for people new to the fan fic and wanna catch up as fast as possible, here are all the chapters from Volume 4 put together.


Rick smiles saying “Judith is good.” Carl smiles as they both watch the people getting off the bus. Rick’s group starts coming outside to see the new people joining. Tyreese, Dale, Sasha, T-Dog, Daryl and others start helping the older people inside. Morgan walks up to Rick asking where Shane is. Rick says “I took care of him.” Morgan puts his hand on Rick’s shoulder saying “You did the right thing Rick.” T-Dog yells for Morgan’s help and Morgan goes over. Duane looks at Carl saying “Man i haven’t said this yet but I wish my dad would give me an awesome hat like that.” Carl says “you wanna try it out?” Carl hands Duane the hat and Duane puts it on. Sasha, Carol, Allen, Ben, Dale, Andrea, and Hershel walk over to Rick. Carl goes to give Beth the good news about naming the baby. Hershel says “How did these people find us?” Rick says “Shane…” They all become silent. The awkward sad silence is broken when Duane begins mimicking a cowboy with Carl’s hat on and they all start to laugh.

Suddenly a bullet goes flying through Duane’s head. Another flies past going into Ben’s stomach. Duane falls dead and Ben falls over Bleeding out. Rick looks around and looks down towards the prison gates to see The Governor hold a gun aiming it at them all. The Governor fires a few more times at Rick’s group until they start to retreat to safety. The Governor gets back in the car and says “Let’s go.” Martinez, Milton, and Hayley are shocked by what The Governor just did Martinez says “What the hell is wrong with you!?” The Governor says “A debt had to be paid.” Martinez stares for a few more seconds but then hits the gas so fast the tires spin out and he drives away. Morgan comes running outside to see Duane lying dead. Morgan starts screaming ‘NOOOOOOOOO!” He grabs Duane and starts cradling him. Allen reacts the same way with Ben. Allen says “BEN DON’T DIE ON ME COME ON!” Ben let’s out his last breath as he dies. Silence consumes the prison as the only thing that can be heard are Morgan and Allen’s cries over their dead children.




It has been Seven Months since Rick accepted the Woodbury survivors into the prison and The Governor left his final mark on the prison survivors before going who knows where. Things have calmed down as they all start to live a peaceful life inside the prison. In these seven months the group has grown quite a bit adding survivors like Ryan Samuels and his 2 daughters Lizzie and Mika, A Kid named Zach, An actual doctor named Caleb, A former Army medic named Bob Stookey and many others. A council has now been formed as well with Hershel, Carol, Glenn, Dale and Rick holding leadership instead of Rick himself. Rick has also been learning to farm from Hershel, if any was to happen to him.

Rick wakes up from his sleep. All he can hear is the sound of a baby crying. He sighs, then goes to get up, suddenly Beth walks in. Beth says “You don’t mind do you?” Rick says “No, no go ahead take her.” Beth smiles picking up Judith and grabs a bottle walking out of Rick’s cell. Too late now Rick is already awake and cannot go back to sleep. He gets up putting clothes on. He walks out of his cell looking around, it is still early. Ever since Hershel started showing Rick how to farm Rick has been really worried about the fields, come to think about it, Rick was worried about everything. Still being leader has taken its toll on him.

He walks towards the showers, coming across a toweled Andrea. Andrea says “Oh, hey.” Rick says “Uh, hello…” Andrea looks at him for a second and says “You look like shit.” Rick smirks saying “Having another kid will do that to you.” Andrea says “I think it’s more than that.” Rick says “Well I gotta go wash the stink off.” Andrea says “Ha, if anything you’ll get more using these showers.” Rick smiles says “You can go outside the fence to that stream if you really want to, Merle would thank you very kindly.” Andrea says “I’m sure he would, if anything seeing the backside of anything living would be good enough for him sitting up in that tower all day.” Rick goes and takes a shower.

Elsewhere, Glenn is sitting up in his bed. Maggie is there as well and sits up and says “Something wrong?” Glenn says “No…they are deciding on that Big Spot run today.” Maggie says “If they decide to do it you don’t have to go. You can just work the fence.” Glenn says “I envy Merle and tower duty, just sits up there getting drunk or whatever he does.” Maggie says “Hey, just don’t go then, just tell them no.” Glenn says “My vote versus all there’s, I think the only one I’ll have on my side is Dale. Maybe Hershel.” Maggie hugs him saying “Everything is gonna be alright.” Andrea walks towards her cell, running into Axel. Andrea says “Oh hey…” Axel says “Sorry, lived in this place longer than anyone and I still can’t figure out which cell is mine.” Andrea says “This is my cell.” Axel says “Sorry about that.” He walks away and Andrea turns glaring at him.

Outside Daryl is walking towards one of the prison towers. He walks up the steps to Merle who is asleep with his chair leaned back with a bottle of beer against his chest. Daryl says “HEY ASSHOLE!” Merle is spooked and falls backwards. Daryl laughs. Merle says “Hey, what the hell!” Daryl says “The point of the tower duty is to WATCH not SLEEP!” Merle says “Yesterday was a hard day, I had to watch Karen put in that you know……thing…..to make sure she was safe from the walkers.” Daryl says “Sure you were just making sure no walkers were around her.” Merle says “What do you want?” Daryl says “I’m wondering if you are gonna go on the big spot run.” Merle says “The reason I took tower duty was so I didn’t have to go on runs. And shouldn’t you be saying IF they decide to do it. That council is gonna be at each other’s throats with the farm coming along about whether they need to go on runs anymore.” Daryl says “Well if they vote yes on it I’m going I think you need to get out of this……room of yours.” Merle says “What you don’t like the De Casa De Merle?” Daryl says “Are you gonna go or not?”

Outside at the fences T-Dog, Karen, and a few other people are clearing the walkers on the fence. Tyreese walks up to Karen. Karen stops killing walkers and says “Hey, what’s up?” They kiss. Karen says “I’ll be done in maybe a couple more hours. Why don’t you grab a pole and help out?” Tyreese says “I don’t know…” T-Dog says “We could use the help brotha.”

Rick starts walking towards the library where the council meetings are held. He runs into Carl. Rick says “Carl where were you at?” Carl says “Nowhere, why?” Rick stares at him for a few seconds. Carl says “Alright fine, can I ever come in there? You guys are making all these big decisions and Patrick wants to…” Rick says “Patrick is OLDER than you and he does more kids’ stuff than you do.” Rick keeps walking towards the library as Carl says “That’s not me.”

Rick walks into the library to Hershel, Dale, Carol, and Glenn who are already there. Rick says “Sit down.” Rick sits in a chair and says “Today, we vote on this run. Now I know that this entire week you guys have been at each other’s throats, but we have to come to some type of decision, do we go on this run to the big spot, or do we start relying on the farms, even though they aren’t fully done yet.” Carol says “It’ll be forever before any of that food is ready to be eaten we need to go to the big spot T-Dog and them found.” Dale says “We have plenty of food to wait until the food on the farms is ready to harvest.” Carol says “No we don’t the supplies are growing thinner and thinner every day. We need to do this.” Dale says “T-Dog said that place was filled with walkers it is too dangerous.” Glenn stays silent. Hershel says “the food won’t be ready for a while, we need to keep the supply amount high until we can harvest the food.”

Carol says “Sasha mounted a radio to a generator and cut a hole in the fence that was surrounding it, most of the walkers are gone. We should do it. We need this run.” Dale says “It’s a mistake. We shouldn’t risking people when we don’t need to.” Hershel says “We simply can’t let the supplies get low with how many people we have to feed in this place.” Carol says “We could have Daryl and Merle go hunting more?” Dale says “That’s just as risky.” Carol says “Well Dale if some people have to risk their lives for the good of everybody then so be it!” Rick says “Guys calm down! Glenn what do you think? You’ve been pretty quiet so far?”


Merle says “I’m not gonna go Daryl.” Daryl says “Why not?” Merle says “Like I said before there’s a reason I took tower duty, I don’t have to do shit. Plus I’m a better shot than half of you.” Daryl says “Which is why you are useless on tower duty.” Merle says “I’ve never been your bitch Daryl and I’m not gonna start now. You guys can do it without me.” Daryl walks down the tower steps in disappointment.

Tyreese looks at the amount of Walkers and says “I guess I can help…” before he can say anything else Karen puts a pipe in his hands. Karen says “Get to work!” T-Dog laughs. Tyreese puts on an apron and starts helping them clear the walkers on the fence.

Inside the council chambers Glenn says “Dale’s right, we shouldn’t be risking more people if our supplies are at a good amount right now.” Carol glares at him. Dale says “See!? Even Glenn agrees with me.” Rick looks at the table then says “So it’s a split decision that’s up to me.” Hershel says “Just know Rick if you go with Dale, we won’t be getting more food for months because those farms aren’t even close to being able harvest. If we run out of supplies, it will be on you and Dale…..and Glenn.”

Outside by the fences Lizzie, Mika, and two other kids are watching walkers. Naming them. Carl and Patrick walks up to hear them doing this Carl says “They aren’t people…don’t name them.” Lizzie says “They should have names. That one has a nametag.” Carl says “That was when they were people, they are dead now.” Lizzie says “They aren’t dead, they’re just different.” Carl looks at her weird. Lizzie walks away with the other two kids named Luke and Molly. Mika asks Patrick “You coming to story time today Patrick?” Patrick says “Ye…..yeah.” Mika smiles and walks away. Carl looks at him and says “Story time?” Patrick says “You wouldn’t dig it, it’s for little kids.” Carl says “Then why do you go?” Patrick says “Nothing else to do around here. See ya later dude.” Carl says “But there is a good amount of stuff to do.” Patrick says “Maybe you are just seeing more than me.” Carl turns glaring at the walkers on the fence. Seeing one with its eyes bleeding. Carl says “What the…?” He is interrupted by Rick. Rick says “Hey…” Carl sarcastically says “What you guys finally done with your COUNCIL meeting?” Rick says “Carl don’t be like that.” Carl says “Whatever…” Carl walks away. Rick sighs then looks over at the walker with its eyes bleeding, he turns his head not sure if what he is seeing is real.

Rick sees Daryl is heading towards the front gates and he comes up stopping him for a second. Daryl says “What?” Rick says “You’re going hunting out there by yourself?” Daryl says “Merle is being an asshole at moment or would of asked him to come with me, and no one else wants to go. It's alright i'm better at hunting on my own."


Inside the council chambers, Rick looks at the others then says “We go to the big spot.” Rick gets up along with the others. Dale says “This is a mistake Rick, people are gonna die.” Rick says “If they said its safe then it’s safe I trust T-Dog and Carol. I trust all of you but we can’t let the supplies get lower before the crops are ready to be harvest.” Dale says “You trust too easily Rick.” Dale walks out along with Glenn. Carol walks up to Rick and says “You made the right decision.” Rick says “Are you SURE it is safe for our people to go into?” Carol says “I’m sure of it. If you need to ask T-Dog he'll tell you the same thing as me.” They all walk out.

Dale walks past Andrea’s cell as she is coming out. Andrea says “Hey Dale.” Dale walks past without saying anything. Andrea says “Dale?” Glenn goes to walk past as well but Andrea stops him and asks “What’s going on with Dale?” Glenn says “Rick agreed with Hershel and Carol. We'll be going to that Big Spot tomorrow.” Andrea sits there for a second as Glenn walks back to his cell. Maggie is sitting there and asks “How did it go?” Glenn says “You’re father won like always.” Maggie says “Maybe it is best that they keep the supplies coming in you know?” Glenn says “Not if it endangers more people. I’ve watched too many friends die.” Maggie says “None of those people who died because of you, you always blame yourself for everything.” Glenn says “You wonder if Morgan still blames Rick over what happened to Duane?” Maggie sits silent.

Outside by the front gate, Rick says to Daryl “I’ll go with you.” Daryl says “Really? I didn’t think our fearless leader would be up for some boring hunting trip.” Rick says “Trust me this boring hunting trip will be the highlight of my day.” They hear a horse approaching. T-Dog is at the fences and sees that it is Morgan and him and Tyreese go and open the gate. Morgan comes in and gets off his horse. Daryl and Rick approach him. Daryl says “Your ass ever get sore riding that thing?” Morgan says “No…” Rick says “Any luck?” Morgan glares at Rick then says “No, I’m thinking of trying up near Macon next.” Rick looks down then Morgan sternly says “It’s worth a shot…” Rick says “Morgan…” Morgan says “Maybe if you spent more time trying to deal with the Governor instead of your best friend who fucked your wife then maybe I wouldn't be out there so much!” Morgan walks away. Daryl says “It’s alright Rick.” Rick says “No…..it’s not, let’s just go.” Rick and Daryl walk out the front gates to go hunting. Morgan walks into Cell Block D. He walks past Patrick, Karen, and many others as he walks straight through the cell block, down the hallway to the death row isolation cells. He goes in one and closes the door sitting on the bed then lying down. He begins to cry.

Outside, T-Dog is walking towards the prison from the front gates when he runs into Sasha. Sasha kisses him and says “So what were the fences like today?” T-dog says “Like they always are, we need to go out and clear the bodies sometime soon.” Sasha says “I saw Tyreese was actually helping you guys.” T-Dog says “Yeah Karen talked him into it.” Sasha says “He needs to do something besides sitting around and sulking about his failed football career.” T-Dog says “Hey that is a touchy subject alright. Any man in his position would feel the same way.” Sasha laughs saying “Sure it would.” They both walk into Cell Block D.

Michonne is in a cell in Cell Block C Meditating. Beth walks back and forth holding Judith in her hands, singing to her. Michonne starts to become a little irritated. Beth sees Michonne and asks “What are you doing?” Michonne says “Meditating, it keeps me calm.” Suddenly Beth hears Hershel call for her and says “Oh crap, Michonne can you watch Judy for a few seconds?” Michonne says “Wha…what?” Beth puts Judith in Michonne's hands and Michonne glares at the baby as Beth heads down to see what Hershel wants. Judith stares back her Michonne. Michonne starts smiling then begins to tear up and starts sobbing quietly.

Beth walks into her cell to see Hershel standing there looking around. Beth says “What dad?” Hershel says “I swear I put a pair of scissors in here before. I know how you like to make stuff and it’s just…” Beth goes under her bed and grabs them and hands them to him. Beth says “What do you need them for?” Hershel says “This is so frustrating. That farm is fristrating me, makes me wish i was a computer guy whatever you call them.” Beth laughs saying “I bet.” Hershel says “Also what’s going on between you and that Zach kid?” Beth says “He’s my boyfriend…” Hershel says “Huh…alright. I’m watching you two though.” Hershel walks out.

Outside the prison Daryl has his sights on a buck. Rick is standing right behind him. Daryl says “Could you not breathe on my neck like that? It really fucks up my aim” Rick says “Sorry…” Daryl pulls the trigger and hits the deer, it falls over. Rick and Daryl walk up to it. It is still alive and moving. Daryl cuts its throat. Rick says “Couldn’t you of just stabbed it in the head.” Daryl says “Sorry, so use to cutting the throat. That’s what…..” Daryl stops himself. Rick says “So how are you Daryl? With everything going on this is the first time we’ve talked all week.” Daryl says “Not much this is my first time hunting this week if that means anything. Pretty lucky bagging a buck.” Rick says “We’re going to the big spot.” Daryl says “Dale have a heart attack?” Rick smirks saying “No but I think he was about to. Carol and the others made sure it was safe there’s no walkers or not as many anyways it should be safe.” Daryl says “I tried to get Merle to go. He won’t leave that tower.” Rick says “When we said you will sit in that tower all day, I think he took it the wrong way. He still can be made go on trips outside.” Daryl says “Let him sit up there. If someone dies on his watch its nobodies’ fault but his.” Rick says “You really wanna test that theory out?” Daryl says “No, but if it comes to it, it might be Merle’s wake up call.”

Merle is sitting up in the tower. Suddenly he hears “Hey.” Merle jumps and looks back pointing his gun. Merle says “God damn it you scared the shit out of me Advil Breath.” Bob says “Watch yourself now Billy Badass. Where’s your brother?" Merle says "Heh, you mean my sister?" Bob says “You know people like him better than you?” Merle says “Why do I give a fuck what any of them think?” Bob grabs a beer and says “Because, in the long run what people think of you might be what keeps you from getting your face bitten off.” Merle says “What do you mean?” Bob says “Just something to think about.” Merle says “Sometimes I think you just like me for my booze.” Bob says “You are correct.” Bob walks back down the tower steps as Merle just laughs.

Rick and Daryl are walking back through the forest towards the prison, they come across one of the traps Rick set up. Rick says “I’ll go check on the other traps. You head back.” Daryl says “You sure?” Rick says “Feed the people Daryl.” Daryl nods and Rick heads through the woods towards some of the other traps he set up. He goes to the first one to find nothing. He goes towards another to see a pig or boar of some sort trapped lying dead. Suddenly a walker starts walking up to it.


Rick decides to end it quietly as to not alert any other walkers in the area. He goes up to it and goes to stab it but the thing jerks its head back then bites into Rick’s hand. Rick lets out a yell then punches it in the face and then goes to stab it in the head but it moves back then Rick is able to stab it in the chest. Rick panics as he looks at his hand then at the walker, which isn’t a walker, it is a women, and she is choking on her own blood. Rick says “Oh my god!” The women looks at him then let’s out her last breath as she dies. Rick sits there on his knees with tears in his eyes. He just killed a women who was trying to find her dinner. Then he looks down at his hand, how is he gonna explain this? They will think he got bit. He pulls his knife out of her stomach and stabs her in the head to prevent reanimation.

Inside the prison, Daryl is skinning the deer he just bagged. Andrea walks up and asks “Where’s Rick?” Daryl says “He’s checking the traps in the woods.” Andrea says “Alone?” Daryl says “He told me he could handle it, he wanted to bring this back here for everyone.”

Merle is walking through the cell blocks. He sees Beth and Zach making out. He says “Get a room, Jesus.” They both walk away. T-Dog says “Missing the cell blocks yet?” Merle turns and says “No, I’m loving that tower surprisingly.” T-Dog says “I envy you and being alone.” Merle says “Wouldn’t be that bad to be sticking it to someone every night.” T-Dog laughs and says “It may not be as glorious as you think.” Sasha yells “T!” T-Dog says “Coming…” Merle keeps walking to run into Rowan. Merle says “How are the supplies doing Doc?” Rowan says “First of all I’m not a doctor I don’t know why you always call me that.” Merle says “I don’t know, I can’t think of anything else to call you, I barely know you.” Rowan says “Keeping track of these supplies is torture thank god they are going to that Big Spot tomorrow I don’t think we could hold out much longer.” Merle says “What about the farms?” Rowan says “Hershel says those won’t be harvestable for a month or 2. We are running on thin ice here.”

Outside Daryl has manage to skin the deer and they are now cooking it. People start flocking around waiting for it to be done. Tyreese asks “What is everyone doing?” Patrick walks past saying “Daryl brought back a deer.” Tyreese says “Isn’t that something? You know this world has gone to shit when kids are excited about a deer.” Karen walks up past him saying “Well if you don’t think it is a big deal then don’t get none.” Tyreese says “Oh no I’m getting some.” Merle walks out of the cell block to see them all flocking around Daryl as he is cooking a deer. Merle looks over to Bob who is staring at him then points to Daryl.

Rick walks up to the edge of the woods to the prison, he sees that they are all gather around Daryl in front of the prison. He looks down at his hand. He looks by the tower next to the front gate to see Beth and Zach making out. Rick says “Really?”


Rick decides to head around the prison and go in the back. Going through the woods he sees walkers but is able to evade them despite still bleeding. It goes through the back of the prison, using keys to get through a new gate they have set up to keep walkers from coming through the back of the prison. He walks in locking the gate back up. He keeps walking down the hallway past the isolation cells. He looks in one of them to see Morgan sitting crying. With his hand bleeding Rick has no choice but to continue along.

Rick gets to Cell Block C and sees Hershel talking to Caleb, the newest doctor in the prison, and tries to wave him over without alerting anybody else. Hershel sees him and says he’ll see Caleb later and heads over to Rick. Hershel says “what’s wrong Rick?” Rick says “I was out checking the traps for animals and…” He shows Hershel the bite. Hershel says “Dear god, what happened Rick?” Rick says “This person…” Hershel says “Did you get bit Rick?” Hershel backs up. Rick says “No. It was an actual person.” Hershel says “Come with me.” Hershel takes Rick to his cell. Hershel sits Rick down and starts taking a look at Rick’s hand. Hershel says “Who was it?” Rick says “Some women, I thought she was a walker, was all dirty, face was almost pitch black. I tried to stab her because I thought she was a walker going for the animal and I stabbed her in the chest and that’s when I realized….” Rick stops himself. Hershel says “It’s not your fault Rick. You didn’t know.” Rick says “But if I would have tried maybe I could of…” Hershel says “You couldn’t have done anything about it…” Rick looks at the ground a second then says “Do you really think the Big Spot is the best idea?” Hershel says “That’s already been decided, and since you are now injured you aren’t going to any supermarkets this month.” Rick sighs saying “I should be there.” Hershel says “T-Dog and the others can handle it. T has really stepped up.” Rick says “He has…and what’s with him and Sasha are they together now?” Hershel says “It seems that way.” Rick says “Wonder how Tyreese feels about that.” Hershel says “You should be more worried about taking care of your kids then leading or worrying about other people’s personal issues, that’s why we started the council so not everything would fall on top of you.” Rick says “People are counting on me.” Hershel says “If people count on just you then they are as ignorant as the Governor was.”

