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I think you're on to something. Did Strand totally make up his background about his parents too? The more I know, the more questions I have. It would make for one awesome twist if Strand turned out to be NOTHING like what he's led everyone to believe, and that he even conned Thomas Abigail! Why do I think it's somehow tied to the reason he insisted on returning to LA, in spite of Abigail insisting they would have more than they would ever need, in Mexico. And Strand's activities in LA ended up getting him detained...for what reason??

Colman Domingo did say on Talking Dead that Strand is like one of those Russian dolls where you keep opening up and find another doll, inside the other...
I had to think about the time line here. Katrina was 2005? And the show is set in 2010ish? We are not sure how long it took Abigail to find Strand after he stole his credit cards. It could have taken him a while to track him down. So maybe a while to find him, and then they hung out long enough for Abigail to earn his trust and fall in love, and then Strand went back to LA and the apocalypse happened. I always wondered why he was detained. Maybe because he had just returned from Mexico and was considered high risk? Surely not since they are so close to the boarder. But then again, the military won't take any chances in thus situation and probably detained people for a sneeze or cough. So many questions are still up in the air.