Last year, Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) flew away from The Walking Dead into a trilogy of spin-off movies, announced the night of his final episode.

Since then, very little concrete information about the movies has come out, but here's what we know for sure — and what we think might happen.

They're a trilogy of TV movies. The first movie is being written by The Walking Dead franchise chief content officer Scott Gimple and is tentatively scheduled for a 2020 release on AMC. They won't be glorified TV episodes, though; they'll have budgets and runtimes comparable to theatrical films. Gimple compared them to Netflix movies in terms of production value. Creator Robert Kirkman — who just ended the comic series on which the show is based — is said to be heavily involved.

We know where it will start. The first movie will pick up where Rick's The Walking Dead story left off, with a gravely wounded Rick being spirited away in a helicopter that bears an emblem with three interlocking rings to an unknown place that will be different than anywhere we've seen before. In the chopper with him are Jadis, aka Anne (Pollyanna McIntosh), and some mysterious people we now know a little bit about thanks to Fear the Walking Dead (more on that later). McIntosh has played it coy about whether or not Jadis will be in the movie, but Gimple has straight-up confirmed it.

They'll end Rick Grimes' story. Andrew Lincoln left the show to spend more time with his family in England, so the movies are a compromise to let him out of the franchise while bringing his character's arc to a satisfying conclusion. He will not be back on the show.

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