Rick says “Morgan goes out there every day looking for him, it’s a lost cause, I bet that guy is long gone by now.” Hershel says “He might as well have left the country for what he did to Duane.” Rick says “Morgan still blames me. The Governor though Duane was Carl since he had Carl’s hat on, if the Governor would of shot Carl.” Hershel says “Well he didn’t shoot Carl, and Morgan is still grieving Rick give him time.” Rick says “It’s been 7 months, how long does he need?” Hershel says “The man lost his son in one of the most brutal ways I’ve ever seen, he should take as long as he needs.” Rick says “I hope you are right.” Hershel says “When ain’t I?” Rick says “When Dale is.” Hershel smiles.

Outside Daryl has given out the last of the deer and Merle walks up. Daryl says “what do you want?” Merle says “Didn't save your brother any?” Daryl says “You can go hunting if you want to, I don’t need to babysit you.” Merle says “I saw you going out there with Rick where he is?” Daryl says “Checking the traps in the woods.” Merle says “I’m going to the Big Spot tomorrow.” Daryl says “You finally came around?” Merle says “I’m going because I want to not because you want me to.” Daryl says “That doesn't even make sense.” Merle walks away. Daryl smiles a little. Carol walks up asking “What was that all about?” Daryl says “Merle is coming with us tomorrow.” Carol says “Should I be worried or…?” Daryl says “No, he needs to get out of that tower an actually hold a conversation with someone else besides just Bob…” Beth and Zach walk past. Carol says “Aren't you supposed to be watching Judith?” Beth says “Carl has her right now.” Zach stops as Beth keeps walking and says “What the hell Daryl didn't leave me anything? Not even some jerky? Nothing?” Daryl says “Well Romeo maybe if you were up here you could of gotten some.” Zach laughs saying “Well save me some next time!” Daryl smiles saying “Get here first and maybe you won't be going to bed eating canned beans.”

Dale is sitting in his cell still trying to get over Rick siding with Hershel and Carol. Glenn walks up to his cell and asks “How are you doing Dale? You know Andrea and a couple others are worried about you.” Dale says “They’ll go to the big spot tomorrow and they’ll regret it. I just have this feeling.” Glenn says “I’m sure they’ll be fine, if T and Carol said it’s safe I trust them.” Dale says “It’s not them I don’t trust. Their good intentions are another story.” Glenn walks back to his cell where Maggie is sitting. Glenn says “What did you do today?” Maggie says “Nothing much the fences weren’t that bad today since we got more help, are you going to the big spot with them tomorrow?” Glenn says “Why? Do you wanna go?” Maggie says “I've been thinking about it.”


Glenn says “I’m going.” Maggie says “Then I am too.” Glenn says “Maggie you…” Maggie says “Don’t tell me I can’t go I’m going.” Glenn says “Alright.”

The next day, T-Dog, Sasha, and Daryl are packing stuff into a vehicle getting ready to go. Bob walks up and says “Hey there.” Sasha asks “What do you want Bob?” Bob says “I’d like to go with you guys, try and earn my keep.” Sasha says “Bob you’ve been here a week.” Bob says “Yeah well that’s a week worth of food and sleep.” Daryl says “The More the merrier I say.” Sasha nods. Zach walks up and starts putting weapons in the back of the truck. Daryl says “Really? You wanna come?” Zach says “Yeah, why you got a problem with it? Maybe I’ll bag my own deer.” Daryl says “At the Big Spot?” Zach says “Sure…” Daryl laughs. Daryl sees Merle approaching them. Daryl says “You’re finally awake.” Merle says “This is it?” T-dog says “Glenn and Maggie are going too and I think Michonne is coming.” Merle says “Whatever.” Merle gets in the car sitting there. T-Dog says “Did you force him on this trip or nothing?” Daryl says “No, he just came up to me yesterday and changed his mind about coming.” Zach is grabbing a couple more guns and Beth walks up to him kissing him. Beth says “You’re actually going?” Zach says “Yeah thought I’d help out. What you don’t approve? I’m sorry mom.” Beth laughs then says “No if you want to go its fine.” She starts walking away and Zach asks “What…you’re not even gonna say goodbye?”

Michonne approaches them getting ready to go and sees Zach and Beth kissing then looks at Daryl and jokingly says “Ahhh young love.” Daryl sarcastically says “It’s like a damn Romance Novel.” T-Dog says “There she is.” Michonne says “Alright, alright. Yes I’m coming on the trip T if you were all wondering so badly. Also Daryl what do you not want to find that right someone someday?” Daryl says “Not really even close to the top of my list right now.” Rick approaches the group packing stuff up. Rick says “How many people are you guys taking?” T-Dog says “As many as I can.” They all look over to Morgan who is saddling up his horse again. Daryl says “Does he really need to be going out again today?” T-Dog says Leave the guy alone man. He ain’t shooting us all in a fit of rage alright, so let him keep going on that wild goose chase.” Daryl says “Somebody should seriously tell him he ain’t gonna find the Governor no matter where he looks. The guy is probably long gone.” Michonne says “Or dead…” Daryl says “He’s seriously risking his life going out there every day for no reason.”


Beth turns around and says “Goodbye...” Zach smiles as Beth walks away. Rick says “I’m gonna go talk to him.” T-Dog says “Not the best idea.” Rick keeps walking and T-Dog say “And of course he doesn’t listen to me.” Rick walks up to Morgan who is about to get on the horse. Morgan says “What do you want?” Rick says “Do you really need to go out there?” Morgan says “Just stop talking.” Rick says “I’m just saying everybody is worried…” Morgan says “Really Rick, you’re all worried? You didn’t seem too worried after killing Shane were you? You seemed to completely forget why we went to Woodbury the second time was to kill The Governor, I could give two fucks about Shane. I just didn’t want him near my son.” Rick shows Morgan his hand bandaged up and says “This is what awaits you out there.” Morgan says “You’re alive.” Morgan gets on his horse and tells Karen to open the gate. Morgan rides out on the horse.

Rick walks back to the others. T-Dog says “Told ya there was no use.” Daryl says “Come on guys let’s just get this shit ready and go to that Big Spot.” Rick walks away. Glenn and Maggie approach. Daryl asks “You both are coming?” Glenn says “There was no way I was gonna get her to not come.” Maggie nods. T-Dog says “the more the merrier.” Daryl says “Yeah you’ve been saying that all morning, too many people may be dangerous though.” Sasha says “I don’t care if you don’t.” T-Dog says “We need someone from the council on this trip anyways since Rick can’t come so Glenn welcome aboard and I guess we have no choice but to let Maggie go too.”

Tyreese walks past them going to the Big Spot down to the gates where Karen is. He kisses her and she says “You’re gonna let Sasha go without you? That’s a first.” Tyreese says “T will protect her. I trust him. Remember when we went to that church and he saved me from a falling bell.” Karen says “No he didn’t.” Tyreese laughs saying “It was something like that.” Karen says “You probably lost your balance or something and he had to catch you.”

Dale is outside watching them get ready to go to the big spot and Andrea walks up right next to him. Andrea says “You okay?” Dale says “No I’m fine it’s just…” Andrea says “What?” Dale says “I’m just tired of everything.” Andrea says “This will probably be the last time they go outside these walls before the farms are ready.” Dale says “Yeah, but at what cost?” Dale walks away. Andrea keeps watching them until she sees Rick walking towards the prison she says “Oh my god. What happened?” She looks at his hand.


Rick stares at Andrea for a moment then says “Andrea, you gotta promise me you won’t tell anyone, I haven’t told any of them they just assume it’s from the traps for some weird reason.” He breaths in deep then says “There was a women.” Andrea says “Did you actually get bit?!” Rick says “No I thought it was a walker…….but when I went to stab it in the head it saw me coming and evaded like a person, then it bit into my hand. Then I………manage to stab it in the chest and it feel over bleeding. That’s when I realized it was a person. I killed a person……over a boar.” Andrea stares there in disbelief. Andrea then says “Rick you didn’t know….” Rick says “That’s just it……that’s our life now. We stab first and ask questions later. If I had called out instead of going for the kill I probably could have brought her back here.” Andrea tries to comfort Rick but he pushes her away and says “I can’t stand what we are becoming.” He walks back into the prison cells as Andrea stands there, sort of regretting asking but appreciates Rick being honest with her and her alone. Andrea walks towards the others getting ready to head out. Allen comes out from behind the corner, having heard everything Rick just said.

Patrick walks up to Daryl and says “Mr. Dixon I really appreciate you bringing that deer back yesterday, and I think it’d be an honor to shake your hand.” Daryl smiles and shakes his hand. The others smile. Patrick walks away and Sasha says “You really have yourself a following there.” Daryl says “Alright well if we could hurry up instead of watching me shake hands with a fan maybe we can get this run over with.” Andrea walks up to them. Daryl says “Coming to say goodbye before we leave?” Andrea says “Good luck. That’s all I really got.” Daryl says “Keep an eye on Rick, I can tell something is bothering him. Don’t need him losing his shit.” Merle gets out of the truck and heads over to his Bike. Daryl says “Do you really need to take that?” Merle says “I ain’t gonna be able to stand your people’s small talk.” Daryl looks down then back to Andrea as Merle revs up his bike. Andrea says “I’ll look after Rick. You watch out for these people.” Daryl says “I think that’s T’s and Glenn’s jobs.” T-Dog says “That’s right, don’t get any ideas about giving orders Daryl.” Andrea stands back and watches as Daryl, Glenn, Maggie, Bob, Sasha, Zach, Merle, Michonne, and T-Dog take off towards the Big Spot. Dale walks up next to Andrea. Andrea says “They’ll be fine.” Dale says “We’ll see.”

Carol is inside the library reading to the kids. Ryan is the back watching. After a couple minutes Ryan nods to Carol and he leaves. Carol says “Okay kids today we are gonna learn how properly use a knife.” She pulls out a case and opens it to reveal many knives. Patrick raises his hand saying “Uh may I be excused?” Carol says “Why Patrick?” Patrick says “I don’t feel good.” Carol says “Are you afraid of a knife Patrick? You gotta learn to defend yourself.” Patrick says “It’s not that, I just don’t wanna yack on anybody.” Carol awkwardly says “You may be excused.” Patrick quickly says “Thank you.” and scurries off. Carol says “Alright, today we are gonna learn how to slash and stab.” Carl walks in hearing this with a stumped look on his face. Carol sees him and says “Carl……please don’t tell you dad.” Carl quickly walks off not able to process what he just saw. Carl walks into Cell Block C. He sees his dad and Rick says “Carl…you alright?” Carl still has the shocked look on his face.


T-dog and the others arrive outside the big spot. Fences surround the store but they cut a hole in the side of the fence a week ago and Sasha used a speaker to clear the walkers out. They go through the fence as T-Dog says “Keep your eyes open.” Merle is the last one to go through the fence as he says “This doesn’t feel right.” Daryl says “What we can’t get some good luck for a change?” Merle says “This is way too easy.” Daryl walks up and looks through the windows of the store then sits back against the glass. Zach walks up sitting down next to him and says “A fireman?” Daryl laughs saying “No.” Michonne is standing there and asks “What are you guys going on about?” Zach says “I’ve been trying to guess what Daryl did before the turn.” Daryl says “It’s a lost cause my friend you might as well give up.” Zach says “An Undercover cop?” Merle walks up hearing this and laughing. Merle says “Yeah my little brother was a cop.” Michonne laughs saying “That makes sense.” Daryl says “Actually my brother is right.” Zach stops laughing then says “You serious?”

T-Dog walks up and taps on the glass saying “You guys gonna sit around and make the rest of us do everything?” They sit there for a few seconds then Zach says “Were you actually serious?” Merle laughs saying “Kid, if my brother was a cop then I’m Hugh Heffner.” Daryl says “Maybe I was.” Daryl tries to keep a serious face but can’t. Merle says “That’s what I thought.” Suddenly a walker comes up to the other side of the glass. Sasha says “Let’s move it ladies.” T-Dog says “You know I love it when you give orders but don’t undermine me.” Sasha says “You can keep thinking you’re in charge.” T-Dog laughs as they all go in the store except for Bob who stands outside for a second looking at a leg just lying on the ground by itself without a body. He cannot comprehend where it came from.

Inside the prison, Carl says “Nothing I just saw thinking about how boring story time is and you need to start letting me help you guys more.” Rick says “Carl…” Carl says “What happened to Duane is my fault, and Morgan blames you when he shouldn’t.” Rick says “Hey, that wasn’t your fault what happened to Duane.” Carl says “I gave Duane my hat and the Governor shot him instead.” Rick says “Why would you think he shot him because of the hat?” Carl says “Because the Governor wanted you dead which means he wanted me dead too.” Rick says “You don’t even know what you’re saying Carl. It wasn’t your fault it wasn’t any of our faults. It was the Governor’s fault alone.” Carl says “What happened to him anyways?” Rick stops himself for a second then says “If he’s smart he is as far away from this place as possible.


The Governor has just shot Duane in the head and shot Ben as well. Martinez drives off with The Governor, Milton, and Hayley. They go to the place where The Governor shot those military men and they make camp. With Woodbury gone and his daughter “dead” The Governor sits at the campfire staring into the fire. A walker approaches him and he does nothing as it falls into the fire and crawls towards him. Suddenly a bullet goes into the walker and the Governor turns his head slightly to see Martinez standing there having shot the walker. Martinez heads back into his tent. The Governor heads to his tent as well. The next morning he wakes up to Martinez, Milton, and Hayley gone having left him by himself.


For almost 7 months The Governor has wandered around Georgia scavenging supplies and just walking around not even killing walkers anymore as he feels he has a lost his way. He simply walks around them. He comes to a barn where he sees names sprayed painted on it. He sees one that says “Brian” and he sees many other names. Most or all of them are most likely dead now.

He continues down the road going into a small town. After dodging a few walkers he finally decides to end it all and let the walkers take him as he falls over. He looks over towards a van and a building. He sees a little girl looking at him from inside. At first he thinks it’s a hallucination but then realizes it’s an actual girl. He gets up and walks towards the building. He walks up the stairs and goes to the door he believes is their's. He knocks. Two women answer the door, one is holding a gun and says “Don’t move.” The Governor stands there. The women opens the door a little more and a little girl pokes her head out. The Governor looks at her for a split second and puts his hands up. The women tells him to come in and he sits down at the table. The women, who reveals her name to be Tara says “Don’t try anything. You see this? I was a cop.” She puts her gun flat on the table but pointed towards him. She then says “Hand over you gun.” The other women’s name is Lilly and the little girl is named Meghan.


Bob decides to walk around and look for a body that would match up with the leg. He cannot seem to find a body it belongs to as he looks around some more. He then decides maybe to check the roof, he starts checking around the outside for a ladder or something that could go to the roof. Inside the store, the others are searching for Food. Michonne walks around the corner of one of the aisles and is disturbed by an alien cardboard cutout she sees, she cuts it in half. Merle is walking around with a cart. Daryl laughs seeing him doing this and Daryl says “You know that’s why we brought backpacks and stuff right? What you gonna take it all out to your car mama.” Merle says “Maybe I am.” Outside Bob finally finds a ladder, he grabs it and it seems very unstable but he starts climbing up it slowly. He gets to the top and is shocked as he sees a helicopter lying on top of the building having crash a while ago, and walkers everywhere. Bob remains silent as he goes back down the ladder but a little faster.

Merle is going through the aisle, he then gets to the section with alcohol. He looks at all the wine and such that’s still there. He looks around knowing Daryl will be pissed if he wastes food space for booze but seeing nobody watching Merle picks one up. Suddenly Bob comes rushing into the store and says “GUYS!” Merle then quickly puts down the alcohol because of Bob’s shouting and the entire shelf gives away and falls on top of him. Daryl, Zach, and Michonne come running and Daryl says “Merle!” Merle says “I’m fine my foot is just stuck help me here.” They hear the roof start creaking. Bob says “You might want to hurry up!” They go to start lifting the shelf but suddenly big holes start appearing in the roof as walkers start falling through. Daryl, Zach, and Michonne jump backwards as a walker falls right in front of them. Merle pulls a gun from a holster on his ankle and shoots the walker before it can get up.

T-Dog, Sasha, Glenn, Maggie, Michonne, Bob and Zach start killing walkers as Daryl tries to figure out a way to get the shelf off of Merle. Merle shoots another walker coming up behind Daryl and then says “Any day now would be really great!” Daryl says “I’m thinking!” Zach comes over and tries lifting the shelf again with Daryl and Merle is actually able to get free. Suddenly a helicopter starts coming through the roof but gets caught. They can tell it will be falling on top of them very soon. Merle is able to get out from under the shelf. They are about to head outside then a walker grabs Zach by the leg and he falls over. The walker bites into Zach’s calf as Zach lets out a terrible scream. Daryl is about to go back for him but Merle grabs Daryl and forces him out of the store as the ceiling gives away a split second later crushing Zach and all the walkers under rubble. They all sit outside looking at the store that’s roof has collapsed into it. Then they all look at Merle, seeing him as the reason Zach died and they all almost did.

The Big Spot group arrives back at the prison. With less supplies then they would have liked. Rick, Hershel, Dale, Carol, and Dale are waiting for them as they pull up. They see everybody get out of the cars except for Zach. Carol says “Where’s Zach?” T-Dog walks up saying “the Big Spot was a bad call. We lost Zach.” Carol is so confused. Merle is completely silent as he gets off his bike and heads straight for the tower. Daryl goes to go after him then Rick says “What happened? What did Merle do?” Daryl stays silent as he keeps walking towards the tower. Daryl walks up the steps to see Merle sitting there already drinking. Daryl says “REALLY?” Merle says “Leave me alone.” Daryl says “So you’re gonna sit up here and sulk about it.” Merle says “It was all your fault, you just had to be all nice to everybody.” Daryl says “What are you talking about?” Merle says “I saw you yesterday, bringing that deer back. They treat you like you’re the next messiah or something.” Daryl says “It’s called being nice, maybe if you did it every once in a while people would like you.” Merle says “Whatever…” Daryl stands there for a few more seconds then heads downstairs. The council members are sitting there talking by the second gate as Daryl walks up to them. Rick says “Hershel is gonna go tell Beth about Zach.” Carol says “It should be Merle doing it, since it’s his fault.” Daryl says “He didn’t know there was a huge ass helicopter and walkers on the roof of the place, don’t just crucify him.”


The Governor is inside the Chambler’s apartment. The Governor decides to un-holster his gun and put it on the table. Tara says “That’s better. See here, we’re building trust.” Lilly takes the gun and says “You can stay on the couch.” The Governor then silently says “I’ll take that room across the hall.” They look at each other weird and nod. The Governor walks over to the other room and goes inside. Sitting down on the couch. Later on Lilly comes over with a big bowl of Spaghetti O’s. The Governor nods to her and she stands there for a few seconds. She spots a picture on the table but says nothing as she asks for his name. The Governor thinks for a second and having seen that name on the barn he says “Brian.” Lilly nods. She leaves. The Governor scraps the food off the plate and instead eats a can of tuna he has. Later on he goes to return the plate by placing it in front of their door but Lilly opens the door and invites him inside. He accepts and goes and sits on the couch. Tara asks “How long do you plan on staying?” The Governor says “Just for the night.” He sits and watches Lilly and Tara’s dad David play a makeshift game of backgammon with Meghan. Tara and Lilly attempt to lift David to take him to his room after playing the game but they cannot get him so Philip walks over and picks him up and carries him to his room. David then asks Philip for a favor to get an actual game of Backgammon from his war buddy upstairs. Philip humbly accepts and heads up there. Having to kill a walk stuck in a bathtub. He finds the game and also finds some ammo. He also notices a gun in the man’s hand in the bathtub and takes it from him. He heads downstairs and gives David the game. He then heads back to his room and goes to sleep.

The next day Lilly comes by to give Philip his gun back and wakes him. When offered back his gun, Philip tells her to keep it and reveals the revolver that he took. Lilly asks him for one more favor before he leaves. David has lung cancer and his current oxygen tank is nearly empty, so he needs a new one. She tells Philip of a nursing home located nearby and asks him to grab one or two. Philip makes his way there. He encounters several walkers, but avoids them. After finding a cart of oxygen tanks, he begins to leave but more walkers appear. After several struggles, he is able to escape the walker-infested nursing home with two tanks. Lilly thanks him and cleans a minor head wound that Philip received. She lets Meghan stay and watch him while she goes back to their apartment. Meghan asks Philip how he got the eye patch. Philip claims that he was a pirate and they both laugh. He says that he'll tell Meghan the truth, but only if she doesn't tell anyone. Philip then finally shaves his beard for the first time in 7 months.

Later, Philip is teaching Meghan how to play chess when Lilly reveals that David has died. Philip tells them to leave, but Lilly wants another minute alone to say goodbye. David reanimates and nearly bites Tara, but Philip is able to save them by bashing David's head in with one of the oxygen tanks. After David is buried, Philip goes into his room and stands there for a second then pulls out his photo of his wife and daughter.


