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    Quote Originally Posted by Izz View Post

    Nimbus already answered about what implies to be a parent and how Jessie could have done better from the start of it and not just in this scene, and I totally agree with her.

    But there is a big problem with the "Jessie tried to make Sam go downstairs so she did everything she could". No, no she didn't. If your little boy is so terrified to go downstairs, then help him with something else and better than cookies in the middle of the stairs. Go talk to him, reassure him, make him feel safe again, go step by step and never ever give up.

    Plus the best advice Jessie can think of when Sam doesn't want to follow the plan is "just pretend"?? Seriously? You can't tell me that is good parenting, or that it is a good idea. Of course if you sent you terrified boy to a herd of zombies with the advice "just pretend you're brave and not scared" he is going to freak out... Sorry, but this was one of the worst decisions she's made.

    Answering the question of the OP, I think she didn't stay back with her children because if the others (the ones who really know how to confront this situation and fight those many walkers) are going out, and you just learnt how the ZA works and barely know how to defend yourself... how are you going to defend yourself and your kids if those walkers go to the attic where you're hiding before Rick and co. clear the way and make things safe again?
    Staying in the house when the walkers were already inside, is not a good idea either. I guess that Jessie and her kids are basically victims of having been too sheltered in the ZA and not learning how to defend themselves.
    ALL of THIS^^^^ and one more item. Jessie had no problem saying to a shirtless Rick that she could take care of herself when she ventured into his house to give him a haircut , or whatever, but the problem with Jessie is that maybe she could take care of herself. She just couldn't take care of her poor kids. I swear she looked like she forgot about Sam when he came to the door and asked about the monsters. That woman was not about to let Rick walk out of that house without her, kids be damned. And that's Jessie's true nature.

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    A parent should know their kid. Should know them well enough to be able to at least somewhat predict how they are going to behave in such a dire situation. Sam is obviously a bit off. It's not Rick's responsibility to know him well enough to say that he don't think he can handle such a situation. It's Jessie's. Rick came up with a plan for them to escape and under the assumption that everyone listens to him, the plan was solid. This is the point where Jessie should have spoken up and at least stated that she didn't think Sam would be able to handle the pressure. Admit that she had failed to properly prepare him. Been very adamant with Rick. This would have placed the ball in Rick's court as to whether or not to continue with his plan or formulate a new one.

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