Not sure if anyone will see this, but this episode bothered me.

Maggie and Rosita yelling at Abe was dumb as shit. He knocked Eugene the fuck out - OK, and he was pissed at him for lying. Eugene himself admitted all the things he put Abe and countless others through, all the casualties he caused. Then someone usually argues (at least from the looks of the rate/review thread comments) that Abe needs to "get over it" as if he was overreacting [in the first place]. Maybe he was, but I'm sorry, it was hard to bloody see when everyone else (that "greatm" shit) is acting like Eugene's a five year-old who simply knocked over a vase and needs to be babied.

It was too one-sided, and that side being the wrong one. Again, it would have looked better if everyone wasn't so damn sympathetic towards Eugene and mindlessly shouting at Abe like they simply needed someone to shout at.

Eugene didn't receive his share of criticism he outright deserved in this episode and the rest of the season. Really bothered me. I almost laugh at how silent "greatm" is when they join Rick's half of the group again in 5B. They're so silent - much better that way. Hope they're never part of any character arguments in the future. I'd take a Rick/Pete scuffle over the arguments that follow Eugene being knocked on his ass.