Daryl looks at them and says “Carol is right, Merle needs to tell her. If you guys are gonna keep blaming him.” Hershel says “Do you really think that’s the best idea?” Rick says “I say let Merle do it.” Daryl says “He could use some time talking to something besides a beer bottle.” Daryl goes back up into the tower and says “Merle, you need to tell Beth what happened to Zach.” Merle laughs saying “Who?” Daryl says “You know who I’m talking about.” Merle says “Why can’t they do it?” Daryl says “They want you too, since they think it was your fault Zach died.” Merle says “It was my fault. I try to do something for these people and they just throw it back in my face.” Daryl says “You’re not getting out of this.” Merle sighs and says “Give me a little while then I’ll go do it.” Rick walks down towards the farms where all the pigs are and sees that one has died. He looks over towards the fence and sees another bloody-eyed walker on the fence. Morgan arrives back at the prison on his horse. Being let inside by Rick. Rick attempts to ask Morgan how the scouting went but Morgan ignores him heading inside with his horse.

Later that day, Merle decides to finally go tell Beth about Zach. He walks to her cell. She sits on her bed writing in what appears to be a journal. She looks up surprised to see Merle at her cell. Beth says “Yes?” Merle says “This is awkward…” Merle breaths in for a second then says “Zach didn’t make it, on the supply run.” Beth gets up and stands emotionless. Merle sits there surprised saying “So, what? You’re not gonna cry?” Beth tears up a little but wipes it away saying “I don’t cry anymore Merle.” She walks over to a former factory sign that says 30 Days without an Accident, she takes off the 3. Merle is shocked by her not showing any emotion and looks at the sign and says “Just so you know it is a little odd that you have that.” Beth says “Why are you the one telling me?” Merle says “It was my fault. I got caught under this shelf that kid died saving me so I thought I should be the one to tell you.” Beth walks up and slowly hugs Merle saying “Thank you for telling me.” Merle is a little weirded out by this. Beth goes back to her bed and Merle walks away. As he is walking away Merle smiles a little actually happy to be hearing someone say Thank you to him for something.

Glenn sits on his bed nervously and Maggie walks in. Maggie says “It was negative.” Glenn sighs with relief. Glenn says “What would we have done?” Maggie says “Raised it?” Glenn says “I guess so…imagine if you were and something happened to you today on that run.” Maggie sits down and kisses him saying “Don’t think about it, I’m not pregnant and nothing happened to either of us.” Glenn says “Zach died.” Maggie says “Yeah…” Rick sits in the cell block c with Judith in hand. Hershel sits there talking to Rick. Rick says “I killed that women Hershel.” Hershel says “Rick don’t keep blaming yourself, self-doubt is worse than any disease I’ve seen.” Rick says “She was an innocent women out looking for food and I killed her without a second thought.” Hershel says “You aren’t too far gone Rick. We all get to come back. You were thinking about your safety in that moment you weren’t thinking of killing a women.” Rick says “I don’t know what to think.” Bob lies in his bunk that night, thinking about the incident at the big spot. He then hears someone coughing outside of his cell. Patrick is coughing as he walks towards the bathroom. Patrick stumbles into the showers and turns the water on, still coughing. After a few seconds, he then collapses on the floor and reanimates soon after with blood flowing from his eyes like the walkers Rick had seen previously. Patrick gets up as a walker. Tyreese is with Karen singing in the library really close to the bathrooms and hears shuffling. Karen goes to get up but Tyreese stops her saying it's probably just someone going to the bathroom.


The Governor looks down at the picture. With lighter in hand. He decides not to burn the picture and hold onto it a little longer. The next day they take the food delivery van that is out front and they head down the road, not sure where it will lead. They camp out in front of a lake for the night after their vehicle breaks down. That night Philip and Lilly make love, beginning a relationship. After a week on foot, they come across a herd coming through the trees onto the road. Tara injuries her leg as they all start running. Meghan becomes frozen and Philip runs to her convinces her to run. He picks her up and carries her as the 4 of them run through the woods. As they reach a clearing, Philip and Meghan fall into a dugout pit and find several walkers inside. Meghan cowers in a corner of the pit, while Philip kills the walkers with his bare hands. Gunfire can be heard outside the dugout, but stops soon after the walkers are dead. Philip hugs Meghan and swears on his life that he will keep her safe from anything that may harm her. "I Cross my heart," he tells her. He then hears a surprised voice coming from outside the pit. He looks up and sees a bewildered Martinez standing above him. Philip repeats "I Cross my heart", as he strokes Meghan's hair, while staring up at Martinez.

Martinez looks down at Philip in amazement and offers his hand. Philip hands him Meghan and is later pulled out. Two men, Mitch and Pete, ask Martinez if he knows him, to which he replies yes. Martinez is confused when Lilly calls out to Philip as 'Brian' and asks if he's been traveling with them the whole time since he, Milton, and Hayley left. Philip nods yes. Martinez then tells Philip that they can join his group on two conditions; he's in charge and there can't be any dead weight. Philip agrees and they journey to Martinez's camp. When arriving The Governor sees both Milton and Hayley. Milton glares at The Governor and so does Hayley but they both do nothing as Martinez explains that “Brian’s group” will be joining them.

A couple minutes later Milton approaches The Governor saying “How did you survive this long?” Philip says “I’m still asking myself that question Milton.” Martinez approaches saying “We’re going on a supply run let’s go……Brian…” Milton sighs at The Governor for renaming himself.

Philip goes on the supply run with Martinez, Mitch and Pete. They are following a map made by one of the other camp survivors when Philip notices something in the distance. He finds a decapitated corpse with a sign reading 'Liar' nailed into the corpse. The group later finds their goal, a cabin deep within the woods.

As they approach the property, another headless corpse is found with another sign, this one saying 'Rapist'. At the front door, they find yet another corpse; this one dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound with 'Murderer' written on a sign. They explore inside and hear a walker inside one of the rooms. Pete is nearly killed but is saved by Philip. He then notices the reanimated heads of the corpses outside the cabin. Another walker emerges and tries to bite Martinez, but Philip saves him as well. Afterwards, the four find supplies as well as some beer. Pete wonders what drove a person to do something like this, but Philip says that it's "probably best they don't dwell on it." Mitch then asks what Philip did for a living and what he did when the apocalypse first began Philip doges the first question, then answers the second simply saying “survived". He then asks them the same question. They reveal that they both are brothers and served in the army at some point, when the apocalypse began, Mitch left and took his tank with him, while Pete was serving at Fort Benning and initially stayed to provide support, but soon left.

Back at the camp Lilly makes a makeshift nursing station. Tara talks to Alisha and Hayley about their weapons. Tara remarks that while Alisha’s M4 carbine is a good long range weapon, it becomes cumbersome and unreliable due to dirt and debris. Alisa jokingly asks if she's 'always full of shit', and Tara says yes. Hayley can tell they are hitting it off and heads over to watch the perimeter. Milton approaches Hayley and says “What do you think about you know who coming back?” Hayley says “If you are asking me? He should have stayed gone. We gotta watch Martinez’s back. That man will do anything to get back what he had at Woodbury.” Milton says “That’s exactly what I wanted to hear.” They see Martinez, Philip, Pete, and Mitch returning to camp. Milton says “Now do what you said you would.” Hayley nods. Martinez says “Phi…Brian I gotta surprised for you.” Hayley walks towards them saying “What kind of surprise?” Martinez says “Hayley calm down I’m just showing him this cool thing I set up.” Hayley sighs heavily as Martinez and The Governor walk off.

Martinez takes Philip to a trailer with a bunch of golf clubs and begins practicing his swing and drinks. Martinez says “I hope there’s no hard feelings about what happened all those months ago.” The Governor says “what you leaving me to die by myself?” Martinez says “It was Milton and Hayley’s ideas. And they were very convincing, they didn’t need to tell me twice after you killed that kid.” The Governor says “That is all behind me now.” Martinez says “Yeah, you got this new family now huh?” The Governor says “I’ll do everything to protect them.” Martinez says “Just like you did everything to protect Woodbury huh? I guess i could let you help me lead, work together to...” The Governor becomes angry and hits Martinez in the back of the head with his golf club. The Governor throws him down off the trailer. Martinez yells “You son of a bitch! You're done!” The Governor drags Martinez towards the pits with walkers in them as he says “I DON’T WANT IT!” The Governor slowly lowers Martinez’s head and body into the pit, letting Martinez watch inch by inch as he comes all that much closer to being devoured. The walkers grab Martinez and pull him into the pit, devouring him as The Governor lets out one more “I don’t want it.” Soon afterwards The Governor is shaking in his trailer over how he killed Martinez. Lilly walks in and asks him what’s wrong.


Karen decides to stay with Tyreese. Dale is sitting in his cell and Andrea walks up asking “You alright?” Dale sits there in silence then says “I was right.” Andrea sighs then says “Yes, you were right, it was a risk we shouldn’t have taken.” Dale says “Yet none of them have said anything to me since coming back. I guess they are too full of themselves to look me in the eyes and tell me I was right.” Andrea says “Maybe tomorrow, everybody is too exhausted. Also Maggie told me she’s not pregnant.” Dale laughs saying “I love Glenn like a son but I’m kind of happy about that news, I don’t think I could imagine him with a child right now. He’s still young.” Andrea says “You’re sounding like you are his son.” Dale smiles and Andrea does as well as she says “Goodnight Dale…” Dale says “Goodnight Andrea…” Andrea walks back towards Cell Block C as Dale goes to sleep. A walker Patrick walks down the hallway shambling through hallways. He makes it to Cell Block D. He goes down through past cell block after cell block. Dale hears the shuffling but doesn’t investigate, thinking it is Andrea. Patrick comes into his cell block. He pounces Dale taking a huge chunk out of Dale’s neck. Dale lays unable to scream as Patrick devours him.

As dawn hits Patrick has devoured a good bit of Dale’s inners, and Dale still reanimates. Glenn and Maggie are in the watch tower, Glenn picks up a camera that he has found and takes a picture of Maggie before she wakes up, Maggie awakens and the two go down leaving the guard tower Glenn goes to head for the cell blocks as Maggie heads for the gate. Rick and Carl are walking down toward the fields. Carl says “So what happened to Zach on the run?” Rick looks towards the watch tower Merle is usually in then says “It was an accident.” Suddenly from behind him he hears Lizzie and Mika screaming yelling for help coming out of Cell Block D. Morgan is returning on the horse and Maggie and Carl head over to let him in. Glenn gets to Mika and Lizzie and yells to Rick “WALKERS IN D!” Rick starts sprinting towards the prison. Morgan yells “What’s going on?!” Carl and Maggie let him in and say “There’s walkers in Cell Block D!” Morgan says “Take this!” Morgan jumps off the horse and heads up towards the prison as well. Maggie and Carl close the gate. Michonne come out of one of the towers asking Maggie and Carl what is going on.

In the cell block walkers are attacking people. Daryl and Merle are already in the block clearing it out. Ryan, Lizzie and Mika’s father, is bitten on the arm and Carol takes him into a cell to amputate his arm. Unfortunately Carol sees the back of his neck and sees another bite. Rick, Morgan and Glenn arrive and Rick grabs a shotgun from one of the men and starts shooting walkers as he waves people that aren’t bitten out of the cell block. Luke is near the stairs scared out of his mind. A walker is about to attack him but Morgan grabs him and hits the walker in the head with his machete. After most of the walkers are taken out Rick, Glenn, Daryl, Morgan and Merle comb the area looking for more. Daryl and Glenn go to the second floor. A walker comes out attacking Glenn but Daryl is able to kill it. Daryl looks at the walker and finds out its Patrick. Daryl sighs sadly then looks at Glenn. Andrea enters the cell block. Rick looks at her as she asks “Where’s Dale!?” Rick looks towards the other end of the cell block to see someone kneeled over eating someone else. Rick walks towards them. Rick can already tell its Dale. Andrea says “Rick? What is it?” Rick says “Andrea stay back.” Merle and Morgan grab Andrea as she tries to get free and she says “RICK!?” Rick sees that Dale is eating Axel who is lying dead. Dale hears Rick’s footstep and turns with flesh in his mouth. Rick starts to tear up as all he can hear now is Andrea screaming for Rick to tell her who it is. Rick points his gun at Dale’s head and pulls the trigger. Andrea stops fighting and Merle and Morgan lets her go as she falls to the ground crying. Rick then shoots Axel in the head before he can come back.

Glenn is initially hesitant about putting the people down, coming out of the first cell shaken and in a daze. Another bloody-eyed walker, Charlie, emerges from a cell and is put down by Glenn. They realize that since Charlie locks himself in his cell due to his sleepwalking, that there was no way that he could have been bitten. Rick, Hershel, Caleb the Doctor, Daryl, Glenn, Merle, Morgan and Bob gather around Charlie's body, noting that he has no bites or scratches. Caleb recognizes the blood pouring out of Charlie's eyes as an indicator of a disease. Hershel notes that the pigs have been acting weird lately. Glenn suggests that it's a new walker disease, but Caleb says that he saw cases like this pre-apocalypse.

Caleb explains that diseases like the one that killed Patrick were spread by feral pigs and birds in the old days and Bob notes that they all thrive in close quarters, like the cell block. Morgan says “Ain’t no telling how many people have this now.” Merle says “Ain’t that the way to go, I guess the swine flu is deadly after all.” Caleb rolls his eyes at Merle’s statement as they conclude that everyone in the cell block could indeed be infected by the flu. Ryan realizes that he is dying, and asks Carol to take care of Lizzie and Mika for him as if they were her own. Carol agrees, but also tells him that he has to let them say goodbye to him before she kills him. Lizzie and Mika goodbye to Ryan. Carol tells them what she has to do it, but Lizzie volunteers to do it instead. At the last minute, she is unable to stab her father in the head and turns away crying, as Carol takes back the knife and does it herself.

Moments later the council meets. Rick, Hershel, Carol, and Glenn sit down and then they all look at the chair where Dale usually sits. Rick is silent for a second as he holds back his tears. Rick says “We gotta do with the people we think may be infected.” Glenn says “We could…..put them in quarantine, in the death row cells.” Rick says “Morgan won’t be happy about that but if that’s what’s gonna happened then so be it.” They then hear coughing outside of the room. It's shown to be coming from Karen, who was walking by with Tyreese. They all come out and Rick says “Karen?” Carol tells Karen that she must be quarantined in the death row cells. Sasha and T-Dog appear as well and Tyreese becomes angry but Karen calms him down stating that it is necessary. Karen says “David was coughing as well just letting you know.” Sasha and T-Dog hear this and tells them that they'll go get him.

Rick walks back outside as Carl, Michonne and Maggie approach coming from the gate. Rick tells them what happened and assures Maggie that Hershel and Glenn seem to be fine. However, he says they must stay away from him for now, due to him and the rest of them possibly being infected. Carol goes to talk to Mika and Lizzie, as they stand by the fence. She turns to Lizzie and tells her that Ryan asked her to take care of them and says bluntly that Lizzie has become weak, and that in this world, she can't be. Lizzie begins crying about how they killed someone, and Carol realizes that she is referring to a walker that she named previously. Lizzie runs away and Mika explains that Lizzie is not weak, but "messed up".

Later on, Daryl is digging graves for the deceased, having a handkerchief wrapped around his mouth and nose as to not catch anything. Andrea walks up slowly standing there looking at Dale’s corpse wrapped up. Daryl looks at her then says “Andrea are you alright?” Andrea says “Can I help?” Daryl looks at her weird for a moment as she looks pretty roughed up and he is confused as to why she would want to dig graves right now.


Lilly has just asked Philip what is wrong. Philip says “Martinez….he tried to kill me today.” Lilly says “What?” Philip says “I think he has been planning it since we got hre. He took me to one of those pits and tried to throw me in but I was able to fight back but…..” Lilly says “What?” Philip then says “I threw him in…” Lilly says “Oh my god.” Philip says “Don’t tell anybody, who knows if he hasn’t already told any of the others to take me out.” Lilly nods to him. The next day Mitch reveals to the camp that they found Martinez’s remains. Milton and Hayley both immediately look at Philip who doesn’t look back and keeps staring at Mitch and Pete. Pete elects himself as the temporally leader. The people start shouting that they want a vote.


Daryl stares at Andrea a few seconds then says “Alright, grab a shovel.” Andrea grabs a shovel off the ground and starts helping Daryl dig graves. Daryl looks at Andrea a few times and he sees her shaking as she digs. Daryl then sighs saying “It isn’t your fault what happened to Dale.” Andrea says “Last time I saw him was last night. We had a normal conversation. If I would have known…” Daryl says “None of us could have known.” Andrea says “He didn’t deserve that.” She starts tearing up and says “He was right…about everything.” Daryl sits silently then says “You sure you’re good to….?” Andrea sternly says “Yes, I am fine!” Suddenly they hear a scream from T-Dog over near the fence. He is calling for Daryl and Andrea. It's shown that a massive group of walkers, possibly drawn by the gunfire from earlier, are converging at a portion of the fence that is about to give way. Daryl tells Andrea to stay and keep digging and Daryl runs over.

Glenn, T-Dog, Sasha, and Maggie are already there trying to keep the fence up. Despite their best efforts there are just too many walkers. Sasha points out the carcasses of several dead rats near the walls, suggesting that someone has been luring the walkers to the fence, which explains why they are clustering together, instead of spreading out. Rick comes down to the prison yard and they yell for him. Rick sees the walkers then looks at the pigs in the farm, and seeing the others are too busy he looks over to see Andrea digging graves still, He gets an idea.


The crowd stands demanding a vote as Pete tries to calm them down. The Governor sees this and decides to chime in as well stating that there should be a vote. The Governor says “This world might have ended but we don’t have to. We need to go back to the roots of Democracy. There should be a vote for who should be the new leader. Let the PEOPLE decide who leads them.” All the other people start cheering on what The Governor has just said. Pete and Mitch stare at The Governor being a little impressed with his speech. The people in the group start cheering him on. The Governor looks to Milton who stands in the back of the crowd glaring at The Governor. Hayley stands there glaring at the Governor as well.

Hours later Pete and Mitch visit The Governor’s trailer. He lets them in and Pete sits down saying “Brian…” The Governor says “What do you guys need?” Pete says “The people think that….you should lead us. I know it was ignorant of me to just declare myself leader without thinking about what the group as a whole wanted.” The Governor says “Don’t crucify yourself, you were doing what you thought was best.” Pete says “Do you think you are up for it?” The Governor smirks then says “Yes…”

The next day, Pete and Mitch approach the people with Philip telling them that Philip is now taking over leadership of the camp. Pete says “I think Philip is the best choice to lead us just as a lot of you agree.”
The people in the group all start agreeing and nodding. A couple minutes later Milton approaches The Governor wanting to speak in private. The Governor and Milton go off to the side and Milton says “I don’t have the words to describe what a leech and warmonger you are so I just wanna say, you better not be doing what I think you are doing.” The Governor says “A lot of things around here are gonna change Milton, and it’ll be for the better.” Milton says “Philip…..” The Governor stops in his tracks then Milton says “You’re gonna regret this.” The Governor says “I regret a lot of things…but this isn’t one of them.” Later on The Governor, Pete, and Mitch go out hunting and looking for food when they come across another group in the woods. They sits behind bushes looking at them. Mitch says “There’s not that many of them we could take their stuff.” Pete says “No we can’t, it isn’t right.” Mitch says “Brian, come on we have to do this. They are sitting ducks and we need their stuff, do you want our group to starve Pete?” Pete says “There’s more of them then us, it wouldn’t work even if it was right which it isn’t. We can find our own food.”


Rick yells to Andrea to come with him. Andrea hops out of the grave she is building and runs to hi and helps load up the pigs into one of the trucks. They drive it outside and the two lead the walkers a few meters away and Rick pulls out one of the piglets. He then cuts its femoral artery and leaves it for the walkers to devour. He repeats this several times before the walkers are a safe distance away. Blood comes up into Rick’s face as he does this each time. He seems to not be enjoying doing it, neither does Andrea.

Karen and David lie in the quarantine cells coughing up blood as their sickness gets worse. Carol stands at the end of the hallway listening to them cough. It is almost unbearable to her ears. She starts to think what if they turn? Dale has already been killed because of what this sickness did. She starts thinking it could happen again if she doesn't stop it right now.


Carol looks at the cells then decides that maybe they will be okay. She walks back towards the cell blocks. Rick walks down to see Hershel burning the pig pen. Rick stands there for a second then says “I had to use them Hershel, they were already dying.” Hershel says “I understand Rick, you’re the leader and I get that, what you did stopped those walkers from taking the fence down.” Rick says “Then why are you looking at me like I just killed your puppy or something?” Hershel says “I’m just wishing things would have went differently.” Rick says “I do too.”

Later on in the day, Tyreese is walking towards the quarantine cells with flowers in hand. He gets to Karen’s room and sees her lying on the floor. Tyreese panics opening the cell and running over to her. The moment he lifts her up she has already turned into a walker, eyes bleeding and blood coming out her mouth, and digs her mouth into his neck. Tyreese falls over bleeding out as Karen starts to eat him. In the cell next to him David has turned and is banging on the cell door trying to get out. Allen is walking back towards his usual spot outside. As he is walking past the quarantine cells one isn’t closed all the way so it swings open hitting him and he falls to the ground as Karen and Tyreese come out as walker and start devouring him as well.

Merle is sitting up in his tower in silence drinking. Daryl walks up saying “Of course you are still up here, why wouldn’t you be.” Merle says “what do you want now? Can’t you seem I’m with a women?” Merle snickers at his own joke but Daryl doesn’t do anything. Daryl sits down and says “I just want you to know that no matter what anyone else thinks it wasn’t your fault what happened to Zach.” Merle says “You really think I have guilt over that?” Daryl says “What did Beth say to you when you told her?” Merle stops for a second then says “She said thank you…” Daryl nods saying “and how did that feel?” Merle stops himself then says “I know what you are trying to do. Trying to get me to buddy-buddy up with these people, I don’t know how you think that’s gonna work.” Daryl gets up saying “You will have to get to know these people sometime soon and when you do I’ll be there to tell you I told you so.” Merle laughs as Daryl walks back downstairs.

