Hey everyone! This is my zombie apocalypse story called Dawnfall! Each chapter I will have decisions in which you can vote on what happens next! Hope you all enjoy!

Chapter 1: Signs

"You sure we should be out here?" Dalton asked. Ned looked around the area. There was no light at all, so nothing was visible. The only sound heard outside was the croaking of a frog.

"No, but I could care less. I just wanted to be out here so I don't feel like such a god damn caged animal," Ned responded. Dalton wiped the sweat off of his head. He knew that he was going to get in trouble for this big time. No one has left the safe zone yet, until now. The penalty for leaving could be anything.
"We're going to get caught. You know it Ned. I don't want our parents to freak out."
"Calm down, we aren't going to get into shit, we're going to be fine. Just hunt for anything, deer or rabbits or something of the sort." The bushes in front of them rustled. Dalton pointed his gun forward. His teeth clentched together as he slowly moved forward.
"Come on, kill it already!" screamed Ned. Dalton moved closer in closer, trying his best not to make any noise. He shook nervously with every step he took.
"This was a bad idea. We stole guns from the Vault. We're out here, in the pitch black night, doing what? Hunting?" stated Dalton. "There isn't a thing out here! Why would there be?"
"Just move!" roared Ned. Dalton finally made it to the bush. He moved slowly around, trying to figure out how to approach an enemy he could not see. Suddenly, he stepped on a twig. Both teens heard a loud scampering noise, first coming from the bush then farther into the woods.
"Damn it, Dalton! You fucked up!" Ned blared. "Quiet down," Dalton responded. "Someone will notice us out here."
"I'm done with this shit!" said Ned. "No more! I'm done! You're no fun! You ruin every fucking thing!" A whistle went through the air. Dalton stood in horror as he heard something thump to the ground hard. "Ned?" whispered Dalton. No response returned to the boy.
Dalton heard more whistles in the air. Immediately the boy fell into the muddy ground. He dropped his pistol in the process. Tears crawled out of his eyes.
"Damn...damn no! Ned! Come on!" Dalton stated. He violently shook Ned, but there was no reaction. Lights were visible nearby, moving violently side to side. "Please Ned. Are you ok?" Dalton started sobbing. He shook Ned some more, with there still being no reaction. The lights were approaching. "Ned, wake up! Get me out of this please! I don't want to die!"
The lights flashed onto Dalton and Ned. Dalton looked in horror as he saw red liquid flood out of Ned's eye. Dalton released Ned from his grip and clenched. "What the heck did I do? Crap. No!"
Dalton felt something grab his shoulder. He quickly leapt from his position, trying to grab his weapon. A boot came out of nowhere and kicked the gun into an area where light did not shine.
The terrified boy looked up. A man, tall and muscular, stood above him with a machine gun and a flashlight attachment. "You're a little far from the safe zone? You know you're in a fucking hell of trouble now?" the man stated.
Dalton felt his body weaken. He shouldn't have left. He should have stayed. The boy felt dumb for going with his friend out here. The boy felt himself lose life as he slowly lost consciousness.
Before Dalton blacked out, he saw the man grab his radio. The man said, "We found the boys, one's dead. Nathan fired out here, thought they were trespassers trying to break in. Damn...this isn't going to go well with Cranston..."
"Is he awake?" a familiar voice to Dalton questioned. Dalton looked around, his head hurting him badly. He was surrounded by people, all of which he knew. "Dalton, speak. Are you ok?" asked Ronan.
Dalton wiped his face as he managed to fully awaken himself. "I'm ok dad...just feeling weak," Dalton responded. He looked into his dad's eyes, which were full of fear and dread.
"Good," said Ronan. He raised his hand up in the air. The hand came down and slapped the teen hard. "What the heck dad?" Dalton said. His father shook his head and gave him a dark, death looking face.
"Hun, that was a little hard," stated Cara. Ronan looked at her and responded, "Boy needed some god damn sense knocked into him. What the hell did he think he was doing? How the hell is anyone going to go to Mrs. Wells and explain that her son is dead?"
Dalton looked around. He recognizes he's in the same classroom that he has been in for the past four days. The windows were covered with wood. Many of the desks have been pushed to the side for room for blankets and pillows. Food was stacked by where a teacher's desk used to be.
"We're still stuck in here," Dalton whispered to himself. Ronan turned to his son. He responded, "Damn right we are. Cranston said that the government still has all towns and cities under lockdown. They won't let us leave. You escaping to do god knows what is really going to get us in trouble."
A loud knock echoed in the room. The classroom door slowly screeched open. Outside of it was a tall old man. He had a white long beard that seemed surprisingly clean. The old man had a long black cane.
