Favorite episode of the season and one of my top favorites of all time. It further cemented my love and adoration for not only Michonne as a character but Danai as an actress, as well as my opinion that she is the strongest character on this show. I don’t know if its because they tend to get way more brutal with Michonne compared to the other female characters or what, but watching her go through the brutality she went through to protect her daughter, unborn son, and the rest of the children of Alexandria was… something else. And I’ve been enjoying her journey since Rick’s departure.

Also enjoyed Daryl moments with Judith and Michonne. Rick would be happy to know that his best friend/brother was there for them.

Negan and Michonne’s scene was enjoyable as well. I usually the hate SOB with a burning passion but he can be enjoyable when he drops the act and it seems like he really gives a damn about Judith.

More than anything, I loved the emotional moments between Michonne and Judith. The last we saw of Michonne she changed her mind about isolating Alexandria, and the final step was choosing not to isolate herself from the people she considers her family. And Judith’s line about Michonne choosing her was my favorite because that is one of the things I consider to be most beautiful about Michonne’s relationship with both her and Carl. And I say it all the time but Caily is really a phenomenal little actress. Love the ending of them pulling up on Daryl and co.

Bonus was seeing little RJ out and about. Unfortunately you still have the looney toons out on the internet who thinks this kid isn't real. After all the shit Michonne went through of course he is real. That woman has a uterus of steel, lol.