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Corgan may be on the road to meet members of The Kingdom or The Saints? I used to think Sasha or Carol would get The Kingdom! Someone has to get on a ship and disappear for two years and I really hope it isn't Sasha!

I don't see Michonne disappearing! If that was the case her video game should of been with TV Michonne instead of comic Michonne. You never know with this show though!

If tptb don't turn Ezekiel into another incompetent man like Tyreese and Morgan then OK whatever! Let The Kingdom call Michonne Queen and hopefully she doesn't disappear! ♕

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I'd hope they don't put Michonne with Ezekiel though! My top pick for Michonne is Daryl!
Hmm interesting. Maybe the separation thing is like the prison/woodbury stuff like in season 3 where they switch different places throughout the season? I hope Michonne gets screen-time if Ezekiel does takes her away lol!