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    Quote Originally Posted by beethedead View Post
    Think i only the second poster here to say that i like the episode well enough to give it a 7 or 8. I dug the Strand walker kill!! I never get tired of him!!! However, i do wish that the walker would have off'ed Luciana first! The listening to records was too much for me. It is still the ZA and there are better ways to convey her loss than broken girl wastes precious resources to play love songs and mope!!! And, I do feel a tinge of remorse for yelling "Die, Sam, Die already!!" every time that kid is one the screen! would not be surprised if she is just working them all with that traumatized mute thing. Maybe it's genuine but not much about this character is genuine!!
    I thought for a minute that Charlie had died and turned into a walker, when she was sitting motionless in the driver's seat. Oh well, lol! That is one ungrateful kid and she annoys me beyond reason. Now Luciana is risking her life out in the storm trying to find her.

    I also thought Luciana was going to end up like Tyreese, since she was oblivious to what was coming up behind her. Loved Strand's walker kill, but for a second. I thought he was a goner too. Empty wine bottles are a good thing!

    John Dorie is such an idealist with his dream of returning to the cabin with N/L/J and Charlie. He reminds me of Eastman with his self sufficiency. He had a nice little set up, but who knows if it's even still there. I'm curious as to who will take Morgan up on his offer to travel to Virginia. I loved the reminders of Morgan's past ~ the radio and especially the protein bars, lol. I'm sad though that
    Spoiler Spoiler:

    @beethedead, I also gave this a 7.5 after realizing I didn't miss Madison not one bit.

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    Oh...your spoiler broke my heart! They should do it! It will be a tear jerker for saps like me!

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