Okay so if this needs to be moved to Fanfiction that's okay but I thought the comic section would be a good spot for it since this is directly pertaining to the GN.

So that being said, the comics unfortunately will come to an end one day. As sad as it is, Robert Kirkman will likely be writing this issue to bring our favorite zombie apocalypse survivors' stories to a close. So if you were Robert Kirkman, how would you write the final issue? Happy? Sad? Dark? Feel free to post how you would end the story and comment on other peoples'.

Here's Mine:

(A bit of set up)
The group has all died or gone their own separate way to this point. The final issue follows only Carl, Lydia (whomever Carl is with at the moment), Rick and a baby (could be baby Hershel or Carl's own kid).

Rick's injuries are really starting to catch up with him and so the group needs to stay in the same place. The group has been hiding in a small cabin in the Appalachian Mountains. The group has heard about an army taking back the states slowly and wants to join. Rick doesn't think its a good idea and they should just lay low.

One day, Rick gets bitten on the leg and has a fever. Realizing he is going to die Carl asks if he wants him to end it. Rick says no. Carl says they could make it to the army and try and save him. Rick says he doesn't think he will make the trip but he thinks Carl and his new family should go.

*Final Issue Starts Here*

Carl and his family pack their things and Rick goes outside on the cabin porch where he sits in a rocking chair. The cabin has a view looking down over the mountain where there is a large field. He can see a couple stray walkers roaming about far below.

Carl comes outside and sets a glass of water next to Rick on a porch table. He then says goodbye to his father and thanks him for keeping him and his family alive to this point. Rick tells him to be safe and take care of those he loves. Carl nods. He hands Rick a small box and leaves. Rick watches as Carl, Lydia, and the baby all head down the mountain path and out of view.

A tear rolls down Rick's face as he watches them leave. He sits in the rocking chair and holds the box in his hands. He opens the box and finds the framed picture of Carl, Lori and him from their old house. Underneath the picture is Rick's badge and his python. Rick holds the picture in his hand and stares at it.

Time passes and Rick sits in the same chair throughout the day and into the night. He sits quietly, holding the picture and gun until he falls asleep. He wakes up the next morning as sunlight shines on his face. He squints as the sun over the mountains is too bright for him to see. His eyes adjust and he leans forward but winces.

He looks and feels terrible. The fever is setting in. He leans back and waits when he hears something next to the porch. He looks to his left where he sees a walker stumbling up the mountain path. It is headed for the base of the porch steps. Rick watches weakly as it shuffles toward the cabin. It looks toward him and begins to walk slowly toward him. He doesn't move but just waits. The walker looks at him and stops at the base of the stairs. Rick and the walker each stare at each other for a minute when a gunshot rings off.

Rick is startled and looks slightly to his right where the gunshot came from down in the field below. The walkers also hears the shot and turns toward the noise. Suddenly a second gunshot rings out followed by a third and more. The walker begins to shuffle away from Rick and toward the noise. Rick watches as it walks away.

Rick listens to the shots echoing between the mountains and looks down at the field. He sees nothing but still hears the shots. Rick keeps watching when he sees a person step into the field well below. The person shoots a walker, killing it. He watches as another person steps out with them and kills another walker. The walkers begin to move toward the figures and he see more people come into view. They fire their guns and kill the walkers. He watches as they continue moving forward and two vehicles follow them. He thinks about shouting out to them but is too weak to make a loud enough noise. He sighs as they leave his view.

Rick is left to sit in the rocking chair on the porch where he looks down at the field. The view is beautiful and there aren't any walkers. He smiles weakly and enjoys the view. He reaches into his lap and picks up the badge which he struggles to pin to his chest. After a great deal of effort he leans back and looks out at the view once more.

After a short breath, Rick turns to his right and grips the glass of water which he slowly brings to his lips. He takes a small sip and immediately looks refreshed. He sets the glass down and breathes heavily.

Rick then looks into the box and takes out the picture and holds it in his hands. Rick tries to stand up and struggles to lean forward. He is sweating and looks really sick. He pushes through and reaches forward where he grabs the wooden railing. He pulls himself up to a hunched position and tries to set the picture frame on the railing. He fumbles with the frame and clumsily knocks it over the railing where it falls a couple feet to the ground below. Rick leans over the railing and looks down at it desperately.

Rick turns and tries to pull himself to the stairs. Leaning heavily on the railing he takes the weight off his bitten/injured leg. He gets to the stairs and lowers himself a step at a time slowly. He gets to the edge of the railing and braces himself to let go. He limps toward where the picture fell. From behind we see Rick shuffle slowly, hunched over, gasping.

Rick reaches the spot where the picture fell and leans over to pick it up. He is sweating a lot due to the effort. He uses what strength he has left to shuffle back to the porch. He pulls himself up the stares and to the railing where he tries to set the picture down again. This time it sits nicely on the railing and he turns back toward the chair.

Rick drops himself into the chair and pants, exhausted. He turns to his left and grasps the glass of water once again. He lifts it toward his mouth and drinks again. The water once again refreshes him. He sets it down on the table and closes his eyes to rest.

Time passes once again from afternoon to evening to night to morning. The sun wakes him up once again. Today he looks horrible. Rick is barely able to turn his head but tries nonetheless. The sunrise once again forces his eyes to adjust. They slowly adjust and he sees the picture frame with his old family all smiling happily in front of the mountain view.

Rick smiles and looks forward for a while. His breathing is beginning to slow down but he enjoys the final view. In his lap, he grips his python a little tighter. He looks down at it briefly then returns his view to the picture frame in front of the mountain view. From behind, we see Rick lean back and take in the full view once more.