Father Gabriel,

I confess that I miss Rick. I haven't said anything because everybody seemed so psyched about this season and all the story lines but I have felt his space so empty this season. I am very surprised by this because he was never one of my favorite characters. (The Herd, how stupid, The Governor, how stupid) I had no idea I was so invested in the Grimes family story until I watched this show without it. TPTB are trying with Judith but we can never escape the fact that she has Shane's eyes.

I agree it was time for Rick to move on but somehow I think it should have been handled different. I understand money and egos and promises and protocol stood in the way of making a movie with everybody left but wouldn't it have been better for Rick to work half seasons or a few episodes before we are made to accept the movies years down the road.

I've seen the various declines that goes with a show that outstays it's welcome. Let's just hope Daryl doesn't have to jump over a shark.

Forgive me Father, you are one of my favorite characters.