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    Walking with the Dead 1.04 "Vonces"

    Herein lies the script for episode 1.04 "Vonces." For those wondering, "vonces" is an Armenian greeting meaning, "how are you?" Again, for those who care, Lukas and Adrian are of Armenian descent. The Glendale-Burbank-Crescenta-Valley area has a high Armenian population, the largest outside of Armenia itself. We wanted to make the cast ethnically diverse like its surroundings. Austin, James, and the Burrells are of European-descent. The Burrells have Jewish heritage, James is Black Irish (look it up! :) ). Austin is your typical European mutt. Irene is both Hispanic and Irish. There are plans in season two to introduce (a) Korean character(s) to reflect that large demographic, too.

    Either way, in this episode, the groups have finally converged and have seemingly found peace. Yeah, right -- we know how that goes in The Walking Dead -verse. But let's let them enjoy it while it lasts. We get to see interactions between characters whom we haven't yet. The rest of the Burrell family returns after a two-episode absence. Our new arrivals also have to deal with their recent loss. Does that make it harder for the groups to unite? only time will tell.

    Here is the link to the script:

    Episode 1.05 "Together" will be posted next Sunday, July 31st. That means there will only be a week off in between the WWTD season finale and the FTWD mid-season premiere. That worked out nicely...
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