, setting it in front of him, and making a snail-paced walk down the stage; his furry feet cushioning impact with each menacing step as he makes his way to the room labeled BACKSTAGE.

    “So what kind of deck do you run?” Drew asked James, shining his police-sized flashlight as they walked down the long corridor leading to the stage area.

    The Smoker reaches into his pocket, pulling out his Zippo lighter and clicking it on, looking at the bright flame, and snapping it shut; he continues to do this repeatedly.

    “Blue and Red; haven’t played Magic in a while though; Tobie and Danny always claim it’s ‘too bullshit”, and Hunter kind of sucks at it. What about you? What deck do you run?”

    “Blue and Red as well.” Drew responds with a smirk. “Dude if you step to me you’re gonna get hammered. I bring the pain every game and I’ve never lost a match.” He continues, Drew’s cocky exterior only growing with every word; expanding his deserved ego. “What about you Ken? You play Magic?”

    “Ew, Hell no! I don’t even know what that is, much less how to play it.” The flamboyant teen says, running his pocket comb through his brunet bouffant and continuing to strut down the hall, his hot pink shirt being enough to light up the hallway ahead of them without the flashlight.

    Once the four arrive at the end of the hallway, James plucks his cigarette pack from his shirtsleeve and knocks one out, offering it to Drew.

    “I don’t think they’ll mind if we have a smoke before getting Danny and Rose.”

    “Sure I’ll take one.” The dark-skinned boy replies in gratitude. “We should probably head outside to smoke these then.” The three teens walk down the entryway and out the front door; taking in the crisp, clean night air before ruining it with their cigarette smoke. James offers a light to Ken one more time, which concedes to take it at last. Ken places it between his index and middle finger and raises the cigarette to his mouth. James flicks his lighter on once more, moving it closer to Ken, who proceeds to lean in, letting the cancer stick ignite in his mouth and taking a long drag, his eyes never leaving James’ chest.

    Behind the front window of the restaurant, behind the closed shutter-shades, floats a tall figure, its arms dangling at its sides and white pinprick eyes fixated on the white T-shirt clad smoker in the center. Knowing all the while that its purple tears would soon be mirrored on the boy’s face.

    As Keanu stands up out of his chair Krystal replaces him, stretching her skinny-jean clad legs under the desk and narrowly missing the computer tower underneath.

    “Crap! This equipment is way too close to whoever sits here’s feet; it’s like they’re trying to break their tech!” She exclaims, placing her hand on the computer’s mouse and scrolling through each camera systems. Keanu leans in next to her, his naturally tanned skin inches from the side of her face; dark eyes fixed on each screen. Tobie and April are sitting cross-legged behind them, playing Pattycake.

    “Pat-a-cake, pat-a-cake, baker's man.
    Bake me a cake as fast as you can;
    Pat it and shape it and mark it with "B",
    And bake it in the oven for baby and me.[1]
    Patty cake, patty cake, baker's man.
    Bake me a cake as fast as you can;
    Roll it up, roll it up;
    And throw it in a pan!
    Patty cake, patty cake, baker's man”

    The two teens chime, loudly smacking hands with each line. Keanu and Krystal turn to face one another, both visually annoyed. After another full minute of the kid’s games, Keanu picks the magenta cupcake off of the equipment on the desk, does a 180, and throws it at Tobie’s head, causing the boy to wince in pain as the heavy, metal pastry hits him.

    “Dude, what the fuck?”

    “Seriously, what is your problem asshole?” April yells, getting up, storming over to the darker-haired kid, and slapping him.

    “Hey! That hurt.” He says, rubbing his cheek and turning around to face the monitors once more. “Keep it down; we’re trying to concentrate over here.”

    “You could have just said something!” Tobie exclaims, standing up and popping his back, still trying to massage the pain away.

    “This seemed easier; now hush.”

    “How long does it take to ask a couple of assholes to come back to the security office?” He asks, standing by Krystal’s other side and peering at the fuzzy monitors.

    “Well we did only send them out a few minutes ago; maybe they just got a bit sidetracked, no big deal.” Krystal responds, scrolling to Cam 4-A. The screen flickers a bit before settling on the image of James, Drew, and M…excuse me, Ken, at the end of the hall, hanging a right and going toward the entrance. “Why are they going outside though?”

    “Fucking James probably feels the need to smoke.” Tobie states, rolling his eyes, glancing at the monitors. “Keep cycling through though.”

