Not the part about being a scientist but the real reason for his mission in finding the best place to survive. Georgia was pretty much dead with just a few small groups but now between Washington, DC and Virginia we have ASZ, The Hilltop Colony, The Kingdom, The Sanctuary, Oceanside and even the Junkyard. There is probably close to 1000 people between all of these places. Sure, Eugene can't cure the virus but he in many ways did save all of his people. Eugene has traveled all the way from Texas so he's seen a lot along the way. If there is a place that could restore civilization close to the way it was it would most likely be where they are right now.

The Kingdom more so than the other places. They still have a lot of their humanity unlike The Saviors, They might be a little silly but they know how to survive unlike The Alexandrians and they haven't been weakened by The Saviors like Hilltop has. Most importantly they still have hope.

Eugene actually was right. This is the best place for survival. Yeah, people have been lost along the way but people would have died no matter what and at the very least they died for a good reason.