I ain't a Judas, I remember watching it and face palming a few times. It is the only ep. of season 3 that I can't fully remember which is what does it for me. The whole Andrea leaving the prison again after Michonne told her that The Gov. sent Merle out to kill her and how she found out about certain details of Maggie and Glenn was beyond ridiculous to me...........like WTF bitch, he tried to kill your best friend of over 8 months, had Glenn and Maggie tortured, and pitted Daryl against Merle to the death. How on Earth can you go back and F#ck him, at least wait for him to fall asleep and cut his throat. She let the man who was wreaking havoc on all of her "family" have her lady jewels for like the 5th time. There was no logic put into her entire sequence for that episode.........zero.........maybe even in the negatives. Prey is a close second, with Welcome to the tombs following in third. I actually like Arrow On The Doorstep, I know it was filler but still enjoyable to watch the group interactions. I also loved how during the gov and rick's conversation, the gov had his eye patch on and one of rick's eyes was blocked out by darkness for awhile. I believe after that moment Rick wasn't all about killing anymore, he was sorta on par with the gov about taking out what they perceived as a threats but he realized he wasn't going to kill that mass amount of people.