Outside Carl approaches Rick and Hershel who are still siting near the farm watching the pig pens burn and Rick says “Carl you need to take Judith, Beth and the other children and take them to the offices, where they will be safe from whatever this is.” Carl says “But I wanna help you guys…” Rick says “Carl, this is just as much for their safety as it is for you, I want to keep them safe.” Carl sighs then nods going back to the prison. Rick stands there for a second then decides to head back up to take a shower. Andrea is sitting inside her cell in silence. Rick walking back in from outside notices her just sitting there and walks up to her. Rick asks “Are you alright?” Andrea says “That was….different what we had to do today.” Rick says “Thank god you were there, you did well today Andrea.” Andrea says “Dale is still dead.” Rick sits down next to her and says “But you made sure nobody else would die.” Rick puts his hand on hers trying to comfort her. Andrea smiles then suddenly they hear screaming. Rick and Andrea run towards the other cell block. Rick runs in to find more walkers attacking the cell block, not that many. Rick and Andrea start shooting them. They go in further to see Karen has turned and Tyreese and Allen are walkers.

Rick puts down Allen. Before Andrea can shoot Tyreese T-Dog, Carol, Glenn, and many others come into the cell block to see all the dead bodies. T-Dog sees Tyreese then says "Oh no..." Sasha runs into the cell block towards T-Dog, Rick and Andrea before seeing Tyreese as a walker. T-dog grabs Sasha before she can run over to him telling her he is dead and that there is no use. Andrea holds up her pistol to Tyreese's head.


The Governor, Pete, and Mitch sit there debating on what to do with the group in front of them. The Governor gets up with his gun and starts shooting at all the people. Mitch joins in as Pete falls to his knees in horror. After all the people are dead The Governor and Mitch start collecting stuff as Pete walks in slowly. Pete says “What the hell is WRONG WITH YOU!?” Mitch says “Brian gets it Pete, he knows what we have to do.” Mitch turns towards The Governor saying “We’re in good hands.” The Governor says “Let’s get the rest of this stuff and get back before biters start showing up.” Pete stands not doing anything as he is still shocked by what just happened. The Governor says “We tell them that we….found these people like this, and that we need to all stay together to survive this thing or they’ll end up like these people if they leave.” Pete stares at The Governor in shock then subsides sitting on the ground, not believing what has just happened, having giving the leadership position to a mad man. The Governor says “Or just don’t talk at all, whatever you wanna do.” Pete sits in silence as The Governor and Mitch grab the supplies and guns the people had. The 3 of them head back. Pete sits in his trailer in silence. He hears a knock at his door and goes to the door. It is Milton. Milton says “Pete, I have something to tell you.”



Pete says “Alright come in.” Milton gets inside of Pete’s trailer and says “what happened today?” Pete says “Brian…he killed people these innocent people with my brother, I made a terrible mistake letting him take over.” Milton says “You don’t have any idea how much of a monster that man is.” Milton goes on to tell Pete all about Woodbury and that Brian’s real name is Philip and he was known as The Governor. Milton tells Pete about the prison group and how there was a war in which Woodbury was destroyed. Milton tells Pete that The Governor is planning to use this new group as his means to attack the prison group again. Pete says “I gotta tell the people the truth.” Milton says “It’s too late, they all are behind him, and if you try anything he’ll kill you for sure.” Pete says “then what would you have me do?” Milton says “You need to warn the prison group.” Pete says “Leave right now?” Milton says “Wait until the Governor isn’t that suspicious of us, if he sees you are gone now he’ll for sure go after you, go with everything he says and then when he least expects it, leave and head to the prison. Their leader’s name should be rick unless someone else is in charge now.”


Rick nods to Andrea to shoot him. Andrea shoots Tyreese in the head putting him out of his misery. Sasha is crying in T-Dog’s arms. Glenn walks up and stabs Karen in the head. They all stand in silence for a couple minutes before they put on gloves and cover their faces before taking the bodies out of the cell block. Morgan walks into the cell block in horror watching those carrying the bodies out. Morgan says “what happened this time?” Andrea walks by saying “Death…..death happened.”

The Council meets once again, this time with Daryl and Michonne. Rick says “We have to do something NOW!” Hershel says “We have to get everyone who is showing symptoms to Cell block A, we’ve already started doing this since the first attack but now we have to go quicker, Carol are Carl, Beth and the other kids still safe?” Carol says “Yes they’ve been isolated to the offices, none of them seem to be sick.” Hershel says “Good…” Daryl says “We have to go out and search for medicine.” Michonne says “Where? There’s no place around here with the medical supplies we need.” Hershel says “What about that animal hospital? We could go there.” Rick says “Does anybody disagree with this?” Nobody says anything and Rick says “that’s what I thought…we leave immediately.” Daryl says “We should keep the group small. 4 People would be good enough” Hershel says “Sasha is out of the question after what just happened. T should stay here with her and help Carol with the sick.”

Sasha is outside digging graves. T-Dog approaches her. T-Dog says “Sasha you need to stop.” Sasha says “Not until he’s in the ground.” T-Dog says “Sasha…” He goes to put his hand on her shoulder but she swings her shovel towards him and T-Dog steps back. Sasha immediately goes back to digging a grave. Bob approaches saying “Is she alright?” T-Dog says “No…..she isn’t…” T-Dog walks back up towards the prison in anger as Bob approaches Sasha and asks “Need some help?” Sasha glares at Bob then nods yes. Bob picks up a shovel and starts helping her dig the graves. T-Dog looks back seeing this but keeps walking.

Back inside the Council Room Morgan walks in after overhearing what they have planned and says “I’m in.” They are shocked that Morgan is talking to any of them after staying silent for so long. Morgan says “This is just gonna keep getting worse, I wanna make sure it doesn’t.” Michonne says “I’m in too.” Hershel says “Are you guys sure you aren’t sick?” Morgan says “Let’s just say I haven’t been as touchy and feely as you people the past couple months. I’m good.” Michonne says "The only thing i got is fleas and that was from Daryl." Daryl smiles then says “I could get Merle to come too, I’m sure he isn’t sick, he isn't around anybody ever.” Rick isn't sure if he should have one of the group's best shots going out on a run. Hershel says "You should take someone with medical knowledge with you. Carol says "Caleb is sick too. I don't know who else knows what we need besides Him or Hershel..." Glenn says "Wasn't Bob a medic in the army? I think he is your guys only other option if Dr. S isn't able to go."



Pete says “Alright Milton, I’ll go with your plan, I’ll leave in the next couple of days. I really don’t wanna leave Mitch here with this guy though.” Milton says “Your brother already is behind Philip, there’s nothing you can do.” Pete sighs wishing things were different, wishing he hadn’t given Philip the kind of power he now has. Pete says “Why are you just now telling me this? Why didn’t you tell me when he first came here?” Milton says “I didn’t think any of this was gonna happen, if I had known what was gonna happen to Martinez I would of said something.” Pete says “Wait, you think Philip killed…?” Milton gets up and heads to the door saying “I’m sure of it.” Milton walks back to his trailer as Pete sits there contemplating when he’ll go to the prison.


Rick says “Fine Daryl, take Merle too.” Daryl says “I guess we can take an extra person, as long as bob knows his stuff.” Daryl, Morgan, and Michonne quickly heading outside. Daryl starts getting Zach’s mustang ready to go. Daryl heads to the tower and heads upstairs to find both Merle and Bob. Daryl says “Well just the two boys I was looking for.” Merle says “What is it now?” Daryl says “We are heading to the animal hospital and we need you two.” Merle says “Daryl I’m not going.” Daryl says “We just lost Tyreese and 4 more to this thing! We need you Merle.” Merle says “The group needs me? That is a first. Nobody ever acts like it.” Daryl says “I need my brother back.” Daryl walks over to Bob and shows him a list Hershel made up and says “Do you know what this says?” Bob says “Zanamivir…” Daryl says “Yeah we need you definitely. Michonne and Morgan are downstairs.” Bob heads downstairs and Daryl turns to Merle saying “When you come to your senses we’ll be waiting down by the gate.” Merle sighs. Daryl walks down the stairs and starts getting the car ready, filling up the gas and such. He looks over to see Merle approaching. Daryl says “Am I dreaming right now?” Merle says “Shut up….who’s car is this anyway?” Daryl says “It was Zach’s…” Merle stands there for a second in silence.

Rick approaches the office block where Carl is standing guarding the elderly and children that haven’t become sick. Carl asks “What’s going on?” Rick says “Nothing, I just wanted to know how things are going back there?” Carl says “Things are good, nobody has become sick.” Rick nods his head slightly then says “How are YOU doing?” Carl says “I’m fine Dad, I’m doing what you told me too.” Rick says “You know……I love you Carl.” Carl becomes kind of annoyed saying “I Know.” Rick says “Alright…” Rick walks away as Carl stands there staring him down as he goes back to the cell blocks.

Inside the prison cell block, Maggie approaches her and Glenn’s cell and hears coughing, she walks in and says “Glenn are you okay?” She goes to walk over to him but he waves his hand at her saying “Don’t come any closer! I got it. I’m sick.” Maggie is horrified. Glenn gets up and walks himself to Cell Block A heading inside past Carol. Maggie is in tears while watching this with Hershel who says “Daryl and the others will go get the medicine and he’ll be fine.” Maggie says “No he won’t…” The other sick are led into Cell Block A while Carol watches over them, wearing a mask for protection. Suddenly, Lizzie comes over and tells Carol that she is not feeling well. She asks if Carol can tuck her in, but Carol realizes that she might get infected. Heartbroken, Carol gives her a hug and sends her inside the cell-block to Glenn, before running around the corner tearing off her mask and sobbing.

Hershel heads towards the office block where Carl is standing watch. Carl asks “where are you going?” Hershel says “You need to stay back Carl, I may be sick.” Carl says “You look fine to me.” Hershel says “Ain’t nobody gotta be worried about me and where I go.” Carl says “If you are going outside I gotta go with you.” Hershel says “No you don’t, your father told you to watch Judith and the others and that’s what you are going to do.” Carl says “It’s not safe for you to go outside by yourself.” Hershel sighs as Carl follows him outside despite him telling him not to. When outside Hershel says “I would have been fine, it’s quite peaceful out here.” Carl spots a walker in the distance and says “Not completely peaceful. What are you doing out here anyways.” Hershel says “Picking berries for the sick inside, this should help them get through this.” Carl says “They gonna end up like Patrick?” Hershel says “Don’t say that Carl, Daryl and the others are going to this hospital for medicine, until they get back we have to keep these people stable.” Carl says “Whatever you say.” When Hershel is done they go to head back inside and Hershel and Carl spot a walker that has become part of a tree lying there trying to reach out at them. Carl points his gun at it but Hershel stops him saying “You don’t need to, he’s no threat, save your ammo for real threats.” The two head back inside and Carl goes back to watching Judith and the others in the office block.

Maggie is outside in the courtyard sitting crying. Andrea sees this and approaches her asking “what’s wrong?” Maggie says “Glenn has it…he’s sitting in there helpless now.” Andrea looks over to see the Car is gone. Andrea says “Daryl and the others went for medicine they’ll be back.” Maggie says “what if they don’t come back in time? What if Glenn dies before they get here?” Andrea says “Don’t think like that.” Maggie says “It’s all I think about every day.” Rick approaches Andrea and Maggie asking Maggie if she’s alright. Maggie says “would you people stop…” she stops talking as she sees Hershel heading towards Cell Block A. Maggie runs to him and says “Daddy where are you going?!” Hershel says “I’m using this herb I found and I’m gonna help these people.” Rick says “Hershel don’t go in there those people are sick, Daryl and the others already have gone for the supplies. Don’t risk your life.” Hershel says “Risk my life? Listen damn it! You step outside, you risk your life, you take a drink a water, you risk your life, and now a days you breathe, and your risk your life. Every moment now, you don’t have a choice, the only thing you can choose is what you’re risking it for. Now I can make these people feel better, and hang on a little longer, I can save lives, that’s reason enough to risk mine.” Rick and Maggie stand dumbfounded and Andrea says “He’s right.”


Rick does nothing to stop Hershel as Hershel heads into the cell block to help the sick. Maggie walks away in ager and Andrea approaches Rick saying “I’m sure Hershel will be fine.” Rick says “Yeah until he gets sick then both of our doctors aren’t able to do anything.” Andrea says “Don’t worry, Daryl will be back with the supplies.” Rick looks towards the gates and sighs saying “I hope you’re right.”

Daryl, Merle, Morgan, Michonne, and Bob are squeezed into Zach’s car heading towards the Animal Hospital. Suddenly over the radio he hears a voice saying “Sanctuary….survive…..survive” it keeps going in and out of static so Daryl takes his eyes off the road a second to adjust the tune, Daryl is distracted by it and hits a few walkers on the road. He stops the car, shocked at the massive herd of thousands of walkers between them and their destination. Daryl drives in reverse and runs over several more walkers, which pile up under the car, lifting the rear wheels and utterly immobilizing it. The rear tires spin, splattering blood and gore onto the side panels, forcing them to abandon the car. They all are able to get out and they head off into the woods.

Carol approaches Rick in cell block A, Carol says “Rick.” Rick says “Carol?” Carol asks “How are you feeling with all of this?” Rick says “Hershel just went into Cell Block D, I don’t know if I like it or not.” Carol says “He’s just trying to help them, probably not in the best way but still.” Rick says “Not many of us aren’t sick now, Maggie is out on gate watch and we’ve lost half our group in the last 2 days.” Carol says “When I was back there in quarantine when Karen and David were there, I thought about…….killing them.” Rick says “What?” Carol says “I thought about killing them to end their suffering and protect the group.” Rick says “Carol you had no idea what was gonna happen. Their lives aren’t in your hands. I’m glad you didn’t do it.” Carol says “Really, are you? Tyreese died, what if I could have prevented that?” Rick says “That’s a lot of Ifs. Just let it go Carol.” Rick heads back outside as Carol stands there, not able to let it go.

Rick approaches T-Dog who is staring at Sasha who is sitting by Ty’s grave. Rick says “How is she doing?” T-Dog says “Not good, she hasn’t moved for hours since he was finally put in the ground.” Rick stands there a second then asks “Do you think we should have killed Karen and David when they got sick?” T-Dog says “why are you asking me this?” Rick says “I just……..was curious about your thoughts.” T-Dog says “God no, sure we had no idea what would have happened to Ty but…… we should be asking people what fate they want, like Jim. Dale would have wanted it that way.” Rick nods. Rick then asks “Why are you standing over here and not with her?” T-Dog says “Every time I walk over she tells me to go away, she refuses to talk to anyone, I’m worried about her, but I don’t wanna get hit in the head with that shovel.” Rick and T-Dog both go to laugh but realizes this isn’t the right situation. Rick says “If anything happens to her let me know. Watch her like a hawk T.” T-Dog says “You got it.”

Daryl, Morgan, Merle, Bob, and Michonne continue to walk to find another vehicle, as they were forced to abandon their former one, due to a massive herd of walkers. They find an auto-shop, and after clearing some ivy, they find a minivan, which just needs a battery. A few walkers are inside and the group proceeds to clear them out. Merle says “We need to spread out and look for a battery? Man most of the cars around here’s batteries are too worn out to use or don’t have any power. Don’t imagine many people were thinking about their car batteries when they jump out of their car running from walkers.” Bob says “That wouldn’t even make sense, why would you jump out of a perfectly good car to….” Realizing what happened not too long ago to THEIR car. Bob then says “Okay that actually makes sense.” Merle says “Glad you’ve came to your senses Bob.” Daryl and Merle start working on the car as Michonne and Morgan head off towards the actual auto-shop, the shop is very overgrown. Michonne asks “Do you think it is a good idea?” Morgan nods saying “An auto shop is bound to have some unused car batteries.” Michonne and Morgan start chopping away at the overgrowth. Bob comes over and starts assisting as well.

As Morgan is chopping his ax gets stuck in the growth, as he starts pulling on it a walker jumps out of the bush at him. It is stuck and cannot reach him but it is very close to him. Morgan gets his ax unstuck and stabs the walker in the head. They get the overgrowth off and head inside to find a car battery, which they do. Once Daryl and Merle have the car battery in the minivan they start it up and keep heading towards the veterinarian college. They arrive at the college and head inside, where they are able to find the right medicine with Bob’s help. When they are about to leave they are attacked by a dozen or so walkers that seemed to have died from the same disease that is at the prison. They head through the college being forced up stairs past areas with animal cages. They get through a double door and close it. As walkers push against it. Morgan spots a fire extinguisher on the ground and throws it through a window as Daryl and Merle hold the door closed. Michonne, Morgan get outside. Daryl and Merle jump out as well and Bob jumps out, but as he jumps out his bag slings over the edge of the walkway they are on and walkers start grabbing at it. Merle in a panic tells Bob “BOB DON’T LET IT GO!” Merle goes to help him but Daryl pushes Merle back and says “Let it go Bob we have enough medicine, it’s not worth your life!”


Bob continues fighting for the bag and after about 10 more seconds Bob is able to get the bag from the walkers, flinging it up. As it hits the surface of the walkway big clanks can be heard inside. Daryl picks it up peering inside, he pulls out one of 5 bottles of liquor out of the bag, and there is nothing else in the bag. Daryl says “There’s no medicine in here, just these.” Bob looks at Daryl then quickly looks over to Merle. Daryl turns to Merle who has a blank expression on his face and asks “YOU KNEW?” Merle quietly says “Daryl…” Daryl gets angry and says “Let me see your bag Merle…” Merle steps back and says “Can’t let you do that…”

Morgan and Michonne both glare at Bob and Merle. Daryl gets in Bob’s face and says “If you take one sip before that medicine gets in our people I will beat your ass into the ground.” Daryl steps back then says “Should have kept walking that day I found you.” Bob quietly says “It was just for when it got quiet.” Daryl then turns to Merle and says “And now I realize why no one likes you.” Daryl follows Morgan and Michonne as Merle and Bob both slowly walk behind them.

Inside of the prison, T-Dog sits as Andrea approaches him. Andrea asks “Why aren’t you with Sasha?” T-Dog says “She doesn’t want me near her right now.” Andrea says “You dumbass, when a women tells you she wants to be alone, she doesn’t mean it.” T-Dog says “Have you ever told a man that with a shovel in your hands swinging it at him?” Andrea smiles and says “She needs you right now, she may not show it but a hug will go a long way, I bet she’d appreciate it.” T-Dog says “I think you might be right.” As he says this Sasha comes stumbling into the cell block coughing. Andrea says “Oh no.” T-Dog says “Sasha!” He runs to her. She tells him to stay back. Sasha says “I’ll go to cell block A like the rest of the people that are sick.” T-dog says “Let me help you.” Sasha says “Don’t come near me, I can get there myself.”

At the Governor’s camp, Pete comes out of his trailer to see Philip, Mitch and a couple others sitting around talking about the ammo supply and whatnot. Milton says “Our position is actually pretty good right now we don’t need to move. Mitch says “I still think we need to find a more secure position.” Philip says “I agree, we need to find a place with walls, where we can keep the biters out.” They all turn to Pete, Mitch asks “What do you think Pete?” Philip glares at Pete. Milton turns to Pete as well and looks at him in a concern manner.


T-Dog decides to listen to Sasha and let her go herself. Andrea says “Daryl and the others need to get back soon.” T-Dog says “You’re telling me.” Sasha arrives at Cell Block A as the situation is getting worse. Caleb the doctor is being tend to by Hershel in one of the cells. Henry, one of the other sick people, cannot breathe and Hershel inserts a tube into his throat along with an air pump. Sasha and Glenn take shifts pumping air into his throat, beginning with Sasha. Glenn and Hershel find Mr. Jacobson dead with blood covering his face from his nose and mouth. Glenn attempts to kill him when Hershel warns him of not doing it in front of everyone. When they get him out of the Cell, Hershel is unable to put him down so Glenn does. Later, Maggie comes to visit Glenn through the window, but Hershel tells her that Glenn is resting and tells her to stay out.

When Hershel starts closing everyone's cell doors as Caleb had warned him to, a man storms out of his cell suffocating from the blood in his lungs. An extremely weak Sasha helps Hershel put him on a bed with wheels before she gets too weak to help him. He warns her to return to her cell and he brings the body into the room with the window. He fails to put the man down and has to cover his face before he can do it. Rick witnesses Hershel putting the man down and Hershel turns through the window and says “I don’t want the others to see this. They can’t lose hope.” Rick says “I understand Hershel.” Hershel asks “How is Maggie with the whole Glenn situation?” Rick says “About as bad as you expect.” T-Dog comes in from behind Rick and goes to Hershel asking him how Sasha is doing. Hershel says “She’s fine T, don’t worry. You guys need to be watching for Daryl and the others so that they can get these people the medicine faster.” Rick nods to Hershel and tells T-Dog to come with him as they head back outside.

