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    I haven’t gotten far enough along in the comics yet to know about these characters. I was hoping the whisperers part was going to be skipped over actually. I’ll have to wait and see how it plays out in S9 although I’m dreading it because of
    Spoiler Spoiler:

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    Quote Originally Posted by spookysenpai View Post
    I think you captured my point more eloquitely than I.
    And yes. I realize that pointing out the complaining, is complaining in itself. But for the ratio of how much of the same copy paste complaints I see here, someone had to speak up. This is ridiculous. I don't see anyone mention how every comment is the same complaint over and over and there's a huge lack of discussion anymore save for a handful of people. But there's at least 10 useless comments of complaints that "beat a dead horse" between every actual discussion and the people that reply to the discussion with some actual substance. I usually ignore all of it, but it's increasingly annoying as the community of this site has grown more in these come and go complainers and the more serious theoriziers and fans up for discussion have left the site, many due to this influx of haters and complainers. Who themselves have caused a shit show on this site.

    I'm trying to say, there's a difference between criticism and complaining. Criticism is constructive and offers suggestions for improvements or how a situation could have been handled differently, written differently. Complaining is just annoying. Literally just posting something about how much you hate "Gimple the Pimple" or whoever the fuck else is not constructive. And it's so so overdone and like plague of its own all covering the site. It's not discussion nor criticism. It's just junk. It's more garbage than the show could ever achieve.

    And all this makes mobile use of this site ten times more aggravating than it already is. Scrolling through the pages on a mobile web browser requires the most ridiculously precise screen touches because the page numbers overlap and are so small. The sites mobile format isn't perfect but I'm fine with it. Up until I have to excruciatingly go through 20 pages of dogshit "Gimple the Pimple" posts to get to a nugget of gold that's actual spoilers or speculation or discussion. Like I can deal with mobile format not being great, but the shitposts making every thread over 20 pages long, annoying as hell.

    Finally saw your tirade against me and it seems like you have bigger issues than just people on this board.If its that much of a problem for you then log off and don't come back? Social media is going to change and it shouldn't have to just because some people can't handle an opinion that goes against yours.

    its a discussion board and people are using it as it's meant to, you act if there are is some law we're supposed to adhere to. You act like everyone else is the problem but you're arguementive and bitter, I'd seek help.

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