the entire survivor group and leadership of FTWD has always been ridiculous. Madison was absurd as a leader, even absurd as a survivor. The videorapher character and videography theme is so obviously narcissistically self referential stand-in for the makers,/showrunners and it is shallow and forced. Show the story -- don't tell it. And the viodeography is a cheap 'tell the story" crutch and sign of bad screenwriting.

The John Dorie character is just insulting. No one can shoot like that, you don't can't aim headshots at moving targets from the hip.

There is one character who anyone would follow, in fact only one that would plausibly survive -- Ruben Blades character.

I would not follow Lennie James' character, but at least the actor can act and has an interesting storyline. If the show loses him then it goes from mostly bad to all bad in terms of audience interest.

They don't show him dying so he is going to live, but possible just as a teased return being saved by the alien abductor helicopter deus ex machina cheap trick.