When Hershel returns to the Cell Block, he continues closing cell doors. However, upon seeing a collapsed Sasha, he runs to her, leaving a cell with a female walker open. Hershel notices that Sasha has passed out, due to dehydration, and he revives her. She tells him of how she used to calculate everything to live as long as possible and that she is thankful for his "stupid" behavior. He then starts to close more cell doors when he spots Noris, another member of the group and his son passed out in the same cell. The father warns him that he wants to stay by his son's side and locks the cell door. Soon after, Glenn was pumping air for Henry, but he dies. When Glenn attempts to call out for help, he starts choking on his own blood and passes out. Lizzie finds him as the man starts to reanimate. Lizzie calls for help, which gets the attention of the female walker behind Hershel. The female walker jumps on Hershel and pins him to the ground. The father leaves his cell with a gun and his reanimated son follows him. A blonde woman comes to his rescue and pulls the walker off of Hershel, potentially saving his life. However, the father's son attacks his father from behind, to which he accidentally fires a gunshot that kills the woman. Outside Rick, T-Dog, and Maggie are working on the fence trying to refortify it when suddenly Noris’ gunshot echoes throughout the prison all the way outside to Rick, T-Dog, and Maggie. Rick turns to T-Dog who has already taken off back to the prison. Maggie says “Rick?!”

Pete looks at Milton then at The Governor and Mitch and says “I think we need to find a more secure location too.” Mitch and The Governor smile as Pete finally agrees with them on something. Milton winks to Pete in an approving manner. Mitch asks “Where around here could we go to?” Philip says “We may have to spread out and search, but I’m confident we can find someplace.” Milton says “I guess finding a place with actual walls wouldn’t be a bad idea but I think we should be looking north towards Atlanta.” Philip says “We could look West around this area.” Milton realizes Philip is pointing in the general area of the prison and it confirms his theory of Philip’s plan to attack the prison.” The Governor says “Mitch you take Tara with you and head North like Milton suggested and Pete me and you are heading west.” Pete nods.

An hour later Philip, Mitch, Tara and Pete get ready to head out. Mitch and Tara head north and The Governor and Pete head west, towards the prison. They come through some bushes and come across the Prison. The Governor sees Rick and Carl standing in the prison yard talking. The Governor is shocked as he sees that Carl is alive, thinking he killed him all those months ago. The Governor becomes angrier. The Governor then smiles saying “I think we’ve found our new home.”


Daryl, Michonne, Morgan, Bob, and Merle get back to their vehicle they got from the autoshop. While packing the stuff in the back Daryl notices Morgan scanning around insanely. Daryl says “What are you looking for?” Daryl then stops himself, already knowing the answer. Morgan asks “Do you think I should be looking still?” Daryl stops talking for a second then says “I don’t know Morgan, it’s been months. If he was still around…” Morgan stops him saying “If he’s breathing still then I wanna change that…” Daryl says “Woodbury is gone, if he wanted to try something he would of already. He’s either dead or long gone Morgan. I think it is time you…” Morgan stops him again saying “Don’t tell me what to do…” Morgan gets in the car as Bob and Merle sit in silence along with Michonne. Daryl gets in and Michonne starts driving.

Pete says “I’m thinking you are right, especially if this is the only fortified place in the area.” The Governor looks at Pete with a weird look, surprised that Pete is agreeing to this after refusing to attack the survivors in the woods not too long ago. The Governor pats Pete on the shoulder then says “You’re starting to come around.” Pete tries to not cringe as he nods and smiles. Pete didn’t want this, he didn’t want to attack a group of possibly innocent people. The Governor says “There is something else I wanna show you.” The Governor and Pete head to a lake not that far away from the prison. They both go to the end of the walkway and stare out. Pete gets down and starts filling up his canteen. The Governor says “You know, it’s nice that you have come around. Nice to have those I can rely on.” The Governor stares Pete down.

Rick nods to Maggie to go help T-Dog. Rick continues working on the fence. T-Dog and Maggie make it to Cell Block A. T-Dog is able to get the door open and the two of them head inside. T-Dog heads straight for Sasha’s cell. Rowan comes out of the cell next door to Sasha's as a walker, blood rolling down her face from her eyes and mouth and Maggie sees her and shoots her before she can bite T-Dog. Hershel gets up and runs toward Lizzie, who gets pinned by the walker. He manages to throw the walker off of the catwalk. He sticks Lizzie in Luke's cell and he goes to get the shotgun from Caleb, however he has already turned. Caleb grabs Hershel as the female walker starts to move up the stairs. With sadness, Hershel breaks one of Caleb's arms and kills him. He proceeds to kill three walkers after leading them out of the children's sight. He realizes he needs the air pump and climbs onto the metal fence that the walker from before landed. He ends up getting pinned. Maggie shoots the Noris and his reanimated son. Maggie then shoots the walker that Hershel is pinned by, the two then head to help Glenn who has stopped breathing. T-Dog sits at Sasha’s side. Sasha weakly says “What….the…hell are you doing?” T-Dog says “I’m not leaving you alone.” Sasha says “You could get sick.” T-Dog says “I don’t care if I get every disease in existence, I’m not leaving you alone.” Sasha starts to tear and smile but that is short lived as she starts coughing again.

More walkers are pushing themselves against the prison fences because of the gunshots from Cell Block A as night falls. Rick heads into the cell block to Andrea who is about to come out anyways and tells her to follow him. They both head outside as a part of the fence falls over. They grab guns from the carts near the second gate and head over and start shooting walkers as they come in. Rick and Andrea step back as more come through. After all the walkers are mowed down Rick looks at Andrea and nods to her and says “Good work.” Andrea jokingly says “Good work yourself there sheriff grimes.” Rick smiles at her joke and then spots a van approaching the prison. Rick and Andrea run down and open the gate as Daryl and the others get out. Daryl, Michonne, Merle and Morgan go to help Andrea with the bodies as Bob goes to Cell Block A and Rick heads to the office block to get Carl and the others. Hershel and Bob start administrating the medicine to the surviving sick. Bob gives Glenn the medicine as Maggie cradles his head on her lap. After everybody is given the medicine Hershel heads back to his cell and sits on his bed, bible in hand, he starts to cry over the amount of people that he failed to save.

Carol comes back in through the back of the prison and heads to A Block with more herbs to see that Bob and the others are back. Carol heads outside to see Daryl and the others. Daryl hugs Carol and Daryl then glares at Merle who heads back to his tower. Carol asks “What happened?” Daryl says “We got the medicine…that’s all that matters.” Daryl goes back to helping Andrea and the others move corpses. Rick walks into the office block. Carl is standing there and asks “What’s going on?” Rick says “It’s safe to come out now, Daryl and the others are back.” Carl goes to get Beth and Judith and the others that aren’t sick.

The next day things seem to be going back to normal. Rick and Carl head down towards the gardens, giving Hershel the option for some much needed rest after last night. Morgan is putting the last of the corpses into the back of the truck as Hershel approaches him. Morgan says “There’s the hero himself, Hershel Greene.” Hershel says “Yeah you guys can keep saying that but any of you would have done the same thing in my position.” Morgan laughs shaking his head then Hershel asks “You’re going out by yourself to burn these?” Morgan says “I was about to get Daryl to go with me.”


Pete says “I ain’t doing it for you, I’m doing it for the group.” The Governor goes from a suspicious face to a smile then says “We gotta do anything to protect our group. When you start thinking about the safety of anyone that isn’t one of your own, you risk everything. And that is a stupid way to think. That way gets you and all those under your protection killed.” The Governor stops himself then says “Those people at that prison killed my daughter…” Pete turns around shocked as Milton never told him this. The Governor says “They do that and they get to live in the safety of that prison while we risk our lives out here every day to keep our own from being eaten.” The Governor turns around saying “We have work to do.” Pete gets up and slowly starts following him as he heads back towards the prison. The Governor is walking through the woods when he comes across Morgan and Hershel burning corpses.

Morgan is about to grab another body from the pile when The Governor comes out from behind a tree and pistol whips him, knocking him out. Hershel goes for his gun but The Governor points his gun at Hershel and Hershel puts his hands up. Pete pops out saying “What are you doing?” The Governor says “Tie his hands.” Pete says “He has one leg I don’t think he’ll be getting far if he tries to run, you could have told me you were doing this!” The Governor says “I did say we have work to do.” Pete bounds Morgan’s hands while he is knocked out and binds Hershel’s as well. The Governor and Pete take them back to the camp and put them in the same trailer that The Governor killed Martinez at. The Governor then heads back to the camp to explain the situation. The Governor tells them he has captured two of the prison group's people for leverage, as he wants to avoid bloodshed. Stretching the truth, he tells them that the group at the prison is the same group that mutilated his eye, destroyed his former home and killed his daughter. The group starts to agree with taking the prison. Tara is reluctant. Lilly walks out from behind a tree, having heard the whole thing, and she questions his motives. The Governor repeats that most of the people at The Prison are killers. She then asks him if she is with a killer, implying him. He tells her that his only concern is her and Meghan's safety, and he once again confesses his deep love to her. Regardless, Lilly's opinion of "Brian" seems to have changed.

Pete is at the trailer with Morgan and Hershel, The Governor has handcuffed Morgan and Hershel to the trailer itself and taken the key with him. Morgan says “LET US GO YOU SON OF A BITCH!” Pete looks at them both for a second then says “I don’t have the keys.” Hershel says “Son what is your name?” Pete says “Pete.” Hershel says “Pete, you gotta let us go, if you can’t get us free then YOU have to go warn Rick and the others at the prison.” Pete says “He told me your group killed his daughter.” Morgan says “His daughter was already a walker, he had her chained up in his house. She was suffering, Rick put her out of her misery, and he killed my son accidentally while trying to kill Rick’s son.”


Pete says “I’ll go warn them.” Hershel says “Hurry!” Pete heads outside and starts his way towards the prison. Hershel turns to Morgan and says “I have a feeling we’re not making it out of this alive.” Morgan says “If I’m going, the Governor is coming with me.”

Back at the prison, T-Dog is sitting with Sasha who is still recovering from the sickness. Sasha wakes up and asks “What…..what happened?” T-Dog says “Daryl and the others got back, Bob gave you the medicine.” Sasha lays there for a second then asks “What did you do before all of this?” T-Dog says “You haven’t asked before, why now?” Sasha says “I almost died today, you too if they hadn’t gotten back with the meds. I just feel like I barely know you after 7 months.” T-Dog says “I worked at this church outside Atlanta.” Sasha asks “Preacher?” T-Dog says “No I…….you need to get some rest.” T-Dog gets up and Sasha goes back to sleep. T-Dog walks out of the cell and sees Glenn is at the top of the steps with Maggie.

Back at the trailer, The Governor arrives with Mitch. He walks in to see that Pete is gone. The Governor says “Pete?” Mitch comes in and says “Pete where is your ass at?” The Governor looks at Morgan and Hershel. Hershel looks down as Morgan looks straight at the Governor. Morgan says “You aren’t gonna get away with this.” The Governor asks “WHERE….IS…..PETE?” Morgan starts laughing as Hershel looks up and The Governor realizes where he is going and says “Mitch, with me, we’re gonna get him before he makes a big mistake.” The Governor and Mitch go outside and get in their car and head towards the prison.

Pete is running towards the prison at full speed. Seeing walkers all around him he keeps going ignoring them. He starts to hear an engine roaring behind him. The Governor sees him and heads for him. Mitch says “Wow now don’t run him over!” The Governor is able to get ahead of him. The back side of the car smacks into Pete and he falls over. The Governor and Mitch get out. Mitch attempts to help Pete but Pete aims his gun at Mitch. The Governor raises his gun and Mitch looks confused. Mitch asks “What the hell Pete?” Pete says “Stay back! Both of you!” The Governor walks up knocking the gun out his hand. The Governor says “Your legs don’t look too good there Pete, they are tired of the lies and betrayal.” Pete says “You’d know a little something about lies wouldn’t you?” The Governor says “Not as much as I know about survival.” The Governor says “Mitch, your brother has betrayed the group, you know what has to be done.” Mitch says “Wait a second! This is wrong Brian!” The Governor says “So you want to let him ruin our only chance at a safe place for our group Mitch?” Pete says “Mitch don’t do this, he is lying to you about all of it!” The Governor says “Your brother can’t walk Mitch, he’d be biter food within a week even if we took him back with us. Family doesn’t mean anything if they are gonna stab you in the back.”


Mitch points his gun at Pete for a few seconds. He realizes he can’t do it and says “I won’t do it!” The Governor then shoots Pete in the head. Mitch turns with his gun pointing it at the Governor but The Governor disarms him and throws him against the car. Mitch says “Why!?” The Governor says “He was gonna die anyways Mitch, I put him out of his misery. I don’t know if you realized but he was gonna go and warn them. He betrayed me, he betrayed the group, and worst of all…..he betrayed you his own brother. I will never do that to you. I will never betray you.” The Governor then let’s go of him and hands him his gun and says “The only question is……are you with us?” Mitch looks at the gun then over at Pete's corpse. He sighs and says “I’m with you.” The Governor pats him on the shoulder then says “Let’s go.”

The Governor and Mitch head back to the others telling them to get ready. Milton approaches The Governor and asks “What happened?” The Governor says “Something came up, we’re leaving earlier than expected.” Milton says “Did one of them escape?” The Governor glares Milton down and says “He didn’t escape.” Milton glares back at him and says “I hope you delivered him a proper punishment then.” The Governor looks at him and says “Not yet.” Hayley approaches Milton and asks “Did Pete get away?” Milton looks at the Governor walking away and says “No……he didn’t” Hayley says “Shit, what are we gonna do now?” Milton says “Make sure his sacrifice isn’t in vain.” The Governor and the group move their camp to a river not too far away from the prison where The Governor plans to keep Lilly and Meghan safe. The Governor says “Alright Lilly, do you think you guys will be safe here?” Lilly says “Yes, but please think this through, do you have to do this? There’s gotta be other places we can go.” The Governor says “This is it, if we keep looking more of us will die.” Lilly says “If you do this a lot of people could die.” The Governor says “I’ll make sure it doesn’t go down like that, we have two of their people, if they have any sense they’ll take their people and leave the place, then you and Meghan will finally be safe.” Lilly says “Try to keep Tara safe, god knows she can handle herself, but she isn’t as tough as she appears.” The Governor says “I promise.” Milton is standing nearby glaring at The Governor. Milton walks up as Lilly walks away towards Meghan. Milton says “A lot of people are gonna die Philip, I hope you’re ready to face the consequences.” The Governor says “A lot of us will have to face death one day, at least I’ll be able to say I escaped it today.” Milton says “Don’t get your hopes up.” The Governor walks up to Meghan who has mud all over her hands. The Governor asks “Can I get a hug?” Meghan says “My hands are all dirty.” The Governor says “I don’t care.” The Governor picks Meghan up and hugs her. Lilly smiles at this but goes back to a frown once she reminds herself of what he is going to do. As the Governor leaves Milton pulls out a gun and looks over at the car next to the trailer.

Rick is standing in Cell Block D looking at all the dried up blood everywhere from the multiple attacks on this cell block. Andrea walks in asking “You alright Rick?” Rick stands there for a second. Rick then says “Carol was right.” Andrea says “What?” Rick says “When Karen and David were sick in the quarantine Carol told me she considered killing them to prevent the disease from spreading. If she would have have…..Tyreese would still be alive along with a lot of others.” Andrea walks up to Rick and says “You couldn’t have known.” Rick says “Tyreese, Axel…….Dale…….it could have been Daryl, Glenn, Hershel, Carl, Jud…..” Andrea stops him saying “Stop beating yourself up. There’s a reason we have a council.” She gets closer to him and says “Because it’s not all on you.” Andrea gets even closer to him. Andrea puts her hand on the back of Rick’s head and it looks as if she is going to kiss him but then suddenly a big explosion is heard and the prison shakes. Rick says “What the hell….” Rick and Andrea come out of D to run into Daryl, Michonne, Beth and Carol. Inside Cell Block A Maggie, Glenn, Sasha and T-Dog have heard the explosion. Maggie and T-Dog head outside to be met by Rick, Andrea, Daryl, Carol, Beth. Merle and Bob who are in Merle’s tower look out to see a tank. Merle says “You’ve gotta be kidding me.” Merle and Bob head down the steps.

The Governor is standing on a tank in front of the prison's fences with cars on both sides and people with guns. He yells “Rick, come on down here and let’s talk.” Rick sees Merle and Bob coming out of the tower and lets them inside the prison courtyard. Merle stands beside Daryl. Daryl steps up towards Rick and asks “What do you wanna do?” Rick says “I got this.” Rick says “I’m not the leader anymore, there’s a council!” The Governor says “Is Hershel on the council?” Alisha and another guy bring Hershel and Morgan out of one of the cars. Beth and Maggie gasp as Rick becomes very nervous. The Governor says “Now, how about that talk?” Rick looks back at the group. Carl approaches and says “Dad, what are you doing?” Rick says “Stay here with them Carl.” Rick goes out the gate and heads down towards The Governor and his people. Looking straight at Hershel and Morgan as he walks. Rick says “You let them go right now.” Daryl looks at T-Dog and Andrea and tells them to get the bus ready, in case they have to leave as they no longer have the numbers to hold off The Governor and his militia.

Daryl starts secretly handing out guns. He looks at Merle and Bob and hands them guns without saying anything. The Governor is quick to give Rick a choice, leave the prison by sundown or he will kill Morgan and Hershel. Rick counters that they have several ill people and children, but his pleas fall on deaf ears. The Governor says “Nobody has to die Rick that is up to you.” Carl and Daryl are aiming at The Governor and his men. Carl says “I think I can get him from here.” Daryl says “Trust your dad Carl, he knows what he is doing?” Rick says “We….we can live together.” The Governor says “You know that will never work.” Andrea heads back into the cell blocks telling Lizzie, Mika, and the other children to get Judith and get ready to leave. T-Dog heads back into Cell Block A to get the people recovering from sickness up and ready to leave. He calls to Glenn and Glenn starts slowly down the steps asking what’s going on. T-Dog tells Glenn to help people get out to the bus as T-Dog heads into Sasha’s cell waking her up. Sasha asks “What?” T-Dog says “We gotta go now get up.” Glenn keeps asking about what’s going on and about Maggie. Andrea comes in and helps Glenn and others come outside to the bus.

Rick says “It could work, we could live in separate cell blocks until we are all ready to see each other.” Mitch yells "We want you have asshole, it's pretty simple, get the fuck out!" The Governor fed up with Rick pulls out his gun and walks up to Hershel and points his gun at him. Maggie and Beth become even more nervous along with all the others.The Governor says “Last chance Rick, I HAVE TANK, and i'm giving you a chance to walk out of here. I don’t wanna shed any blood today.” Morgan says “Yeah well you’ve already shed plenty.”


Mika and Molly bring Judith out to put her on the bus, but Lizzie wants them to remember what Carol had taught them. Lizzie thinks that they should help. Carol goes over and starts assisting Andrea and T-Dog are still helping people outside to the bus.

Rick thinks for a second then says “Alright…we’ll le…..” Rick looks over to the Governor’s left and pulls out his gun and The Governor looks and sees Milton coming out from behind the tank with a gun, aiming it at The Governor. The Governor ducks as Milton pulls the trigger, Milton’s bullet flies hitting Rick in the shoulder and Rick falls over, The Governor shoots his gun hitting Milton in the head, Milton falls dead. Carl panics from his father being shot and shoots brushing the Governor in the head. The Governor in a full on rage shoots Hershel twice in the back. The prison group looks in shocked as Hershel falls over. Rick who has gotten back up yells “NOOOO!” and starts shooting at the Governor and his people. The Governor and his people get to cover as fire begins with between both sides, Maggie and Beth are crying from witnessing their father getting shot as they continue to shoot. Morgan then knocks over one of the Governor’s militia and stomps his face in, barrel dives behind one of the Militia’s vehicles, and starts cutting his binds. Both sides begin shooting at each other.

By the river, Meghan is still playing in the mud. Lilly and Hayley see a walker trying to cross the river, but it gets swept away by the strong current. Meghan then digs out a flash-flood warning sign. However, she loosens the dirt just enough so that a submerged walker is able to break through it. Lilly and Hayley run to Meghan's aid and shoots the walker, but not before it is able to bite Meghan's shoulder.

Rick rushes behind the overturned bus for cover. Hershel is still alive but bleeding out and attempts to crawl away but the Governor turns him over on his back and shoots Hershel 5 more times in the chest, to Maggie and Beth’s horror. Tara shocked by this cowers behind one of the cars. Alisha rushes to her saying “What are you doing?” Tara says “This isn’t right, that guy just agreed to leave and Brian still shot that guy like 100 times!” Alisha says “We gotta do this.” Tara says “Is that you talking or him (Brian)?” Alisha says “Just stay back then I’ll find you after this is all over.” Tara nods as she stands back. Just then, Lilly and Hayley pull up in a car with Lilly holding Meghan's corpse, witnessing The Governor's act of murder. Upon seeing Meghan's body, Phillip becomes completely stoic. He takes Meghan in his arms and shoots her in the head with his pistol to prevent her from reanimating. Now with nothing to fight for, he gives another order to his militia saying "Go through the fences in your cars, get your guns, we go in. Kill them all."

Mitch yells “Roger that!” and takes the tank through the fences, destroying the crops in the process. The Governor and some of his militia use the tank for cover, while the rest attack/invade The Prison in cars and pick-ups. The Governor goes to the bus for cover then comes out and Rick jumps out from behind the bus and attacks The Governor, before engaging in a precarious fistfight with him.

