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    Season 4
    Episode 1: Sentenced To Coexist
    Before the scroll, Rick and the rest of his crew have their arms drawn on the five survivors who are all dressed in prison garb. Suddenly, Rick backs down and everyone else drops their weapons. "Today's your lucky day, fellas," quips Daryl, still aiming his crossbow. "You've been pardoned by the state of Georgia. You're free to go, consider it life WITH parole."

    The prisoners looked miffed while speaking over each other in disapproval. The thuglike black man who appears to be the inmate leader raises a pistol "This is our prison, we were here first, and as you can see, we don't particularly like taking orders," he says.

    Rick quickly calms the situation by negotiating a deal. The prisoners will give up half of the food in the cafeteria for Rick and company to help clear out another cellblock for the inmates in return. When they go outside of the cafeteria to get the rest of the family, the prisoners are in disbelief over Rick's group being able to kill at least fifty mindless bodies.

    They bring the rest of the group inside the cafeteria, where they eat until fulfilled for the first time in quite a while. The new survivors reveal that they had been locked in the cafeteria by a guard when the riots broke out.

    It had been roughly six months, all they were given was a single pistol, and they had no idea of what's happening outside.

    "There's no hospitals, no police, and no real civilization," Rick explains. "It's all gone. No phones. No computers. Far as we can see, at least half the population has been wiped out by the undead." The prisoners are unaware of everyone being infected and turn after dying, but they take the news of the entire situation rather well.

    Each inmate confess their charges for being in jail. The leader, who's name is Thomas, admits to killing his wife and her political ex-boyfriend. He pleas that it was a crime of passion, but the judge had it out for him. He explains it's because the ex-boyfriend had connections in congress.

    Axel, a skinny white dude, committed armed robbery, explaining that he used a toy pistol.

    The burly biker guy that offered them meatloaf, his name is Dexter, and he was in for selling crack cocaine.

    The intimidating Hispanic man is named Oscar, he tells them it's pronounced Oh-Scar. He's in for B and E, plus stealing a car.

    Last, is a squirrelly looking black dude, named Andrew. He says, "Tax evasion," but it's obvious to Rick and Daryl that he's hiding his true crime.

    After they eat, Lori, Carol, Dale, Hershel, Alice, and Beth take the children back to C Block with a few boxes of nonperishable cafeteria food. Thomas shows the others a tour around the prison.

    When they come across the gym, they see its full of the undead. Rick explains they can attempt to clear it, he instructs the convicts that they have to destroy the brain in order to kill the walkers.

    Rick distributes melee weapons and formulates a plan to keep from getting surrounded. They will form a circle, but during the clearing Oscar breaks formation. The other inmates follow suit and almost get killed. Our survivors are able to retreat and save the prisoners.

    The inmates showed that they had a poor fighting technique against the biters. They were fighting like they were fighting people, aiming at the body, and swarming instead of spreading out individually. Rick is mindful that they aren't ready, so he declares they will have to deal with this room at another time.

    They find a laundry room and Andrea points out the extra blankets while Sasha mentions the need for extra clothes. T-dog tells them that's fine but what they could all really use is a shower. Thomas tells them that for hot water, they'd have to find the boiler room, but he thinks it's filled with creepers. Next, he leads them to the showers.

    Later, they come to Cell Block D, it's filled with a small amount of walkers. Rick outlines a plan to keep one door closed to restrict the flow of the infected, allowing a better chance of eliminating them. Thomas disobeys, opening both doors, and the group are swamped by walkers.

    During this, Thomas lets a walker by him and it almost gets Rick. Morgan manages to assassinate it before it does. When the walkers are dealt with, Thomas tells Rick it was an accident and that he was reacting instinctively.

    "Up ahead is the garage, it's a decent sized working space," Dexter is explaining. He opens the door casually and without thinking. Inside are ten roamers who haven't been alerted yet. Daryl tells Thomas that they are on their own with only their instincts.

    The five men work in unison on the nearest walkers by once again using body blows. Finally after knocking them down, Axel stabs one behind the ear as Thomas stakes his broken broom handle up through the jaw.

    They seem to have gotten the hang of it just as they alert the other eight roaming towards them. Each inmate takes out their own walker, but in the process, they allow the remaining three to sneak behind them. Tyrese and Morgan are quick to make the last minute save.

    Inside the garage, it still has several prison buses, some police cruisers, motorbikes, a couple of gas cans, plenty of tools that could be used, stockpiles of parts, plus a mini generator. Daryl checks over an unfinished motorcycle, the table next to it has used and spare parts that appear to belong.

    The inmates are then lead to their own bunks in Cell Block D. Rick tells them to never leave their cellblock or he'd have to kill them. Sensing he is not at all bluffing, Thomas agrees to the terms.

    Rick returns to Lori and has a heart-to-heart with her. She tells him that she knows he is not a killer but she understands if he has to kill the gang of inmates. She admits that she isn't going to win any wife or mother of the year awards. She declares, "You do whatever you got to do to keep this group safe." Rick nods. He's going to do whatever it takes to flourish and keep them safe.
    (End episode)

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    Season 4
    Episode 2: No Military
    Before the scroll, Maggie and Glenn attempt to have sex in one of the guard towers while the others are moving the dead bodies outside the prison in order to burn them. Dexter, Oscar, and Axel approach the group and ask to help out, but Rick declines.

    Tyrese brings it up that they are degenerates and not psychopaths, hinting that they could actually be useful. Rick finally agrees on letting the inmates help. They move the vehicles into the prison near an exit and assist in finishing clearing the bodies to be burnt, while Rick, Morgan, and Hershel go outside the fences to collect firewood.

    While in the garage, several members of the family are making repairs to the RV. Daryl is working on the unfinished motorcycle. Axel tries to find a common denominator by talking about his displeasure for the creepers. He says that he feels bad for them because they were once everyday people.

    Rather than engaging with him, Daryl tells him to quit standing there and give him a hand. Axel eagerly assists him while still trying to continue a conversation.

    He asks Daryl, "Where's the military at in all of this?"

    "You would think there's got to be pockets set up somewhere out there trying to work on a cure or something, man! You know what I mean," Dexter adds.

    "Sorry brother, ain't none to be found nowhere," Daryl answers back.

    In a flashback we see a National Guard Station, many of the soldiers at the installation have deserted to be with their friends and families. The outpost is entirely fenced in, holding a few abandoned tanks and military vehicles. It's barracks also contain a tower and it's own gas station.

    A group of men are inside, scavenging the buildings beside the tower. They are chocked full of weapons and explosives. A black gentleman, carrying a crossbow walks up to his boss outside.

    "There's no generator to be found in there, we need one or the Major is not going to let us back in," he says.

    The Hispanic commander tells him, "We'll find one, Lt. Bowman. If not, we have the firepower to force our way in. We have enough here Shumpert, gather the boys, it's time to go."

    The misfit army of men start filling the military trucks with rolls of concertina wire, loads of sandbags, cans full of gas, numerous weapons, and other desperately needed materials. Before they leave, the overseer instructs the Dolgen brothers to get one of the tanks ready because they're taking it.

    Later, the convoy drives down the road close by a manor. They see black smoke but don't pay any attention to the burned down camp, near the forest behind the château. They also don't have any awareness of the infected who have destroyed the settlement. The noise of their vehicles nearby lure the remaining walkers away.

    The caravan eventually makes a stop for the night behind a small plaza of cheap markets. Amongst them is a department store called B!g Spot, an appliance and tool store called Dollar Shack, and a meek grocery store called Food King.

    Soon after they start to settle in, a young man wearing a camouflaged coat tries sneaking by them into one of the shops. The charlatan is immediately taken hostage by a guard.

    Lilly walks up and points a gun at the guard screaming, "Let Scott go." The commander of the brigade walks up, smiles, and tells her she has got a lot of balls. He introduces himself as Martinez and tells the guard, "Haynes let our new friend Scott go."

    Scott comments that they all are a bunch of dicks and walks towards Lilly, now joined by the other man from tent city. Martinez asks for their names and they include Josh Hamilton, Lilly Caul, and Scott Moon.

    Martinez offers them to join his town if they can produce a few generators from one of the stores. Lilly doesn't hesitate and agrees without talking to the others. When they go to retrieve them though, Josh asks her why she didn't consider their opinion and doesn't seem to want to go.

    Scott tries to talk him into it by saying, "We will only stay for a while just to check it out." As those words come out of his mouth, Martinez walks in and stops to look at fish tanks. He tells him to gather a large amount of the empty fish tanks to be loaded in the convoy. Scott just looks back in bewilderment.

    Back to the present, T-dog explains that back in Atlanta he heard that the government was ferrying survivors into designated safe zones or into large cities where aid stations and refugee centers were located.

    Many people fled in large numbers, effectively jamming any or all roads leading in or out of the cities. As this happened, it proved to be society's downfall because the cities began to collapse due to the sheer number of increasing undead.

    However, when he and a friend had investigated a military outpost hoping to find a possible solution to the outbreak, all they saw instead were dead civilians and military personnel lying about the area.