"Cranston," said Ronan. Cranston turned and faced Ronan. He slowly walked over to him. "Mr. Miles," the old man responded. "I see your son has made it back ok thanks to Reg. Sadly, his ignorance for the rules will not be tolerated. There are punishments for this Mr. Miles. I will decide the punishment before the end of the day."
Ronan shook his head in agreement. Cranston glared at Dalton and gave a dark look. Then he looked back at Ronan. "That is all," Cranston said. He slowly trekked out of the room and shut the door. A large crash followed when the door shut. "What a tool," stated Ronan.
Dalton walked down the hallway. He saw many of his neighbors sitting against the wall. They talked about their fears, their concern for the mysterious activity happening beyond the school, and rumors about a civil war.
Dalton shook nervously. "Civil war?" he whispered to himself. "I didn't think we were coming to this. I thought this all would of died out by now." He wiped the sweat off his face. "Get it together. Everything is going to be ok. We're going to go home someday soon. Someday."
Two girls ran up to Dalton. One had long black hair and the other had short brown hair. They both had fear in their blue eyes. "Dalton!" shouted the short haired girl.
"Kylie, why aren't you with mom and dad? Why are you with this girl?" Dalton questioned. "I'm just walking around, trying to not feel so caged! And this girl is May, she was separated from her parents before the lockdown. We're now friends."
Dalton looked down on the ground. "I'm sorry May," he said. The girl smiled. She said, "Aww, don't worry! I'm fine. I'll see my parents when they let us out." Dalton tilt his head up and smiled.
"Anyway, Dalton, did you hear the rumors?" Kylie asked. "No what?" he responded. "Well Dalton, people are saying the craziest things. Some are saying that the rebels have taken over the government. Some say that the government has become a dictatorship and keeping us all contained. Some even say that dead people are standing back up and killing those alive!"
"It's all just a bunch of rumors, Kylie. I doubt they're true. I'm sure this nationwide lockdown is the government keeping us safe from terrorist rebels. Hopefully it'll all be over soon."
"Alright Dalton," Kylie responded. "Hopefully things will get better, but I doubt they will, especially what happened to Ned." Dalton's eyes grew. Sweat beat down his neck.
"Wait," he slowly muttered, "how do you know about this?" Kylie's semi-smile turned into a frown. "Everyone knows, Dalton. Cranston told everyone, including Ned's mom. She is not happy at all. In fact, I was snooping around Cranston's office and..." She paused as she carefully thought about her words. Dalton was too impatient to wait for a response.
Dalton responded, "And...what?"
"Well...I...you know what, this is something that Cranston will tell you. I'm not even sure how mom and dad will respond. Anyway, I have to go to bathroom! See ya Dalton!" Both girls quickly ran away. Dalton shook his head. He had no idea what kind of punishment would be given to him.
Ronan looked into his wife's eyes. She carefully tried to read what his emotions were. She knew he was hurt, sad and broken. Ronan sighed, loud enough that anyone in the room could hear. "Honey," Cara stated. "Worrying about this will only make things worse. Settle down. Dalton is going to be fine." Ronan turned slightly red. He responded, "I will not stop worrying about Dalton. This isn't going to end well at all. With all the rumors floating around about the world turning into a warzone, I just can't help but fret. What could Cranston do to Dalton? What could possibly be the punishment in a place like this, which may I remind you didn't look like this a week ago?" Cara shook her head. "I have no idea. Try to just calm down. Take a nap." The classroom door opened. Ronan's son peeked his head in the door. Ronan stood up. The man's body shook in terror. "Dad?" asked Dalton. "What's the matter?" replied Ronan. "Cranston wants to speak with me. I want you to come too."
The office door quickly shut. Dalton and Ronan slowly trekked over to the two chairs facing the desk and sat down. "I will be out momentarily Dalton." Cranston stated. Ronan turned towards his son. "Did he ask for me to come here?" the man asked. Dalton looked down at the ground. "No..." the boy replied. Ronan placed his hand on his forehead. "So let me get this straight, you're going to ignore the fact that Cranston wanted to talk to you privately? He is mad enough with you already! Now he won't even reconsider any other option besides punishment."
The old man emerged from the back room. He looked at the boy who sat in front of him. The guy's small smile turned into a snare. "Dalton..." the man grumbled. Sweat beat down Dalton's face. "I want you out of here by tomorrow afternoon."

What would you like to see occur in Chapter 2?
A) Dalton being forced out, with Ronan staying back at the school(Dalton to be escorted by a new character)
B) Dalton being forced out, with Ronan tagging along with him, leaving the rest of the family in the school for safety
C) Dalton refusing to leave, with Ronan on his side
D) Focus on Kylie, with her finding a secret way out of the school
E) Focus on a new character outside of the school, who will cross paths with everyone in the school later on
F) Dalton being forced out, with his entire family tagging along with him