A still Sick Glenn is at the bus door with Sasha and sees Maggie running towards him. Glenn asks “What’s happening?” Beth is close behind then says “I gotta go get Judith!” Maggie says “Wait!” Before she can say anything Beth takes off to find Judith. Andrea asks “What happened?” Maggie runs off before answering Andrea. T-Dog who is in the driver seat of the bus asks “What the hell are we doing?” Glenn says “Maggie!” Carol gets off the bus and sees smoke rising from the prison yard, she then says “I gotta find the girls!” Carol runs off as well to search for Lizzie and the others. Andrea gets onto the bus helping Sasha up and T-Dog asks Andrea once again if they should leave. Andrea turns around and sees that Glenn is gone having gone after Maggie. Andrea jumps back out of the car and heads down to look for the others. Sasha asks “Where is she going?” T-Dog says “I don’t know.” Rick and The Governor are still fighting. The noise from the battle is drawing in even more walkers from outside the prison boundaries.

Merle, Bob, Carl, Daryl and Michonne continue to shoot from the fence as people approach. Bob, Michonne and Carl start backing up as the Militia gets closer. Merle doesn’t and Daryl says “Merle get back!” Merle yells “Go! I’ll catch up!” Daryl runs back to Merle and says “Dumbass, I’m not leaving you!” Merle with a weird look on his face says “Go!” Merle pushes Daryl back. Bob, Michonne and go to head for the bus and run into Andrea who tells them they need to hurry but the 3 of them see that the bus has driven off. Andrea says “God damn it T-Dog!” the 3 look around not seeing anyone else besides Merle. Andre yells “Merle! Let’s go!” Merle looks at them but then continues shooting. The 3 of them decide to retreat trying to follow the path the bus took, they run into Maggie who asks “Where’s the bus?” Andrea says “That’s a good question!” Maggie says “I can’t find Beth!” Andrea says “I’m sure she got out, we gotta go!” The tank gets closer to the prison gates and then runs them over and Merle steps back, being boxed in behind some plant vases. Alisha and another man approach him. The man is shot in the head and dies.

Alisha turns surprised to see 4 kids. Lizzie holding a gun pointed having just shot the guy. She aims shooting Alisha in the head as well. Merle gets out from behind the vase, smiling he pats Lizzie on the head and she looks at him awkwardly and Merle says “Let’s get the hell out of here….I gotta find my brother.” Lizzie and Mika head towards the prison and Merle says “Hey, wait! Wrong way you….Jesus Christ…” Merle follows them.

Daryl is pinned down as well with 3 people shooting at him while he is in cover. Suddenly the 3 people are shot down and he looks over to see Carol with a gun having shot them all. Daryl goes to the tank and throws a grenade down the barrel, Mitch then gets out jump off the top of the tank before the grenade explodes. Mitch gets up looking at the tank now on fire then looks to Daryl who has his crossbow pointed at him.

Rick is overwhelmed by The Governor, who pins him down and brutally beats him before preparing to begin choking him to death. Suddenly a bullet goes through The Governor’s stomach as he falls over lying on the ground in pain, Morgan appears with a pistol in hand, and he looks at the walkers coming through the destroyed fence and decides to not finish The Governor off leaving him for the walkers to eat. Morgan helps Rick up and Rick immediately asks “Where’s Carl?” Morgan says “I don’t know Rick…” Rick completely ignores Morgan and heads up towards the prison yelling Carl’s name. A Bloodied and bruised Rick limps into the courtyard and 2 walkers come towards him but both are shot in the head as Carl appears out of the smoke. Rick hugs him and then asks where Judith is and Carl says he doesn’t know. They both spot Judith’s baby carrier and find it with nothing but blood, they assume that she is dead and Carl knocks down another walker near them then shoots it 4 times before Rick stops him hugging him as they both start to cry.

The Governor lays on the ground bleeding from his stomach after being shot by Morgan. Lilly approaches him with pistol in hand. The Governor puts his hand out towards her trying to ask for her help. Hayley runs up to Lilly and says “Let’s go! He’s dead anyways! There’s biters everywhere!”


Daryl shoots Mitch in the chest, Mitch falls over dead. Daryl runs to Carol and asks “Where is Merle?” Carol says “I don’t know I can’t find Lizzie or the others either.” Beth comes running out of the prison yelling g “I can’t find Judith or anybody!” Daryl says “We gotta go, now!” Daryl, Carol, and Beth start running planning to leave the prison as well to look for the others.

Lilly stands pointing her gun at The Governor. Lilly decides to listen to Hayley and says “We gotta find my sister.” Hayley says “We will!” The two take-off out of the prison leaving The Governor lying on the ground still bleeding from the gunshot wound and still in very much pain. Morgan standing back near the woods out the fence of the prison watching walkers pour in, glancing at Lilly and Hayley as they run towards the woods. Morgan walks up to the destroyed fence to find a zombified Hershel getting up. Morgan walks up and says “I’m sorry brother.” Stabbing Hershel in the head to put him out of his mercy. Morgan begins tearing up but quickly wipes away the tears and heads into the woods as well.

Rick and Carl are walking down a country road. Carl walking a little farther ahead of Rick. Rick is limping and can’t keep up so he constantly keeps asking Carl to slow down, which Carl ignores as they continue along. Coming across a barbecue restaurant that is already looted. A single walker is barricaded by some pieces of furniture. Rick wants to put it down with his ax, saving their bullets, but is too weak to make a finishing blow forcing Carl to shoot it in the head despite Rick's pleas not to. On the floor, Carl notices a note left by the walker's son, who couldn't bring himself to kill his father. They scour the building for supplies and find a small haul. Carl was able to obtain more stuff and jokingly tells his father "I win". Morgan comes across the same road Rick and Carl were on and starts following a set of tracks. After a couple minutes he sees another pair of tracks nearby, smaller feet, they look like they may belong to females. Possibly the ones he saw running from the prison earlier.

Rick and Carl continue walking until they take shelter in an abandoned house. After investigating, Carl loudly bangs and curses to draw walkers out, but Rick is angry at him for doing so. Carl snaps back that he isn't a kid and proceeds to clear the upper floor by himself. He lingers in the kid's room, gazing wistfully at the sports posters and gaming system before yanking out a cable from the TV to secure the front door. As they secure the door, they argue over whether a knot is enough or to push the couch against the door. Carl remarks that Shane taught him how to do it and Rick falls silent. Carl says “You know the guy you shot in the prison yard, your best friend?” Rick says “You gotta anything else you wanna say to me?” Carl doesn't respond and they push the couch against the door and flip it right-side-up. Rick goes into the bathroom of the house and observes the bruises and scars on his body.

Elsewhere, Daryl, Carol, and Beth are walking through a field of tall grass. Beth stops for a second and starts admiring some of the grass. Carol turns about to tell Beth to keep up but Daryl stops her saying “Give her a minute…” Daryl walks a little ahead and Carol walks with him saying “Look, I get why I just don’t think grieving his the best thing right now…” Daryl says “She just saw her father get killed in front of her, giving her a minute is the right thing to do.” Carol asks “How are you…” Daryl says “Fine! Never better!” Carol says “Look Daryl you don’t know, Merle might have made it…” Daryl says “You and I both know that’s most likely not true. He’s probably laying out in that prison yard just like Hershel!” Daryl looks behind Carol to see Beth standing there having caught up with them and he stops himself. The three stand in silence and Carol says “We…we should keep going.” The 3 continue through the field.

In another area of the forest Lizzie and Mika are walking along with Luke and Molly holding bags and such. Lizzie yells “Hey! How much farther?” Merle is walking ahead of them and turns with Judith in hand. Judith starts to cry and Merle cringes saying “The things I do for people….” Lizzie says “She’s probably hungry or tired.” Merle says “If she’s tired why is she crying? Why doesn’t she just go to sleep? This is why I never had kids.” Mika says “I don’t think that’s the main reason.” Merle asks “Oh really? And what would that be?” Judith starts crying louder and Merle tries to calm her down but he just gets mad. Lizzie says “Let me see her!” Merle hands her to Lizzie saying “Take her before I chuck her.” The kids glare at his comment and Merle says “What? I’m just kidding.” As night falls they are sitting on a couple of logs and Mika is showing Merle how to properly feed the baby as Luke and Molly watch. Lizzie is nearby on another log home to two baby bunnies, she quietly kills them both. They are forced to flee after hearing walkers in the distance.

Andrea, Michonne, Bob, and Maggie are at a stream in a rock quarry. Maggie is sharpening her knife while Michonne sits on a rock stoic. Andrea and Bob are getting water. Andrea glances at Bob and asks “What’s with the big ass smile?” Bob says “We’re alive…should be thankful for that.” After getting some water Andrea walks up to Michonne and Maggie and says “Where are we going?” Maggie says “You guys should stay here while I go look for Glenn.” Andrea says “We’re not splitting up. Michonne help me out here.” Bob walks up behind Andrea saying “We shouldn’t split up.” Michonne sits still in silence. Andrea asks “Michonne? Are you alright?” Maggie begins walking off. Andrea asks “Hey where are you going?” Maggie doesn’t turn back as she already told her what she was gonna do. Andrea bends down and asks “Michonne are you coming or not?” Bob starts following Maggie saying “We stick together.” Andrea says “Michonne we need you right now.” Michonne gets up still silent and begins following Maggie and Bob as Andrea stands there and says “Well alright.” Andrea follows as the 4 of them head back to the main road going after the prison bus.

T-Dog awakens on the bus lying on the ground with people all around him in a panic. Sasha is in the seat beside him and he asks “What happened!?” Sasha says “You refused to take off so one of the other guys….” The bus swerves. Sasha continues saying “Hit you in the back of the head and started driving the bus!” T-Dog goes to get up but can’t s the bus is swerving back and forth too much as T-Dog glances at the front to see someone has turned into a walker and has bitten the driver in the shoulder as the driver is swerving back and forth. A couple others have turned into walkers and are attacking people. T-Dog and Sasha are at the back of the bus. T-Dog finally is able to get up. Sasha says “What the hell are we gonna do?”


Morgan decides to keep following the original tracks instead of the two females. He starts walking down the country road.

In the house Rick has fallen unconscious after lying on the couch. Carl goes to wake him but he won’t wake up. Carl becomes angry. Carl starts yelling at Rick, angry that Rick wanted to “Play farmer” instead of look for the Governor. Carl blames Rick for what happened at the prison as he expresses it vocally to Rick’s unconscious body. Carl doesn’t realize that Rick was gonna agree with the Governor and leave if it hadn’t been for Milton shooting Rick. Carl’s yelling attracts two walkers to the door so Carl heads outside and yells “Hey you! Fresh meat right here!” He starts luring the 2 of them away from the house, but is nearly surprised by a third walker coming up from behind. However, after a slight scuffle, he manages to kill all three walkers unscathed, restating his comment to Rick "I win".

Elsewhere Merle and the kids are walking through the woods. Coming across a grape bush they start picking grapes. Merle sets down Judith and struggles as he tries to change her diaper. Disgusted by the smell. Merle says “Oh Rick owes me big time.” Suddenly Mika is startled by a noise in the brush, and runs off as Merle is changing Judith's diaper. Merle checks the bushes and it turns out to be a couple crows and nothing else. They give chase to Mika, and find Mika several minutes’ later hiding behind a tree. Lizzie asks “Why did you run off Mika? It was just birds.” Merle says “Don’t run off like that. Jesus bad enough I’m a babysitter but now I’m a brat-catcher, that’s one job I’ll gladly quit.” Suddenly they hear screaming. Merle says “Let’s go…” Lizzie says “What are you talking about? That could be someone from the prison! They need our help!” Merle shrugs and looks at the 4 kids and at Judith.

T-Dog says “We gotta jump out the back.” Sasha yells “What?!” T-Dog grabs her by the shoulders and asks “Do you trust me?” Sasha who is scared nods and T-Dog kisses her. T-Dog opens the back hatch and grabs Sasha. T-Dog and Sasha jump from the bus falling to pavement. Only sustaining minor cuts and scrapes, until Sasha goes to get up and realizes she twisted her ankle. T-Dog takes her hand around his neck and holds her up as they walk into the forest.

Elsewhere, Morgan has arrived at a barbeque restaurant to find a dead walker and nothing else. He starts remembering bringing Duane to a place like this before and he starts to tear up but stops himself. He continues down the road.

Carol, Daryl, and Beth all sit quietly around a campfire. After a couple minutes Beth says “We can’t be the only ones that survived.” Carol says “You’re right, we should start looking for the others.” Daryl sits in silence. Carol asks “Daryl?” Daryl says nothing as Beth and Carol stare at him. Beth looks back to Carol and says “Where would we look?” Carol says “We could head back to the main road.” Carol gets up followed by Beth as Daryl still sits. Carol asks “Are you coming or not?” Daryl says nothing as Carol shrugs and walks off with Beth. Daryl gets up and puts out the fire and follows slowly behind them saying “Main road isn’t good, we gotta keep heading east.” Carol turns around and smile as Daryl finally speaks. Beth keeps walking.

Maggie, Andrea, Michonne, and Bob are walking down the main road. Michonne looks back at Bob for a second then says “Your smile is really starting to annoy me.” Bob says “Sorry I’m just glad to be alive.” Andrea says “We all should be, I still can’t believe we made it out of there.” Michonne says “It was easier than you think. The Governor was too busy trying to kill Rick so it was easier for everyone else to get out.” Andrea and the others fall silent.” Bob says “Not even gonna ask.” Maggie is walking ahead silence. Andrea asks “Are you going to slow down?” The 4 of them see the bus sitting in the middle of the road and Maggie starts sprinting to it. Andrea and the others follow as well. Going to the side of the bus they see that the prison bus inhabitants have all turned into walkers. Maggie says “I gotta see if Glenn is in there.” Andrea says “Maggie I don’t think that’s the best…” The back hatch is already open a little bit but Maggie goes to open it all the way and Andrea says “Wow, wow, wow, how about we man the door, let one out at a time, and keep this in control.”

Maggie nods as Andrea, Bob, and Michonne man the hatch as they close it quickly so that walkers don’t start pouring out and then they open and it letting one walker out at a time as Maggie stabs them in the head, dreading the possibility that one of them could be Glenn. After killing a few the amount of walkers pushing at the backdoor is too much and the 3 of them fall backwards as walkers pour out. Michonne pulls out her sword and starts killing walkers as Bob shoots them. Andrea starts stabbing them as well. A walker almost gets Maggie but Bob shoots it, causing Maggie to go stoic for a second then she starts looking at all the bodies, not seeing Glenn anywhere. She decides to go into the bus, against Andrea, Bob, and Michonne’s better judgment. She starts slowly walking towards the front of the bus looking at all the blood all over the walls and seats. She kills a zombified teenager that was stuck under a dead woman, sits down and begins to cry out of relief.

Glenn awakens on a section of the destroyed prison walkway, nearly dangling over a mob of walkers, several of them being prison residents who were killed in the attack. It seems that he had left the bus before it left, to search for Maggie and was on the walkway when the tank blew it up, knocking him unconscious. Glenn yells “Maggie!” twice and goes to the door going into the darkness of the prison hearing nothing but moans from the huge amount of walkers outside. Glenn walks through the prison still weak and hasn’t fully recovered from the sickness. He gets to the cell blocks where he collects some supplies and clothes, including Bob's bottle of brandy. He looks under his and Maggie’s bed and finds his riot gear. He also grabs Hershel’s watch and picks up the picture he took of Maggie when they slept in one of the towers not even a week ago.

Glenn puts the riot gear on and heads outside being able to run through the huge mob of walkers. After escaping the walkers he sees a women having locked herself behind the fence as a walker is reaching for her, she is completely ignoring it as she sits cross legged.


Glenn realizes he cannot leave someone behind to the walkers. Glenn stabs the walker reaching for her before going inside. He quickly grabs her weapon, checking the ammo. He tells Tara that they should go. After Tara denies him, he questions her, asking, "You're just gonna stay here? You're just gonna die?". Tara replies that she joined the prison attack and Glenn replies that he knows and requests help from her. Glenn grabs Bob's bottle of brandy and uses it as a Molotov, which he throws at a nearby car. As the walkers are distracted by the flames, Glenn and Tara escape the prison and reach the road close to the prison bus. Tara says “My sister…..i don’t know where she is I saw she didn’t shoot Brian but after that I couldn’t see anything…” Glenn says “The Governor isn’t dead?” Tara says “Who’s the Governor? You do realize the world is over right? No Government.” Glenn says “That’s what he called himself when he led this whole town, he was…well is a psychopath and if he is still breathing I need to find Maggie fast.” Tara says “I didn’t realize what he was like until he killed that old man.”

Glenn is shocked then asks “Hershel? Was...was…was his name Hershel?” Tara with tears in her eyes says “I’m sorry…” Glenn asks “Will you help me find Maggie?” Tara says “Who’s Maggie?” Glenn says “My wife…her father Hershel…he was a good man. He taught me to have faith.” Tara asks “Why would you want my help?” Glenn says “I don’t want your help……I need your help.” Tara slowly nods as walkers start coming out of the tree line attacking them. Glenn collapses still recovering from his sickness as Tara saves him dispatching of the walkers as an armored truck pulls up. Tara out of breath yells “Hope you enjoyed the show assholes!” Three people come out of the truck. Two men and a women. The big red-headed man says “You got a damn mouth on you you know that?" There is a moment of silence then he asks "What else you got?”

Merle decides to take the kids with him as he hands Judith to Mika and they all run towards the sounds. On the train tracks there are two people. An old man and a young guy fighting walkers. As Merle runs over to help them the old man is bitten on the shoulder and the young man is bitten on the neck. The young man falls over dying. Merle is able to dispatch the walkers, but failed to save their lives. Merle walks over aiming his gun at the old man, who reveals his name as Christopher who is in tears seeing his son lying dead. Christopher looks at Merle and the kids and says “They don’t look like yours.” Merle says “Nope, apparently I’m running a day care service which I’m sorry to tell you your son cannot part take in” Merle looks over at the son who has reanimated and grabbed Mika by her foot while she is holding Judith, Mika is able to get free but loses her shoe. Merle walks up killing Christopher’s zombified son. He walks back to Christopher who then says “Even if they aren’t yours you have to get them to the sanctuary at the end of the train tracks, that’s where we were heading. Please for my sake.” Merle says “I don’t deliver promises for dead men, but then again this one could save my ass.” Merle looks towards the woods hearing rustling and asks “You gonna opt out or what? I think walkers are closing in and I don’t wanna be around for that.” Christopher gets up and slowly makes his way to his dead son and kneels next to him and says “Just go…..I’ll be good.” Merle nods and ushers the kids forward as they make their way down the train tracks in the direction the dad suggested.

Sasha and T-Dog are walking through the woods as Sasha is still limping. Coming to a little path they decide not to go down it as they hear walkers. T-Dog hears a wet sound at his feet and he looks down seeing he has stepped in a dirty diaper. T-Dog says “God damn it!” He kicks it away as Sasha chuckles as they pass a grape vine continuing in the same direction.

Carol, Daryl, and Beth are walking through the woods, going down a little path as Daryl has caught someone’s tracks. Little feet. Carol says “It could be Lizzie and the others. How many kids do you think are out here?” Daryl says “That’s what I’m thinking, I’m seeing a bigger set of tracks too, so they are with someone else. Beth says “Well what are we waiting for?” As she walks ahead of them a walker (Christopher) comes out from behind some brush grabbing Beth. Daryl immediately grabs the walker off of her and throws it to the ground stabbing it in the head. Beth sits on the ground still scared. Carol helps her to her feet asking if she is okay and Beth tries to brush it off saying “I’m….alright.” Beth keeps walking forward. Daryl asks “Beth what are you doing? Stay close.” Beth says “They could be hurt or something.” Beth keeps walking ahead as Daryl and Carol pass a couple logs set up in a campfire formation. Morgan is walking down the road still coming into what looks like a neighborhood.

Carl has returned from getting supplies to see that Rick is still lying unconscious on the couch. Carl becomes angry flipping out once again. Carl says “I never forgot how to survive, not even when you had us playing farmer. You couldn’t save mom, you could save Jud….” He stops as Rick still doesn’t respond. He can still see that Rick is breathing and then remarks “I’d be fine if you died.” Carl goes on another supply trip in a nearby house. Upstairs, he opens a door with a walker behind it. After a struggle, in which he missed the walker with his gun, he is nearly bitten on his leg but manages to get loose when the walker pulls one shoe off his foot. Carl shuts the door locking the walker in the room, writing "WALKER INSIDE. GOT MY SHOE. DIDN'T GET ME". As he perches himself on the roof of the house, he proceeds to eat a can of chocolate pudding with the walker grasping out of the window. Morgan comes across Rick and Carl’s foot prints again. As he heads further into the residential areas.

Carl returns to the house where Rick is still unconscious. He wakes up to find his father, who begins to move and groan, making Carl believe that he is a walker. Carl takes Rick’s gun and aims it at him. Carl quickly realizes he can’t do it and then admits “I do need you.” Rick falls to the floor and begins slowly crawling to Carl. He puts his hand on Carl’s foot. Carl opens himself, ready to be bit by his father. Rick then says “Carl………don’t go outside.” His hand falls off Carl’s shoes and rolls on his back. Carl cradles his father’s head in his arms and says "I'm scared". The next morning, Rick tells Carl that he shouldn't have risked going out on his own, but Carl reassures him that he was careful. Rick congratulates Carl on retrieving more food and supplies. Carl then states that he had eaten some of the food. When Rick asks what it was, Carl tells him that it was 112 ounces of pudding, which they share a laugh over. Rick explains that he understands that they will never get things back to the way they were. He then explains the reason he spent the time trying to be a farmer and build a community was for Carl and Judith's sake. He goes on to tell his son that he is a man now and that he is sorry for treating him like a child, to which Carl challenges and makes it clear that Rick was right to act the way he did.