    Rick makes mention that about 59 days after the start of the outbreak, he woke up to find the hospital with only the infected and no signs of any survivors. He noticed that there were several army vehicles but a lack of military personal, even reporting that most of them were turned already into walkers. He still holds out hope for Fort Benning, which is to their south.

    Dexter makes the observation that it is getting chilly and wonders what the date is. Dale mentions, "About late October. Can't you tell with all the dead roaming around out there wanting you as their trick or treat snack?"

    Axel tells Rick that they have some candy that they've been holding back and offers to give it to the group for the kids. He promises it's not poisoned and doesn't include razor blades.
    (End episode)

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    Season 4
    Episode 3: Cold Storage
    Before the scroll, A week or so has went by, our group is experiencing the weather getting colder and slight sprinkles of snow are on the ground outside.

    Carol is holding a meeting for all of the survivors in the cafeteria. Everybody is there except for Lori, who isn't feeling well.

    Carol hands out all brand new orange jumpsuits to everyone that she had found in the laundry room. She tells them that their original clothes still stink even after washing. She compares the smell to the walkers, stating how the blood and gore gets soaked into the clothes and that detergent companies never counted on defeating the stench of an apocalypse. Dale teases that his clothes were about to start chasing him.

    Carol apologizes for the lack of colors besides white and orange but promises to take measurements and sew everyone some new clothes appropriate for the weather. She assures making coats with pillow stuffing for the winter and shorts for in the summer. No one is particularly excited for the news, but they all generously take the jumpsuits anyways. Most of them start trying them on over their original clothes. Andrea comments, "The extra layer can only add some warmth during these cold months."

    While everyone is together, Alice gathers their attention. She is hoping to find the infirmary and asks if anyone would go into A-Block. She explains that it's going to be dangerous to clear out the remaining biters, but they are in dire need of the medical facility. She notes that her original group of survivors referred to them as biters, because some lurk and some roam, but they will all bite. To classify them into separate groups seemed like a silly practice to her.

    Alice is checking Lori out in her cell, she tells her that the baby has a strong heartbeat and as far as she can tell, everything seems to be fine.

    She explains that there could be a number of things that she can't detect until the baby actually arrives. Rick informs her that Carl was born cesarean, which worries Alice that this baby will have to be delivered in the same procedure. She tells Lori that it's just beyond her range of capabilities, but assures her not to worry because people have been giving birth for thousands of years and that they would find a way.

    Alice walks with Rick back to the cafeteria, then asks him to bring a biter back alive so she can practice on it. He refuses to allow one of the creepers to be kept alive anywhere near the family inside the prison. She tells him that she is curious if they can be sedated and would like to try to research them. She pleads that they can keep it from biting or scratching by restraining it's mouth and arms.

    He asks her where would she keep it, sarcastically suggesting inside the freezer. Dexter warns them not to go in there and reveals that they had to use it for a bathroom after the buckets were all filled with excrement. Rick obliges to have a team find and clear the infirmary first, then they will discuss dissecting one of the walkers.

    Rick, Tyrese, T-dog, Sasha, Daryl, Andrea, Morgan, Thomas, and Oscar will all go into A-Block, hoping to vanquish the remaining zombies.

    Dexter wants to finish tinkering in the garage. Dale asks him if he plans to build something to leave, he replies that you just never know.

    Andrew claims to be tired and excuses himself, while Axel offers to help the family to find and gather commissary items from within all the cells. His well mannerisms attracts respect from Hershel especially, as he explains the systems of the prison and it's inner workings.

    Meanwhile, Glenn and Maggie are tired of rooming right next to Hershel and decide to check out cells on a different floor. Maggie reveals to Glenn that she shared a room with a guy one semester in college. She wanted to become a beautician but she ran low on money before eventually flunking out.

    Glenn tells her it's a coincidence as they find a barbershop. She tells him that the room is out of the way enough from the others, then pushes him into one of the chairs, and tells him that this will be a first. He tries to pull her onto his lap, but she stops him and says, "Steady there handsome, I meant I never cut any of my boyfriend's hair before."

    The group enters A-Block, each armed with at least a piece of riot gear and their own choice of hand to hand combat weapon. They're foraging through the pitch darkness with only flashlights, until they stumble upon a cluster of walkers blocking a hallway.

    Further progress seems impossible, but Thomas insists that the infirmary is just on the other side of the commotion. Rick pins a few walkers against the wall with a shield as Morgan and Daryl stabs them through the face. Tyrese does the same so Sasha and T-dog can take out a few more with their buck knives. Oscar presses his shield against a walker and takes it out himself, leaving Thomas unguarded with only his machete.

    He suddenly drives it into the first one and chops down another. He has no problems fighting alone and takes out a mini herd. After they dispose of the biters, it's decided that they took care of the bulk of the infected, which makes it alright to split up and cover more ground.

    Rick, Daryl, Andrea, Morgan, and Thomas go one way, while Tyrese, T-dog, Sasha, and Oscar go down another hallway.

    Rick's group find the library and he makes mention that Lori and Carol would kill to get in there. Andrea checks out a few books and remarks that they will all be excited for something fresh added to their now dull lives. Thomas reminds them that they need to move forward.

    They travel farther down the hall and finally reach the infirmary. It's empty and intact, pretty much undisturbed besides a few blood stains. Rick is satisfied to find its location and starts to head back to regroup with the others.

    Tyrese walks down the dark hallway and stumbles upon a door labeled high voltage. Inside he can't believe his eyes when they spot a huge generator. Sasha comments that if it worked, it could produce enough electricity to improve their lives.

    Oscar tries to flick on a switch to see it run but it only gives a small whirl. T-dog remarks that it seems like it's out of gas. All of a sudden, a biter jumps out of the dark and startles Oscar.

    On their way back towards the others, just past the library, Rick sees a door and asks Thomas where it leads to. He tells him that it just leads to the Warden's office and recommends trying out the big comfy chair.

    Suddenly a muffled shot is heard and Rick insists that it came from the Tyrese's direction. They run to find the same door leading to the generator and open it to see that Tyrese shot an infected and everything was fine. He smiles and looks at the new source of power.
    (End episode)

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    Season 4
    Episode 4: Oh, Sweet Child Of Mine
    WARNING: Subject matter may not be suitable for all ages, recommended TV-MA for violence, language, and material suited for mature discussion. Sensitive viewers, PLEASE read at your own risk and/or with the proper permission.

    Before the scroll, Rick, Tyrese, Daryl, T-dog, and Sasha are heading outside the prison towards the parking lot because they need fuel to start the huge generator that they recently discovered in A-Block. Dale, wanting to prove to still be useful, heads out with some tools in preparation of getting the outer gates in working order, Andrea following right behind him

    While searching around the cars looking for petrol, a walker underneath one of the vehicles startles T-dog. He screams and falls down in front of it but it doesn't move and appears to be that it's frozen. He confirms he's not bitten, which Sasha is glad to see that he is unharmed and runs to hug him. The frozen zombie moves, causing Sasha to scream. T-dog kills the walker instinctively. He makes remark that the walkers freeze faster than normal humans. With the hazard seemingly out of the way, he precedes to syphon gas out of a few vehicles.

    Glenn and Maggie are walking back to their cell, having a conversation about Glenn's new look. She tells him she loves him then he asks her to marry him. Once she says yes, he tells her that he wants to talk to Hershel about wedding them.

    As they stroll into her father's cell, Glenn tries to act casual, doing his best to work up some nerve. Hershel doesn't pay any attention to Glenn's bald head and sternly asks Maggie where she's been all day. She informs him that they have been exploring the huge cell block just getting the lay of the land. She explains that they found the beauty shop.

    Billy asks her, "What's a beauty shop?" "I think she means barbershop," Glenn blurts out. Hershel finally looks at Glenn and gets a big smile on his face. "Aren't you the beauty," he laughs. Glenn laughs as well, then he asks Hershel if they can have a private conversation.

    Before they convene, Maggie asks where her sister is. Hershel tells her that Beth is babysitting, even though she is not required to at the moment. He thinks she's just trying to get her mind off of Jimmy.

    Maggie is excited to give the great news and also question Beth to be the maid of honor in her wedding to Glenn. She runs off to find her sister and to make an announcement to the others.

    She finds Beth watching Carl, Lizzy, and Sofia. She lets her know that she is getting married and wonders if she'll give her away to Glenn. Beth tells her she'd be honored but doesn't have anything to wear. Maggie tells her not to worry about it and offers a hair cut.

    Carl tells Beth that he likes her hair the way it is. She calls him a sweetheart, which causes Lizzy to become a bit jealous. Lizzy asks if she can come to the wedding and have her hair cut too, prompting Maggie to let her and Sofia be bridesmaids. Beth decides that if she's going to get her hair cut that she could at least try to wash it. She asks Maggie to watch the children and excuses herself to the shower room.

    While Glenn has the opportunity to have a chat with Hershel, he tells him that he is the most religious of the bunch, then asks if he will act as a preacher and marry them. Hershel gives him a hug and tells him that he prefers that over them living in sin.

    He understands that you have to sin to survive but he doesn't particularly like it. Hershel says he just wants his children to be content. He can tell that Glenn makes Maggie happy and says that he would be glad to conduct the ceremony. Hershel makes him promise to always keep her safe and made him give his word that he will not cause her to bring a child into this world.

