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My only problems with Judith is how unrealistically behaved she is and how much she morphs into different babies.

Judith has misbehaved in a few situations:

- Crying with Lizzie/Mika - which was really a plot device moment to show how crazy Lizzie is.
- Cried when The Hunters came to the church. Which was also a plot device moment.

Other times its just crying for food or whatever but there are certain situations where she shouldve been misbehaving more. Id much rather her be offscreen than in peril. I hope she cries after Carl is shot.

Other than morphing most things I can ignore. Like how shes never malnourished or never dirty or survives being swung around like a rag doll on michonnes back or how zombies dont go for fall off the bone baby
... or like how she doesn't cry stuffed under a poncho that smells like walker guts.