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    TWD Season 10 Finale: Maggie Return Comes With Change and New Characters

    Maggie Rhee returns to The Walking Dead as "somewhat a new character," and the homecoming for longtime series star Lauren Cohan involves exciting new characters who will expand the story and world of the Walking Dead Universe, has learned from executive producer Scott Gimple. Maggie was MIA when The Walking Dead jumped six years into the future six during its ninth season, and her absence explained when Siddiq (Avi Nash) revealed Maggie was away "someplace far" helping Hilltop benefactor Georgie (Jayne Atkinson) with a new community. Maggie installed Jesus (Tom Payne) as leader before leaving the Hilltop colony with son Hershel, not knowing their home would suffer devastating losses at the hands of Alpha (Samantha Morton) and the Whisperers.

    "She will return somewhat a new character, which is kind of cool, and all those things that affected and changed her are a story that we want to mine," Gimple told Comic Book's Brandon Davis over Comic-Con weekend. "And the dynamics that she left the story in are not the dynamics that she's coming back to and for her especially, it's like she took a year off of high school and she's coming back and everybody has changed."

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    Sigh, waiting until October. The real question is will they kick off season 11 as well? Or will we wait a year to next October as it’s the traditional month to kick off new seasons. Damned the Covid 19 for screwing everything up.
    Anyway, Maggie is coming back. A good thing, but what kind of changes is she going to reveal? Her time spent among the commonwealth (?) will surely affected her to a lesser or greater degree. Sneak peeks have shown her reading a letter from (?) Carol? Daryl? Warning her about the whisperers and the deaths they’ve caused. How will she be around Negan? Still full of vengeance or tolerance?
    New character Princess... quirky doesn’t accurately describe her. Careless and not a thinker. But the ZA can and has affected people differently. Her development remains to be seen.
    A ninja type warrior showing up to save Aaron and Aden from the whisperers. Lots of speculation on who is behind the mask. I’ve read a lot of fan theories that its finally Heath’s return. Possibly. He’s been gone long enough to have picked up the martial art skills to handle those weapons, ala Morgan learning Akido staff techniques. Lets hope he’s not on a “all life is precious” kick.
    where’s Connie? Surely she survived the cave in. There’s a lot of high hopes of shipping her and Daryl.
    Who will survive the siege at the hospital? Will Beta get his? Or live long enough to see a crushing defeat of his guardians and followers? Judith should’ve double tapped his ass when she shot him. But that wouldn’t made a good continuation.
    sigh, waiting for October.

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