    Glenn is excited to tell the others so he catches up with Maggie who is dropping the children off. Carol and Alice are trying to help Lori be comfortable in her pregnancy.

    They announce their wedding plans and the two of them are congratulated. Glenn asks where the others are and is briefed on the mission of getting the generator working. He almost knocks Morgan over as he runs out into the cold just to broadcast his announcement to the fellas, plus Sasha and Andrea.

    Dexter is walking back to his cell fresh out of the shower. He asks Andrew where Thomas is and tells him that he just left the bathroom so that the eighteen year old blondie could get all wet and soapy. He says that they could each get a eyeful right now if they hurry.

    Andrew tells him that Thomas took a walk and expresses that neither of them go that way since they both hooked up with each other. Dexter warns him that they're not alone anymore and suggests that Thomas was just using him as a means to an end. He frustrates Andrew when he remarks that Thomas will find a woman eventually and move on. Andrew tells him to mind his own business and tells him to move on.

    Beth is singing in the shower when Oscar walks by close enough to hear her. He stops outside the stalls and just listens. She finishes washing her hair quickly, due to the water being cold. She then shuts the faucet off and dries herself.

    When she walks out she is startled to see Oscar standing there. He apologizes that he didn't mean to scare her and congratulates her on her beautiful voice. He remarks that they could have more music and hot water as soon the generator is up and running. She politely pardons herself as she's off to the beauty parlor.

    Glenn tells Morgan he is sorry, he was in a hurry to tell everyone that he's getting married. Morgan looks a little pale and doesn't say very much in return. He absolves Glenn to deliver the message to everyone while he goes to lie down.

    Glenn reaches Rick by the fence and inquires if they are finished. They are just wrapping things up and were heading inside the gate. He calls for Dale and Andrea so they can all have the scoop.

    After he blares about the wedding, Dale and T-dog give him a handshake. Rick gives him a hug and tells him congratulations. Daryl asks him when and if they need to throw him a bachelor party. He tells them soon and he hopes that the wedding will be enough celebration.

    Hershel is walking with Billy down a dark corridor looking for the beauty salon. There's a few doors to chose from when Billy jokingly says, "What's behind door number three?" They open the door to find the horrendous sight of a beheaded Beth Greene.
    (End episode)

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    Season 4
    Episode 5: Continuum Crescendo
    **NOTE; This is long read, no other real reason except maybe because of action and dialogue! (hopefully still worth reading though)**

    Before the scroll, A flashback to when Sasha and Billy are shooting walkers, allowing Otis and Jimmy to escape the farm on horses. We see them ride off a ways in the dark and start to slow down once they think they are clear.

    Otis looks back to see that there is a huge fire culminating from within the big barn. Jimmy tells him that they should go back and try to help. His father insists that they keep riding until they reach the rendezvous point.

    When they get to the meeting point, Otis can spot a small horde slowly approaching. They are short on ammo and he worries that they can't take on that many infected with just the two of them. He also knows that they may need to lead the undead away so that the family can arrive safely.

    Otis believes that the sounds of trampling hooves are enough of a distraction to lead the walkers away.

    He promptly devises a plan to have them both circle around the pack like a corral, guiding them away while they return on just one horse. Otis heads off one way, while directing Jimmy to go around the other route.

    As soon as Jimmy reluctantly nears the infected, he gets a little too close for his horse's liking. The mare is spooked and causes it to throw him. Uninjured from the fall, but short of breath, he clamors towards his father. Otis instinctively shoots and kills the closest roamer. He is able to charge back to retrieve his son before disaster. Afterwards, he remarks, "Time for a new plan."

    The swarm are starting to crowd in on Jimmy and Otis. The predicament forces them to quickly pick a direction to flee so they start to venture in the direction of the south.

    The recent sound of the gun blast has all of the attention from the mini herd. Luckily, the pair are able to lure them away from the assigned designation back into the open field.

    Jimmy and Otis are on the run plus there seems to be no return plan for the father and son pair. Otis believes that he might be able to lose the mindless cadavers in the forest, up around the next bend. "It's on a hill and elevated just enough that it'll at least give us an advantage point," he says.

    The former ranch hand digs in his heels and holds tight to the reigns, this causes their transportation to pick up pace. They jot down the trail, passed the woods. Hoping to hide by circling back and entering into the bush from behind. They huddle in the thick brush, hoping the horse doesn't get startled or make any noises.

    They watch silently as the viscous, gnawing monsters stumble on by them. Most have passed and they are almost in the clear when their equine suddenly whinnies. The noise isn't much but it is enough to get a few stragglers attention.

    The father and son duo are forced into another compromise, Otis quickly decides to evacuate with no chance of turning back. He knows very well that his choice will leave them on their own entirely, but he takes the risk anyways.

    They ride the horse and head back into the thicket of trees. They find a narrow clearing and follow it up the hill. For now they are safe, a little dishevelled, but holding up. When they finally reach a steeper elevation, Otis compels them to walk alongside the creature to help sturdy it's ascendance up and into the forest.

    The dyadic pair skillfully resume to almost the summit. The patriarch suddenly sees a narrow trampled trail but their filly loses its footing and starts to slide. The elder scolds the younger to get out of the way. He feels certain that if it were to tumble, they could not hold the weight of the beast. It would outright pull them with it, creating an even greater catastrophe.

    Otis manages to steer the animal back down to the leveler hillock. He devises to let it free so that they can continue to climb to higher ground and hopefully to safety for the night.

    They travel back up the trail, it leads father to the top of the peak. The two are halted when they notice large homemade punji sticks staggering out of the ground. Otis tells Jimmy to keep as quiet as possible while they sneak passed the sharpened wooden stakes.

    After they navigate though the primitive warning system, Otis stops to investigate wires that are almost hidden. Jimmy is pretty much scared shitless and follows so close to his dad that he accidentally trips. Otis quietly motions to maze through the thin razor wire, which is also conveniently lined with clanging devices.

    Just passed the serrated obstacle, lies a constructed wooden fence beyond the tree line. Once they climb the wooden barrier, a small cabin can be spotted. Otis is alerted to what sounds like a muffled crying human baby coming from inside.

    Jimmy gets the knod from his father and knocks on the door, yelping out the word, "Hello?" Otis earnestly calls out, "Anyone alive in there? We ain't here to harm no one. It's just me and my boy looking for a place to hold up for the night."

    There's no answer, only a pause of silence. Otis opens the door but they can't really see anything besides darkness because the moonlight is barely visible throughout the abode.

    The twosome enter slowly and carefully, trying not to make a disturbance. When they near a window in the main chamber, light sifts through just enough for them to find a lonely goat, which is in a cage starting to bleat at them.

    Otis and Jimmy look around the cabin to see that it is empty but well stocked. They check the tiny kitchen to find a few canisters of dried fruit but Otis is apprehensive to take anything for fear that the owner may soon return.

    Jimmy is mindful that the animal looks to be well fed and hydrated, cajoling that they could take a small portion for themselves as long as they were to include giving some of the rations to their new furry bedfellow. After feeding a third of their midnight snack to the critter, the team soundlessly drift off to sleep.

    Following the sunrise, a man walks into the cabin while the group is in slumber. His voice calls out to them, "I don't want any trouble so I need you to put all your weapons on the ground."

    Otis awakes with a bow staff aimed into his face. He slowly starts to shake off the morning jitters while he keeps his hands raised out showing surrender. Jimmy suddenly lashes out, jumping on the back of the mysterious man.

    He instinctively chucks him off like a tiny mosquito. Jimmy barely hits the ground before he rebounds back at the man, punching and trying to kick in defense. The man sweeps Jimmy's legs out from under him then he grumbles," I didn't want to have to do this." He then picks Jimmy up off the ground and puts him inside the cell which no longer contains the goat.

    The way he manhandled Jimmy has him astonished as he asks, "Who are you, Master Splinter?" The man replies, "No, you can call me Eastman and I own this wretched hovel. Now can I ask what you are doing here?"

    Otis speaks up, "Excuse my boy Mister Eastman, we were forced to higher ground late last night because of a swarm."

    Eastman wonders, "Why were you traveling at night?"

    "We were a small community living at a farm north from here, when the biters came and overtook us," Otis answers.

    Eastman asks for their names and asks them what did they do before the turn.

    Otis responds, giving him their names, the he states, "I a ranch hand."

    Eastman replies, "Did that entitle more than just shoveling horse shit for a living?"

    Jimmy retorts, " My dad traps varmint, teaches me to hunt and he can fix just about any ol' thing."

    "Really," Eastman retaliates. "Know anything about solar panels," he asks.

    Otis nods his head. He says, "I can try," then he looks directly at his boy in the cage.

    Eastman notices that a drawing on the wall has been smashed into two pieces and left on the floor from the scuffle with Jimmy.

    It’s a child's drawing, seeing it broken makes Eastman’s eyes start to well up. He pulls out a rabbits foot dangling from around his neck. He kisses it, only mentioning that it belonged to his daughter. He then hands Jimmy a book titled “Art of Peace.”

    Otis cautiously asserts, "Perhaps it wouldn't hurt young Jimmy boy to stay in that pen a little while longer."

