Been away for so long. Trying to play catch-up.

At first, I didn't see this being a thing. I thought people were reading too much into it. I found it annoying, because yeah, people love to jump the gun when it comes to shipping Daryl with somebody. For me, yes, I'd love to see him find someone and it actually pan out for him. Not because I find NR attractive and I wanna see him get it on, but because that's something that would be so different and interesting for Daryl's character.

But anyway, I didn't think anything of it until I watched "The Calm Before", when Connie told him to be safe and he left Dog with her. It was a sweet moment. You can tell they really respect each other and I think he genuinely appreciated her telling him to be safe. Now, to be fair, I (along with many others) could be reading too much into this and looking at it through shipper's goggles. This could be the start of a friendship (like a Glenn/Tara kind of dynamic) and nothing more, of course. I'm not out here yelling that Donnie is end game and that they're definitely falling in love (or something like that) because there's still not much to go on. I just think the possibility is there and I really like Connie, so I wouldn't be opposed to it if it happened.