Morgan comes across a huge can of pudding having been eaten in the street. He laughs and says to himself “Who could eat a whole…” he looks at the house that the can is in front of and quietly and slowly walks up to the house. Peeping in a window he smiles as he sees Rick and Carl. He is surprised but he starts to tear up, after finally seeing a familiar and old face. Rick and Carl are inside and hear a knock at the door. Rick with gun ready looks through the peep hole. He then sits back down and laughs. Carl asks “Who is it?” Rick laughs some more as he looks at Carl and says “Pizza Delivery.”

Daryl, Carol, and Beth come to the train tracks to find blood and guts everywhere. As they go down and look Carol comes across Mika’s shoe and she starts to tear up. Daryl turns to Beth who is almost balling at this point looking at all the dead bodies, assuming they were people from the prison. Carol wipes away her tears and walks hug comforting Beth as Daryl stand back looking around. Daryl looks each way wondering which way to go. He starts walking straight then looks back at Beth who is standing on the hill still with Carol hugging her.


Carol says “Let’s head in this direction.” Daryl turns around looking down the tracks the other way. Daryl asks “Why that way?” Carol says “Beats me…” Daryl smirks and the 3 of them head down the tracks in the opposite direction then that which they were going.

Tara sits at the back of Abraham's military truck, writing the street names on her hand as the truck drives past them. They stop in a car wreckage, three walkers nearby start to beat at the back of the truck, when Tara is about to shoot them with a rifle, Abraham orders her to stop, and proceeds to attack them with a crowbar, one by one they all fall down. Tara notices one thing, saying it's the first time she sees him smiling, he then says that is because "He's the luckiest guy in the world".

Carl is sitting eating a bowl of breakfast in the house. Rick and Morgan are in the kitchen talking about where they are gonna go next. Morgan says “The prison is a lost cause that’s the only thing I know for sure.” Rick says “I don’t know where we are gonna go now. Have no way of knowing where the others are or what happened to them.” Morgan asks “Why did we never set up a meeting point.” Rick says “I don’t know….the point is, it could be just us three for all we know. That’s what I’m sure of.” Morgan asks “Do you at least know what happened to…?” Rick says “I don’t know if she’s……I saw the carrier and blood on it…” Morgan says “I’m sorry Rick.” Rick says “Ain’t nothing to be sorry for, it’s my fault what happened to your son.” Morgan looks at him and says “It wasn’t your fault Rick…..I just started to blame you because I knew that facing the reality that it was just as much my fault was too much. I played it off like you were to blame, but you weren’t. We both were there when you shot… You had no idea what this guy was like.” They both sit silent for a second and then Morgan says “I’m going on a supply run and I wanna know what you think about Carl backing me up.” Rick asks “What about me?” Morgan says “Rick you are not fully healed yet, hell it’s not even 2 days yet. You need to rest.” Rick nods.

On the back of Abraham's truck, Glenn wakes up. He frantically bashes on the back window until Abraham angrily stops the truck and gets out. Glenn tries to leave, but Abraham tells him that he is causing disruptions to 'The Mission.' After Glenn enquirers about the mission, Abraham reveals that Eugene knows exactly what caused the beginning of the apocalypse, and that government officials are to meet with him in Washington. Glenn tries to leave anyway, and after Abraham tries to force him to stay, he punches him. Abraham jumps on top of Glenn, and the two fight. Meanwhile, Eugene sees approaching walkers and takes it upon himself to try and kill them. His bad aim and firing from the hip causes him to rupture the fuel tank. Abraham and the others kill the walkers, and Glenn sets off with Tara for the bus. Eugene approaches Abraham and says “We should stick together, this is the opposite direction but we could find another car, and hot wire that sucker. Trust me I’m smarter than you.” Eugene and Rosita start following Glenn as Abraham grabs the supplies from the back of the truck and starts following Glenn as well.

Andrea, Michonne, Maggie, and Bob are walking along through the woods. When they come up on a dense fog. Walkers start walking through the fog towards them as the 4 of them kill the walkers. After fighting off the walkers, with the bigger numbers they have and Michonne’s katana, the 4 of them continue through the fog and finally make it to a clear area. Bob asks “So we making camp anytime soon?” Andrea says “This seems like a good place.” The 4 of them bunker down for the night. Awakening the next morning Andrea, Michonne, and Bob have found out that Maggie has went off on her own looking for Glenn. Leaving them a message. Andrea, Michonne, and Bob head back to the train tracks going after Maggie. Andrea, Michonne, and Bob come across a sign that says ‘TERMINUS: SANCTAURY FOR ALL’. Andrea says “What the…” Bob says “I bet Maggie is following these, bet she thinks Glenn would follow them too.” Michonne says “I agree…” Andrea smiles and says “It’s about time you spoke Michonne.” Michonne walks off down the train tracks as Bob and Andrea follow.

Merle and the kids are walking along as he finds a sign that says ‘TERMINUS: SANCTUARY FOR ALL’. Lizzie asks “Is that the place that guy was talking about?” Merle says “Yeah, betting you 100 dollars it’s a trap.” Lizzie says “Or not.” They hear movement in the bushes around them, they start hearing moans as well. The children stand close to Merle in fear. Lizzie pulls out her knife. A couple walkers come out and Merle dispatches of them. More come out of the bushes from behind them and two grab Luke and Molly, biting them on the shoulders. Merle kills them as more come out. Merle yells “COME ON you rotting bastards, I’m not even breaking a sweat!” Lizzie and Mika are crying over the deaths of Luke and Molly as more walkers emerge. A walker is about to sneak up on Mika but an arrow goes through its head. Daryl, Carol, and Beth appear. Beth grabs Lizzie, Mika, and Judith as Merle, Daryl, and Carol kill the rest of the walkers. They start tearing up over the children that died.

Merle stares at Daryl for a couple seconds then hugs him. Daryl starts to tear up. Carol hugs Lizzie and Mika and then sees Judith then looks at Merle smiling. Daryl says “You saved someone besides yourself….I knew you had it in you.” Merle shrugs off the compliment and points to the sign. They look over to see Luke and Molly have turned. Carol says “Look away.” Beth takes Lizzie, Mika, and Judith turned away as Carol walks up stabbing Luke and Molly in the head. Lizzie is turned around watching. They go back to the sign. Merle says “Feels like a bunch of bullshit to me.” Beth says “The others could be there, I say we go.” Carol says “Seems like the best place to go. Especially if there are more of these signs. That means if others made it out of the prison they could be heading here.” Daryl nods. Merle says “It’s a mistake little brother.”

Andrea, Michonne, and Bob are walking down the tracks coming across yet another Terminus sign. And to the right they see on a building in blood ‘GLENN GO TO TERMINUS, MAGGIE’ Andrea says “Jesus Christ…” Bob says “She’s really going all out huh?” Andrea says “I’d say so. We gotta hurry. She’ll get herself killed if she keeps trying to leave….these.” The 3 pick up the pace.

Morgan and Carl are out scavenging for supplies in a house. Carl asks “Morgan…” Morgan says “Yes?” Carl asks “Do you still blame my dad for…..you know?” Morgan says “No…….no I don’t Carl.” Carl says “After it happened, I blamed myself for a while…” Morgan says “No…it definitely wasn’t your fault Carl.” Carl says “I blamed my dad…..for everything that happened at the prison…blamed him for my mom….blamed him for Ju…” Morgan walks over to Carl and says “Don’t blame yourself for anything. Nobody knows how everything will turn out in the end, all you can do is hope it turns out right.”

Rick is asleep lying on the bed in the house him, Morgan and Carl have been staying in. Rick awakes from his sleep to the sound of strangers in the lower level of the house. After hearing approaching footsteps, he dives under the bed after retrieving signs of another living human being there; a bottle of water and a book. A survivor named Tony who entered the house jumps on top of the bed after circling it a few times, and soon falls asleep. Len enters the room with Rick, who is still hiding underneath the bed. After arguing about who gets to sleep in the bed Rick is hiding underneath, Len violently throws Tony off of the bed, and a fight occurs. Tony sees Rick while he is being choked on the floor by Len, but falls into unconsciousness before he can say anything. The second survivor, satisfied, leaves his friend on the floor and goes to sleep in the bed.


While Len sleeps and Tony is knocked out, Rick leaves the room and attempts to leave the house, but he is spotted by a man on the toilet, who is brutally attacked by Rick. After a short scuffle, Rick chokes the man to death and acquires his submachine gun. After leaving the bathroom door slightly open, he then leaves through a window and walks around the edge of the house. He sees the leader of group Joe sitting outside and is about to kill him when he hears screams coming from Harley. The man Rick strangled earlier had died and reanimated. Joe sitting outside runs off to assist. Rick sees Morgan and Carl approaching the house. He sprints towards them and directs them away from the house. Later on Rick, Morgan, and Carl are walking down the train tracks coming across a sign that says ‘TERMINUS SANCTUARY FOR ALL’ Rick looks at the sign then back at Morgan and Carl. Carl asks “Is that where we are going?” Rick nods saying “Yeah.” The 3 keep walking down the train tracks planning to go to Terminus.

T-Dog awakens to sounds in the middle of the night. He and Sasha had set up a camp with cans and string to warn themselves of walkers. T-Dog goes back to sleep. He awakens to Sasha trying to stand on her own. T-Dog says “No…no…no don’t. Your leg isn’t even close to being able to walk on its own. We need to find something to wrap it with." Sasha says “Can you see any place nearby?” T-Dog says “I could use our clothes but that won’t work very well. We need good cloth to wrap your ankle in.” T-Dog helps Sasha up and lifts her up onto his back. They come to a clearing and find themselves upon a graveyard and what looks like a church, but with no steep T-dog assumes it’s a funeral home. T-Dog says “Would you look at that? Guess god is on our side after all. A funeral home.” Sasha says “Or we could call it one of God’s sick ironic jokes.” T-Dog brushes off the comment.

Merle, Daryl, Carol, Beth, and the kids have been following the train tracks for a while. Of course having to make many stops because of Judith and because of the size of their group. It is night time and Carol, Beth and the kids are asleep while Daryl and Merle stand on watch. Daryl says “You know I thought you’d died.” Merle says “Not surprising…I thought you were dead too.” Daryl says “Look Merle…..i’m sorry for…” Merle says “No, don’t be. You were right about pretty much everything. If anyone should be sorry it…..” Merle cringes then says “It should be me.” Daryl says “Really? You basically just lied to my face.” Daryl laughs and Merle shrugs saying “It’s the best I can do. I don’t have room for being soft.” Daryl says “Sure you don’t, I just wish I could have seen you trying to feed that baby I would of…” Merle nudges Daryl’s shoulder saying “Hey man, if you tell anyone else about that don’t think I won’t knock your teeth in.” Daryl starts snickering again. Daryl says “It’s just good to have you back. I wasn’t your biggest fan before everything went down but…you really stepped up. And if I getting my teeth knocked in is how you finally start accepting this group as your own then so be it.” Merle says “I don’t belong anywhere little brother, neither of us. I’m with this group because you wanna be.” Daryl says “You don’t mean that. Then why save Rick’s baby?” Merle falls silent. Daryl says “This group means more to you than you wanna admit, one of these days you’ll realize that.”

Daryl wakes up Carol and the others and they head down the train tracks. Morning starts to rise as Daryl says “We got another couple days until we reach this place.” Carol walks up to Daryl whispering “I’m concerned about the girls.” Daryl asks “Why?” Carol says “I think Mika is too gentle and Lizzie is….” Daryl asks “Is what?” Carol says “I don’t know what it is.” The group stops and settles near the train tracks on logs as Carol, Mika and Daryl head off for Water. Daryl asks “Think you’ll be okay?” Merle says “I got it.” Merle and Beth sits awkwardly with Lizzie, and Judith. Merle starts scrapping on a piece of log with his knife. Beth asks “How are you doing Merle?” Merle says “Let’s take this one day at a time kid, still not able to completely process why you gave me hug.” Beth says “You sell yourself too short.” Merle says “Ha, I think I sell myself just the right amount.” Beth says “Even if it’s not true? You saved Judith and these kids Merle. You obviously care about others but don’t wanna show it, the harder you try to push away the further in you are reeling yourself.” Merle stops scrapping the wood and stops talking altogether. Merle says “You’re making it sound like I’m fishing.” Beth shakes her head.

Carol, Mika, and Daryl are walking through the woods for a water source finally coming across a stream. Carol says “Mika….you need to toughen up.” Daryl says “Damn just gonna be blunt I guess?” Mika insists she can kill walkers but won't kill people because it's wrong. Carol says Mika will die if she doesn't change. They discover a house in the middle of a pecan grove. Carol suggests they stay put for a couple of days. Glenn’s group comes across a sign saying ‘TERMINUS SANCTUARY FOR ALL’ and below the sign in blood is written ‘GLENN GO TO TERMINUS, MAGGIE’. Glenn sprints ahead.

Andrea, Michonne, and Bob are walking down the tracks coming across a train stop. Michonne says “We could use this as a place to camp for the night.” Bob says “We gotta catch up to Maggie, we can’t leave her out here by herself.”


T-Dog says “You need to rest so yeah we’re definitely going in there.” T-Dog carries Sasha to the funeral home and he goes in first. With nothing but a tree branch. T-Dog yells to Sasha that it is clear. Sasha says “Damn, did we just step into a time machine this place does not look like an apocalypse hit it.” T-Dog says “Someone’s been keeping it nice, which means people could be around. Watch out.” Sasha says “If they are keeping this place this nice how bad could they be.” T-Dog says “Look at Woodbury…” Sasha says “That Governor Guy was a monster the rest of the people that came from there were nice people, they didn’t deserve what happened to them.”

T-Dog says “The good guys don’t always win Sasha, that’s something you learn quickly. I just hope the others made it out.” Sasha says “Wouldn’t we have seen some of them by now?” T-Dog says “This is a pretty big world out there Sasha. I’m sure some of them made it out.” Sasha says “Did you see what the Governor did to Hershel?” T-Dog says “Yeah….i didn’t see what happened to the Governor but I hope he didn’t get a quick death.” Sasha says “All we can do is hope.” They head into the kitchen and start searching the cabinets and find a hidden stash of food. T-Dog laughs while saying “Woohooo God is watching over us baby.” Sasha rolls her eyes as they grab food and start eating.

Andrea says “We gotta keep moving and look for Maggie.” Michonne sighs and says “Whatever you people want.” Andrea says “When we find her we’ll come back for you Michonne if that makes you feel any better.” Michonne starts walking towards the train station as Andrea and Bob continue down the train tracks. Michonne goes inside heading up the steps. She stands there for a minute, she starts thinking about the fact that she is alone again. Thinking about her son Andre, thinking about her boyfriend Mike. She starts to tear up and starts saying to herself “Not again…..not again…..not again.” Suddenly she hears movement outside looking out the window down at a pile of walkers near an ice cream truck, she sees what she thinks is Maggie underneath the pile of bodies, she puts her hand up to the glass and the window falls out, it is Maggie who gets up looking at the window falling then sees that the walkers have noticed her. She starts killing them. Michonne starts to smiles and runs down the steps to help her.

Maggie jumps on a car and starts killing more walkers as Michonne starts slicing away. After they have killed the walkers Michonne hugs Maggie. Michonne says “Don’t you do that again.” Maggie asks “Michonne are you alright?” Michonne says “Andrea and Bob went ahead to look for you.” Michonne and Maggie keep go back to the train tracks going after Andrea and Bob. Andrea says “I don’t know Bob I can’t see anything ahead.” Bob says “She’s gotta be ahead, if she knows Glenn is going she won’t wanna mess around.” They then hear yelling behind them. Andrea and Bob turn to see Maggie with Michonne. Andrea runs up hugging Maggie. Andrea says “What the hell? Leaving us like that.” Maggie hugs Bob as well. They all smile as they have been reunited and they keep heading down the tracks.

Rick is walking down train tracks saying “We gotta little while longer until nighttime we gotta find shelter soon. We should be there in a day or 2. He looks behind him to see Carl is walking along the train tracks. Carl says “Come on Morgan, let’s see who can walk along the tracks the longest.” Morgan says “I don’t know Carl I’m not really into….” Carl says “Come on, what are you a baby?” Morgan says “Oh, in that case.” Morgan smiles as he gets on the other side of the train tracks and tries to balance. After 5 minutes Carl falls off first. Rick and Carl both laugh and Morgan laughs saying “That’s what you get for calling me a baby, what do I win?” Carl says “You get the last crunch bar.” Morgan says “That was Duane’s favorite…” The laughs immediately stop as they all go silent. Morgan wipes away a tear and keeps walking saying “You can keep it.” Morgan walks ahead of Rick as Rick and Carl follow him.

Abraham, Glenn, Tara, Eugene, and Rosita are walking down some train tracks as Eugene talks to Tara about video games and zombified dinosaurs. They eventually comes across a building where a walker is about to fall from the roof on top of Eugene. He is saved when Abraham shoves him out of the way, despite inadvertently knocking Tara to the ground in the process, injuring her foot. Abraham wants to rest, but Glenn wants to push forward. Glenn strikes a deal with Abraham that Eugene will receive Glenn's riot gear in return for accompanying Glenn and Tara to Terminus. Abraham accepts the deal and the group continues forward, but not before Rosita says “You’re an asshole, she just injured her foot and she’s doing everything and anything for you, and for what?” Glenn looks at Tara and asks “Are you good?” Tara says “Yeah…yeah I’m fine.” Rosita sighs as they continue forward.

When Glenn's group approaches a tunnel, with a sign by Maggie to proceed, Abraham says “You hear that? Guarantee there are at least a dozen or two dozen walkers in there, and I’m not 100 percent sure I can get Eugene through there alive, we’ll have to double back and find a vehicle.” Glenn says “If Maggie went through then I have to go through.” Abraham sighs then says “Then I guess this is where we must split up.” Tara says “I’m with ya Glenn.” Eugene says “Since this may be the last we see of each other I must say you are very attractive Tara.” Tara says “Yeah I like girls.” Eugene stops for a second then says “I knew that.” Tara rolls her eyes as she walks over to Glenn and Abraham goes into his pack to give them some food.

T-Dog and Sasha have been inside the funeral home for an hour or two and T-Dog has used the cloth and other materials inside to patch up Sasha’s leg which isn’t fully healed yet, when T-Dog hears a scratch at the door. He goes and looks to see a one eyed dog. He attempts to pet it but it runs off. He goes back to Sasha and she asks “What was it?” T-Dog says “Just a dog, he ran off” T-Dog pulls out a pistol and looks at the clip. Sasha asks “You’ve had a gun this entire time?” T-Dog says “I fire this thing then we’d both be screwed, it’s only if necessary I’ll use this.” Sasha then says “So if whoever lives here comes back, what are we gonna do?” T-Dog says “Be honest, we tell them everything that happened to us.” Sasha says “What if they aren’t the friendly kind?” T-Dog says “Then you know what’s gonna happen.” He hears another scratch at the door and he grabs some of the pigs feet saying “We aren’t gonna eat this, if that’s the dog I’ll get him this time.” T-Dog opens the door to see a bunch of walkers and he tries to close the door, he yells to Sasha who throws him a crowbar they found inside the house. T-Dog says “Go out the back! I’ll meet you there in second! Run!” Sasha limps to the back door and heads outside while T-Dog lets the walkers in and starts killing them he is forced down into the basement where he is trapped and uses the carts with bodies on them to keep the walkers back as he stabs them in the head. Finally able to escape the funeral home he goes up on the road to see a car driving off. T-Dog yells “SASHA!!” He looks around then assume the car took her and begins chasing it.

T-Dog continues running down the road into the morning, not even being able to know where the vehicle has went. Being completely exhausted he falls onto the ground, and begins crying. After a couple minutes he hears footsteps and looks up to see he is now surrounded by guys. The main one, named Joe, look down at him. Joe says “Well look what we got here boys. I thought you people would be smart enough not to lay in the middle of the road.” T-Dog gets up punching Joe in the face and pulls out his pistol.” Len says “Nice pistol you got there, I call it.” Joe gets up looking to see his lip is bleeding and then starts laughing saying “Nice shot, you got some balls, I’m sorry if I offended you…you look like you need people, and we need the muscle, we just lost another person not too long ago, the name’s Joe.” T-Dog shrugs then says “T-Dog…” T-Dog begins looking around as the other men put their weapons down.

Carol’s group goes to the pecan grove she found earlier. Merle says “Our granddaddy had one of these places, use to piss on the plants when I was younger.” Daryl shrugs off the comment as Merle starts laughing at himself. Carol says “Well don’t piss on these alright?” Merle says “Can’t make that promise.” Carol, Daryl and Merle case the house for walkers as the girls wait outside with Judith. Lizzie frets that the adults will find a walker inside and kill it. "They aren't people!" Mika chastises, to which Lizzie disagrees. A walker attacks Lizzie and Mika, and Mika shoots it dead. Carol, Daryl and Merle race out to check on the girls. As Lizzie cries in mourning for the dead walker, Mika soothes her by instructing her to look at some nearby flowers and count to three, Beth holds Judith and looks at Lizzie with concern. Merle looks at Lizzie weird then to Daryl and Carol and says “They weren’t doing none of this weird shit until you people showed up.” Beth asks “So does this place seem like a place we could stay or should we keep going?”


