With things getting totally out of hand, and zombies coming out of both ends, on this past Sunday's episode of The Walking Dead - "Infected" - I thought it'd be a good time to look back at some other harrowing undead-related close-calls that Rick and the survivors have experienced. No, not the moments when people actually did get bitten and torn apart. Those are shocking, for sure, but the real tense, ass-clenching moments come when a walker's gnashing teeth are just inches away from someone's face. And it looks like they're done for.

So what are some of the other times our heroes have almost become walker chow? Those moments when you're semi-sure someone won't die because they're a major character, and yet you just can't see a way around a violent, agonizing death at the hands of blood-and-brain thirsty zombies. Here are the Top 5 Walking Dead Zombie Close-Calls!

5. What Lies Ahead

Back in the Season 2 premiere, everyone had it rough when Dale's RV broke down right as a "herd" of walkers roamed down the hellacious highway. Everyone scrambled to hide under vehicles and kept quiet, but that doesn't stop an inevitable attack that trapped Andrea inside the tiny RV bathroom with no weapon - save for pieces of a gun - to fight with. As the walker got ever closer, it looked like she was about to become a trail of smeared guts.

Did your top close calls make the list? If not, list them here :)

I can't believe they don't have the horde from Atlanta on this list! At least on some of the ones listed, they happened later on where you have an idea of what's to come. That Atlanta horde was nothing Rick had ever seen or dealt with before. If that tank hadn't been there, he likely wouldn't have made it out! Definitely a very close call to me!