Only a few new bits posted here,

"...KINNEY: Yeah, and the audience wants to know sometimes what’s going on with that character, like what are they thinking about this situation? We as actors, we fill in those gaps as much as we can, but we want to know too, you know? And I definitely think for a lot of people on this show in this second half, we get to do a lot of that digging deeper into the characters. And there’s still a lot of action and you never know what’s around the corner. But there’s also a lot of really great character development and that’s really fun for an actor. So I think we’re all feeling really creatively satisfied working on this show and are really excited.

EW: I know you’re a singer as well, so are we going to get a chance to hear Beth sing again this season?
KINNEY: I definitely think it’s part of how Beth deals with this world. And like I said, in any circumstance we need more than just food and shelter. Human beings need something else, and music and art is bound to come up at some point. It’s her way of dealing, so yeah.

EW: And we’ve seen that creativity now through both singing and writing.
KINNEY: I think that’s definitely a core part of who she is. The audience is getting to slowly see that that’s a part of her makeup. That’s just part of who she is, and the audience will see that more...."