Joe’s group is in Andrea’s group's old camp site, with cans surrounding them to alert them to walkers. They all wake up because of a walker and see that T-Dog is gone, but his stuff is still there, he then appears out from behind a tree. Len asks “Where were you at?” T-Dog says “Guy goes to take a piss and gets questioned like a criminal, damn.” After a couple more hours of sitting around they leave after Len returns from hunting. They pack up and keep going. While walking down the railroad Joe asks “So T you what are your plans?” T-Dog says “I don’t know…thanks for the garbage bag” Joe says “Yeah Merry Christmas, but seriously you should stick with us. I’m guessing you’ve learned about the claim system.” T-Dog says “Yeah….” Joe says “We only have one rule in this group, you steal and you get taught, or other words you get a severe beating, now I hope you aren’t planning to do anything like that. Lord knows people like us…” T-Dog says “There is no us.” Joe turns and asks “You leaving right now?” T-Dog remains silent, Joe then says “No? Then it sure seems like there is an ‘us’. You know what T? There’s nothing sadder than an outdoor cat that thinks he’s an indoor cat.” They come across a railroad platform and T-Dog reluctantly follows them inside.

Glenn says “We’ll go around with you guys, I bet Maggie and the others made it through.” Abraham nods and the group heads back to the road they passed up to look for a working vehicle. On the search for a working vehicle, Glenn’s group finds a minivan with a zombified woman inside. After killing her, Abraham discovers that the vehicle works. On the windshield of the car, someone had written "Let Momma Be" in dust, referring to the zombified woman in the backseat. Abraham uses the wipers to wipe the message away looking slightly disturbed. Eugene manages to eventually convince Rosita to let him navigate. The group gets inside the van and they head down the road to the other end of the tunnel. Upon arriving there is no one. Glenn frantically jumps out of the van and heads for the tunnel. Abraham and the others follow suit. They hear walker moans and then hear a gunshot. Glenn runs into the tunnel, suddenly a sword comes out nowhere and Glenn ducks almost getting his head cut off. It is Michonne she says “Glenn!?” Glenn says “Where’s the others!?” Michonne yells “Andrea! Bob! Maggie!” The 3 of them appear. Glenn goes to hug Maggie but Abraham is behind them and yells “Let’s go!” A huge amount of walkers appear from the darkness.

The group heads outside and starts to unload on the walkers as they come out. After killing them all Glenn and Maggie hug and kiss.

Everyone else smiles at this. Glenn hugs Andrea and Bob as well and Michonne reluctantly hugs him as well. They all head back into the tunnel for the night using the van to block off any unwanted walkers from getting to them as they build a fire. Abraham tells Andrea, Michonne, and Bob about Eugene and the mission. Bob immediately agrees. Andrea doesn’t know what to think as Michonne is very skeptical but doesn’t say anything. Glenn shows Maggie the photo he took of her in the tower and she starts burning it. Glenn says “What the…? That’s the only picture I have of you!” Maggie looks at him and says “You don’t need it anymore, you won’t ever need it again.” Glenn and Maggie join the group as Andrea says “So this guy knows the cure?” Abraham says “We need to leave at first light. Eugene made a good point, this Terminus could be a place we can refuel and get some more supplies as we continue towards DC.” The next day they realize they can’t all fit inside the van so they decide to continue on foot.

Joe’s group spends a night in the railroad platform. T-Dog is sleeping on the garbage bag as he didn’t call any of the cars fast enough. He awakens to Len accusing T-Dog of stealing a rabbit that Len hunted down. Joe says “Now now…..T let’s see the bag.” T-Dog hands over the bag and Joe pulls out a rabbit. T-Dog says “You’re fucking kidding me right? This bastard set me up. He’s been eyeing me since the first time I saw him.” Joe turns and asks “Len did you set T-Dog up?” Len denies it and after Joe asks him one more time Joe punches Len in the face and then says “Teach him all the way boys.” The rest of the group starts beating Len up violently. Joe goes back to T-Dog and says “I’m sorry about that, I saw him put it in your bag, that’s the main reason I gave you the garbage bag, Len doesn’t play well with people of other races. Me? We’re all just blood and guts on the inside, doesn’t matter to me.” Later on upon leaving T-Dog sees Len’s body outside the train platform, an arrow through his head.

T-Dog is shocked by this but continues on anyways. T-Dog catches up to Joe and Joe says “We’re tracking a guy that killed one of our own.” They stop at a Terminus sign. T-Dog asks “Is it legit?” Joe says “I doubt it. They put up these signs and dumbasses flock in to get their heads taken off if I bet my bottom dollar on it.” T-Dog asks “You have a dollar?” Joe says “Yeah I’m the universal ATM.” T-Dog laughs but stops.

Glenn’s group is getting closer to Terminus as Andrea and Michonne are in the back of the group by themselves. Andrea asks “So you think this cure thing is true? Can that guy with the mullet restart the world?” Michonne says “Doesn’t matter if he does. Won’t bring back the dead.” Andrea says “Still, we don’t have to die, we can keep fighting.” Michonne says “I never stopped fighting.” Andrea looks at Michonne for a couple seconds then asks “Who did you lose?” Michonne says “I don’t wanna talk about it.” Andrea says “Michonne, please….you gotta open up to me. Only person I’ve seen you talk to before everything that happened at the prison was Rick and Carl.” Michonne and Andrea keep walking.

At the pecan grove, Carol says “We’ll stay here for a little bit…we all could use the rest.” Merle says “If they got a futon I call it.” Daryl says “A guy that owns a pecan grove sleeps on a futon?” Merle says “You know what I mean.” Later that night they are all sitting in the living room of the house around a fireplace. Beth says “This place looks so nice, not even hit by the apocalypse.” Beth continues to admire the peacefulness of the house and Daryl says “We saw some deer coming in, me and Merle could head out looking for some, could use the food.”


Carol looks at the girls then back at Daryl and says “I think I can handle it. Go get us dinner…” Daryl nods and says “Let’s go Merle.” Merle sighs as he gets out of the cosy chair. The next day arrives as Merle and Daryl are still out hunting for enough food for the whole group. Carol looks out the window to see Lizzie playing with a walker. She runs outside and kills it with her knife. "She's my friend and you killed her!" Lizzie screams. Carol says the walker wanted to kill Lizzie, but Lizzie refuses to listen. Beth and Carol take Judith with them as they go off to collect water from the nearby well. Carol asks “Beth…..how are you holding up?” Beth asks “Why?” Carol looks on knowing Beth knows exactly what she’s talking about. Beth remains silent as they continue collecting water. Carol then finally says “You can let it out…” Beth asks “What?!” Carol says “Beth your father was just…” Stopping herself from saying it as Judith starts crying and she begins to tear up then she says “….and you act like nothing happened!” Beth tries to hold it back but then she starts to break down. Carol says “Beth, you have to become stronger. Mika isn’t the only one.” Beth says “I’m not like you, Michonne or Maggie…” Carol says “Doesn’t mean you can’t be…” Carol starts calming a crying Judith.

Mika catches Lizzie feeding a mouse to the walker trapped on the railroad track, and admonishes her. "They just want me to change, to make me be like them," Lizzie insists. As she reaches for the walker's snapping mouth, more walkers emerge from the woods. Mika grabs Lizzie and they flee. Carol and Beth hear their screams and come to their aid. Mika gets caught on barb wire and Lizzie comes to her aid, getting her free. Beth is in a panic and Carol hands her a gun and says “Time to prove yourself wrong…” Beth, Carol, Mika begin shooting at the walkers as Lizzie reluctantly does as well. After they have killed the walkers Carol nods to Beth as Beth smiles. Later on they are sitting inside the house Carol asks Lizzie “Do you understand what the walkers are now?” Lizzie says “Yeah, I understand what I have to do now.” Beth stares outside asking “Should it be taking this long for Merle and Daryl to be trying to catch a deer?” Carol says “It is, we’ll head out tomorrow to the edge of the woods and see if they are there.”

Elsewhere, Merle and Daryl are inside a small cabin in the woods. Daryl says “Alright Merle we gotta get back to the others…” Suddenly Merle comes through the door with a crate of moonshine. Merle says “Thank god for bootleggers…” Daryl says “We gotta get back to the others we’ve been gone for almost a day now. And we still haven’t caught anything.” Merle says “What? There fine in that Grove there’s barely any walkers around it they should be fine. Time to have a little me time brother.” Daryl says “Get rid of them and let’s go.” Merle says “You don’t tell me what to do little brother.” He grabs one of the jars but Daryl grabs it out of his hand and throws it against the wall. Merle yells “What the hell!?” The two begin to scrap. Merle gets Daryl to the ground and asks “Had enough yet?” Daryl is able to get his arm free and punches Merle in the face, Merle falls over. Daryl gets up quickly taking the crate of moonshine and throwing it to the ground. Merle says “What the hell is your problem?!” Daryl says “My problem is you don’t give a fuck! We came out here to get food, not get drunk while the others sit starving.” Merle says “What? Those kids are gonna be walker meat sooner than later.” Daryl says “No they won’t be, I refuse to let them. We’ve already lost too many people, you saved Judith then you go back to drinking. It’s like you are trying so hard to fool yourself into not giving a fuck.” Merle gets up saying “No, I just don’t…” Daryl walks out of the cabin. Merle sighs and follows as they start heading back while still looking for food.

While continuing down the road to Terminus Michonne says “I had a son…” Andrea says “What?!” Michonne says “I’ve never talked about this with anyone before…his name was Andre.” Andrea stops smiling as she realizes Andre is dead. Andrea asks “What happened to him? If you don’t mind me asking?” Michonne says “My boyfriend Mika and his friend were smoking weed in camo while I was out on a run. They were also watching my son. The walls fell. I never got close enough to know for sure, but I found Mike and Terry. I cut off their arms and jaws and kept them with me to always remind me and help me deal with it. Telling myself it was their fault.” Andrea says “You don’t have to deal with it alone.” Michonne finally puts on a smile for Andrea. Abraham‘s group stops, finally seeing Terminus. They immediately notice there are no walkers at all. Michonne is immediately suspicious. They keep walking seeing daisies growing and many other things. They walk through the gates. In a courtyard is a woman tending to laundry, with her back to the group. After hearing them approaching, she turns around and introduces herself as Mary. The friendly woman welcomes the weary group of survivors to Terminus and offers to "make them a plate." She then says “You guys seem like you’ve been on the road a while.” Maggie nods saying “Yes we have.” Mary then says “Welcome to Terminus.”

Rick, Carl, and Morgan are camping out in the woods, sitting by a charming fire before going to check one of their recently installed snare traps for animals. They ultimately find a small rabbit and, after Rick thoroughly explains how it was caught to Carl, the latter hears a cry for help and takes off running a bit further into the woods. Rick and Morgan must give chase. They all find a man in a large forest clearing and he is struggling to fend off a herd of walkers. Carl quickly raises his Beretta, but Rick stops him, seeing that they are clearly outnumbered and it is too late for the man, as the walkers cave in, first ripping out his right eye. A few walkers then notice the three as they make an escape. Rick, Carl, and Morgan then pass a railway crossing and fight a few walkers in the way before continuing their retreat.

The group eventually finds an abandoned pick-up and settle on camping near it for the night. Later, Rick and Morgan are discussing matters, while Carl is resting in the pick-up. All of a sudden, Joe and his group show up to ambush Rick and Morgan. Meanwhile, Carl is ambushed by Dan at the car. Tony immediately recognizes Rick and the group realizes that they have successfully found their man, he is none other than the one who killed Lou. Joe then starts a countdown but T-Dog suddenly appears. T-Dog says “Joe! Wait! Joe….these are good people you don’t need to do this.” Joe says “You say this about this guy that killed our friend Lou T.” T-Dog says “If you wanna teach anybody here teach me.” Joe looks shocked then orders his guys to “teach” T-Dog. “Teach him, teach him all the way!” They start beating up T-Dog violently. Joe says to Rick “Doesn’t look for you guys at all. We’ll beat T to death then your buddy here and then kill you then we’ll be even.”

While Dan begins trying to rape Carl, Rick does a backwards head-butt that strikes Joe, who was pointing the .45 on him. Joe manages to fire on reflex, which momentarily deafens Rick. Rick then punches Joe, who counters with a pistol whip of his own, knocking Rick to the ground. As Rick struggles to get back on his feet, still minorly concussed, Joe locks Rick in place by grabbing him, pinning his arms, and holding him still. Joe then asks, "What the hell are you gonna do now, sport?" Rick answers by biting into Joe's carotid artery, killing him. Morgan then takes advantage of the situation to kill Tony and Harley with gunshots to the head with Tony's revolver, as they looked on in terror when they saw their leader being murdered in one of the cruelest fashions. T-Dog then uses the pause to knock Billy to the ground and maliciously curb stomp him to death. With all of his group members dead, Dan is still holding Carl hostage and tells everyone to stay back or else he will not hesitate to kill Carl. Rick then grabs hold of Joe's pocket knife and marches right over to Dan, saying, "He's mine." Carl manages to escape into Morgan’s embrace, while Dan becomes stunned by Rick's remark and intense facial expression. Rick uses this moment to stab Dan through the heart multiple times. Noticing that his father is now eviscerating Dan, Carl narrows his eyes.

In the grove Carol and Beth head out to search for Daryl and Merle. Carol says “You really held your own yesterday.” Beth says “You gave me the gun, I still didn’t know what to do.” Carol says “Yes you did, I saw you kill some of them.” Beth says “I don’t know what happened back there but it wasn’t no miracle as you describe it.” Suddenly Daryl and Merle emerge from the woods, Merle dragging a deer behind him Carol asks “Took you a day and a half to catch one deer?” Daryl says “It was a big deer to kill…” glaring at Merle, obviously not talking about the deer but Carol and Beth are oblivious to what he really means. The 4 of them head back to find Mika lying dead and Lizzie with a bloody knife in her hand. Merle lets go of the deer. Daryl is shocked. Beth begins to tear up. Carol walks forward slowly to disarm her but Lizzie points her gun at them. Judith lies on a blanket nearby, still alive. "Don't worry, she'll come back!" Lizzie says of her sister. "I didn't hurt her brain. I was just about to do Judith next.” Carol coaxes the gun from Lizzie and dissuades her from harming Judith. Beth takes Lizzie and Judith inside. Carol starts to sob. Daryl comforts her as Merle stares at Daryl, thinking back to Daryl’s statement about refusing to let any of them die. Merle walks up and kneels over stabbing Mika to prevent her from reanimating.

That night Beth tells Carol, Daryl and Merle that Lizzie was the one feeding walkers at the prison. Daryl says “What if I take her to Terminus? See if they have anybody who can help her?” Carol says “No, she can’t be around other people, there’s only one option.” Beth says “Ki….kill her?” Merle nods saying “She killed her own sister, what you think she’d do to people she doesn’t even know that well?” Beth says “We can’t just kill her. That’s not who we are.” Carol says “I know Beth but…..she’s too far gone. She can’t tell Humans and Walkers apart.”


Daryl looks at Beth and says “I’m sorry Beth…....she has to go. She killed her own sister, and she was about to kill Judith, she straight up told us she was going to. If we keep her she’ll kill Judith before long.” Beth becomes angry and storms off outside. Merle says “She’ll come around, she has to. You just made the first smart decision in a long while little brother.” Daryl asks “Who’s gonna do it?” Merle says “I’ll do it.” Carol says “No, I’ll do it she trusts me the most.” Carol walks into the living room asking to go for Lizzie to go on a walk with her. Daryl sits in the chair. After a couple minutes he then takes a can from the table and smashes it against the wall in anger. Merle says “Can’t save them all. You’re the one that wanted to stay with a group. This kind of thing happens.” Daryl says “A little girl kills her own sister, THAT JUST HAPPENS?!” Merle nods. Daryl sits back down, calming himself.

Merle goes and looks out the window at Carol who is walking with Lizzie, Lizzie is disturbing acting completely normal and happy. Lizzie senses Carol’s mood, she then says "Please don't be mad at me. I didn't mean to point the gun at you.” As Lizzie starts crying Carol tells her to “Look at the flowers” Carol struggles but finally takes out her gun and points it at Lizzie, Carol begins to cry as she points the gun at Lizzie’s head. Daryl walks out to the deck where Beth is standing looking out. Daryl walks up to her and asks “You alright?” As he says this a single gunshot is heard from the other side of the house, Carol has just shot Lizzie. Beth begins to tear up. Daryl comforts her and says “It’s gonna be alright.” Beth then shoves him away and heads down the steps and walks out into the yard and sits on the ground. Merle is looking out the window as Carol is dragging Lizzie’s corpse back to the house. Merle and Daryl start digging graves for the two girls, as Beth and Carol watch with Judith. Afterwards they decide it is now time to leave the grove and Carol, Daryl, Merle, and Beth pack up and head out with Judith, continuing towards Terminus.

Rick sits by a car, blood covering his face and beard, he is sitting shaking in horror from what just happened the night before. T-Dog comes over and sits down next to Rick as Morgan is sitting in the driver seat of the car with Carl in the back lying down. T-Dog hands Rick a rag and Rick starts wiping the blood off his face. T-Dog then says “I’m sorry Rick, had I known it was you they were coming after I would of…” Rick says “Hey, it’s not your fault, you didn’t know what they were capable of.” T-Dog says “Oh I did……I just had nobody. I was on the prison bus, about to leave to get the sick people out of there but, I was waiting for you guys me and Sasha. Glenn and Maggie got off the bus and…….one of the sick people knocked me out and drove off without the others. I don’t think anybody else made it but me and Sas…..” He stops talking and begins to tear up. Rick asks “Is she dead?” T-Dog says “Somebody took her man……from right in front of me…they just nabbed her and……I don’t know what to think…still Rick I’m so…” Rick says “Hey…..you don’t need to say that T…you’ve done more for me and our people than almost anybody else I’ve ever met, we’re family.” T-Dog smiles a bit outside of the tears.

The 4 of them continue on to Terminus. Coming up behind, to surprise them. Rick stuffs his Colt Python into a duffel bag full of guns and buries it in the woods outside Terminus as an apparent contingency plan. The four then end up sneaking inside through one of the fences, and they enter a room where a whole bunch of people are and a woman repeating the "sanctuary for all" line into a radio transmitter system. This is presumably the same radio station that Daryl, Michonne, Morgan, and Bob heard while in the car on the medicine run. Gareth has the four put down their weapons and frisks them, welcoming them to Terminus and warning them not to try anything dumb as Alex shows them around. While meeting Mary and being offered food, Rick quickly takes notice of numerous items in the Terminus survivors' possession, such as Glenn's riot gear, Daryl's poncho, and even Hershel's distinctive pocket watch. The rest of the group is here…….are they alive Rick doesn’t know for sure. Rick glances over at the meat and then looks at Alex as he is about to offer Carl a plate.


Rick, realizing something is wrong grabs Alex, grabbing the pocket watch out of his pocket demanding to know where he got the watch, knowing full well it was Hershel’s. Also demanding to know where their people are and why their group has the riot gear, and poncho while Carl, Morgan and T-Dog point their guns at the other people. Alex lies and claims that he found the pocket watch on a dead man, and Gareth also covers for the lie, claiming that the riot gear was found on a dead policeman and the poncho on a clothesline. Alex is then accidentally gunned down and killed by one of his own, which causes a large shootout, with Rick, Morgan, Carl, and T-Dog fleeing. They are being forced down several alleyways that are riddled with bullets, indicating that the Terminus survivors have treated many other newcomers the same way. During the chase, the team briefly turns to their left as they are running and some bones and flesh scattered over a blue tarp can clearly be seen in the foreground. Muffled cries for help can also be heard from nearby railway containers. The group soon make it to the rails at the back of Terminus, but stop, as Terminus residents line up on the surrounding fences with guns that are aimed at them. Once again, Gareth orders the four of them to lower their own weapons. With no other choice, Rick surrenders.

Gareth then tells them by codenames to walk in a line to the nearest train cart. Calling Rick “The Ringleader”, Carl “The Kid”, Morgan “Shawn”, and T-Dog “Damon”. Both Morgan and T-Dog find the codenames insulting but do nothing as they are clearly outmatched. After opening the door, they end up finding Andrea, Michonne, Bob, Maggie, Glenn, Tara, Abraham, Rosita, and Eugene. Rick notices Tara from the Governor's army but says nothing. Abraham remarks that they won't be there for long, to which Rick remarks "No." Rick then walks over to an opening in the side of the train car and says, "They're gonna feel pretty stupid when they find out..." Abraham then asks Rick, "Find out what?” to which Rick responds with "...They're fucking with the wrong people."

Elsewhere, Carol, Merle, Daryl, and Beth along with Judith are heading down the tracks towards Terminus still, coming across a herd that is attracted by gunfire in the distance which the group are forced to hide from. Beth is forced to try and calm down Judith who starts crying. She is able to calm her down as they watch nervously as a huge group of walkers past them. They arrive at a cabin where Martin, a Terminus resident, is setting up fireworks to deter walkers away from Terminus. Merle hears him mention members of the group on his walkie-talkie and holds him at gunpoint. Merle says “Bad day to get lost my friend.” Daryl says “Wow Merle what are you doing?!” Merle says “He just mentioned that they have our people locked up! What the hell are you doing to them?!” Martin says “You’re making a big mistake MY FRIEND, believe me.” Merle cocks his pistol and puts it to his head, ready to pull the trigger.

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