    Krystal is happy to oblige, cycling through each camera, letting it rest on Cam 4-B, trying to get a good look at the poster she had seen earlier; the one she swore she had witnessed change. To her shock, the poster no longer featured Freddy holding his signature microphone…nor did it display the image of Freddy removing his head as before. Instead, both images are replaced with a close up on a new character; one that she had never seen before, even in the couple times she had been here this year. The character seemed to stare back at her, peering into the camera with its black eyes; its dirty yellow fur only making its eyes seem that much darker.

    “Guys, check this out; I swear the poster changed!” She cries, alerting the other three teens, all of whom except of April turn and stare into the monitor; their eyes all filled with an expression of wonder.”

    “How in the he-?” Keanu begins to ask, nudging the French girl. “April, check this out.”

    “Um…guys.” She mutters incoherently.

    “April, check out the monitor, what’s the matte-“ Tobie asks, his sentence cut short as he turns to find a yellow bear slumped in the center of the room; its cold, dead eyes staring at them from its lifeless form.

    “Holy shit! What the fuck is that? How did that get in here?” Keanu and Tobie exclaim, nervously, as they and April all turn to look back at the monitors.

    “Krys, cycle back through and see if one of those assholes out there snuck it in here!” Keanu stammers, gulping a bit and breathing to regain his cool. “I’m good now.” He says, turning back to look at the bear; only to find that it had disappeared.“

    “How in the hell?” Wonders April, double-taking between the monitor and the empty spot where the bear used to be.

    Krystal cycles through each of the monitors, looking to at least find someone leaving the area before hitting a rewind switch on each monitor. After 7 recycles through the footage, she is still unable to find a single person near the doors around the time the bear appeared. Distraught, she lets the camera rest on the show stage, turning around to face her new friends; not noticing the absence of a certain purple bunny from the stage.

    “I-I just don’t know…This is creepy.” She says, looking at the others, resting her face in her hands.

    “Um…Krystal?” Keanu asks, his eyes glued to the screen.

    “Yes Keanu?”

    “Where is Bonnie?”

    “Huh?” She asks, turning back to the monitor; her eyes widening in exasperation at the disappearance of the rabbit.

    “What do you mean where is Bonnie?” Tobie wonders, moving back up to the desk and turning back to face April; a bit of fear on his face. “I didn’t know these animatronics were able to move…didn’t they mention that they were going to take that feature away after ’87?” He asks with a bit of fear in his voice.

    “Yeah…”April replies, looking down at her blue watch; the image of two otters cuddling is displayed beneath two clock hands: both on 12. “We shouldn’t be here anymore…” She says nervously, making for the door, only to be stopped by Tobie.

    “Where do you think you’re going April? We still have a job to do.” He says, moving back to the wall, unzipping his rucksack, and pulling out an enormous black briefcase. “We came here to do a job; you can’t just back out of it now.” Tobie opens the briefcase, pulling out a rather large Super-8 camera dated 1978. “I didn’t sneak this from my dad’s office for nothing.”

    “Dude…she might be right; maybe we should just head back to my house and play some Genesis.” Keanu suggests, standing beside April; backing her up.

    “No, we set out to do this and we are going to do this; don’t make me tell Lil about your weird robot fetish.” He threatens, turning the camera on and setting tape reading “Tobie’s first Halloween ‘79.” into the slot; clicking it shut.

    “You bastard…you wouldn’t.”

    “Wouldn’t I? Look man, look how important this is to me.” The blond says, raising the camera. “I’m recording over my dad’s footage of my first Halloween…from when I was one. This matters a lot man; trust me. You know why we’re here…why we’re really here. We need to do this.”

    “What do you mean ‘why we’re really here?” April asks, a bit of hostility in her voice.

    “I’ll explain later…but I will say that it’s a part of a prank.” Tobie admits before focusing back on Keanu, Krystal, and April. “So…will you guys stay with me?”

    “…okay, but you’re going to tell us why we’re ‘really here’.” April concedes, glaring at Keanu. “Both of you are.”

    Krystal smiles, getting out of the chair and patting Tobie’s shoulder.

    “I don’t have much better to do, and I kind of suck at Genesis; even Sonic. Let’s do this.”

    “Ugh…fine.” Sighs Keanu, bolting past Krystal and stealing the chair; slipping a bit and smacking his head against the desk. “Ow…I did not mean to do that.” He says, putting his black jacket sleeve against his bleeding nose. “What kind of office doesn’t have tissue?” The effect of Keanu’s hands holding his nose making his voice sound like a duck choking on helium.