    Eastman cordially informs them that he used to be a forensic psychiatrist at a prison nearby. He excuses himself and walks out the door to the back landing and returns immediately with a ladder, handing it to Otis. He tells him to be careful while he prepares a bite to eat.

    Shortly after Otis is working on the roof, Eastman brings Jimmy some dried jerky, instant oatmeal, and an apple juice box. The man they just met tries to volunteer communication through small gestures.

    Eventually Jimmy asks, "How can you pin someone with one finger?"

    "Read more than the introduction young man, and you'll find the answer on your own " Eastman demands. "How I kicked your ass earlier," he states, "..well, that's called Aikido, it means not to kill. You will learn all about it, I promise you."

    Otis comes down off the roof just in time to snack. He tells the proprietor that it looks like a common problem of loose solder connections.

    He describes, "Some connections are cutting in and out as the panels heat and cool. I noticed that the cells were choppy when I sharply rapped on the panels with my hand. I'm going to have to cut through the silicone to repair the cells that are embedded. They need to be un-soldered and then re-soldered again with new solder. Do you have any solder?"

    Eastman facetiously announces, "Tabatha's kill shed just ran out of those. Sorry, that was a stupid name, wasn't it. I should change it."

    He offers them both to stay as he informs them that they have water but will run out of power soon. He asks Otis to help gather firewood to prepare for the cold moving in.

    Jimmy is totally into what he is reading, so much so that when he gets to a part where he has a question, he walks out the cell simply by pushing the door open. He doesn't even realize it as he wanders outside with his nose still in the book.

    He inquires, "How am I supposed to not be concerned with good or evil then be able to slay evil?

    Eastman reprises, "Fill yourself with the power of wisdom and enlightenment. Keep reading, you are already smarter than Tabatha. She hasn't figured out yet that the gate isn't locked. I threw the key away about a month ago."

    Eastman brings Jimmy to his tool shed where he hands him a spear. He then proposes training him in the art of Aikido. Not long after that, we see the two of them practicing moves together while Otis perches on the roof.

    Otis works into the night, trying his damnedest to condense solar modules that might help keep the generator working a little while longer. He finally finishes in the dark only being able to see by a battery powered lamplight.

    They are able to sustain for over a week. Jimmy and Eastman become friends, as does Otis when their host eventually brings them goat cheese and they discuss the processes at length for hours.

    They realize that the cabin is going to be untenable and there has been slight snow falls, enough to coat the ground anyways. Eastman, Otis, and Jimmy have even been making frequent morning runs through the forest. They keep traveling farther out each day in order to gather supplies for preparation to leave.

    The come home one night to find two walkers in the yard biting into poor Tabatha. They are quickly disposed of by the men but not before the tussle causes a lantern to topple over, starting a fire to the home in the process.

    The trio are forced to flee swiftly into the night. Before they descend into the treeline, Otis spots a cross marking with the name "Brighton Dallas Wilton" written on it. He doesn't ask, he just keeps on moving.

    They travel through the night with Eastman leading the direction. When he's asked where they are going he says, "Trust me I know a place alot more fortified."

    At an old mill, they stop and rest until sunrise, each taking shifts as watchmen. They don't want to be out in the frigid temperatures one more night and decide to make it to their destination before dark.

    They keep traveling and traveling, only spotting a few lurkers on the way. Suddenly, sirens are screeching nearby. Eastman reports that the noise is coming from their new safe haven and starts running towards it.
    (End episode)

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    Episode 6: Enter Woodbury
    Before the scroll, Lilly Caul is sitting on a cot in what appears to be a medical facility bunker. A doctor walks into the room and introduces himself as Dr. Milton Mamet. He says, "I hear that you have some bruising on your ribs that I need to look at."

    She removes the jury-rigged splint from around her abdomen. The doctor touches some tender spots that are very sensitive and determines that she has a few busted ribs.

    He tells her, "I don't have that much in medicine...not much that I can give away for free anyways. The Major accounts for everything around here, especially pain meds because they're worth a little more in the barter system."

    Milton looks around to see if anyone is presently spying on them. He then sneaks her a few Vicodin while also handing her a small bottle of Ibuprofen. He jovially tells her, "Those ribs ought to heal on their own, as long as you don’t get into any wrestling matches or marathon races.”

    As he's re-bandaging her midsection, Milton notices she's trying to hide a blackened left eye by wearing sunglasses.

    He asks her if her boyfriend beats her, to which she replies, "No," then wonders "why?"

    "I am a doctor and I was just curious about how well you can see with that contusion over your eye, which may or may not have a hemorrhage, possibly even retinal damage."

    First, Milton applies antibiotic cream to her wound. Next, he applies a butterfly bandage while strongly advising her to keep it clean. He tells her that the eye worries him, "I want you to come back and see me in a few days. Pardon my pun, but I want to keep an eye on it to make sure it heals properly. By the way, I didn't mean to pry over it...just being a concerned doctor."

    He smiles and jokes, "Welcome to Woodbury! Should I send my bill to your insurance company?"

    Backup to Lilly, Josh, and Scott riding along as passengers in Martinez's Humvee. They pass a deserted gas station that has a hand-painted sign over its fuel pumps, it reads FORTNOY’S FUEL AND BAIT. The troop stops shortly to fill up when Scott Moon makes a discovery then gasps, "Holy shit, these bastards got their very own tank!"

    Twilight is closing in but they can still see enough to spot a panel van and a flatbed truck in the convoy, all loaded to the gills with supplies. They fuel up and take off, passing tangles of wreckage and dense forests on either side as they travel the farm road.

    The fleet makes two more stops on their way. One, where a small armed sentry of men with heavy artillery near the convoy. The crew pauses in awe at the tank approaching near the rear of the cavalcade.

    Before permitting them to pass, a man name Stinson recognizes Martinez and consults with him for a moment. Stinson gets on a handheld radio and informs the armada to proceed in from the southern gate.

    After waving the vehicles on, the would-be soldiers start cheering for the returning caravan. They make the second stop at a roadblock of bullet riddled trailers, by this point it starts to sleet. "Just in time," mentions Martinez.

    He drives around the obstacles, to where Lilly actually can read the dented green town marker. Just visible through snow passing in the headlamp beams, it reads;


    POPULATION 1,102

    They pass the north end of the district where flames burn here and there in oil drums, while a handful of figures labor on the assembly of a giant gate at least fifteen feet tall. It coinciding with a wall barrier on each side. It looked to be made sturdy of massive tree trunks at its foundation, but unconventionally connected together with cannibalized pieces of siding, wooden planks, two-by-fours and whatever else they seemed to get there hands on. It was a pretty good start to something great but in definite need of improvement.

    Some of the townfolk had moved school buses and empty semi-trailers into rows around the vicinity, forming a makeshift stronghold to keep out the biters while the build is under way. They drive by as the vibrations and sounds of the men working become distant.

    The troop follow the structure around towards the southeast entrance nearing a set of railroad tracks to cross. When the heart of Woodbury comes into view, its width seems to extend about half a dozen blocks in all directions but most of the street lamps are out, while few do glow in the darkness apparently running on emergency juice.

    As the convoy approaches the center of town, Josh notices the Humvee pulling up to the edge of a construction site. “Been working on the wall for months,” Martinez explains. “Pretty near got two square blocks completely protected, and we plan on expanding it, we're just moving the wall back farther and farther as we go.”

    Martinez explains that while their society has more than enough gasoline, it doesn't have enough generators to run a power grid for an entire village. He makes mention that their main source of energy comes from the big generator supplying the lights of the dirt track at the field in the center of town.

    Lilly turns to Josh and says, “How are you feeling about all this?”

    “Jury’s still out, but it looks like we’re about to get further orders," he replies.

    Martinez smiles and asks Josh if he'd mind giving a hand by lending his muscle. He goes on to say that they need all the help that they can get in securing the town and labor will get him far in trade arrangements.

    He has to excuse himself, explaining that even though he has men that can drive the tank, he needs to collaborate with a few people to learn the rest of its operations and maintenance.

    As full darkness sets in, all three travelers help to unload the very much needed materials. Supplies such as sandbags, barbed wire, nails, wooden boards, scrap metal, plus also several useful construction tools and equipment.

    Meanwhile, three men, a little girl, and two young ladies are traveling on foot through the woodlands, just a couple miles away from the town of Woodbury. They are starving, tired of roaming, and the females are all scared from barely being ahead of a small herd that they recently encountered. One of the men, Philip suddenly puts his hand up and stops.

    "Hold on a second," he says, "What is that noise?"

    "Is that an engine," asks the second man named Nick Parsons.

    "Sounds like a bulldozer or even a tank," comments the third man whose name is Brian.

    "That can't be too far away," says Philip, as he puts his ear to the wind.

    He notices smoke billowing high up in the sky and steers his group in that general direction.

    They scuttle across a farm field when the little girl who's name is Penny starts to get her little boots stuck in the muddy terrain. Unable to keep up, one of the young women named Tara, stops to help her as the men are too busy looking ahead to notice. The other woman April, calls out to Philip for help. He rushes back and carries Penny, his daughter, out of the muck and closer towards the signs of possible life.

