This game is amazing. I mean, the campaign. They did a HUGE leap forward in everything with the campaign. Everything about it is spot on, bad ass! I have zero complaints about the campaign at all. Now, the multiplayer mode: It just downright suck swampy donkey balls. Everything about it, except graphics and sound is just rot. Especially if you play with cross-play on. If you play on console with that option on, forget about it. PC players just destroy you. You have no chance to upgrade or win without days and days and days and days of playing just to get to level 5. I think cross-play is the worst idea since the first person decided to see what shit tastes like. So, best bet to even have a modicum of a chance at success, is to go into the setting and turn that cross-play shit off. And even then, you still have a hard time making headway. CAVEAT EMPTOR! (buyer beware)

Now, the campaign: The story writing is awesome. The voice acting is top drawer! Graphics, sound, feel? They didn't just knock it out of the park, they knocked the fucking hide of the ball and made it a screamer. It's just about right in the difficulty to be JUST maddeningly difficult, that you keep coming back for more. Whoever was the casting director deserves an award. As well as the VOA's whom did a fan-damn-tastic job of their work! Everyone deserves a huge kudoz! Now, a PSA:

I am only doing this because of the reality of this game, and the harm that could possibly come about. The campaign is NOT for children of minor age! At all, what so ever! I can attest, as a war veteran, that this campaign is NOT for them! The reality portrayed, and the brutality, and consequences of events that unfold in this game, are way beyond a kids capability of handling without some kind of psychological harm. The gratuitous violence, gore and tones in this release are just too much for them to be able to handle and process without problems possibly occurring. Not trying to spoil anything for anyone here, but, I believe this needs to be said before you buy this title for your youngun, thinking it's just like the other COD games. I assure you, it is not. I repeat, NOT! There is a mission where children have to defend them selves against an assailant in some pretty brutal and horrific ways, and how they have to deal with very important losses, that could cause some fear in them that they could lose you. It's that real. Also, there are some pretty damn graphic scenes and gameplay of torture that include children that are not shied away from. As a combat vet who has seen the ravages of war, and have done things that will send you screaming in the night with night terrors, I implore you to NOT buy this game for your kids, nor let them watch you play it.