Well, here it is... after a three-day delay and six weeks or so of me posting these episodes, season one comes to a close with "A Month is Nothing." This episode is the season finale of season one, and the final moments of this episode are meant to line up with an event from Fear the Walking Dead in order to give you an idea of the timeline for Walking with the Dead.

This episode will end several story lines and character arcs for at least one character. How will everyone deal with their sudden loss? How will Austin and Lukas get back to the Burrell House? Hopefully this episode will answer those questions for you.

Read the script here: https://goo.gl/e5b8H1

Season Two is in pre-production right now. No script has been written for season two as of this posting. The season will consist of fifteen episodes and introduce a myriad of new problems and characters to the show. I anticipate the posting of the episodes will come in December once The Walking Dead ends its Season 7A run.

Until then, take care and thanks for reading! Comment or PM me if you so desire.