Glenn Rhee (Steven Yeun) has been on our minds all week — specifically, in the part of the brain that controls being totally freaked out and worried. When we last saw Maggie Greene (Lauren Cohan)'s boyfriend, he was giving Hershel Greene (Scott Wilson) his daily dose of soul-crushing pessimism as Hershel treated Glenn for the crazy flu that's spreading around the prison. Glenn seems to have a pretty nasty case of the illness, and we are just worrying ourselves sick over here — especially since this week, we didn't get to check in with him.

We did see how not-that-awful Lizzie Samuels looked, despite having the same flu, but she was never coughing blood all over Hershel's face like Dr. S. Glenn looked just about at death's door last week. Are we crazy for just wanting to know if he's okay?!

On the bright side, maybe no news is good news. In the preview for next week's episode, we see Dr. S's bloodstained face, and he looks terrible. If there's nothing new to report with Glenn, maybe that's a good thing

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