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I've been posting a bit and realized I never properly introduced myself. I've been a fan since ep 1 and it is awesome to find people I can discuss and debate every detail with. And on top of that, some of you are really funny. I used to be a big fan of Television Without Pity and it is great to see the snark lives on.
Welcome aboard, @curlyboop. I was a huge TWoP fan, too. It was always my go-to site for recaps and forum comment. I was so bummed when they shut up shop.

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Shane is the best character this show ever had.
Every time I re-watch S1 & 2, I find myself feeling the exact same thing. But mostly 'cos I'm super-shallow and Shane was hotness personified.

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@Jay, you like Primus! This is something I didn't know about you. We will talk more on this.
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I like a lot of stuff. I thought Primus would have been obvious.
Primus luvva here tooo. My sister actually played pool with them this one time, and said they were the most down-to-earth band dudes she'd ever met. (She met a few bands just 'playing pool' come to think of it. I'm starting to think in reality she had this secret groupie life and no-one had a clue.)