    After a ceaseless amount of time trudging through rain and sludge, they discover a walled community beginning to materialize ahead of them. About two hundred yards away, the muffled sounds of engines and hammering along with the occasional human voice can be heard.

    "Looks like they're building a wall or something," Nick clamors as they pause under the cover of trees mixed with the veil of darkness.

    "You think they're friendly, Brian asks.

    "I don't want to just waltz into this little ragtag community. We're not taking any chances," Philip declares, "C'mon, we'll avoid any grand entrances and find a more secluded way in."

    They enter from the northeast corner of town, from the trees along the railroad tracks. Brian is surprised at how far they are able to get before anyone notices strangers strolling into town.

    Suddenly, a hefty, middle-aged man in a black turtleneck named Gabriel Harris hops off his bulldozer. "Hey Bruce, look we got newcomers." Bruce pauses his hammering to look up, then reaches for the shotgun leaning against a cooler.

    "Take it easy, fellas!" Philip approaches slowly with his hands raised and a mild expression on his face. "Just passin' through, not trying to cause problems."

    "Y'all packin' any heat?" Bruce asks.

    "The safety's on," Philip says, while carefully reaching to show his Glock. "I'm going to show you the piece, nice and easy like."

    He shows them the nine-millimeter, then head nods for Brian and Nick to show their weapons as well.

    Gabe asks, "Are y'all from Atlanta?"

    "No sir, we came from a little hole in the wall called Waynesboro," Philip replies as he puts his firearm away.

    "You seen any National Guard out there," Bruce inquires.

    "Not sir, we've stayed in the backwoods away from any cities. Figured it'd be best to avoid big population," Philip answers.

    "You got any food, cigarettes, or drugs," Gabe questions.

    "No sir." Philip indicates his companions. "If we could just get a roof over our head away from anything trying to eat us for a spell, we won't bother anyone and we'll be on our way. You fellas okay with that?"

    The workmen give each other a glance like they're sharing some kind of private joke. Then Bruce busts out laughing, "Boys, this here is the god dayum wild west....nobody gives two pieces of rat's ass what you do."

    "We got a food center in town, but keep an eye on your women and even the little one," Gabe adds.

    "Will do," Philip acknowledges them while giving a salute. He wonders to himself if it were just the men sneaking into town if anyone would've paid attention to them.

    Philip, Brian, and Nick quickly get the lay of the land, noticing the inhabitants barely came out of their private hovels and were surprised that they had no organized leadership. They finally decide to hole up in an abandoned two-unit apartment building near the southern border of the safe zone.

    Josh, Lilly, and Scott finish unloading just as Martinez returns, he tells them that they can hunker down inside the high school gymnasium and that he'll let Sam the Butcher know that they've all earned a week's rations.

    Martinez picks up on Lilly's weezing and favoring her hip. He asks her if they ran into any troublesome people out there on the road. Josh is quick to use the excuse that they had a run in with a few biters not long ago.

    Martinez tells them, "We do have a free clinic here. Although some would refer to it as Hell's waiting room. You should go get checked out."

    Josh gives him a complimentary, "Thank you." Scott Moon asks if he can score any weed and Martinez let's him know to get ahold of the butcher.

    Scott tells Josh and Lilly that he'll catch up later. The two walk over to the big grey building that contains the makeshift hospital, Lilly asks Josh why they didn't just tell Martinez about Chad Bingham. He tells her that he didn't want anyone to know that he killed a man. She tries to reason with him that he only did it to save her from Chad's attack. Josh tells her it doesn't matter, even if they explain that it was an accident, people just won't understand. With his stature, he's already intimidating and he doesn't want to look like a killer.

    They are right outside the doorstep, where three old codgers are warming themselves beside a barrel fire. One of them asks Josh if they are new in town. Josh tells them yes and asks if any biters have been through lately.

    A second ol' timer asks, "What's a biter?"

    The third interrupts with, "You know, what old Mikey turned into when he went all crazy and had to be put down."

    "I know...I know," the second interjects, "Just haven't heard 'em called that before."

    The first galoot responds with, "Ya' know big fella', it ain't the dead things you gotta be mindful of, it's the living you should be worried about around here."
    (End episode)

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    Episode 7: Snout In A Trough
    WARNING: Subject matter may not be suitable for all ages, recommended TV-MA for violence, language, and material suited for mature discussion. Sensitive viewers, PLEASE read at your own risk and/or with the proper permission.

    Before the scroll, Maggie walks around the hallway and finds her father on his knees balling. She asks Hershel what is wrong right before her brother Billy points into the barbershop at a headless Beth Greene. Maggie consoles her father as a shot goes off giving mercy to her zombified sister.

    Rick has brought a female walker under a hood back into the prison for Alice to do her research on. Daryl, Tyrese, and T-dog have bound it's arms together with zip ties. Rick is a little more than concerned about the dangers of housing such a threat and wants to take every precaution. The men take her into an empty cell away from everyone else and strap her to a gurney.

    Lori is up in arms at Rick but Alice tries to calm her down by explaining the need to practice her operating techniques. Tyrese takes the opportunity to speak with Carol as they walk together towards the living quarters. He tells the children to go on ahead and that they'll catch up right behind them. Lizzy refuses until she persists long enough to be allowed to name the zombie Nicole.

    Tyrese is about to ask Carol to move in with him. She senses it and stares down quietly at the ground before interrupting his declaration. She tells him that she thought she had feelings for him but now she just can't. Tyrese tells her he is not sure that he understands and wants to know if she has feelings for someone else.

    Carol is confused and cries, "Don't. Just don't." Tyrese doesn't say another word and silently walks away.

    Back at Woodbury, after spending their first night in the smelly old gym, Josh and Lilly attend the food center. Josh walks up to the counter, "How y'all doin' this morning?"

    The man in the wheelchair behind the counter looks and comments, "Holy shit, you're a big one."

    Josh ignores the remark. "Just wondering if y'all had any fresh produce? Or maybe some eggs we might take off your hands in trade," he asks genuinely.

    Two gunman behind the man in the wheelchair gaze at Josh, then they take their time staring at Lilly like a fox would a chicken. The disabled man asks, "Whaddaya have in mind?"

    "The thing is, we just brought in a whole slew of items with Martinez and was promised a week's worth of ration payed through labor," Josh laments.

    "That deal is between you and Martinez, big fella! Unless your going to work for me, you're gonna have to come with a little honey for the jar," the man exclaims.

    Josh frantically snaps off his wristwatch and sets it on the counter, "What'll this buy me?"

    "Not much around here, I'll give ya fifty dollars worth of rice and beans, slab bacon, and them powdered eggs...oughta' keep the two of you going for a few days," the man states.

    "C'mon man, fifty dollars? Give us a break will ya? Been eating outta cans for weeks," Josh pleads.

    "We just got some white peaches fresh from the road that I'll throw in, but that's all I can do," the man retorts.

    Lilly pulls Josh back before he lunges at the man. Suddenly, all heads turn toward a dark figure coming around the corner of the stockroom. A tall, gaunt man wipes his bloody hands on a butcher's apron, "There a problem here, Davey?"

    Back at the prison, the group is confronting Thomas in his cell. He is being accused of killing Beth. He gets a little hostile, telling them to get out of his face. Andrew pleads that they didn't do anything wrong before he is pulled out of the room. Thomas calls Lori a psycho bitch for padlocking the door, then asks her to tell him exactly what she thinks he did.

    Andrea comments in disgruntled manner, "Like you don't know."

    Lori badgers with, "Where were you today?! Did you kill her, you murderer?! You're the only one we know is capable of this. Until we find out otherwise. You're not leaving this cage."

    Rick finally walks in backing Lori out of the way. He calmly asks Thomas, "Did you do it, did you kill Beth?"

    Thomas barks back in response, "Fuck no, I didn't do it. Your crazy knocked-up wife locked me up because I'd done my wife an' her boyfriend. Thing is, I ain't killing no one else. Had my fill of it y'know? You should look for suspects among your own people. My crew been done locked up in that cafeteria for months and none of us killed each other. One of you freaks must've snapped."

    Rick stares him down, "If I find out you did it, I'll beat you to death myself."

    "You can't talk to me like that. Come on the other side a' them bars country boy. I dare you," Thomas orders.

    Rick opens the cell door and just stands there. Thomas walks up right in Rick's face giving him a stare down but ultimately walks away.

    "You're all crazy, every last one of you. I'm safer in here, so lock the damn door on your way out," Thomas sulks.

    Back at Woodbury, "Everything is hunky-dory, Sam," the man in the wheelchair replies, not taking his eyes off Lilly. "These folks were somewhat dissatisfied with my offer, and they were just leaving."

    "Hold on a second." Josh raises his hand, "I'm sorry if I offended you but I didn't say I was..."

    "All offers are final," Sam the butcher announces, throwing his blood-stained towel into the counter while glaring at Josh. "Unless...," the man pauses while looking Lilly up and down. "Forget it, never mind."

    Josh stares back at Sam, "Unless what?"

    "See, what most folks do around here is work off their debts, pitching in on the wall, patching fences, stacking sandbags and such. You'll definitely get more bang for your buck offering up them big muscles of yours in trade." He gives Lilly a look. "Course there's all kinds of service a person could provide, all kinds of ways to get more bang. Especially a person of the female persuasion."