    “I’ll go get some toilet paper from the bathrooms.” Tobie says, taking the lens cap off of the camera and turning to the right door. “Maybe I’ll get some decent footage.”

    “I’ll go with you; maybe tell the others outside about the animatronics and let Danny and Rose know about the animatronics.” Krystal adds in, walking out the door behind him..

    “I’ll come too!” April chimes in, only to stop upon hearing Keanu’s duck voice.

    “No you won’t, I’m not sitting here by myself. I’m sure it won’t take long to grab some toilet paper.”

    “But…fine, that make sense I suppose.” April says, disappointed as she sits against the wall.

    Keanu looks at the monitors, scrolling through each camera and leaving it to focus on the purple curtains of Pirate’s cove; noticing something in the lower left corner of the screen.

    “Huh…has this always been here?”

    “What?” April stands, walking over to the boy.

    “This little battery thing with a battery reading; has it always been there?”

    “I think so…I didn’t notice it before. It says 92% though…what do you think it means?”

    “Probably how much power this piece of shit has till it shuts down; the guys who run this place must be some really cheap-ass Jabroneys if they made a counter for this crap.”

    “Oh that’s nothing, you should have seen the kitchen; apparently they unplugged all of their equipment that wasn’t the fridge. Those devices don’t use THAT much power when plugged in.”

    “Huh, really? Weird…” Keanu responds, looking back at the stage, then back at April; oblivious to the hand poking out of the curtains.

    “I just don’t get why you can’t just leave me alone…why do you have to make fun of me every time you see me. Can’t you just not be an asshole and leave me alone?” The small Asian boy blubbers through crocodile tears; staring at the two teens in front of him. ‘Why did I have to pick this room of all places to run to?’ Joey looks around the room for a moment, all of the animatronic costume heads sitting on the shelves, the bare, metallic endoskeleton laying on the table, the dark aura of the room itself all sending chills down his spine. Rose steps up to the boy, placing her hand on his arm with a reasoning expression on her face.

    “Joey, just calm down a bit; Danny didn’t mean what he said.”

    “Yes I did.” Chimes Danny, investigating the endoskeleton on the table. “ This is pretty cool.”

    “Danny, why can’t you just apologize once? Give the guy a little break and stop being an asshole.”

    “It’s the principle of the thing that matters. I won’t apologize to something like that. You don’t get pity for being a whiny bitch who leeches off of those you call your friends; you get it when you are at least a decent enough person to have some self respect. I don’t pity.” Danny retorts, turning back to the endoskeleton.

    “Look, it’s fine; whatever I won’t kill myself…yet.” Joey says, a bit of anger in his voice.

    “Finally!” Danny says, smugly.

    With that comment Joey snaps, all of his pity-wishing, self-serving sadness, and inhibitions fade as he lunges at Danny, punching him in the face and knocking the pirate hat off of his head; leaving him taken aback.

    “Asshole!” Joey pipes, reaching for another punch, only for Danny to catch his arm, bend it backwards and hunch him over the table.

    “Now we can do this the easy way or the hard way Joey; regardless you probably won’t be walking out with a broken arm, but I figured you could at least chose between one broken arm or a broken arm with a smile on my face.” The dark-haired boy says with a smirk.

    “Danny! Stand down!” Rose says, moving forward to break up their situation. “Cut it out!”

    “He started it!” Danny says, semi-sarcastically, twitching Joey’s arm a bit and eliciting a yelp of pain from the boy.

    “I don’t care if he started it, you were an asshole and deserved to be hit. Cut it out or I will leave right now.” She threatens, folding her arms.

    “Fine.” Danny drops Joey’s arm and walks over to Rose who punches him in the arm.

    Before Danny can respond the room goes dark, the overhead light going out for a brief moment. Once the lighting is returned the kids look over to the door; only to find a large, purple animatronic rabbit blocking the doorway.

    “Now, now remember kids; no fighting at Freddy Fazbear’s pizza! Fighting is against the rules; you don’t want to go to t-t-time out now do you?” Says the jolly, Barney The Dinosaur-like voice of the robot menacingly blocking the room’s only exit. Rose looks to Danny who reciprocates the look, then both glance at Joey.

    “Fuck…” Joey mutters as the rabbit draws closer.

    .................................................. .................................................. .................................................. .................................................. ................

    So tell me, what do y'all think of my little story I am writing here? All comments are accepted and all criticism as well; if you aren't brutal how will I improve? Thank you all!

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    Question: Is anyone reading this story? I would like to know as I have a few more chapters and actually did an overhaul and added one more in between previous chapters but will only edit if others have read it.

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