Below is an overview of the series “Walking with the Dead.” I posted the first episode eons ago, but decided to wait until the first season was finished to post it again. This is a teaser for the series, in the hopes that it will garner interest among lurkers. Like this thread if you’re interested in reading the series, as it will help us know whether or not to keep posting.
I know we take ourselves seriously with this post, but its to show you all how serious we are in bringing an enjoyable series to you. That might sound cheesy, but it’s The Walking Dead, so deal with it. :)
Let me know if you'd like a written teaser trailer for the season. I can make that happen before posting the pilot.


Executive Producers
Czar Eric
KA Lapointe
Ronnie J
C. De la Cruz
Mason Mercedes

Series Writers
Czar Eric
KA Lapointe

Walking with the Dead” is a fan-written companion series to “The Walking Dead” and “Fear the Walking Dead.” Czar Eric started developing the story in 2013, before the location of “Fear the Walking Dead,” or the title for that matter, were revealed to the public. The intent is to create a series of fan scripts written in similar styles to the AMC show.

Walking with the Dead” takes place in Crescenta Valley, California, which is a suburb roughly 20-25 minutes north of Los Angeles. It is an unincorporated part of the county, and as such is not a priority of the military when it comes to occupy the LA Basin.

Because of the close proximity to the location of Fear the Walking Dead, portions of the story were changed in the middle of writing to fit in with the universal narrative of The Walking Dead. Due to the geography of LA County, the story still works.

The series follows a group of twenty-somethings trying to survive the zombie apocalypse after society collapses around them. The producers wanted to tell the story of the apocalypse through a younger lens as opposed to the two other series, which focus on an older group of survivors.

The producers created this project across various platforms. Adobe Story was utilized through a shared account with which the producers viewed the numerous drafts of the episode scripts. Microsoft Office has also been utilized to keep track of other information like character profiles, episode and character charts, and the lot.

*There have been discussions about hosting a thread titled “Talking with the Dead” in lieu of “Talking Dead.” This thread would only be created if the series received enough interest.

The first season follows the story of three groups coming together: Austin Marino and James Rice; Irene Mendez and her mother Carleigh; and the Burrell Family. Below is a brief description of the main cast:

AUSTIN MARINO, Mid 20s, Causasian
Austin is a former graphic designer of websites. He also taught graphic design at community college for a brief period before the apocalypse set in. Austin faces a great deal of guilt over the beginnings of the apocalypse, but holds it in. He often comes to odds with James and Irene over his quick decision making habits. He wound up at the Verdugo Hills Hospital safe zone

JAMES RICE, Late 20s, Caucasian
A former online journalist and podcaster, James used to review movies and television series for popular websites. He also hosted various podcasts—sometimes with his friend Austin Marino. He is more practical than Austin, and usually tried to think things through before acting.

IRENE MENDEZ, Early 20s, Hispanic
Irene is an internal thinker—usually quiet and in the background. Just finishing up her final semester at UC Davis, Irene studied both environmental studies and political science with the hopes of going into environmental law. She was forced to adapt to the new world much faster than the other survivors when she made it her priority to protect her mother from the horrors outside.

COLIN BURRELL, Late 20s/Early 30s, Caucasian
The oldest of the Burrell children, Colin lives with his family and fiancÚ, Sarah Abbott. A former investment banker from Fullerton, CA, Colin’s main goal is to keep his family safe, which includes his father and step-mother as well as his sister and her boyfriend. Colin is a natural leader, and doesn’t do well when he’s forced to negotiate. He and Sarah typically spend their days on the roof of their house keeping watch.

SARAH ABBOTT, Late 20s, Caucasian
Sarah met Colin in their freshman year at Cal State Fullerton; their wedding was planned for later this year. Prior to the apocalypse she lived with Colin in Fullerton and worked in a larger office as a developer. She is a devout Catholic, which normally causes her great conflict over these new situations.

LUKAS MARDIROSIAN, Late Teens, Eastern European
Fresh into his first year at CalState Northridge, Lukas is a natural survivor. He and his father spent their summers camping together, where Lukas learned various survival skills. He met Adrian Rezek at school and became close friends with him. The two were together when society fell.

ADRIAN REZEK, Late Teens, Eastern European
A bit hot-headed and quick to make judgment, Adrian is loyal to those he cares about. Having just started his college career at CSUN, Adrian is shocked when the world falls apart. His vulnerability is concealed behind a strong emotional shield.

Austin Marino
James Rice
Irene Mendez
Colin Burrell
Sarah Abbott
Lukas Mardirosian
Adrian Rezek

Also Starring
Brady Burrell
Julie Burrell
Carleigh Mendez
Kathy Burrell

Guest Starring
Little Girl
Austin’s Patient

Episode Previews
1x01 A Day is Forever
A month into the apocalypse, three groups of survivors communicate with one another and share their stories. Not all of the locations are as safe as they seem.

1x02 Critters
Austin and James work together to find a fellow survivor. Irene continues her struggle with her mother.

1x03 Polybius Square
A new group of survivors could cause problems for the group. Can they be trusted? The group is split on the decision.

1x04 Vonces
After making it to a safe haven, the group now must make the decision of who is in charge. Tensions arise as the trust withers away.

1x05 Together
The group faces its largest threat yet. A quick plan of attack leads to a myriad of new problems. Irene faces the apocalypse through a new lens.

1x06 A Month is Nothing
In the midst of a tragedy, the group must regroup while attempting to rebuild their safe haven.