Here's an article about Josh's favorite lines that didn't make the final cut.
I'm not sure which one is my favorite. Maybe number 6
10. “Eugene is GORGEOUS.”
9. “Yeah, Daryl’s arms are sexy. But have you seen Eugene’s calves? They’re things of beauty. A real American treasure.”
8. “Only Eugene could pull off shorts in the apocalypse. Good for him.”
7. “I thought about cutting Eugene’s mullet in his sleep, but I’m actually in love with it.”
6. “Tell that walker to just chill out a minute. I’m trying to check my Twitter, but apparently the internet is still down.”
5. “Eugene! Here, hold Judith!”
4. “I’m just kidding. I really AM a scientist!”
2. “Eugene taught me how to use my crossbow more efficiently.”
1. “Rick, you’re out! Eugene, you’re our new leader. It’s now a Eugenetatorship! I mean, uhhhh, never mind. Forget I said that.”