    "Okay, you know what...this is not necessary," Josh speaks up.

    "Don't be so quick to judge, Big Hoss," Sam insists. "Little lady with a body like that, you could be swimming in steak and eggs for a month...or get you your preferred fix for a couple weeks at least." He stares with a smirk while the guard men behind him begin to start laughing.

    "It's okay Josh, c'mon get your watch and let's go," Lilly stammers while pulling Josh by the arm.

    Josh smiles respectively at the men who are mocking them, "Steak and eggs. That's a good one. Listen. Keep the watch. We'll take you up on the breakfast and peaches."

    "Go get 'em their food," the butcher barks at the guards.

    They return with a crate filled with brown paper sacks. "Appreciate it," Josh says softly, taking the food. "We'll let you fellas get back to your business. Have a good day."

    Josh ushers Lilly toward the door. She shutters on the inside now fully aware of the gazes on her backside the whole way out.

    Philip, who had been leering silently nearby walks up to the counter.

    Back at the prison, Andrew walks into Hershel's room where he and Billy are sitting quietly. "I'm sorry," he says.

    Billy lashes out, "She's dead because of you!" He smacks Andrew repeatedly before Hershel pulls him off.

    "Bible says love thy enemy, son. You don't want to go to hell," Hershel states.

    "But dad!" Billy pleads.

    With frustration clearly showing on his face, Hershel tells his son that he raised him better and not to talk back to him again.

    Andrew confesses, "I was a hardcore user. My life was a wreck all because of my addiction. I couldn't function, Y'know. Ended up here again for my second offense. I didn't know what else to do so I turned to god, believe it or not. I asked him...begged him to please get me off the smack. The next day the reports started. Now look at me I'm completely clean. I couldn't get my hands on anything if I tried. Look, all I'm trying to say is that the world has changed and so have the people living in it. Thomas means alot to me after all we been through. I know he did some things in the previous world but I don't reckon he killed your daughter sir."

    While Carol is in the laundry room gathering clothes that were left in the dryer. Axel surprises her and she asks him if he's there to help.

    He tells her, "Not particularly."

    She asks him, "Then why did you come down here?"

    Axle reveals a knife and threatens, "So I could cut off your head."

    Carol screams as Axel gets closer. He corners her, forcing her to knee him in the nuts. He slashes her face and earlobe before Carol scratches his face and eyes giving her enough time to flee.

    Back in Woodbury, Philip and Tara are arguing. "Absolutely not," she screams at him.

    "It doesn't have to involve sex," he tries to indulge her. "You only have to be housemaids to earn our keep for a few days. I just want to keep Penny fed, anything else is on you."

    Nick tucks away in his room trying to drown out the commotion by reading scriptures to Penny from the Bible. Brian doesn't want any part of the altercation between his brother and the two sisters. Philip even makes comments about Brian being a coward and not standing by his side.

    "I'll do it," April finally agrees, interrupting the two. "It's my decision and neither of you two can stop me."

    On another end of town Josh admits uncertainty to Lilly, "Baby doll, if you aren't comfortable here we can leave right now and find some place else."

    Lilly replies back, "This place gives me a bad vibe but maybe if we can talk to Martinez we can have an easier time."

    "He got what he wanted out of us already. We're done forgot about sweetheart. I'll just have to work on the wall but we'll make do baby doll. Now let's go have something to eat that's not out of a can," Josh replies.

    Back at the prison, Andrew is outside of Thomas's cell door. "You okay in there man," he asks Thomas.

    "I'm in here but I'm not okay with it, feels like being a prisoner again," Thomas states.

    "If you can think of anything I can do to get you out of there, just say the word and I'll do it, " Andrew asserts.

    "Those people are crazy, world's done tore 'em up and they broken. These dicks ain't our friends, now they killing each other an' blaming us. Only one way out of this little man, you gotta figure out a way to sneak into A-Block where the guard center is. That's where they got shotguns and shit, enough ammo to kill an army. They don't know about the guns, you get in there, we home free," Thomas plans.

    Andrew affirms, "I'll find a way brother, I get those and we can bust outta here in a blaze of glory, kicking all kinds of ass."

    Thomas testifies, "That's what's got to happen or my ass rots in here until those assholes decide to off me."

    Meanwhile, Axel chases Carol out into the yard. "Come back here you slut. It's time to get your medicine," he threatens.

    Rick runs over and beats the holey hell out Axel. "You psycho son of a bitch, it was you who killed her," he yells. Rick beats him into a bloody pulp until he damages his own hand. Even then Tyrese has to pull Rick off of him.

    Rick stands over an unconscious Axel, "We have to do what's right to make sure he never kills again. We do not kill, we do not tolerate it. Lock this bastard up, he's going to hang for this. Our new rule...our pledge, you kill you die."
    (End episode)

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    Season 4
    Episode 8: When The Other Shoe Drops
    **NOTE; This episode is a mid-season finale and will allow for a longer read**

    WARNING: Subject matter may not be suitable for all ages, recommended TV-MA for violence, language, and material suited for mature discussion. Sensitive viewers, PLEASE read at your own risk and/or with the proper permission.

    Before the scroll, Axel is lying motionless in a cell somewhere in D Block. His face is beaten to where he is almost unrecognizable. Tyrese is outside the door trying to console him. "Rick wants you to hang but I'm going to make him reconsider. Some of them said they wanted to put the waste with the waste and lock you in the freezer. I had to remind them that it was airtight. They can't treat you inhumanely. I know you're just sick, I will try to get you some help," he says.

    Meanwhile, Lizzy watches silently, unnoticed from directly around the corner.

    Back at Woodbury, it's Josh, Lilly, and Scott Moon's second day. Strangely though, Scott hasn't been heard from or spoke of since the night before. By noon, Josh has already managed to set himself up on a work crew building up the wall.

    With the winter sun high in the sky that day, Josh starts to break out in sweat around his neck and back so he decides to shed his lumberjack coat, hanging it on a fence post. He finishes unloading the pallet of siding from his dolly. Finally, he heads down the walk, crossing the two-block distance between the construction site and the storage warehouse. He is so lost in his thoughts about his future with Lilly that he doesn't notice any odor of dead flesh as he approaches the wood-framed building on the edge of the railroad tracks.

    He parks the dolly outside the door when he hears a familiar voice.

    "Josh," the voice calls out.

    He turns around to see Lilly scurrying towards him with a blank look on her face.

    "Baby girl, you are a sight for sore eyes," Josh greets her while grabbing her in for a bear hug.

    “Can we talk?” she says, looking up into his eyes with a heavy, somber gaze.

    He answers back, “Sure, you want to give me a hand?"

    “After you,” she says, gesturing toward the entrance. Josh turns and pries the door open to the building stretching at least a hundred feet in the distance. It's backside is perilously exposed to the wild forest by a few petrified sections of drywall, but you really wouldn't notice through the darkness combined with cobwebs draping among the stacks of wooden panels and leftover rusted rail sections.

    “What’s on your mind, girlie-girl?” Josh asks.

    “We gotta move on Josh, we gotta get outta this town…before something terrible happens,” Lilly pleads.

    “Soon, Lilly," Josh tries to reassure.

    Lilly explains, "Listen to me...I tried to trade my coat off for something warmer. I thought I could trade in just one piece of jewelry that was well worth the difference but they wanted alot more. I'm afraid that we're always going to be oppressed, Josh. Now they're telling me that the cost of heating oil has gone up. Your labor isn't going to cover the expense of us both living for a week. Do we wait for the other shoe to drop?"

    Josh asserts, "We find me more jobs and we find Martinez, then we gonna be alright baby doll'."

    Lilly responds, "Haven't seen nor heard about Martinez since...Hey, have you seen Scott?"

    Josh is about to answer but stops when a shadow blurs outside the boarded window in his peripheral vision.

    “Oh, my God, Josh did you..," mutters Lilly.

    “Get behind me,” Josh whispers, realizing several things all at once. He smells the odor of dead bodies permeating the musk of the moldy storage shed, he hears the low guttural vibrations of growls coming from the rear of the building, and he sees a slice of daylight blooming through a gap in the back corner.

    Worst of all, Josh realizes he left his pistol in his jacket.

    Back at the prison, Maggie tells Glenn that she doesn't think she's going to love him anymore.

    "What's the point, you're just going to die like everyone else," she sobs.

    Another place in the prison, Rick tells Hershel that they found the real killer and they're going to hang him.

    "I know that I'm supposed to be able to forgive and that it's God's job to judge that man...but I wanna watch," Hershel relays.

    Meanwhile, Lizzy has sprung open Axel's cell. She tries to help him to his feet and tells him that they have to get him out of there before the others get back. Axel instead begins to choke the little girl. One scream for help is all that she's able to let out as her body falls lifeless in the murderer's hands. Suddenly, six shots bore into Axel's backside. The shots come from Maggie emptying her pistol, then she tells Glenn, "Now I feel a little better."

    Hershel, Billy, and Rick hear the shots and come running. "Jesus Christ," Rick shouts as Lizzy reanimates. He forms a few tears, aims his pistol steady, then it pans out and a single shot is heard.

    At Woodbury, a burst of rapid gunshots echo outside the storage shed.

    When the boarded window near the front door unexpectedly bursts inward, Josh whirls toward a pile of lumber pulling Lilly behind him.

    Three snarling zombies force their way through the warehouse door made of ancient lumber and start climbing into the shed. Two males and a female, each with deep wounds in their faces, their cheeks torn away from exposed gums, and their snarls starting to fill the entire building.

    Josh barely has time to register this fact when he hears shuffling coming toward him from the rear of the dark shed. He spins and sees an enormous walker with his lower intestines hanging out, shambling toward him while bumping drunkenly into stacks of crates and piles of old railroad ties.

    Josh lifts a huge panel of wood up and in front of them like a shield and starts toward the big walker with the inertia of a middle linebacker going into the backfield to sack a quarterback. The walker lets out a drooling groan as Josh slams the panel into it, his force driving the huge corpse backward and to the cinder floor.

    Josh slams the lumber down on top of the thing. Lilly tumbles onto the pileup. The weight of their bodies pins the giant, its dead limbs squirming beneath the panel and blackened fingers sticking out the sides of the wood clawing at the air.

    Josh starts slamming the panel down on top of the enormous dead farmer. Lilly is thrown off Josh’s back, as he rises up and starts stomping his work boot down on the panel, which is crushing the zombie’s skull. Josh starts jumping up and down on it until brain matter and huge rivulets of black blood come gushing in spurts out from under the wood. The former farmer goes still as the sick crunch of dead cranial bones gives way.

    All this transpires within a matter of seconds, but the other three walkers are still emerging from the front of the shed. Their moans getting louder and more frantic as they are closing in on Lilly. She backs away screaming, suddenly the din of her shriek blends with a booming sound riddling across the front door. Josh instantly plucks Lilly and clutches her to the floor.

    The front wall lights up from a barrage of automatic gunfire punching holes along the drywall, each one allowing pinpoints of daylight to shine through.

    The three dead things are now looming over Josh and Lilly, mouths gaping and drooling. He can smell the hideous stench of their foul breath. Suddenly without warning, a second outburst of shots tear through the shed and into the rotting corpses. Josh and Lilly cover their heads and ears as shards of wood with plaster shrapnel, not to mention the bits of rotting flesh, rain down on them.

    Skulls erupt. Particles fly. The dead figures deflate and collapse one at a time. The gunfire continues until there's only the muffled noise of spent shells ringing off the pavement. Outside the shed, silence descends. Josh hears the faint clanging of bolts reloading so he charges towards what remains of the door, its top half perforated with bullet holes.

    "Hey, out there. Thanks for saving our lives assholes, thanks for also almost taking our lives. You could've really done us a favor and gave an alert to get down or something," Josh bellows.

    One of the men, seemingly a soldier with the name Manning on his fatigues, quips, "Look big man, we heard the screams and just assumed the lady was dead. We already took down a bunch of them damn stiffs straight from the forrest, right before we saved your ass."

    Another soldier Barker, standing confidently with his automatic rifle on his hip stares Josh down and remarks, "Son, if you weren't so worried about getting you some nookie in that beat-down ol' repository, you might've been able to take out those impending virus spreaders yourself. Or ain't you got the balls to do something like that?"

    A third man with pigmentation, Zorn laughs to Barker, "Good one Trey, these folks are damn lucky we showed up in the nick of time."

    Josh grits his teeth and replies, "Didn't have my pistol due to being on the job an' all. Got the best of one of em right before y'all started shootin'."

    "Well, isn't that special. A man of your stature oughta' be able to handle a few stiffs," Manning teases.

    Barker comments to Zorn "Tommy, because we're just doing our job and allowing this guy to do his job, how much you think we should be chargin' for something like that?"

    "Look fellas, ain't no need for all that. We just trying to get by...," Josh starts to spiel.

    "What's your name, big fella?" a fourth soldier walks up and questions.

    "Josh Hamilton, sir. We were just going on our way," Josh proclaims.

    "Well Josh, I'm Major Gene Gavin and I run this little hell whole community. You say you were working and that's why you didn't have a weapon..hmm..since your lady friend isn't at work, why ain't she carrying your piece? Sounds like you could use some more protection," the Major insures as he points his pistol in Josh's face.

    "There you are," a voice calls out, distracting the Major. It's Martinez and he has seemed to provide enough diversion to pause the hostilities for now.

    Turn back to the prison, Rick unlocks Thomas's cell door. "You're off the hook. It wasn't you," he declares.

    Thomas asks, "That's it? That all you gonna say?"

    "That's it," Rick retorts, "You going to start some trouble?"

    "You still got all the guns?" Thomas queries.

    Rick informs, "Yeah, every last one of them. Though after what we've just been through, the last thing we want to do is use them."

    Thomas recoils, "That so? Who was it then? The redneck go rogue? He sure looked crazy enough."

    "One of yours. The toy pistol bandit, Axel," Rick discloses.

    "He always did rub me funny, never quite believed his story anyways. I didn't trust him none too well, seems I shouldn't trust a lot of people now days," Thomas reveals.

    Return to Woodbury, Martinez tells the Major, "All provisions are set for the night."

    Major Gene Gavin excuses himself and his company, "I guess that's that then huh Hamilburg. We got to get our racers ready and fueled up. Hope to see you there...with paid admission of course."

    As the Major and his cronies head off, Lilly mumbles under her breath, "Assholes!"

    Josh boldly asks Martinez, "What gives man? You took our stuff and we got nothin'. Now we gotta deal with this horse shit because of it."

    "Whoa cousin," Martinez gestures, "What stuff, everything was squared up with your friend Scott. Looked like a burnout but didn't strike me that he'd be an addict. Oh man, he wasn't into any of the hard shit was he? Anyways, Scott had all your rations and even threw in some thick comforters. Last I seen, we dropped him off back at the highschool. Have you been back there?"

    "Of course," Lilly scoffs, "Never mind anyways, we ain't cut out for this town. It's bout time for us to move on and cut our losses.

    "Hold on there, friends. Tell ya what, I'll check around and see what's the word on Scott, then see if there's anything I can do for you to stay a little more in comfort. Maybe I can find a way to move you from the gym right away to one of the apartments stocked with some amenities. Now if you're talking about that skirmish with the Major, it's unfortunate I assure you," Martinez consoles.

    Josh interrupts, "Yeah, what kind of leader goes on a shooting rampage all willy nilly?"

    Martinez tries to coax them into staying, "Let's just say there's some plans in the works and don't worry about him, he's clueless. It's gotta stay that way too, so if you want in, meet beneath the race track in the tunnel tonight and follow my lead."

    Lilly defies, "How about you find us a truck and let's just say we don't bother you no more?"

    Martinez looks at her dumbfounded. "There's a guy..goes by Detroit. He works on all the race cars for Gavin, but he's one of us. A good mechanic. If it's car related, he's who you're looking for," he informs her as they disgustingly walk away.

    In another part of Woodbury, Philip is arguing with Tara about her sister's well being. He tells her that April will be helping out an old coot by cleaning animal carcases, harvesting the meat, the skin, and the lard. He explains to her that there are some jobs more cut out for a woman and insists that she won't have to perform anything sexual. Tara isn't very trusting of Philip and asserts that they walk her to the job. Philip asks Brian and Nick to watch Penny while he's gone.

    After they leave, Penny sits in an almost catatonic state. Brian tries to console the little girl by offering her a twinkle but she doesn't want it. Nick jokes that he doesn't blame her for not wanting cockroach food.

    Philip asks Penny, "What's wrong kiddo?"

    "I'm worried about my daddy, uncle B.

    "He'll be right back sweetie, he had to take Tara and April to retrieve some stuff to help us live here," Brian tries to relieve her.

    "Is my dad mad at me?" the little girl asks.

    Nick and Brian do a double take at each other then Brian measures his words, "Of course not. He's not mad at you. Why would you even think that?"

    "He don't talk to me as much as he used to," she answers.

    Brian pats her on the shoulder and caresses her face, "Listen, I promise you your daddy loves you more than anything in the world."

    "I know," Penny exclaims.

    "He's under a lot of pressure. That's all, kiddo," Brian assures.

    Nick adds, "We all are. I'm sure none of us has been talking all that much lately."

    Penny then asks Brian, "Are you mad at me?"

    "God, no. Why would uncle Brian be mad at you?" he questions.

    "Maybe because you have to carry me all the time," she worries.

    Brian tells her, "Awe sweetie, you are very important to me. Uncle Brian and uncle Nick are always going to be there to help your daddy take care of you. Penny dear, is that all that's bothering you?"

    Penny is reluctant at first and stares at the ground, then finally she confesses, "I had a dream that my dad got sick, then I got those people out there."

    "Listen to me, kiddo. You are the bravest little girl I ever met. I mean that. You are a Blake girl and that's something to be proud of. Whatever those people have, you are not going to catch it. Do you understand?" Brian spurts. "Your daddy is a tough old boy. He can beat the crap outta any monster that comes along, believe me."

    "Your uncle Bry is right, sweetie. Your dad can take care of himself and then some," Nick notes. "He once chased down a rabid dog and wrestled it into a trash barrel."

    "I totally remember that," Brian states. "He was maybe nineteen and that German Shepherd was terrorizing the neighbor kids.

    "Threw it half way acrossed the gully," Nick laughs.

    "See, your dad will be okay, me, he's a mean muchacho," Brian brags.

    Penny thinks about it, pulls out her hello kitty book bag, and smiles, "I'm gonna fix all these broken dolls, you'll see. I'm gonna fix 'em."

    Nick and Brian grin at each other, then Brian says, "That sounds like a plan."

    A moment later, near the rest area within Woodbury, something moves about a hundred yards away from the playground. It creeps in unnoticed on Philip, Tara, and April as they are walking. Suddenly, a hand covers April's mouth while she is also being grabbed.

    Back at the prison, Dale, T-Dog, Daryl, and Glenn are in the background throwing Axel's body through the front gate while Hershel watches on.

    Lori walks out to the yard with Carol, Alice, and the children, then asks Rick, "It over? Is it safe to bring them out?"

    Rick answers, "Yeah, just don't let them get in viewing distance of the front perimeter of the grounds."

    Lori comments on Hershel leering at the fence, "So he's just out there watching them eat him?"

    "It was his idea, I guess he's getting some kind of closure out of it. I prefer not to think about it," Rick admits. "Where's Tyrese, we have to tell him about Lizzy?" he asks.

    A shotgun is pointed at Rick, Thomas's voice rings out behind him, "You ain't going to be talking to nobody or bossing anyone around big man. Not after we're done."

    Back at Woodbury, out of fear, April bites the hand of the man who appears to be abducting her. Philip springs into action and throws a tomahawk right into the man's face with one fell swoop. He immediately kills the man but the women are both bewildered that Philip acted more on instincts rather than have compassion for April's safety. Tara stares him down and asks if he's out of his mind but he just shrugs it off.

    A few men notice the commotion and come running over. The man lying dead is a somewhat older gentleman named Alowishus, Wish for short, and he happened to be one of the race car drivers. Another driver appears, he tells Philip, "Damn son, you are a real life bad ass. Wish was a piece of shit that no one is gonna miss. He was probably in a bind and hard-up for some cash due to tonight's race. Tell you what...once word gets around that you did everyone all a favor, I'm sure the Major won't mind letting you in on a discount. The driver happens to be Merle Dixon, now with a gnarly looking stub for a right hand.

    Simultaneously, Lilly and Josh watch on as the altercation dissipates. Everyone goes on about their business like usual and Wish is left in the street to rot. Lilly tells Josh that it ain't right and that she wants to leave but he tells her soon. He wants to see Detroit first so that they can be as far away as possible.

    Meanwhile at the prison, Rick is startled by Thomas and frantically asks, "Where did you get those guns?"

    Lori winces and covers Carl's eyes. "Why are you doing this?" she asks.

    Thomas sternly informs, "In case you ain't noticed, you ain't in any position to ask me shit bitch. Now drop the goddamn weapons or I blow your brains all over your little gay ass son."

    Rick surrenders his piece and puts his hands in the air while Thomas walks closer to put the snub of his shotgun against his temple.

    "I make this really simple for you farm boy. We were here first and you wore out your welcome real quick. Now get the fuck out of my house!" Thomas demands.

    Tyrese runs in front of Rick, blocking Thomas's shot. "No! You said you'd just make him leave. You never mentioned killing anyone," he shouts.

    Thomas declares, "That's up to them, now back up and let me get rid of this fool that got your little girl killed."

    "Lori, get all the kids and go inside so I can talk some sense into Thomas," Rick requests.

    "No sir. Can't do that. My buddy Andrew is on his way now to pay a little visit to our buddies in the it a contingency plan of sorts. I suggest nobody moves unless it's towards that gate on their way out! Understand?" Thomas threatens.

    Rick still trying to coax, "I've dropped my gun and you're in complete control. Let them go inside. We can talk and they don't have to see this."

    Thomas gives a final warning shooting into the air, "One more step and they're dead. Do as I say or they will see this. Those are your only choices right now."

    Thomas then turns towards Dale and the rest of our survivors. "I don't think you people are paying attention. Open the goddamn gate and start making some forward motion of getting the hell out or I start shooting."

    Dexter pleas, "It ain't gotta go down like this brother. These are good people. Please don't do this. You were a likely suspect at the time and they were just trying to protect themselves. You can blame them for their mistake."

    Thomas retorts, "You know what, Dex? You siding with can leave with them. We got a good thing here and I ain't letting you people screw this up. You dig?"

    Rick boldly questions again, "Where did you get those guns?"

    "The armory on the other side of the warden's office....betcha didn't know about that shit, kept it off the little tour of A-Block just in case," Thomas answers.

    Rick acknowledges, "That's what I thought," just as a bunch of walkers in riot garb come burrowing through A-block's doors.

    Back to Lilly and Josh, who are talking with Detroit. He tells them that he'd like to help but they are better off going out and finding a truck on their own. He takes a liking to Josh immediately and shows them how to hotwire a vehicle.

    At that same moment, Philip delivers April to the local furrier. Tara is relieved that the ol' timer seems to be a genuine descent man. She doesn't seem to trust Philip and is reluctant to leave with him until April insists that she'll be just fine. Eventually they depart with Philip going to the races and Tara heading back to the apartment.

    Back at the prison, the nine riot geared walkers stumble towards our survivors.Tyrese is the first to run out with his trusty hammer and start bashing away. T-Dog and Daryl each tackle one and try puncturing it's brain.

    Oscar uses a baseball bat to knock three down, actually smacking one of the helmets off. This makes it easier for Hershel, Billy, Dale, and Dexter to pike them at close range. Andrea and Glenn grab one and manage to shoot it through the chin.

    This leaves the last two for Rick and Thomas to deal with. Thomas shoots one and hesitates when it keeps coming at him. Rick pushes Thomas out of harm's way and stabs the biter under the helmet. Unfortunately the remaining one wrestles Rick onto the ground while Thomas stands by idly and watches him struggle. Oscar beats it off of Rick and bashes it until it gives one final twitch.

    Thomas comments to Rick, "A smart man would've let it get me." Then he questions Oscar, "Are you with us, or you going with them?"

    Suddenly, a hysterical Andrew comes running out being chased by Sasha and Maggie, who are wondering what is going on. Thomas aims his shotgun in Maggie and Sasha's direction. It soon becomes apparent that they were being followed by walkers that Andrew had let out of the gym as they crash through the door.

    Rick says he'll fill them in later and comments to Thomas they can't waste their bullets on killing people trying to kill walkers. He gives instructions for Lori, Carol, with Alice to get the kids into D-Block and lock the doors while the others remain to take on the roamers. Then he tells everyone to spread out and not to get surrounded.

    A melee of shots break out from all of the survivors. The biters are slowly dropping one by one. The walkers pour into the yard and force the group back. Thomas kills a few walkers with the shotgun, but then lets one by him, and it almost gets Rick before Andrea makes a drastic save at the last minute.

    The biters just keep coming, some of our group starts to run out of ammo and are forced to use close range tactics with their knives and hatchets. In the excitement, Rick shoots Thomas directly through the temple dropping him instantly, which Tyrese notices. The final walker falls and T-Dog declares that is the last of them.

    Back at Woodbury, Merle has just left an abode, peeling off and heading for the track. Back inside the home, Scott Moon appears with a girl named Meghan Lafferty. He's cutting up a line of coke for her, clearly she's latched onto him and his bag of drugs.

    The grand stands are full and the race is about to begin. Suddenly a man appears with a gun to his head, he explains that he's from the fuel depot just outside town where a group of roving marauders have taken over the area and are killing everyone in sight. He claims that Woodbury is possibly next on their hit list.

    His name is David, he is sick of living like this, and wants to end his life before they can. Gavin laughs at the possibility. He orders David to get on with it or become executed. David puts the weapon into his mouth and blows his own brains out. The Major merely scuffs then demands that they no longer stall the race. Lilly is horrified and convinces Josh that they need to leave from Woodbury as soon as possible.

    At the prison, the shooting has stopped and Thomas is lying there dead. Andrew hastily wonders what happened and what is he going to do.

    Rick gives him the right to surrender or join his friend. Andrew begs Oscar to help him but is denied by his fellow inmate when Oscar points a baseball bat at him. Andrew finally gives up and hands over his weapons.

    Rick enlists everyone with ammo and separates them into teams. They make sure the grounds are safe and clear. During the extraction, Dale notices that the gun shots have attracted more walkers to the fence.

    Rick arranges them to divert the hordes away from the gates before disposing of the bodies. Right as he goes to check inside the prison, Andrew runs screaming out through the gate. Daryl asks if they should go after him. Rick insists that they leave him and that he won't make it out there on his own. Just then he remembers Morgan is still inside.
    (End episode)

    Near the wall in Woodbury, Josh and Lilly bump into the town drunk, an ex army medic named Bob. He startles them when he unsuccessfully tries to bum for booze.

    They climb the wall and navigate the streets. After a short stroll, Josh notices a mailbox and they follow it to a house on a hill that looks like it's made of glass.

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